Spotted: Robin Thicke Totes His Tot

09/08/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Splash News Online

Day out with dad!

Robin ThickeΒ gives son Julian Fuego, 17 months, a lift while running errands on Monday.

Wife Paula Patton says that her baby boy with the singer, 34, “looks just like my husband.”

“He’s blond, he has blue eyes … everybody’s like, ‘Did you have anything to do with this?'” she jokes.

“Every day I’m like, ‘He’s going to get blacker. Look, a tan is coming in, the hair is curlier — I’m telling you!'”

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Kim on

Wow..imagine if a white Mom would have said something along those lines..

Amber on

Wow, genes are amazing. Cute kid and he’s so blond. Do you think his hair will darken? My mother is white and my father is black but I look more like my father than my lighter siblings that took after my mother. People question if we’re related all the time, lol.

Annie on

blonde kids creep me out.

Tasha on

Genes are definitely amazing. I am biracial (about Paula’s color) and am married to a white man who has dirty blond hair and green eyes. We have two beautiful children together and both my son and daughter are blondies with big blue eyes. When I take my kids out by myself I get tons of stares if my kids call me mommy, but barely anyone stares when my husband is with me. It’s definitely funny how genetics work but I do have to remind myself that my kids are 3/4 white and only 1/4 black.

carla on

First of all, Paula was clearly joking. But more importantly, if everyone would stop being so outwardly offensive towards women like Paula maybe the reactions would be quite different.

My neighbor is a brown skin black woman whose daughter has pale skin, straight blonde hair and green eyes. Every time we go to the park for playdates people assume she is the nanny. One woman even had the nerve to ask her if she thought it was strange that the child calls her “Mommy,” insinuating that she is not the child’s mother. Just plain rude.

Another friend of mine who happens to be white has a biracial daughter whose skin tone is dark like her father’s. While in the grocery store two weeks ago, someone made a comment in passing saying, “Oh, she must be on the ‘adopt a black baby’ bandwagon. Probably got her from Haiti.” Utterly disgusting.

It’s fine to be curious. It’s something totally different to be distasteful and obnoxious in the midst of one’s curiosity.

Lotus on

Paula cracks me up! I’m sure she’ll eventually see some of her physical traits in her son, but all jokes aside I’m sure she could care less.

kendal on

Annie, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. And by the way, I have two beautiful daughters who happen to be blonde with blue eyes.


I think biracial children are some of the most beautiful children in the world and this kid tops it all. How awesome to have that blonde hair, but his mothers beautiful color of skin. I could only imagine what the little boys children will look like when he gets to experience fatherhood one day(i know its odd to think he one day will be there!)

My daughter has a darker skin tone with beautiful blonde hair, but we will never know what she is mixed with…my husband was adopted and doesnt want to know who is biological parents are. Its kind of fun keeping it a mystery to be honest πŸ™‚

Anyways, Julian is a beautiful child!!

Sarah K. on

Kim, she made that joke when she was on Chelsea Lately and that show is known for not being politically correct. Also, I agree with Carla. Dark-skinned people with light-skinned children often get looks and comments because others can’t wrap their mind around simple genetics. Case in point – Paula made that joke after Chelsea said something about the baby not looking like her.

ClaireSamsmom on

He is gorgeous!

Amber on

KAYC- I love your story. I got chills hearing about your husband not wanting to know. That is so cool, IMO.

kendrajoi on

I agree, genes are amazing things. With people are of mixed race, like Paula and Julian, you definitely never know what you will get, which is really neat. Who came to mind for me is Heidi Klum’s kids. Those kids to me look like they have 2 african american parents. They all have their dad’s skin tone. I don’t see much of Heidi in them.

gimma a break on

Its her baby she’s talking about and clearly she’s joking. Some people make the most senseless comments on blogs. smh

showbizmom on

Yeah, I would turn my head and look twice if I saw her out with her son. He’s so cute. I totally get it, genes are funny. one of my daughters looks just like my husbands sister just a tad bit darker. Those Korean genes are no joke! they completely took out my African American genes. Sometimes I wonder…..

Elle on

He’s darling!

Maggie on

Although he definitely has Robin’s coloring, I actually think Julian’s face is all Paula – he has her delicate features.

Lady on

Annie, your name creeps me out…get a grip!!

He’s such a cute little boy..regardless how fair he is…Paula IS mixed so it’s not completely off beat for him to have blonde hair. Anyways, Robin is just as gorgeous =)

Beeno on

#12 @Kendrajoi…… obviously you’re not very observant! It is obvious to see that Heidi & Seals kids are bi-racial. There’s more to a persons features than skin colouring. And I can’t beleive you think that Henry, Johan and adorable Lou ALL have Seal’s skin tone!!! They don’t even have each others skin tone! And in my personal opinion, Johan looks the most like Heidi. ……yes i dared to say that Johan favors Heidi more facially anyway than lovely Lennie does. Look closer (forget the racial aspect….if you can, that is) and you’ll see what I’m refering to. Oh and I also find it borderline rascist that sooo many people comment that Henry, Johan and Lou all have the same hair texture. They do not.

#16 Maggie….you’re very observant. I’ve noticed the exact same thing. And remember, julian is quadroon. He’s 75% white & 25% black.

Bet you guys didn’t know that Carley Simon, Honor & Haven Warren, Bronx Wentz, Nahla Aubry, and many others that most are completely unaware of the fact that they’re quadroon. Take a look at all 4 of Boris Beckers children. They run the gamete of the versatility of quadroon people.

Shannon on

Julian looks just like Paula and Johan looks just like Heidi.

Mom Of Twins on

@Kim, what’s your point?

Mom Of Twins on

Wow, I can’t believe people are breaking down what percentage of white or black your children are. There your children, does it really matter?

hollyguest on

First of all, for being biracial, Paula really doesn’t look black to me at all, so it’s no surprise that her son looks more white. Paula looks “ethnically ambiguous” to me. And I think there’s probably an element of truth in what she said…she probably does hope her son will have some black traits come through. I have 3 children who are all 3/4 white, 1/4 black and they all have different features and traits, all beautiful boys, though! Just liek Julian πŸ™‚

fuzibuni on


There is nothing wrong with knowing your background and being proud of it. Discussing race doesn’t have to be a taboo subject.

Think about it this way… do you care about your ancestry? Do you like to know where you came from? It’s pretty natural to be curious about it and want to discuss it.

Also, a personal pet peeve of mine… it’s “they’re” not there.

Mari on

My son and his wife are both very dark haired and their 2 girls were born with almost black hair. Needless to say, both of them are now very light brown with beige highlites.

Time tells but I wish they did have dark hair for a change.

Crimpe on

Kim, I’m white, and I do say it. Every time I was pregnant it was a mystery what my children would look like. And you know what, many kids do start out lighter and darken up. One of my babies had a pronounced mongolian spot, and my pediatrician said “this one will be your darkest yet.” She was right!

momof9 on

I understand the rude comments that are made to mixed race families because I get them all the time too. Only the rude comments I get are when people see me with my nine children. No matter what, somebody will always find a reason to be rude. I find the best remedy is to just smile and walk away.

But not only do I get the “too many children” comments, but I also get the “are they yours?” comments. I’m Irish and my husband is Sicilian and ALL the children happen to resemble him. Dark hair, dark eyes (4 with black eyes) and dark-skinned. Then there is me, the pasty mother. Genetics, it’s truly a funny thing! LOL! πŸ™‚

Tasha on

@ MomofTwins: Yes I do dare break down the percentage of white/black that my children are. I am very proud of my children and wouldn’t change a thing about them but my kids look NOTHING like me. My 5 year old is starting to realize that my skin tone is different than his and has asked me many times “why mommies skin is brown.” I want my kids to know that even though they do not appear to be biracial, that is in fact their background. I want them to be proud of being 1/4 black and know that they come from an amazing ancestry.

@fuzibuni: Lol, one of my biggest pet peeves as well. Drives me absolutely nuts! πŸ™‚

Indira on

I find it funny that people talk about genetics without any idea about how genetics really work. Even the best geneticist doesn’t really know. Anyway, I’m “biracial” but, it’s as likely that Robin could have married a non-biracial black woman(as Paula identifies as black) and his son still could have had blond hair. African Americans in this country are composed of GENERATIONS of mixing even if phenotype might not make that obvious. Example would be Garcelle Beuvais who has two blond haired and more European features.

Either way these kind of discussions annoy the frick out of me. It always just seems like an attempt to categorize people at any cost.

soph on

kendal, sorry to break it to you, but people can post what they want without running it by you first, ‘k?

Rachel on

This does not just occur with biracial children either ( i.e black and white). I am of Mexican descent and yes I look like your typical Latina woman ( think Salma Hayek, but not as beautiful, lol) short and brown skinned. My two brothers, however, ( yes, same mother and father who have been married now for 36 years!) were born , one with black hair, medium skin coloring, with very green eyes and the youngest is very fair skinned, with blue eyes. My brother married to another Latina woman who had my nephew and inherited my brother’s blue/green eyes. My grandmother was one dark skinned Mexican lady and my Mexican grandfather who in turn also had green eyes, had my blond, green eyed uncle and my dad has brown eyes. So you see, genetics is an amazing thing!!!

Mom Of Twins on

@Tasha, NEWS FLASH!!! Skin tones don’t differ just because your biracial, teach your kids that.

Mom Of Twins on

@fuzibuni, Where did I say your children shouldn’t know the heritage? I said I couldn’t believe that parents are breaking it down to precentage. I have American Indian in my family, but I don’t go around telling my kids your 15% or 20% of this or that.

Colleen on

Who cares about what color his skin is? He is adorable, loved by his parents and that is all that matters.

Tasha on

@MomofTwins: You are missing my entire point. Oh and by the way, it’s “doesn’t” not “don’t.”

sidjaz on

Some of you women on this board are so petty. I get a good laugh from reading your comments. Get a grip ladies, stop finding little reasons to bash each other, be kind to each other. Be good examples for your children.

kendrajoi on

Beeno, take some Beeno and then get a life. I am entitled to my opinion, and so are you. In my opinion, you are an idiot.

TJ on

@Tasha: Reread MomofTwins’ sentence. It’s “don’t” not “doesn’t”.

kate on

I actually think the baby looks just like her, only with lighter skin and blonde hair. And I agree with the comments above, genes are so fascinating!