Fitness Guru Harley Pasternak Dishes on Hilary Duff’s Workout Routine

09/09/2011 at 10:00 AM ET

Pregnancy certainly isn’t slowing Hilary Duff down!

Since revealing she is expecting her first child, the singer/actress, 23, has been working closely with fitness trainer-to-the-stars Harley Pasternak to safely stay in shape.

According to Pasternak, keeping Duff “in a cool room” and managing her heart rate during the first trimester was key.

“No impact, no hyper bouncing and plyometrics,” he tells PEOPLE. “You also want to back off stretching quite a bit. Women become hyper flexible when they’re pregnant.”

The pair, who work together three to five times a week, are concentrating on “low impact exercises” — including elliptical, incline heel walking and stairs — and avoiding any routines that focus on Duff’s abdomen.

“In the second trimester, [we’re staying] away from any exercises where she’s lying on her back and that could put pressure on her midsection,” Pasternak explains. “We just go lighter and higher reps on certain exercises. So there’s nothing pressing against the stomach and breasts.”

As for maintaining her toned arms, Duff enjoys a “combination of free weights,” which will eventually be switched out for safer options later in her pregnancy. “We’ll replace dumbbell exercises with cable ones,” he says. “You can use a band at home too, you can use the elastics.”

Despite the mommy-friendly modifications, Pasternak insists working with Duff has been a breeze. “Hilary’s fit, young, [and] she’s healthy,” he says. “And the dad [Mike Comrie] is a professional athlete. So I think it’s going to be a great, beautiful, fit baby.”

And from her husband to sister Haylie Duff, the mom-to-be has plenty of good company during her workouts. “I’ve trained her and her sister together. Her sister’s in great shape and they work out on an equal level,” he adds.

Pasternak is also making sure Duff maintains a healthy diet, which includes minimal caffeine and a good substitute for her raw fish sushi cravings. “[I suggest] cooked fish low in mercury, like a piece of grilled salmon.”

Already a “good friend” of the family’s, Pasternak — who stays “up to date” on her pregnancy even when they’re not working up a sweat at the gym — is confident Duff is ready to tackle her latest role: motherhood.

“Her goals are to look great and feel great, especially now that she’s pregnant,” he shares. “[She’ll be] an amazing mom! She’s a Texan girl! She’s got a lot of Southern hospitality, very sweet, very welcoming. She’s got a great balance in life.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Thailan Pham

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Shannon on

Well good for her I guess. I just hope she doesn’t buy into the whole hollywood thing of being ultra skinny immediately after birth. Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy and postpartum. Its ok to be tired and just relax a bit. I tried to work out while pregnant, but I only made it to 20 weeks. Now at 33 weeks i’m lucky if I feel like getting off the couch, lol!

cris on

Wow, here I sit wondering how millions of women around the world have managed to stay fit and have healthy pregnancies without having a trainer-to-the-stars!! Lol!!!

kelsey on

lol how does a baby come out “fit”?

Shawna on

I am offended by the trainer’s comment that her and her husband being fit will lead to a healthy baby. Many disabled and ill children are born to health, fit parents. Feels like another “blame the parents for the child’s disabilities” because if she is healthy and fit then she has no worries! Obviously I hope for a healthy baby for Hilary but I have two special needs children and I can guarantee you that neither my husband or I did anything to make that happen. And being healthier and fitter certainly would not have prevented them.

Harley on

Oh my, but aren’t you guys reading too much into the “fit baby” comment. Seeing as Pasternak is a trainer, it’s not a far leap to assume he means a healthy, active child (aka, baby – heck, I still call my oldest godson my baby and he’s 7). It’s not some sort of “oh, they’re kid won’t come out disabled because she works out” speech. Get off your high horses and stop over analyzing a comment he made while talking about Hilary’s workout routine.

I think it’s great that she can afford a trainer and manage to stay active and fit while pregnant. I’d love to have that, but we don’t all have that kind of money – but why should I be bothered by someone who can afford to have the extra privileges in life?

Regardless, very helpful tips.

Wendi on

Good for her for being healthy during her pregnancie. I was working out and doing 2 miles on the tendmill till they roll me in the OR for my c-section at 37 weeks. No, it wasn’t a schedaule C-section either. He was born 6lbs 8oz and is a happy, healthy 2 year old. I think keeping healthy really helped me recover quick. 138 lbs when they roll in me OR and 118 lbs when I went home from the hospital. Point is everyone is different. No, I didn’t have a personal trainer just really took care of myself.

Jac on

@ Shawna, reread the article, that’s not what her trainer said. Nowhere in the article does he say that them being fit will lead to them having a healthy baby. His exact word was, “fit”. Also, it’s easy to understand that he meant since both Hilary and Mike are active and lead a healthy lifestyle, so will their child, which is actually a fact.

alex on

@ Shawna: I dont think the trainer was saying that the baby will “come out” (as in, come out of the womb) fit and healthy. I think he was trying to say that Hilary and Mike are healthy and in-shape people and they will incorporate their healthy lifestyle into the parenting of their child.

It bothers me how people always take one or two words out of context of an interview and then go on to write how “offended” they are. This article was about Hil’s work-out routine, NOT about how dissabled children’s problems were caused by their parents.


Mimory on

I think if she needs to workout for her own mindset, then let her. Everyone goes through pregnancy different and maintains their weight differently. I was a lazy preggo and didn’t workout much. I maintained a ok diet and indulged rarely in sweets. People put their opinions on other’s pregnancies too much and need to also think would they be ok with someone criticizing them through their pregnancy. Her trainer must be doing something right if she’s going to this person to stay in shape.

As long as they are happy, people shouldn’t judge. It’s like the old saying “Be careful of who you point to because there is always a thumb pointing back at you”. I hope she has a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Mimi on

Who cares about her fitness routine. What I really want to know is why someone with that much money and the ability to do practically anything in this world wants to have a crying brat on their hands? I don’t get it!

Shannon on

Wow Mimi. Obviously you have no kids. What an awful thing to say. Yes, babies cry and its because that is the only way for them to communicate! It doesn’t make them a brat. If you are so anti-kids, why the heck are you ready cbb articles?!

CCT0303 on

Mimi I’m pretty sure that’s how your parents felt about you.. Hopefully your mom and dad were/are not as bitter as you!

Mimi on

CCT0303: I’m not bitter at all, thank you very much. I just think there are more interesting things to do in this life than pop out babies. Getting no sleep, changing diapers and pushing a kid on a swing isn’t alluring to me. Oh, and last time I checked, I was entitled to MY opinion.

Nikki on

Mimi: Clearly you can’t have kids or no one wants to have your kids because children are a part of life. I don’t have them but I look forward to the day when I do. Life doesn’t end when you have them, I think it is just the beginning. I pity your lonely outlook on life and I hope you never have kids. God help them if you do.

Mimi on

Dear Nikki: I’m not lonely at all. I have numerous friends and I’m happily married. Thank you so much for your misguided concern though. You are naive if you believe that kids are automatically “a part of life”. That’s a personal choice. You are pathetic and outdated if you think a woman can’t live a fulfilled, happy life without children. Try and expand your horizons honey.

Amanda on

I still feel like it is probably not good for all these Hollywood moms to gain little weight while pregnant. I am not a mom yet, so I might be way off on this one.

Mimi on

To all the nasty comments made to me: I bet all you mothers who love your children so much can’t wait to get to work in the morning and leave them in daycare. You’re the bitter ones because you had the kids and now you’re stuck with them for at least 18 years. Ha, ha, ha….

ann on

Go away Mimi! Seriously…what are you trying to do here? People on this site obviously like kids. My daughter is the best thing that has ever happend to me. You will never understand. The moment I held her newborn self in my arms for the first time was life changing. To think my husband and I created this miricale…its pretty dam amazing if you ask me! I’d say share your opinions elsewhere….

yaya on

Mimi, I completely understand that having kids is not for everyone. Nor does having them make everyone’s life complete. You are absolutely entitled to your opinion and no one should belittle or demean you for that. However, in my opinion, you should extend the same courtesy to those who do feel like having children is a gift and not a nuisance.

kat on

Mimi, you are entitled to your opinion and its probably best that someone with such a negative doesnt reproduce. Just because it is your opinion it does not entitle you to force it on other people and put down others choices to have children.

momoftwins on

Mimi, stay at home mommy here, and I wouldn’t trade a day with my kids for a day at work, ever. You can’t say you know better than us, because you haven’t experienced both sides like we have, and until you experience both sides, which I pray you don’t, you really can’t say. Yes there are days that are hard, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

happy on

Mimi: You yourself set off all the nasty comments that came your way. You stated that wealthy women would be crazy to have a brat. First of all, calling kids/babies brats will set off a slew of negativity towards you from all the mothers who have kids. You are entitled to you opinion and whether or not you want to have kids. However, you don’t have to express yourself in such bitchy way. You’re a bitch.

Shannon on

Completely agree momoftwins. I’m a stay at home mom and I wouldn’t trade a single day to go back to work. Before I had kids I was a career girl and I do not miss it at all. Mimi, you are making yourself sound foolish when you say that having children is a choice, but then blast people who do want to have kids. Just because you don’t want any doesn’t give you the right to be rude to people who do. Again, why are you bothering to read cbb articles and comment multiple times? It comes off as you being angry with your life or something, to come here and heckle people who are perfectly happy with their lives.

Karolina on

Mimi, No one is making negative comments about your choice not to have children, you certainly don’t have to.
The reason comes from that old saying “It’s not what you say, but how you say it”. And based on how you said what you did, I can only make one conclusion – your a total bitch.

HappyMom on


I find it dubious you’re a happily married WOMAN, because you converse like a complete child. Indeed you are entitled to YOUR choices and opinions, but so is every other woman. Just because you hate children doesn’t mean we all have to.

To address your last statement…

I am in NO way bitter. I am a very happy mother to a 6 year-old boy who is the absolute light of my life. He is the most wonderful and amazing little person and I am overjoyed and beyond proud to be his mother and teacher in life.

I am thankful people like you do not have children; they’d grow up with a broken spirit. So thank you for doing them and every other mother a favor. Be childless, be happy. But don’t sh*t on mothers when you clearly have no idea whatsoever what you are talking about.

The more you keep responding, the more comical and ridiculous you become.

You’re probably one of those people who loves an animal more than a human being. I am guessing on that, but I am willing to bet I’m not wrong.

-Happy Mom

Mimi on

To all the mothers who have responded negatively to me; Thou dost protest too much. Perhaps you’re all trying to convince yourselves how wonderful motherhood is.

Mimi on

Karolina, I agree with Mimi. I think you’re probably a control freak with a superiority complex and a fat ass!!!!

Mimi on

happy mom – dogs are way better than kids. I’ve got to agree with that mimi person.

ecl on

Ha ha ha Mimi! Nice try posting under different names. Doesn’t work! Anyway, you just wanted to stir the pot and everyone bought into it. Silly.

Jennifer on

Interesting that she’s so concerned with her baby’s health yet she’s drinking an artificially sweetened energy drink.

Carolin on

How did this informative post become this war zone?!…

To each their own…if you like kids have kids, if you dont then dont but respect the ones that do like kids. All the money in the world cant buy happiness and sometimes people do feel the need to create life at some point in their lives when they feel like they are ready to take that step.

Trixie on

Too bad her husband cheats on her while he is living here.

Emmy on

The post became a war zone because Mimi is psycho and has nothing better to do with her time then go to the “babies” tab on People and tell all mothers how much we actually hate being a mother and we are jealous of her. I work full time and have 2 children under 2 and would love to be able to stay home with them every day. Yes, every person needs a break at times, but until you have given birth, you really can’t judge how it feels to be a mother. I’ve experienced some really awful children in my life, but it’s different when they are yours.

Mimi, I really hope you can find something more productive to do with your time honey. I am glad you are happy and content not having children, but you don’t have to try and upset those of us who choose to be a mom.

Ana on

I never comment here, but I just feel like I needed to after reading so many stupid comments from this Mimi girl. You definitely don’t have to love kids or have them to have a fulfilled life. But you’ve never been a mother – and you don’t know how hard it is to leave for work and leave your kids at daycare. Many women would love to have Hillary Duff’s money so they can take better care of themselves while pregnant and spend more time with their kids.

After all these negatives comments, the only brat here is you. We feel sorry for you. You are a negative and selfish woman that probably has nothing better to do. And I’m sure the moms here are not trying to convince themselves of anything. They are busy out there giving and receiving some unconditional love that you’ll never have.

Mom of One on

Mimi calling children brats, especially babies was pretty childish and uncalled for. You are right that you are entitled to your own opinion but you are totally disrespectful to the other side, which are those of us who have children and may very well enjoy parenting. We work VERY hard as parents and calling children brats is offensive and unnecessary. As a mother myself, I have traveled the world, earned a PH.D, have a very successful career and so does my husband, have plenty of time for myself AND my daughter and cannot find any reason that my daughter would hold me back at all as she is eight years old and have been able to still do everything I want to do as it comes along! In fact, I enjoy certain things more WITH my daughter and my husband. You obviously are not an open minded person to think that just because children would hold YOU back for some reason, that it would hold everyone back. That is just a ridiculous way of sizing up other people’s lives, especially because you are NOT A MOTHER and HAVE NO IDEA what you are talking about, so keep your mean opinions about children to yourself.

broken heart on

we just learned out daughter’s best friend has stage 4 brain cancer, and she is a wonderful 17 year-old. We have children because two adults who love and care for each want to raise a child together, and create a wonderful human being who will grow up and come to know what it truly means to be a parent. It is a wonderful blessing, through thick and thin to raise a child. I hope our friend’s daughter will have the same opportunity in the future, but until then it is ultimately up to a higher power and we have to trust and just believe that everything will be okay.

Catca on

I think it would be best if everyone laid off “Mimi”. She’s simply a person making comments intended to be provocative. If she was simply stating an opinion, she wouldn’t be staying on-line to respond to all the comments she was expecting/hoping to get back. The best way to handle people like “Mimi” is to ignore her.

The actual story wasn’t about Mimi but rather about Hillary and her workout routine. I thought her trainer gave some good tips, especially about being careful about not stretching too much because pregnant women are already hyper flexible.

karla on

Staying fit and healthy during a pregnancy is smart and proactive.

I have five grown children and and I did choose to eat healthy and stay active. All were healthy infants and Mom..

This article had not one thing to do with half of the insipid comments on this site..Wow

karla on

Having had five healthy children, it is a good idea to eat and stay healthy during pregnancy. Common sense tells us that a healthy Mother can better create an environment that is proactive for the overall health of the baby.

Half of the comments on this site have little or nothing to do with the article…stick to the topic at hand…

Anon on

There’s no reason why people {celebrity or not) should not continue their regular fitness routine. That’s great she’s keeping herself in shape while pregnant. So what if she hires a trainer? She’s smart to do so. I gather those who make mean remarks are are bitter and jealous.

Skt on

Sorry Mom of One but children do hold women back. If they don’t, they must have a marvelous support system that can watch them when the mother can’t.

heather on

mimi…if you do not want other people to be so judgemental of you then perhaps you should not be so judgemental of other people who do have children. You cannot really say how horrible it is to have children if you have never had any. If you dont want children then thats fine, its your life but you make yourself sound like a bitter old woman when you are saying the comments you have been saying. Im not sure what you expected mothers with children to respond back to you when you made the above comments. Dont give it if you cant take it, just saying.

soph on

“I hope you never have kids. God help them if you do.”

I swear, how many times are you guys going to use this insult?

You want someone to keep her “mean” comments to herself? I suppose you don’t think the ones calling her a “bitch” should keep that to themselves, though?

Funny how one of those comments came from someone called “happy.” My, such language. I hope none of you are teaching your kids that it’s okay to talk like that. I’d sure feel sorry for them if you were!

Karyn on

Wow. To everyone who feels a need to respond to Mimi, I have just one thing to say: Don’t feed the trolls!

Either she is posting deliberately to be provocative or she is incredibly immature. Either way, responding is a waste of your time.

Siera on

@Trixie. And you know this because…?

charicole on

As an RN for over 35 yrs I find it offensive and disgusting that the rich indulge themselves so much while the poor and middle class are being exploited. People,stop going to movies and concerts! She is a mediocre actress at best.

Leena on

Seriously people, leave Mimi alone. She was stating an opinion and I personally am not a fan of children, though I wouldn’t say “Brat” I think any woman it is their choice to have a child or not (REGARDLESS OF THIER REASONS). I do find it interesting how quickly other people are to judge the women who do not wish to have children, to each their own. Cant you all let it go, harboring anger for people you don’t even know is senseless, people are just expressing opinions here.

Oh and by the way I am a married woman (the deal breaker was children) and I am cat mom of 2. Just because I don’t find joy in children doesn’t mean I condemn anyone who does.

sarah on

I have 10 year old twins, a boy and a girl. They were a total surprise to me and my hubby. But I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. Even with all its challenges, I still look back fondly at every year.

That said, I can sort of understand Mimi. I can see both sides. I find a lot of other people’s kids “bratty” and irritating. When I am in a restaurant and some kid is acting up, I think these people should keep their bratty kids at home. It’s not cute and it’s just annoying. It’s kind of hard to call a baby a brat, though. LOL

I do find it interesting when women say their kids are the MOST important thing in their life. I often wonder what about hubby??? If your kids totally outrank your husband (unless you’re already divorced), that’s not a good sign. Your husband and father of your children should rank right up there WITH your kids. If not, I see you in the divorce statistics. 😦

Jess on

@Skt….kids don’t hold a mother back. I have two beautiful kids 3 and 4. trust me they don’t hold me back. I do the things I love to do with my kids. I don’t care about partying. I care about being a good mother to my kids. They are the most important thing right along side my hubby and the rest of my family.

Good for Hilary with being able to work out. I walked all the time when I was pregnant with my son and was able to bounce back pretty quickly because I also walked every day since he was born. I have a sweet tooth so sometimes I didn’t eat healthy but I did walk every day. Keep it up Hilary. You will be a great mom.

Sara on

Mimi…. Interesting that you should say that all us mothers can’t wait to go to work in the morning. It may not have occurred to you that we are at work 24 hrs a day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year for THE ENTIRETY OF OUR CHILD’S LIFE! Those of us that are stay at home mothers (either by choice or circumstance) do more jobs in one day than most child-less people do in a year. Now, I am going to give you a little slack since you’re right, you are entitled to your opinion and your life choices are yours to live with… But really, honey, what are you doing picking on a bunch of moms? Do you have one? Do you love her? Because I know my mother taught me better than to disrespect others and to shut my mouth if I didn’t have something nice to say. If you don’t have kids than how do you know what it’s like to have one? I’ll be honest, my 4 year old son has his moments (few and far between but they are there) but NEVER would I go and make a decision that would take him out of my life. And if you want to quote Shakespeare and try and sound intelligent, might I suggest that you aim your nastiness at those who are less intelligent than you rather than trying to throw stones at women who you have NO CHANCE at competing with??? I mean really, Mom’s? I suggest you stick to your level (you know, that of the pond scum and dust mites?).

me on

LOL . . .”So I think it’s going to be a great, beautiful, fit baby” . . .I love this line in this article . . great and beautiful baby, yes . . .but what is a fit baby . . .is it living it weights in the womb or something.

kk on

some people get their undies in a twist rather easily…

Claire on

I’m sorry but I’m with Mimi on this. I’m 31 and have been happily married for 6 years. My husband is 3 years older than me and we have decided not to have children. They are not a “part of life” if you don’t choose that path. I have felt so much pressure from people, mostly relatives, to have kids and they can’t understand what’s wrong with us that we don’t want them. Parenthood is not for everyone and that is OKAY!

Janna on

Why on earth are you women so hypersensitive when a complete stranger insults you? Why would you even care what Mimi or anyone else thought of you.

Go have some wine, relax.

Ginger on

It’s too bad Mimi’s parents wanted children…if only THEY thought all children were brats…

AmandaK on

It’s actually not such a stretch what Trixie said. He used to sleep with a team mate’s wife when he played for the Oilers. Wouldn’t surprise me that he does cheat, but not sure how Trixie would actually know.

KRS on

Mimi, you are hilarious – thanks for the laugh! Now you know that you can’t change your name on here – and two tries in a row, too! I’m sorry, I just feel like you’ve got some very bad karma that just came back around and kicked your ass!

Zeeshan on

I love how Grounded she is
you re the best Hil
i hope you have the cutest baby in the world

Halo on

Mimi, listen up BRAT! Don’t have children and the world will be a better place. Now go do something productive with the rest of your life (other than having kids). Don’t worry, we understand why you are against having kids….it’s because your husband has finally figured out he doesn’t want any with YOU..ha ha ha.

Kelly on

Fit baby? How ridiculous! I am sure she and their baby will be just fine but the trainer’s comments about the baby being fit are just plain stupid! Good Luck Hilary!

denise on

My best pregnancy(last pregnancy) was at 41. I was emotionally healthy and worked out until the last minute wearing a heart monitor. At 8 weeks postpartum, I only had 7 pounds to lose. I ate healthy, drank plenty of water and nursed my daughter. I did work out with a trainer once a week with five workouts on my own, for total of six workouts per week. And took care of big house, hubby, two sons, age 7 and 11 and a dog with no help from a housekeeper, gardener, cook, pool keeper, etc. It can be done but it takes organization and discipline. I learned these habits in high school and college. All women should be exercising if they want to be healthy. My daughter is 8 now and we just got back from a vigorous one hour walk. I am teaching her to be healthy by setting a good example. Good moms set good examples…’s that simple!

Christie on

Obviously Mimi has nothing better to do in her life than make comments meant to anger people, living only for a response to make her feel alive. With kids or without, I’d say that’s a sad life. Get some friends Mimi, go out in the sunshine, work on your humanity skills and you might not drive that “husband” away with your poisonous venom.

Christie on

Mimi ~ If you EVER want anyone to take you seriously in this world don’t try to validate yourself or your comments by creating an imaginary ally. It’s the sadest thing I’ve ever seen. You either have friends who support you or you don’t. Don’t try to make them up ! LOLOLOL

Stephanie on

I have had 3 – I have raised 4. My hubby and are very successful and happy. We were “young” parents… well not too young… 21 and 20 – but we have wonderful jobs that we love and amazing kids. I don’t believe we would be happy without kids because we are “kid” people. Ours are teens now and we borrow other people’s kids because its so much fun!! Certainly, parenthood isn’t for everyone – lets face it , we all have met people who just should have used birth control – they are miserable, lazy, rotton parents who ruin their kids. Mimi would be just that, I am sure. I am glad she has realized that kids are not for her —– — BUT – she shouldn’t make rude comments to moms — which she did… Many moms hate the first day of school… for me, its horrible each year – I don’t want them to leave… I love having them around….. maybe some look forward to it, but because the “mom” job is 24 hours per day – unlike any other profession in the world… and everyone needs a few moments of me time…… I’m sure mimi is a teenager just looking to start a fight….. (with 3 teens at home, I know all about that, but mine would use better grammar – haha….)

A. on

Notice how Mimi hasn’t replied since she tried to reply under a different name only to have her original display name pop up. What a dumba**!

Juna on

I just want to say that it is hilarious how Mimi tried to write a few post as other people siding with herself only to have her name revealed – talk about psycho! Mimi seems to have some very deeply rooted psychological problems and because of this it is an absolute blessing that she doesn’t want children to whom she would either genetically pass her bad genes on to or create an environment in which they would grow up unstable. Not wanting to have kids is a choice and to each his or her own but than why click on a forum about kids (for those of us who actually want or have children – which is also a choice and a fine one at that) and talk so hatefully? Pershaps mimi is just trying to convince herself? The icing on her emotionally unstable cake was her belittling others pretending to be someone else who sides with mimi – classic! Seek help mimi – seriously seek help.

MR on

I guess Mimi was one of those people who miraculously appeared one day all grown up. Do yourself a favor Mimi, call your parents and ask them if you were worth the trouble. By the way, all of our kids that you hate so much will be paying YOUR social security benefits until you draw your last breath. I’m assuming that you’ll be on SS, because nobody as bitter and as ill-educated as you’ve revealed yourself to be would survive without it. Oh, and while you’re typing your well-worded reply, try using the spell check (and not lying about your identity). night!

koobalicious on

I’m so glad Hillary is having a child and I’m sure she’ll be a great mother! it’s great that she’s staying fit and eating healthier for the healthiness of her baby!

Jillian on

The comments were more interesting than the article! Reading people telling someone else what they can and can’t say, ha! The thing that gets me is Mimi states an opinion and people want her to keep these comments to herself. But since she said it, then you all can fire mean personal attacking comments at her?! Makes no sense to me. I don’t agree with her, but am not going to bash her for it!

Jessie on

I read a couple of moms on here have five children! I honestly don’t get it how you girls do that and stay sane. I have a 20 month old toddler and it is such a full time job and even thinking of having a second now scares me if I could make it. I admire people that have more than 2 children and manage it all I just don’t know how! Do you ever have time for yourself or free time to have fun with the kids because all that cleaning, washing, cooking and feeding all of them is quite the task. I would probably loose my mind in less than a month. To me you are all superwomen.

Tracy on

Exercise is really important during preganancy. I continued to do a slow jog, treadmill, with both my sons (separate pregnancies) until 5 months with the 1st and 7 months with the second. Light workout after that. Since I was over 35 y/o with both boys, I was able to go full-term with both and NO pre-clampsia. Pregnant moms need to keep moving and doing light exercise. I did not have a trainer; I went to the local YMCA. Yoga is a good thing too. Keep moving moms!

Kelly on

That Mimi chick is a nut case! Trying to post as another person???? Maybe she should take herself (and all of those personalities) to the mental hospital!

Cassandra on

Wow, I remember growing up with Duff when I was a child, Lizzie McGuire was my favorite show and after that ended, I really never heard much from her after, aside from her music career, but even that dwindled. You usually hear about actors and actresses falling apart after being child stars and I never heard anything bad. Good job Hilary! Good job

darry on

What is with the DRAMA from folks?

I’m glad to hear Hilary is doing one of those sensible diets. Not the supermodel famous clenses or weird stuff they eat and starve themselves to get ready for their model shoots.

“She’s got a great balance in life.” EXACTLY how I think of Hilary who actually doesn’t worry about gaining a few pounds by indulging her cravings… moderately.

FINALLY everyone can hear/know she is in her 2nd tri/at-least 4 months along. Now they can all shut up.

Lis on

Her little belly is darling. Hilary was over at Brazil for a few days week ago signing her sci novel and she confirmed she was “in the fourth month of her pregnancy.” She said she had to shop asap when she is back in usa for her spouse’s birthday gift. Her and her husband are already decided on names. She is highly cute. Ash Tisdale was right she is a tiny girl, tinier than the pictures!

SadieA on

I wasn’t going to comment but I love when people get caught posting fake support for their comments! So funny lol

Lisa on


Lisa on

Really? The thought of your people giving “Mimi” all this attention is the really sad part of it all… Get a life