Sarah Polley Expecting First Child

09/07/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Sonia Recchia/WireImage

Sarah Polley has tied the knot — and a baby’s on the way.

The actress, director and screenwriter, 32, is “really excited, super excited” to be 3½ months pregnant with her first child with new husband David Sandomierski, she tells

The pair wed two weeks ago in a small ceremony attended by immediate family members, Polley shares.

After turns on-screen in movies such as The Sweet Hereafter and Go, Polley headed behind the camera and was nominated for an Oscar for the screenplay of her directorial debut, Away From Her.

Her latest film, Take This Waltz, starring Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen, premieres Saturday at the Toronto International Film Festival.

— Sarah Michaud

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Julianna on

Awww, I still remember her from “Avonlea” on the Disney Channel. Congrats to her!

Brooke on

Absolutely love her….Congrats!

showbizmom on

She’s going to do big things! This lady is triple threat writer, director, and actor now a wife and a mom. Congrats to her! If you all haven’t seen Away from Her, go for her first feature film it’s truly an amazing film.

Y on

I remember her from Avonlea too, I loved that show!

Lau on

Good for her! I need to see her directing work. I loved her on The sweet hereafter.

vanina on

awwwww LOOOOVE HER!!!! Congratulations Sarah!!!

Melissa on

I love her SO MUCH and I could not be more excited about this news!

Sarah S. on

Got slightly confused because I thought she was divorced by David already, but realized this is husband no. 2 (also named David). Congrats to her new marriage and baby on the way!! 🙂

jude on

How wonderful for Sarah! Loved her even BEFORE AVONLEA, when she was little and starred in the Beverly Cleary classic, Ramona!!!! Congrats!

liam on

How funny! Sarah Polley is a far-left Communist! She hates kids and loves abortion! So it’s funny to see the media giving her glory! Not only does SP hate family values and middle America. She hates every bit of the USA that is clean and good! This is another lame excuse for news! If it’s not news from CNN aka Communist News Network. It’s this Cr@p! People should feel sorry for her Sarah’s children. Because she’s a like far-left version of the Westburo Baptist Church, but the other extreme! I wonder if she’ll go down to Cuba like Sean Penn, and talk about how bad the nation she makes big $$$ is! Yet she doesn’t leave, and find greener pastures in Cuba, or Red China…

Diane on

Nobody likes abortions. I am pro life I am not against life. A good friend of mine recently terminated a much wanted baby after many tests determined that her baby had a very bad case of spinal bifida. The doctors said the tests said that the child would be mentally and physically disabled. When she gave birth, the baby died. It was a hard decision and one I was glad I never had to make. Give the Sarah Polley a chance.

Keely on

@liam… you are scary! take a chill pill ASAP. please… for all of us!

Stella Bella on

Sad to hear she and her first husband divorced. I hadn’t realized.

Victoria on

Awww! I loved her on Avonlea when it was on the Disney Channel. I used to watch it every Sunday. Congrats to her!

Jessica on

Congrats Sarah best of luck to you and your husband

CLH on

Not only was she great on Avonlea but I first remember seeing her on Ramona based off the Romana book series on PBS. Crazy to see her all grown up!

Cassandra on


Who are you ranting at? If you’re looking to start a political debate, then perhaps you may want to head over to a political website. This is Celebrity Babies. And for your information, Sarah Polley is Canadian. Canadians, like myself, don’t tend to use the term communist to describe people who are liberal minded. Canada, as a whole, is much more liberal than the USA. That doesn’t make us communists.

Please go find some group on Fox News site with people who give a darn about your right-wing fanaticism!

Amena on


I feel quite confident in saying Sarah would never have the opinions you are saying she does. Yes certainly she is a socialist – Believes in women’s rights equality, the rights of the Child. I’m quite sure she’s very pro what is good and clean in the USA and in fact all of North America and the World.

I’m thinking your off on the abortion issue – who possibly could love abortion? – Recognize that in some cases it’s necessary but…really??

However – nothing I could possibly say would help you think realistically – maybe you might spend a little time with a therapist?

Congratulations to Sarah and her family – exciting – I am very much looking forward to seeing more great works in the future.

Mary Beth on

Loved her in “The Weight of Water”

Karen on

LOVED her in “Avonlea”. Many blessings!

Julie Canada on

CONGRATS Sarah! I love her, she is smart and so talented, yet stays out of the spotlight. All the best to her and her husband.

Belle on

@liam~ She severed her relationship with Disney because she refused to take off a peace sign during an event that took place during Desert Storm. She’s not some kind of commie. Get a life (and a better therapist).

Sarah’s a tremendous talent who survived child fame with grace and beauty. She is lucky to be able to pass those genes on to a new generation. I’m thrilled for her and her new husband.

Congrats to The Story Girl. 🙂

sara on

liam obviously forgot to take his meds today.

kitty on

who the hell is that

Maggie on

She’s such an admirable and accomplished young person and expecting your first child is such a magical time! Very excited for her.

(Sad that she has nutkapoos obviously stalking the internet for stories about her in order to spew crazy stuff. Actually, I’m sad for the nutkapoos; what a way to go through life)

Melarie on


marina on

I laugh everytime I read a comment about communist in blogs like this. So what she a comunist? It’s not like that it’s the end of the world or anything.

Nicole on

I’m trying to picture Aunt Hetty’s reaction to Sara’s news.

Ava on

She went to elementary school with my husband. First day in theatre class she said, “I’m Sarah Polley, don’t you know who I am?” Well, apparently that made an impression.

Callen on

Many of you may not aree with Liams opinions or thoughts on Polly. But to tell him/her that they need meds, is clearly overboard. He/she can have an opinion! Disagree with it? Fine. But don’t tell him/her, they need medicine. What are you a doctor?

M on

@stella bella

I was sad to hear it too. I only found out on Monday, her first husband is my best friends uncle.

I’m happy for her, the few times I met her she was really really nice.

Melanie on

While I don’t think liam should’ve gone off on Sarah I also think it’s EQUALLY outrageous for Cassandra to end what started off as a balanced reply to go off at the end with her obvious sway. Hey Cassandra, you’re right…this is Celebrity Babies and not everyone who watches FoxNews (in fact most of us) aren’t as fanatical as liam. And by the way, both sides, right AND left, have their fanatics so whatev…

Lila on

Sarah Polley is not a good person. This is her second marriage and she’s famous for sleeping with married men. She vocally supports Hamas because she believes they build wonderful schools. And she pretends to be left wing but is as self-centered and self-congratulatory as Paris Hilton. And her new movie is actually terrible. Trust me.

Dee on

Road to Avonlea….memories….COngrats to her and her hubby 🙂

Ella on

@liam – i don´t know anything about Sarah Polley, but if you look to the far left governments in Europe you´ll see that they are far better off than America is. Norway, Sweden and Denmark are among the richest countries in the world, their people are very happy and they have high educations. so please, stop trash talking left wing politics when you clearly have no clue what the hell you´re talking about. The conservatives ruined the US – maybe you´ll be better off with an social democratic (not communits!!!) government….

Mark on

@Liam: STFU. Your comments mirror your outright naivety and a brain of a snorting animal. Get a life and seek help.

Congratulations Sarah and David. You deserve all goodness.

Babs on

100% agree with Liam. This woman is absolutely vile, and a very poor actress to boot. I feel sorry for her child.

Rebecca on

@cassandra…totally agree with you, but then only Canadians can truly understand what you mean! ;O)

@liam, well, your right about one thing…she likely does hate everything about the USA, and is likely very happy to not be living in a country with u!. If there was not so much ignorance, then maybe she, and the rest of us would like u!

I went to high school with Sarah Polley and David Sandomierski and were in several classes with both. VERY surprised at this union as they were VERY opposite of one another, but then they say opposites attract! Sarah would get picked up in her limo to go tape Road To Avonlea which made the rest of us jealous, but then we got to know how snobby she was, and we weren’t jealous anymore!

In saying that, I wish her and Dave a happy life together with their little one!

Maya on

@liam – do you even know what a communist is? you’re too funny – you actually made me chuckle…

Linda on

She is absolutely gorgeous!

Softwear on

What was that movie she was in with Adrian Brody? I LOVED that movie!!

Emily on

Always loved her from Avonlea. So happy to see her enjoying success and love and happiness- YAY!

farah on

did she even give birth.

Tanya on

Her baby was due to born already 4 months ago! This silence strains me… I’m hope all is good with Sarah and her baby

Tanya on

She had a baby girl at the end of February 2012!

Heidi on

Has Sarah ever said the name she gave to her daughter?

I think Sarah is brilliant and I always admire someone who knows what they believe, and why, and who lives their life in accordance with those beliefs. I don’t agree with everything she thinks but I admire her for the courage of her convictions.

I also think her performance in “My Life without Me” is one of the best I’ve ever watched.