Kendra Wilkinson: Motherhood’s Magic Is Lots of Laughs

09/07/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Denis Castro/Beverly News

For Kendra Wilkinson, the best medicine for tackling son Hank‘s tantrums is laughter — and lots of it!

“Don’t take everything so seriously. If he cries for two hours, I’m going to laugh at him for two hours because he’s turning 2,” the reality star, 26, tells Baby Zone.

“So he’ll go for about two hours screaming and crying non-stop and all he wants is me to pick him up.”

In the end, however, it’s mostly all fun and games for the tight-knit trio, which includes husband Hank Baskett.

“We have a lot of personality in our family and we love each other so much. We can talk smack to each other and laugh about it and have fun with it,” Wilkinson shares, adding the couple’s 21-month-old is “getting that too.”

Noting that her son is already making his mama proud with his softer side, the Being Kendra: Cribs, Cocktails, and Getting My Sexy Back author admits Hank’s pleasant personality isn’t that far off from that of his parents.

“Baby Hank is the most thoughtful little boy. He cares so much about others, more than he cares about himself,” she says. “And whenever I see him share with someone or give someone a hug or be thoughtful, that’s the best thing to see … He naturally is a warm person.”

Her laid back attitude toward parenting isn’t anything new, according to Wilkinson, who was able to make light of a common mommy moment shortly after welcoming her baby boy.

“My first party after giving birth to Hank, I went to Eve nightclub in Vegas and my boobs started leaking,” she laughs. “I couldn’t do anything so I breastfed myself. And it tasted sweet, too!”

— Anya Leon

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Cynthia on

I was enjoying this article until it got to the breastfeeding herself part. Even as a mother myself, I had to gag… TMI, Kendra, TMI! smh.

blessedwithboys on

OMG, I love Kendra so much! haha What big-boobie mama hasn’t done that? So funny! 🙂

Angela on

I dunno. I nursed three babies and never breastfed myself (not that mine were big enough to reach, but still). If I had leaky boobs with no baby around, I would manually squeeze the milk into one of those little milk storage bottles if I was close to going home or into the toilet if I wasn’t. I also have a two-year-old son so I know the whole tantrum thing well, but I hope she’s exaggerating about him crying/screaming for two hours because that’s a long time.

Lady on

Lol, I can’t wait till her show comes back in a few weeks…their a great family!

Susannah on

She sounds a bit wacky. Is he really crying for that long and then she will laugh back at him? He isn’t even 2 years old and she says he cares more about others than himself. This interview was really crazy. But then isn’t Kendra known for being crazy?

Julianna on

He is SO adorable. Kendra has come a long way. I never would have thought she’d be such a good mom. She’s doing a great job.

Shelley on

I don’t know her personally, obviously, and she seems sweet, but really goofy, so I take anything I hear about her saying or doing with a grain of salt.

Susannah Too on

She talks smack to her little child? That’s wrong. So wrong. Sounds very sad.

Susannah Too on

She talks smack to her little child? That’s wrong. So sad.

kjc on

Little Hank is adorable! I agree with a previous post, I never thought she would become such a great mom. Way to go Kendra!

Maggie on

He is such a cute kid! What huge cheeks!

ronnett on

It is nothing wrong with talking smack you people takes everything to serious chill out she has the right to say what ever she wants that does not make her a bad mum I loves her she is a free sprite I am glad to see her happy you go girl

Shannon on

Weirdo alert!

ForeverMoore on

Ummm the BF’ing quote kinda freaks me out…I’m just gonna tell myself that she was kidding (right?!) lol

anya on

Ha! I’ve done that – but even better is having my husband do it for me

ecl on

Ronnett – Really? She can say whatever she wants and she still won’t be a bad mom. I agree that there are a range of options, but some things are unacceptable and do make you a bad mom. I’m pretty laid back, too, but I still wouldn’t say that anything goes.

Sarah S. on

I was a “big boobie mama”, but I never breastfed myself. I was just always available to breastfeed my babies, but then again…I am not a celeb. Maybe she should invest in a breastpump next time around (if she has another one). BTW–Hank Jr.’s curls are adorable!

Jessica on

SO disgusted by the fact that Anya felt she should share that information. It’s these tasteless comments that are seriously bringing down the quality of this blog.

NickyAngel on

I love Kendra, Hank and baby Hank…when they have another baby – i’m hoping it’s going to be a girl 🙂

Crystal on

She had a baby yet she constantly goes on and on about it as if she’s the only one who ever had a child. She’s such a ho and a pig given her past and present and going on about her surgically enhanced cans in the article. She shouldn’t have been out partying right after having a child. It just shows how unfit a mother she is and how irresponsible and selfish she is. She talks smack around her baby and laughs at him??? How responsible.

khs on

How appropriate she was at “Eve”

Tommy Tune on

Can anyone really tell me why this women is still relevant? She does nothing and is just a ex playboy model.. But yet, she is always on She is like the new Paris Hilton. I think she is just a big publicity whore.. Very sad.

Flipper on

i seriously hope shes not letting him cry for TWO HOURS thats disgusting!!!

Hayley on

Um, “big boobie” Mom here, and I never breastfed myself! TMI Kendra. I like you, but TMI.

Mira on

This woman isn’t good for anything. I find nothing redeeming about her. What a lousy mother.

Jesse on

Hey Crystal she went back to work is what she did. That is what most moms do after having a child. Maybe you should grow up and not be so judgemental… She’s obviously a great mom and she’s relevent because there are some people that are interested in her. Once that stops she will still be the same happy go lucky person and wife and mother she is now. I don’t get how people say they don’t care about people or aren’t interested, yet they take the time to read the article and comment. You won’t see me commenting on Anjelina Jolie articles because I’m 100% not interested in her so guess what, I DON’T read about her…

jgirl on

That is disgusting. I have nursed two children and never myself. I agree, invest in a pump, and if you still must feed yourself, keep that information private for the sake of others.


Molly on

to Jesse,

Kendra went back to work after having the baby? Since when is being paid to attend parties and a reality show “work?” I like Kendra, but your comment is insulting to working moms who actually work.

Renee on

Some people are so judgemental and such drama queens. If you don’t like something just ignore it, trust me its not hard. Kendra’s little boy is just so cute.

amber on

kendra is just kendra…..nothing to get riled up about….she’s ok…

just goofy and fun…

Darian on

What a complete ding dong she is.

Nae on

If you don’t like her then why read the article? No one forced you. I seriously doubt that she lets him cry for two hours straight. Even experts say that “ignoring” the fact that they are having a tantrum and not acknowledging it is best because they will realize that it is not what they need to do when they want attention. If she is laughing and having fun then he probably will pay more attention to that opposed to throwing a fit. People are so judgemental on here.

jenna on

“haha What big-boobie mama hasn’t done that?”

umm….. me!?! thats gross!!

Someone on

She has the right idea! Pick your battles parents! If it is not going to hurt anyone….don’t say NO to everything! Be a little laid back!

Msippiqueen on

The self feeding (sucking) comment was made to titillate men. They will really enjoy that visualization.

Either Kendra is deliberately sending out crass comments to generate interest in her sexy “brand” or she remains groomed in projecting herself that way. I think it’s a mix.

I find Kendra to be delightful and am thankful she was walked away from the sex industry by choosing a great mate and much more quality lifestyle. She chose the stable life of marriage to a quality guy and motherhood, values it and is a survivor.

Still, it’s hard blending her new life with remnants of a vixen.

Janie on

Um, ok. I’m going to ignore the other comments she made but I have to say it’s not right to let a baby/toddler cry for 2 hours. It just isn’t. They don’t learn to manipulate you, they learn that you don’t meet their needs and they look for other ways to self-soothe. It’s actually quite sad. Kendra, pick up your boy when he cries!

motherof1 on

You people are really judgmental…no one has the right to critisize someone who is raising a child and look at him he looks like an adorable happy baby! get over yourselves….you think you can judge her, but im sure not all of you are perfeect parents….cuz there is no such thing! back off! She is doing a great job and baby Hank looks very happy and healthy to me!

JenLaw on

I’m sure Kendra did not let the child cry for two hours, she was just being a smart @ss. I too and pleased to see her away from the Playboy industry and doing the wife and mother deal instead. Keep it up, no pun intended!

Stacey on

Er that last part was a bit uncomfortable to read, but she’s funny. Sometimes when kids start whining or crying about something, if they are old enough, they can see how sill they are being by role playing. I mean come on, at almost 2, they know how to get what they want. Heck, at 3 months they know what they want! She’s got her own personality, and her own way to handle it. Just because it is not the way you do it, doesn’t make it wrong.

purplepooch on

I either misunderstood this article or there’s something wrong with that family dynamic. A toddler screaming for two hours is not great, but it can happen. A mother laughing at her distraught toddler for that stretch of time is pretty terrible, especially if all he wants is to be picked up. Hopefully something was lost in translation there. Parents think that because kids acquire a similar behaviour/communication style, they like it or are naturally inclined to act that way. In truth, kids adapt mostly because they have to, picking up on both positive and negative behaviour their parents model. At that young age, they usually don’t know they have a choice, and parents misinterpret it as their kid being like them.

allycatadventures on

Kendra’s trashy as ever.

Jillian on

I read the two hour thing as a two hour tantrum/fit. I don’t think she’s neglecting him but there is only so much you can do. When my daughter was that age and only wanted to be held, like him and would cry, I wouldn’t give in either. I hope she’s kiddin about the bf thing, but I doubt it.

Kelli on

Why on earth would you let your child cry for two hours? That is INSANE. On top of that, you would laugh at him? I am horrified by that.

Liz Armstrong on

I watched Kendra last night and how she was advised to clean up her image. Showed KWB photo of her going into 5 star restaurant wearing basketball shorts!

I want to add that it’s time for Kendra to grow up and start acting like an author, a mother of a 2 year old and the wife of an attractive athlete.What if Kendra had to take over caring for her family bacause Hank didn’t get re-signed? Kendra, you need to take some pride in your appearance. BBall shorts are OK for around the house but not for a business meeting!!! Or a nice restaurant!! Your closet looks like a teenager’s!~!C’mon!

You’re an attractive woman and you should want your man to be proud of you at all times. There is always ALWAYS going to be a lady out there somewhere who will take pains with herself. There was a very true song (I think Burt Bachrach) wrote it back in the 60’s that I think was called something like “Wives Should Always Be Lovers Too” and I think you should find it and take a serious listen!