Spotted: Katie Holmes and Suri’s New York Minute

09/10/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Humberto Carreno/Startraks

She’s a doll!

Katie Holmes keeps a loving hand on 5-year-old daughter Suri — who holds on tight to a loved one of her own — while enjoying the warm weather Thursday in New York.

The pair were headed to class at Chelsea Piers on the West side — no sign of dad Tom Cruise!

The actress, 32, is currently appearing in the horror flickĀ Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.

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Mandy on

Oh no, she’s wearing a baggy shirt. You know what that means!! She MUST be pregnant. Gosh forbid any celebrity wear a baggy shirt and NOT be pregnant.



Romy on

Katie’s pants are hurting me

Holiday on

I laughed at that Romy.

Suri is so cute, I love her her Katie spends so much time with her daughter.

tate on

That must be one warm blooded child, she never seems to be dressed for the same climate as Katie.

Mom*of*boys on

Ok Suri is adorable and Katie is gorgeous but besides the shirt being baggy, it is way over ugly!

Maggie on

Katie is completely overdressed for what the weather was that day.

Bancie1031 on

I love how every time you see Tom or Katie (or just about) you see Suri …. I love that they are very hands on parents. …. Suri is definitely a cutie ….

Carrie Jo on

My son is really warm blooded and I am often dressed in more layers than him because he gets hot and sweaty real easily. Probably the same deal with Katie & Suri.

eribri on

LOL! I didn’t even think of the baggy shirt = pregnant option. I just went “oh gosh, that sweater is horrendous”

Catca on

Does Suri go to school or is she being home schooled? The story says she was going to “class” so I was curious what kind of class it was. Given how much Tom and Katie travel with Suri, I always assumed they were home schooling her.

Maggie on

Chelsea Piers has things like gymnastics and skating lessons, so probably that kind of class.

Maria on

I don’t like how she allows herself to be in places where the papparazzi hound her child. But other than that Katie seems like a really good mother, and Suri is adorable. Katie used to look really werid and zombie like aftre she married Tom Cruise. Just lately she seems to have her sparkle back and looks pretty again. I wonder if her contract with Tom is up soon. So weird, why is she with him? And is he really Suri’s Dad?

Celeste on

She’s 5, so that’s Kindergarten age & it’s possible she goes half-days, from 8 am to 11 am. There are districts that aren’t full-day kindergarten, still. I do seem to remember reading that Connor and Bella were homeschooled by a Scientology teacher, so that is also possible.

Romy on

I’m sure she is homeschooled by all scientologists like Connor and Bella. class at Chelsea Piers was probably dance or something. I agree, Katie has her sparkle back. Something must be going well for her. A new agreement, a near end to the old agreement, who knows. It seems weird to me to give the young years of your life away like that.

Tami on

She was at a gymnastics class.

Kay on

@eribri – agreed! I didn’t even think her baggy shirt was to hide a bump because I was too busy recoiling in horror from how ugly that sweater is! It’s awful!

KMC on

It is so sad when people have to comment on whether Suri is actually Toms’ daughter. Is it really necessary? Is it also necessary to try to insinuate that Tom and Katie are only married because of some so called “agreement”? They seem to be happy. They are raising THEIR daughter together. The child is happy, healthy by all accounts, and they are not partying all night. What more do you people need to show you they are a happy, loving family.

Now on the topic of the actual picture. The shirt and pants Katie is wearing are ugly. She has better fashion sense than that. Suri is adorable as always.

torgster on

I disagree – I like Katie’s outfit. She would look good in a gunny sack.

TJ on

What is it with celebs and their kids and the absence of hair care? …..Suri’s hair never looks brushed…..Jolie-Pitts daughters look like a boy wannabes (both hair and dress)….Sarah JP’s son and Kate Hudson’s son both sport cuts that look like they havent been to a barber in a long long time, and I’m not just talking long hair….it’s scrappy looking. I don’t care how much money you make, it’s not that hard to clean up your kids….get them a hair cut or use a brush and something to pin back the hair if it gets in their eyes. Kudos to Jessica Alba… least Honor always seems to be taken care of!

A, Heilbrunn on

Thanks TJ, finally someone agrees with me about stars kids and being groomed.

Mira on

Katie has horrible fashion sense. How she has the gall to be a designer is beyond me.

B.J. on

TJ – Kids will be kids. I know as a child, my hair was stringy and crazy. My hair has always been thin, and even if I brush it, in an hour it looks messy and wild again.