Spotted: Mariska Hargitay and August – Disney Duo

09/07/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

More Mickey!

We spotted them at Disneyland earlier this summer, but Mariska Hargitay and August, 5, are making a return visit — this time to the Paris outpost!

The twosome was snapped on Saturday in front of Cinderella’s castle.

In addition to August, the Law & Order: SVU actress, 47, and husband Peter Hermann are also parents to 5-month-old daughter Amaya Josephine.

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ToRo on

Cute duo 🙂

Y on

I don’t know why, but this picture looks photoshopped LOL

Susannah on

Her shirt is so pretty.

Sarah on

Her son looks a lot like her mom, Jayne Mansfield.

Martha on

I will never understand why people carry older children.

kendal on

@Martha, do you have kids? If you did, you wouldn’t be making that kind of statement. I will carry my kids until either I can’t or they don’t want me to and I promise you, the day will come when they won’t want it, so I will cherish it as long as possible.

evie-lyn on

5 is hardly old.. little kids get tired legs and there is nothing wrong with carrying them! I carry my nearly 5yo when he gets tired or I pick him up just for a cuddle.

BTW he is a gorgeous boy. Amazing eyes.

Andrea on

Kendal, I couldn’t agree more! Well said. BTW, what a handsome young man. Great picture!!

Nell on

I love, love, LOVE her!!!! She’s one of my favorite celebrity parents! She is so graceful and always looks very content with her children. Yay!

CCT0303 on

Martha was probably a neglected child, so she might never understand why parents like to pick their children up.

He is indeed a gorgeous child, I would love to see recent pics of his little sister though:)

miche on

Not to mention that they are POSING for a photo in front of the castle. I pick up my kids for photos all the time so that our faces are in the shot together…don’t want a picture of my crotch and their face next to each other!! Come on Martha!!

miche on

You know, I will NEVER understand people who complain about parents who HOLD and CARRY their children in a world where children are beaten, abuse, starved, tied up, hurt, raped, and murdered by their own parents and caregivers. Honestly…that’s what you want to complain about…hugging, holding and protecting?

Rory on

I second that notion Miche.

Mel on

This little boy has been gorgeous from the day he was born.

I love Mariska!

CCT0303 on


Emma’s Mommy on

It’s not photoshopped, it’s called using a FLASH

Elle on

Mariska is so strong! LOL August is looking handsome as always.

Helena on

5 year olds arent old! I carry my 5 year old nephew sometimes. He walks too slow up and down stairs so I pick him up! Or sometimes i put him on my shoulders. Kids love that stuff! As long as theyre not too heavy theres nothing wrong with carrying them!

August is getting so big! It seems like just last week he was an infant! He used to look exactly like Mariska when he was smaller, now he looks more like Peter…its funny how kids change.

AmandaK on

beautiful mother and son pic

Erika on

I don’t have a problem with people carrying older children. If it hurts the parents back, then they can put the child down- it’s not my place to tell them what to do with their child since it isn’t affecting me.

I do have a problem when people put their children on their shoulders during fireworks shows and such at Disney and other places though. But it looks like she is just doing it for a picture. I am a very short (5’1″) person, and was traveling with my family, including my cousin who is about 8- small enough to be too short to see things well, but too old to be on her father’s shoulders. Anyway, there were about 5 people in front of us- men who were about 6’+ tall with kids on their shoulders, and my poor little cousin couldn’t see at all, because they were blocking her. I couldn’t see well either, but I wasn’t as crushed as her. Hold the kids up, or let them stand on something, but please don’t block the view of other people who are trying to see. (Kind of off topic, but it is just something that really bothered me).

Janna on

I will never understand why people carry older children. – Martha on September 7th, 2011

Because they want to. There. I’m glad we could help answer that age-old question. Can you fools STOP asking it now?

Nella on

I agree with Miche, nicely said! August is turning into such a handsome little boy, and he looks much taller than the last picture I’ve seen of him. I love Mariska, she seems like such a well rounded person and a good mom.

Jillian on

Miche, best post!

Martha must not have children or Martha must have been neglected…….

Hmmmm….or maybe she has an opinion that differs from yours? Why people insult someone or throw something back at them when they disagree, blows my mind!

Mia on

I had my dad carry me for as long as possible-until I was about 8…LOL.

susan schweitzer on

He is most beautiful boy. What gorgeous eyes! Of course, how could you with beautiful parents like Mariska and Peter.