Family Photo: LL Cool J’s Lovely Ladies

09/10/2011 at 05:00 PM ET

Gorgeous girls! LL Cool J brings wife Simone and youngest daughter Nina, 11, to the Fashion’s Night Out celebration at Westfield Century City in Los Angeles on Thursday. The NCIS: Los Angeles star, 43, is also dad to son Najee, 22, and daughters Italia, 20, and Samaria, 15.

Amy Graves/Getty

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what what on

his daughter is not cute considering how her parents look like!

mimi on

@what what
Are you kidding me? I’m not going to insult you or chastise you, I’m just going to ask, again, are you kidding me with this?

Corrie on

what what…wow. Way to be mean spirited, making fun of how a kid looks. Nice.

Amanda on

I think she’s adorable! What I’m surprised about is how dark she is compared to her parents.

sosideirish on

He’s one of my favorites, and I think his family is beautiful – ALL of them!!

kjc on

She is definitely cute, I agree with Amanda though- I am surprised how dark skinned she is next to her parents. …who by the way are both gorgeous!

amandamay on

i think she’s cute – love the big smile…. she reminds me a bit of tracy morgan

bevvie on

I agree that they all look cute and that it is so not nice to write negative comments about a child.

MJ on

what what, i hope you don’t have any children. comments such as the ones you made are the reasons why children are bullied and kill themselves!!!

Niche on

Smdh… People. Such an embarrassment to live amongst those with such closed minds and tainted views. Why is her complexion even an issue?

Shir on

I feel like people lately sign onto the blog to bash kids and get a reaction, its pathetic honestly. Get lives people!

what what on

is it wrong to state the obvious? the comment was not meant to be mean or insult the child nor was it said to get a reaction. her parents are very good looking and unfortunately the child does not take after either one! stop reading too much into this people! the truth hurts…get over it!

mylove21 on

she is adorable and with african americans your children can be any shade even if ur parents are as light as the sun. She may take after a grandparent

Amanda on

My comment about her complexion was not meant in a negative way at all, just an observation.

Megan on

Some people aren’t happy unless everyone else is miserable and unhappy too…

Anyway, am I the only one who is constantly shocked that LL is old enough to have a 22 year old HAHA I love this family…I mean talk about a lifetime marriage in Hollywood…what a gorgeous threesome and i bet the other three kids are gorgeous as well =)

HappyGoLucky on

She looks like her dad. I really like the fact that he and his wife have been able to keep their marriage and family together. They have a lovely family and cute kids (all of them).

loren on

Comments on complexion may not be intended to be negative, However it gets annoying; she is their daughter and they are both African Americans, so their children can be any complexion. It is ignorant to constantly have to comment on the obvious. Same with Paula and Robin’s son Julian Fuego (a thread before this) when he is with his mother, people, meaning no harm of course, wonder if she is the Nanny. African Americans have been having children of all complexions since they were brought to America. Its time to to see and observe and stop asking the same question and making the same comment. @mylove21 agree with your comment and its been said over and over,by you and lots of others. 2011 and still the same question how many times can it be said SMH

Lizzielui on

How is it not insulting to comment about how “not cute” a child is? What What, clearly you were purposely making an unncessary comment dogging this girl’s looks so why back down after the fact? And trust, your truth is not everyone else’s truth. I see nothing wrong with the looks of this 11 YEAR OLD Child.

Calais on

Wow! What an adorable family. I didn’t think he was old enough to have a 22 year old either!

@what what. Go away and tell someone who cares. I hope that if you do have children someone calls them ugly so you know how it feels. As a matter of fact any children you have or will have in the future. They are ugly.

Mia on

They have been together since they were teenagers-Congrats to them!

SLB on

Loren I totally agree with you!!! It’s amazing how grown women can be so catty toward people they don’t even know and then on top of that a child! What I thought of when I saw this article was wow they have been married forever and they look totally happy. Not, wow her daughter is “dark” and she is “ugly”. People need to get a life!

Lorelei on

Beautiful family. I wish some people would remember this is an 11 year old girl they are picking apart. I’m certainly glad my adolescence was not photographed for the world to see. She is a lovely 11 year old with a beautiful smile!!!

Rahmah on

@what what that was totally rude!! AND DISRESPECTFUL!! She is a beautiful child sooo shut ur mouth!

dsfg on

You have to realize that the people making these nasty comments about ugly children are most likely children themselves.

showbizmom on

I think she as cute as can be! Let us all not forget at that age we all went through that awkward phase. Not that she is, but she’s at that age so sometimes things just don’t work yet but I think they’re working just fine for her!

I’m continually shocked when I see families like this in Hollywood, they’ve managed to keep their kids out of the spotlight and presumably raise normal kids. It’s refreshing……

chacha on

What is SO SAD?????? If this beautiful child was light-skinned….NO ONE WOULD CALL HER UGLY….

Mellissa on

I have no idea what you people are talking about!! This little girl is lovely! She has her mommy’s eyes and her daddy’s smile!

Becky on

That little girl is so cute..If she looked anything other than like an 11 yr. old is suppose to look, people would be griping about that..I love LL and also can’t believe that he has a child that is 22..Congrats to him and his beautiful wife..

Monica on

LL Cool J your family look so great. The people that wrote ugly comments are just dumb. Just Wanted To Say May God Blessed You and Your Family. Love Monica and Quincy