BumpWatch: Beyoncé Bares Her Baby Belly

09/07/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

After celebrating her 30th birthday in Italy, Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z jet to Hvar, Croatia on Tuesday, where the mom-to-be put her budding baby bump on display in a white hot bikini.

The singer announced her pregnancy last month at the MTV Video Music Awards, where she teased, “I have a surprise” before showing off her belly.

“They told friends in the last month,” a source tells PEOPLE.

“She’s never been happier. Seriously it’s all she’s been waiting for. And Jay is like an excited kid. They’re adorable.”

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Robyn on

She doesn’t look as far along as she did at the VMAs. I guess she’s about 4-5 months probably due sometime in February.

Jordan on

ugly bikini… don’t care what size you are, it’s ugly.

Shanice on

She’s cute pregnant. She’s always been beautiful to me, no homo. And her stomach is still holding on to those abs for dear life. LOL I love it. Congrats to Beyonce and Shawn

Simone on

Congrats Bey and Jay..love it

showbizmom on

I’m happy for them. I don’t want to offend anyone, and I’m all for having a family any way you choose, but for our (black) community it seems to kinda have a negative effect for some. It’s wonderful to see B and Jay Z do it in a way that’s respectful and classy. They dated, married,and now are having a baby. Basically they got to know each other and grow as a couple.

We need more role models like this in the community, well I guess all communities. I see too many girls in the community center I volunteer in having multiple babies by multiple men that aren’t in their lives, I think we’ll talk about this subject this week….

Capri on

She looks gorgeous, i’m sooo happy for her & Jay. Lol Shanice, those abs are holding on as long as possible.

I predict February…can’t wait to hear what they name the baby!

Lis on

I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for this, but she looks ridiculous…the hair, the suit………..

But I’m sure she doesn’t give a hoot what I think 😉

And showbizmom…I totally agree.

SadieA on

showbizmom, you’re not alone, I’ve heard a lot of people say the same thing

Elle on

Showbizmom, I agree as well. I’m tired of the “baby mamas” (I hate that term). I agree about her abs, lol. But of course she’ll be back, probably with tighter abs than before

Dee on

Here here showbizmom…..we do need good role models in our community but marriage isn’t always necessary or the key to such happiness. But I hear ya 🙂

Luci on

@showbizmom I agree with you as well. I had two children BEFORE I got married, so I am not trying to criticize anyone.

With that being said, we do need to do better as a community. I don’t know whether I would call Beyonce a role model per se – I do however, admire and respect the fact that she and Jay Z dated, got married, and THEN got pregnant. In fact, I just had a conversation about this with my 13 year old daughter a few days ago. I told her “that is how you do it”…. of course for my daughter I am pumping education, career, dating, marriage, then children (we’ll see what happens 😉 though.

Again, I have been a single mom, so I’m not trying to throw anyone under the bus or talk down to anyone….

Lady on

She gets talked about for wearing lace fronts & now that shes actually wearing her hair pretty natural she gets talked about just the same…lol never fails.

I think she looks beautiful with no makeup on & most importantly very happy & relaxed. She’s usually so private i’m surprised for one to see her in a bathing suit & wearing flats.

Completely agree @ showbizmom they did it the right way & she’s such a great role model…never in the magazines for anything negative, EVER…admire the way they live their life!

Angela on

You are so right, showbizmom. I’m also black and my husband and I dated for two years, got married, then had three babies. Unfortunately this scenario is uncommon in the black community.

Erica on

Lady, on what planet is a wig “natural”? LOL! Fake hair is fake hair.

That said, I wish her a healthy pregnancy.

Simone on

Agree with you Lady

Anonymous on

She looks small but this is her first baby and she was in such good shape, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she is 20 weeks+. I know with my first I barely had a bump at all at 20 weeks and I was in shape but probably not quite as in shape as Beyonce…and I’m short.

I’m happy for her and JayZ, I agree they are setting a good example. I too cringe at the whole ‘baby mama’ thing that has been so popular the last decade

Shelley on

I think she looks in great shape, but I (sort of) agree with Jordan–I don’t think that suit is attractive at all. Oh well, she didn’t ask me before she wore it, so I’m sure she couldn’t care less what I think of it! 😉

mrscabrera on

I think role models should be people in the community not famous people.

If parents want their kids to not have kids out of wedlock they need to do the same thing. I grew up with a mother who had kids out of wedlock by different men. I learned from that and I married my husband after 4 years of dating. We currently have no children. (I am black).

I think the new generation need to learn enough self esteem to wait to have children when they are married or in a committed relationship. (or if they make enough to do it alone)

We can’t look to superstars because even if they have children without being married, they have money to care for that child. The average parent who isn’t married doesn’t have the money/time/resources to raise a child by themselves. Children are expensive so two incomes and or parents are ideal.

carrington on

I can’t for the life of me understand the amount of negetivity this woman’s pregnancy has generated(there has been well wishes as well). Not so much on this site, but all around the web. If I see one more comment about how someone hopes the baby doesn’t look like Jay, or is her stomach real or fake or she announced it for publicity,or why is it such a big deal, i’m going to scream. This is their first baby and they will never experience another time like this. Despite how you may feel, can’t we just say congrats and God bless and leave it at that? Anything more is in such bad taste. Like I said, I know it’s not this site so much, but I truly hope she doesn’t hear that stuff. When I was pregnant, I would have died to hear such comments.

mindy on

You can definitely tell she’s had lipo from the way her belly looks, I mean you could tell before, but you can really tell now. Regardless, good will and love to them, hope they have a great pregnancy.

J on

LOL!! Oh Lord.

Kresta on

Good grief. What the hell is she wearing? LMAO, She looks ridiculous.

Anonymous on


Arewa on

I completely agree with you mrscabrera! Instead of pointing at rich, famous celebrities we have NO clue about as they lead their “everyday” lives, maybe we should look to positive role models in our own communities.

Also, please, everyone commenting, stop putting in your race to qualify what you are saying. We get it, you have an opinion, being black doesn’t necessarily make your point more valid or less offensive.

showbizmom on

I agree with you mrscabrera!! But sadly the girls I volunteer with only look toward celebrities. Trust me I’ve tried to point them in other directions but Niki Maja or whatever her name is, always wins out.

It’s funny because just a month or so back the girls called me a sell out, that I wasn’t ‘real’ enough or black enough and I could never understand because I didn’t grow up like them. As much as I try to show them other role models they won’t budge. Not until it starts at home. These kids need to know that black, white, red, or green an education is key along with self respect. Sadly to them I’ll always be the sell out black chick because they really believe in order to hold a ‘black card’ you must live this rough ‘ghetto fabulous’ lifestyle. So if it takes a celebrity that I may or may not like, that has some amount of self respect and class, I’ll gladly take it for my girls at the community center.

Debs on

The bikini is definitely not “white hot”, its hideous!!!!

Margaux on

I think this is a case of J.Lo and Marc Anthony. There poor children are badly criticized on this blog for inheriting their father’s looks. It seems like the same thing is going to happen for Beyonce’s lil’ one. So sad.

showbizmom on

@Arewa the only reason I and other put black into is because it’s the community we know. I know race is a touchy subject for some that’s why I said I hope I don’t offend. In the end if you read what I wrote I said, I guess it’s true for all communities. Which it is, and I get that.

And my race does make some points more valid, seeing how I am a black woman talking about something that is a huge topic in the Black community center I volunteer at. As I would never assume that my Korean sister in law knows what it’s like for me as a black woman as she wouldn’t assume I know what it means to be an Korean woman. Her points on growing up Korean are a Hell of a lot more valid then mine on that subject. Why? because she’s lived it.

Karen on

Robyn, from what I heard she was wearing a fake bump during her performance at the VMA’s to really highlight the fact that she was pregnant. It’s just a rumor but it would explain why she doesn’t look as far along.

Toya L. on

I agree and I am black. The thing I like about Jay and Bey is that they give back to communities and every bit counts. Mrs. S. from up the street may volunteer 15 days a month to give back to her community or Mr. X may be able to donate clothes 30 times a year to give back to his community and Beyonce, Jay-z or Reese may be able to donate $500,000.00 a year to give back. Famous or not, I think role models can be law abiding citizens who give back by any means, period.

@Arewa- The same way we have no clue as to how famous celebrities live their everyday lives, please believe that we have NOOOOO clue to how non celebs that give back to their communities live their everyday lives either.

Marky on

Carrington, some of the posters are so harsh on these sites! Beyonce is not alone in any negativity; do you remember how many times people claimed it was all a fake tummy when Nicole Kidman was pregnant. It was her only pregnancy and people were horrid to her. Posters claimed for weeks that she had a surrogate and hid a fake belly. It was so rude and hurtful.

Beyonce didn’t need to use a fake bump–look at her belly in the picture! It is at least as big as at her appearance. So crazy! she has tight abs, anyone with a brain knows that, and how much you show depends on how you carry the baby, and how tight your abs are. Gotta say, though, that’s one of the ugliest bikinis I’ve ever seen. She looks great, however.

torgster on

Marc and Jennifers twins are criticized for interiting his looks? Huh? I say lucky little devils cuz Marc is hot as hell in my opinion. I LOVE his looks!

Mia on

Wearing certain clothing would influence the shape-dress vs. bikini…etc–but if she’s 5 months along-she would be due in late December (New Year’s Baby) + another huge congrats to them!

And in general-whether it’s within the Black community or not-it is nice to see a couple be together as long as they have….get married + now have a baby-traditions are nice.

mrscabrera on

@showbizmom, I agree. I talk about what I know and if this is issue is going on in other communities, it’s not nearly as highlighted, criticized, brought to the forefront, as in the black community.

Catca on

Why are people so worried the baby will inherit Jay Z’s looks? What’s wrong with the way he looks? I think he’s handsome – maybe not in the same class of unbelievable beauty that his wife possesses, but he’s still a decent looking guy! It’s also pretty shallow. Having involved and loving parents who raise you be a fully functioning adult is a lot more important than great looks. Once you get past high school, looks have only a small part to play on your success in life.

Charity on

I am disgusted that women now wear bikinis in public while pregnant. Gross! I do not want to see your belly hanging out.

Beyonce is normally so beautiful but that bikini is hideous on her. I don’t think it would be flattering on anyone, though.

neža on

@Catca: sadly people are shallow and mean also past high school age (even the comment below yours is a proof of that)

Nice couple, I hope they enjoyed their vacation and short trip to our region. 🙂

Indira on

lol if you think that’s beyonces real hair.

Jaclyn on

Carrington, I completely agree!

Barbie on

#1 – I don’t think that’s Beyonce’s real hair.
#2 – I don’t think he’s handsome, at all. She could have done better.
#3 – I do agree that’s a ridiculous bikini for an adult.
#4 – I wish her the best for a healthy pregnancy.
#5 – I hope the baby is foremost healthy & looks like her.
#6 – Why does this generation have to bare it all? They don’t keep anything private.

JMO on

I don’t get it either. Jay Z is not that bad looking. Her nephew Jules is gorgeous and I think Beyonce is wa prettier then Solange imo. Of course I have no idea what Jules daddy looks like. But I think this baby will be just fine.

Roslyn on

Okay, the real dealis this!!!!, people need to stop worrying about how Beyonce and Jay-Z baby will look..first off, yes she is a very pretty girl and yes some may even think how the two of them hook-up, but true love holds no boundaries and judging people for their looks is plain out wrong! I wish Beyonce and Jay-Z the best, I pray that she have a healthy baby, and I wish people would stop beng so ignorant when it comes to Beyonce and her husband, because at the end of the day…she not hurting for nothing and guess what! neither is he…so on that note..keep your negetative comments about people looks to yourself..Beyonce and Jay been holding it down for over 4 years now and still going strong…CONGRATS BEYONCE AND JAY-Z..AND OH! I THINK SHE LOOKS GOOD PREGNANT…SO DONT HATE ON HER!!!!!!!

Romy on

she looks good and in shape, but it looks like little bo peep in a bikini and wig

Lady on

Some of you people are disgusting!!!

1) She likes the bathing suit & doesn’t give a darn what any of you think, obviously!
2) Looks are not everything, she obviously loves him, so no, she couldn’t have “done better” he’s a very smart business man & has a fun personality.
3) Sadly, these ppl are on the TV daily & the people in our communities are not therefore they ARE who children look up too…like it or not. At least she’s a good role model.
3) Believe a rumor you read on a ridiculous site about a “fake” bump is insane, come on people.
4) How are you so SURE she’s had lipo…good grief

I don’t really understand how this has generated as much negativity as it has positive. She’s a beautiful woman who has had an amazing career & never been in the mags for negativity. I’m glad she probably doesn’t read any of this garbage you morons post

SS on

why would you compare their case with the one of jen and marc (about their kids’ looks)?? jay z isnt an ugly man! and beyonce looks like some african queen in this photo! cute!

tlc on

That suit is way ugly!! I think their baby will be loved and well cared for, which trumps who he/ she will look like.

What irritates me more is the grammar of this generation. FYI: There = the ball is over there..states a location. Their = possessive. It’s THEIR baby.

Strictly fourth grade knowledge people…learn it. 😛

Barbie on

Lady, it takes one moron to recognize another so look in the mirror.

If someone says he’s not good looking, it’s an opinion that they don’t find him good looking. He may be fun, cute, rich, and smart, but – to me – he’s not a goodlooking man. If someone’s opinion different than yours makes you think that person is a moron… go see a shrink. You seriously need help. And, she still could have done a heck of a lot better.

Mom Of Twins on

Wow, this world is so full of hate!!!

Reese on

Barbie, you are definitely entitled to your own opinion but how in the world do you know she could’ve done better? If it’s based on your opinion of his looks, your statement is completely irrelevant. While you may not be attracted to him, she is. Either way, that’s not what’s important. As long as he loves her, treats her well, supports and shows her respect as a spouse and as an individual, that’s all that matters.

On a celebrity-based website such as this one, it should be obvious that just because a person may be “conventionally” attractive doesn’t mean that he or she is a good person. The second factor trumps the first.

Arewa on

@showbizmom: I completely understand what you are saying about your race being valid in some arguments, but commenting from a “black viewpoint” does not exist. You comment from your own viewpoint, which is based on your own experiences as a black woman, living in a certain community, born in a certain year, etc,etc. Your points are not more valid because you are black, and you are right, your comments could have been true for any minority group.

I also work with youth of color (which I guess would be me validating my statement, as you stating your race validates your own) and understand why people are saying they did it the “right” way, and they are role models, or whatever. People going out of their way to point out that this particular couple did it the “right way” is offensive period. What about couples who can’t get married? Or don’t get married for personal or political reasons? The thought that there is a “right” way to raise a child (outside of loving it and teaching it to be accepting and appreciative of those who came before) is just…awful. BUUUUT, I don’t have children yet, so I guess that last point must not be as valid as my first point, because I am black.

Crystal on

Mindy- Her stomach isn’t an indicator of lipo. Those are actually her ab muscles. It doesn’t bother me to see an expecting woman in a bikini. In fact, I find it beautiful that women are much more confident now and aren’t afraid to show off their bellies as in years past. I ADORE AND LOVE Beyonce. She is a talented musician and actress. That being said, I find her stomach unattractive! It pains me to say that but it’s true. It’s her ab muscles being stretched by the pregnancy but it totally grosses me out.

Indira on

Personally, I don’t think that race should have be considered when looking for a role model. I don’t get the mentality, there are other commonalities that are more important. Young men everywhere for example, could find a role model out of Jay-Z because he grew up poor in the projects and turned his artistry into a multi-million dollar business. Maybe black youth would benefit from looking at other people who are doing it “right”, if they need these examples.

Personally, maybe this is just my good sense or it could be a folly on my part, but I have never had a famous role model. No famous person has ever made such an impression on me that, I actually wanted to imitate or replicate something they’ve accomplished. So growing up, I couldn’t care less about the Will and Jada or any other black couple who were evidently providing me, a black youth with positive images. Neither was I looking at lil kim who was providing arguably negative ones.

Also, as a whole marriage is going down hill, globally in the western world. Looking at it as a US-American black problem is just a microcosm. Some argue the practice will become obsolete.

showbizmom on

@Arewa you bring up good points, I’ll admit, I might be wrong in this and you’ve given me something to think about. I’m stuck on the fact that just because I volunteer in a run down community with people of the same race, I’ll never truly understand that life, because I didn’t live it. No matter how much of my time is spent there. And the girls there make that very clear, my life is NOT theirs. I also don’t think one should be married to have kids, I’m talking stable, well informed and mature folks should have kids. If they are gay, straight, married, domestic partners, or single I don’t care as long as they are committed.

Indira, I think we all agree with that, it’s just that today’s youth, not all but some only look to those on the TV and on the radio. I didn’t have a celebrity role model growing up either. I just want my girls at the community center to have folks to look up to of any color sex, or religion that live good lives. I’ve tried everything, but if it’s not someone that looks like them, or is famous or infamous, they don’t want to hear it and call me a sellout. It’s a funny world we live in, and sadly what I’ve experienced, it all starts at home with parents which brings us back to B and J. Stable responsible people don’t always make stable responsible kids, but sure does help a bit…..

Jillian on

Torgester, yes, sadly on this site they have been. It was nasty and one of the worst posts I read.

Arewa, I was going to say something similar about commenting from the “black viewpoint.” I certainly don’t believe that everyone feels the same way.

Indira, I love what you said and you said it so well!

SBM, I have never had a famous role model. I also don’t know a single person who has either. My thoughts on it, my parents always made me feel and what I learned through school is my role model should be someone I know.

keke on

beyonce should know not wear that

X-fan on