Rachel Zoe Shares Her Baby Travel Must-Haves

09/08/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
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In between debuting her new collection at Shopbop.com and gearing up for Fashion Week, Rachel Zoe is also dispensing parenting advice.

In a recent blog entry on her site, the new mom shares her top picks for traveling with your tot.

“First and foremost, you need the perfect carrier to tote around your little one, and there is no option that I praise more highly than Baby Bjorn’s Organic Carrier,” Zoe shared.

“Another pivotal on-the-go item for any new parent (whether you’re traveling or not) is obviously a secure stroller! I recommend Orbit Baby’s Stroller Travel System G2 for its ability to convert from a stroller to a car seat — it’s like a transformer! — and innovative, sleek design.”

But the fashion designer and celebrity stylist doesn’t just focus on gear.

From Marc Jacobs‘ chic nylon diaper bag to Aden + Anais‘ cozy muslin swaddling blankets, she also includes a handful of stylish accessories on her list.

To see the rest of her baby travel must-haves, go to rachelzoe.com.

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melissa on

I am 5’2 and find the Orbit to be big and heavy. I think the system is great but just not for me. Has anyone else had that feeling? Anyways, great to hear Rachel has traveling with Skyler under control.

mandy on

Oh lord….a “celebrity sytlist” is now the celebrity?? Oh well of course.

mandy on

I can’t look at this woman!!

BetsyC on

I would take her recommendations with a healthy grain of salt. It is very likely that she gets something from these companies for endorsing them. Ladies, just try the gear out for yourselves before purchasing. Also, keep in mind that she has a team of nannies working for her in taking care of her baby and always travels with them to “help her out”. I would prefer stroller systems for travel that are lightweight and easy to fold one-handed.

Valerie on

While searching for a carrier for my soon-to-be-newborn, I have been hearing quite a few people say that the Baby Bjorn carrier is not a good choice because of the way the baby hangs from it- putting weight incorrectly on the spine, hips, and crotch area. The ones recommended to me were Beco and Ergobaby carriers.

Shannon on

Funny how she promotes the Orbit, but has been photographed all over sporting the Bugaboo Cameleon Missoni, which I have to admit is WAY better then the Orbit- we LOVE our Bugaboo!

Heather on

I love my ergo! Love the feature of the piece that covers your baby’s head if it’s raining, or the baby is sleeping. I also love the zipper pocket on the front that you can put a few things in.

chelsea on

She looks so much happier now that she has had a baby!

clara on

Im surprised to hear her recommend a bjorn. They are not worth the money b/c they only work for a baby up to 4 months, plus they dangle them like a marionette. Ergo or beco & for a teeny one, a very close to the body sling, like a moby or maya wrap is great. —mom of six, not a stylist, lol

Annie on

the Bugaboo is a piece of junk risen to “keeping up with the Joneses” status due to the company having given them away to celebs for free when it first came out. now EVERYONE has to have one. they are a pain in the ass to dismantle/transform and made of unsturdy, cheap material. Go for an UppaBaby instead.

grossed out on

This woman should not have kids. She is so self obsorbed. How many diapers do you think Rachel Zoe is going to change herself. I say zero! I feel so sorry for this baby growing up with this monotoned voiced person. I think she loves her shoes more than she can love a child.

sar on

Well I have a recommendation for her for travel and that’s the Sit n Stroll, it truly goes from a carseat to a stroller in one step. Best Travel necessity ever.

denise on

valerie, you’re so right! the ergo or the beco or the manduca are WAY BETTER baby carriers as they’re ergonomical and are much better for the carrier and the baby’s backs. but baby björn obviously has a better PR department. I also guess it’s not that great for a baby’s back if it’s all the time in the car seat instead of a bassinet. personally I prefer the bugaboo cameleon, too, but that depends on your demands and your personal style. people giving out at the bugaboo never had one, it’s such a great stroller we adore ours. we never got it because some celebrities used to have it but because of the design and its unique features.

mari on

Too much judging not enough supporting. We are all mothers just in different boats.

Tina on

I like how she’s been a mother for all of twelve seconds and we’re all supposed to take her for an authority.

La La Outlandish on

Thank you Mari, well said.

Aimee on

Annie I totally agree with you on Bugaboos. They are ugly and impracticle. Whoever buys one only does so for the “status” thinking that when people see them with it they will think they are rich because of the stupid high price of these hunk of junks. I always say one way of tricking consumers in to buying products is to put a huge price tag on it and all the superficial dumb dumbs will want one.

ecl on

All this is just her promoting products. Why would you recommend a specific hat set? Or a $288 dollar diaper bag? Read the whole blog so you can see how she recommends an ipad app for a newborn. Really?! This is just an ad.

mayasmom on

She knows a ton about fashion, but nothing about carriers. There is nothing good about a Baby Bjorn, unless you like dangling your kid by their crotch. If she spent a tenth of the time researching carriers that she does fashion, she would have went with something a little more comfortable and supportive for mom and baby. Someone should mail that woman and organic Ergo, and infant Kinderpack, an Oh Snap, a Beco, an Angelpack. Any of these would be much better options.

Chelsea on

I have to agree with the other ladies. The Bjorn is not a good option for babywearing. A sling (a SAFE sling) – Sakura Bloom, Sweet Pea, Sleeping Baby Productions, a SSC (soft structured carrier) – Beco, Ergo, Angelpack, Dream Carrier, Kanga, Kinderpack/Kindercarry, Olives & Applesauce, Action Baby Carrier, Angelpack, Boba, Babyhawk Oh Snap (for larger babies), a MT (Mei Tai) – Babyhawk, Wrapstar, or a wrap – Didymos, Girasol, Neobulle, Natibaby, BBSlen, Dolchino or a stretchy wrap – Gypsy Mama Bali Stretc or Sleepy wrap are all much better options! I don’t sell any of these – I am just very passionate about babywearing!

Alyssa on

I laugh at her on this. First off the Bjorn a crap. Go ahead and wear it of you like to kill your back. Also recommending a $750 stroller to all of us peons is ridiculous. She doesn’t think of anyone else but herself.

Alyssa on

Bjorn??? Are you kidding me?! With all the other options out there she’s recommending the Bjorn? Sounds like she’s gotten a cut for advertising on that one, no way is the Bjorn even worth mentioning, that thing is awful and kills your back.

Feminist mom on

Purchasing a stroller is a highly personal endeavor. We all have different needs depending on one’s location, number of children etc. I live in Chicago and do not own a car so with my first baby I needed to purchase a durable stroller that could withstand tough winter conditions and urban city living. After much research, I bought the bugaboo cameleon from craigslist used for less than half of what a new stroller would have cost (including- footmuff, cupholder, wheelboard etc). At the time, there were relatively few bugaboo knock-offs on the market.

Five years later, I am still using this same stroller with my third child. It still works as well as the day I purchased it. In fact, I plan to sell the stroller on craigslist after I am finished using it with my last child (and will most likely recoup much of my original cost). Although Bugaboo, Orbit, and other high-end strollers have become status symbols in some circles, purchasing a used bugaboo cameleon was truly a great investment and one of the best baby products that I own.

Kate on

I’m sure someone interviewed her on this so that’s why she came up with these answers (I swear they ask this to every celebrity-and yes, having a show does make her one, like her or not)…I agree I don’t care for the Bjorn but there are plenty of people that have them! I agree with the (few) others that say she seems so happy! Congrats to her and so long as she is paying taxes on those gifts then an added Thanks for helping the economy 🙂

Valerie on

Heather and Denise- thanks for confirming that Ergo and Beco are good carriers. As a first time mom, it can be hard to know and it’s nice to hear from others who have tried these!

MiB on

Bugaboos are great if they suit your needs, and after seeing a bugaboo frog being used for 6 children over the past 10 years, I wouldn’t say that they are made of cheap materials. I don’t own a car and live in a place with rough weather, rough streets (including cobble stones) and public transportation that will let you bring strollers on board, so a used bugaboo would be my first choice if I were ever to be blessed with a child. Someone who lives in a place with even streets, less extreme weather and and who travels by car or public transportation where you have to fold the stroller would probably hate having to fold and unfold a bugaboo and would probably not need the sturdy materials they are made of. It’s all a matter of what your needs are.