BumpWatch: Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Tribeca Trek

09/12/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
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Bump in the road!

Back from their European getaway, expectant parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z take a leisurely stroll through New York’s Tribeca neighborhood after brunch at Locanda Verde on Saturday.

The couple announced their good news by showing off a surprise baby belly at August’s MTV Video Music Awards.

“I always said I would have a baby at 30,” the singer recently told Piers Morgan.

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Anonymous on

Bumpwatch….except its under wraps…and not visible.

Sarah S. on

Beyonce looks great!!

Lady on

Awww their so cute, love that their showing a little PDA lol!!

mary on

I love her hair!

ang on

I think she looks wonderful! She’s obviously laying off the hair treatment and whatnot since she is preggo. She is stunning and J isn’t looking bad himself. Why is it so bad to feel happy for someone else???

soph on

ang, what are you referring to?

eribri on

I love how they’re holding hands! I don’t know if it’s cause I never really look for pictures of them but when I do see pictures in the past they weren’t as pda’ing.

Colleen on

They both look great! I can’t wait for this baby!!

Siera on

@ang, What hair treatments? That is not Beyonce’s real hair, its either a wig or tracks.

Carrie Jo on

I bet she’s having a girl. Have they announced what she is having?

Anonymous on

My bet is on girl too. I think she looks great, I find the conspiracy theories rediculous! Why would she say she’s pregnant if she’s not? So many celebs adopt/use surrogates now that it’s not like they’d be the only ones if that was how they were getting a baby. I didn’t show with my first until well closer to 6-7 months, even with my 4th I had people surprised I was pregnant when I’d tell them at 6 months and I’m a short thin person

showbizmom on

Serious question. Why is it whenever a black woman on here has long hair curly or straight it has to be a weave or wig? My hair not long as B’s but is about half that length with lots of curls, thick and I’m black and it’s all mine! It is possible for us to have long hair or straight, curly and real!

Fatima on

They Look so happy & in love!!!!!! I hope & pray they will have a healthy & beautiful preganancy & baby 🙂 May God Bless the 3 of them!!!!! I really hope it’s a girl.

Margaux on

Looking more natural, without the flowy hair and gobs of makeup, she resembles her sister, Solange, or viceversa.

Calais on

^^ yes conspirises are stupid. They had a pic on this site last week of her with an obvious baby bump wearing a bikini.
And beyonce looks stunning. & FYI that’s her real hair. She usually gets a blow out.

Maria on

She is a little puffy looking, I hope she is okay? I wonder when she is due, I am due in March and have a similar bump to her.

Mel on

I feel like I grew up watching these two (probably because I have lol)
so I’m very excited to see them get to where they are now!

Can’t wait to see this little Hip Hop heir/heiress.
Brooklyn Carter if it’s a girl, I’m sticking to that!

Siera on

@showbizmom. Serious answer, it’s no secret to anyone that Beyonce’s hair is a weave/wig. She’s been wearing weaves since her Destiny’s Child days.

Siera on

@showbizmom I’m black too, and my hair is thick, and curly, and also ALL mine.

Ri! on

who cares what the hair on HER head is doing, people in this industry black, white or other wear weaves all the time to protect their hair from constant abuse….if its hers great if its not great…not seeing why we go back and forth on this topic.

prego#4 on

I’m wondering when she is due too! I am betting early next year!!

Nella on

Beyonce looks good, and they both seem very happy together so that’s really nice to see. Her belly is still small, but I bet she will pop soon, not all women show first trimester.One of my friends didn’t have a belly until she was almost six months along so she was in her second trimester. I’m thinking she’s due beginning of 2012 and I have a feeling it will be a girl.

AmandaK on

They look so happy and relaxed! So happy for them.