Selma Blair Dazzles In First Red Carpet Appearance After Baby

09/06/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Joel Ryan/AP; Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

Boy, are we green with envy!

A mere six weeks after welcoming son Arthur Saint, actress Selma Blair made not one, but two fashionable appearances while promoting her new movie Dark Horse at the Venice Film Festival Monday.

At the film’s premiere, the new mom stylishly flaunted her fab post-baby body in a gorgeous red floor-length Lanvin gown. Earlier in the day, she attended a photo call in a fitted emerald green Roland Mouret dress.

In addition to her svelte new figure, Blair also celebrated another mommy milestone — traveling solo with baby Arthur for the first time!

“Off to Venice for Dark Horse with Baby Saint. St. Christopher protect us. Daddy, we will see you back home soon.” she Tweeted before jetting off.

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Mira on

They’re calling him Saint? Oh my… What’s next? A baby sister named Virgin?


Is that the same Lavin dress Beyonce wore to announce her pregnancy at the MTV VMAs…if so Selma is looks nice but Beyonce owns the look hands down!

Sarah S. on

Absolutely gorgeous!

A on

It’s twitter, I’m sure she shortened it to fit the 140 character limit. And if she wants to call him Saint, so what, it’s her kid.

martina on

I do not understand the obsession with post-partum bodies. I really don’t. It puts a ton of pressure on new mothers to look flawless. Just because a woman had a fit pregnancy with a 25-35lb weight gain, doesn’t mean she’ll look like this six weeks after having a baby.

No wonder so many new moms look at herself in the mirror and hate their body – the expectations are outrageous. They are bombarded with pictures of “amazing” post-baby bodies. Like that’s what really matters.

kay on

I agree completely with MARTINA. Selma looks amazing, don’t get me wrong. However, this does put a great deal of unwanted or unneeded pressure on non-celeb mom’s.

Lisa on

Ugh. Saint?????? He has a perfectly good first name in Arthur. Call the kid by his first name whydoncha?

Sarah W. on

It’s not travelling solo when you bring your baby nurse along! I am sure she had a family member or nanny travelling with her. Otherwise, who was watching the baby while she was walking the red carpet? She looks great for 6 weeks pp. I expect she has some good spanx underneath…

Shannon on

She looks great. That green is lovely on her.

kjc on

she looks amazing in that green dress! …don’t care for the red one, too much fabric – it looks like a sheet.

saydee on

@martina I couldn’t agree with you more!

Hea on

@ Lisa – Well, I was named after my mother, Ingrid, so my name is Ingrid Helena because the other way around just does not fit well.

Jen DC on

I have a perfectly good name (Jennifer) but don’t prefer it. If Saint prefers Arthur when he’s older, he’s probably more than welcome to choose it.

Re: Post-partum bodies. Whose expectations? Your own? Because those are the only ones that really matter. I think “regular people” aren’t judging new mothers by what they see in magazines or on TV, and if they are, then that says more about their values than it does about anything else. If your priorities are less about regaining your figure and more about being healthy and loving your new family member, I can’t see how unrealistic celebrity weight loss plays into that at all. And their bodies are already unrealistic – why choose to pay attention to them now?

Sonya on

I thought she was Jewish? Just asking because the name and St. Christopher reference indicate that she’s Catholic.

Jenny on

I don’t think that Catholics own the St. Christopher reference. If they do, then I guess most surfers are Catholic.

jenny on

i think she looks fabulous. she also looked great during her whole pregnancy. as for the obsession with post-partum bodies….i’m not obsessed with them. i don’t have movie star looks but i bounced back the way she did. i think it was a combination of eating well, exercising during pregnancy (didn’t start exercising at all until 8 weeks post-partum) and good genes. no need to gang up on someone because they look good. just like there is no need to criticize someone for looking good a few weeks post-partum. there are so many things that factor into how someone will look after giving birth.

cara on

She looks beautiful, love the green Roland Mouret dress.

Allison on

All women no matter their size, look absolutely gorgeous after having a baby in my opinion. Our bodies just did a miraculous thing so instead of focusing on what the scale says, focus on your family and your own fulfillment. Being a great mom and being beautiful has nothing to do with your weight. Everyone needs to tell themselves right now, “I am good, I’m doing my best, and I am beautiful because of it.” After all, isn’t that what we tell our children?

CCT0303 on

It’s not her fault some of you women are insecure, Why would you grown women let another female make you feel threatened?? So now celebrities have to think about your insecurities before taking any pictures so that no one feels a certain way?!? Yea right, what you “women” need is professional help and get to the gym, maybe that way you will feel better about yourselves!!!

Brooke on

She has boobs!!! I will bet she is excited with her new figure. She was built like a 13 year old boy before. I think she looks fantastic. I love the tummy pooch! Real women are awesome!

cn tower on

CCT0303, I don’t know if the other women are necessarily “insecure”, but judging by the way this article was written, the writer seems intent on stirring up a debate and provoking people:

– green with envy!

– A mere six weeks after welcoming son…

-the new mom stylishly flaunted her fab post-baby body .

-In addition to her svelte new figure….


CCT0303 on

cn tower, if they were NOT “insecure”, they would NOT let a comment nor statement like that bother them. Now People has to watch what they write because alot you women have a low self esteem?!?

Jillian on

That doesn’t mean people are insecure. Just like when someone says something negative it doesn’t make them jealous or a hater.

Hea on

Jillian – SOOO TRUE!

Allie on

As a new mom myself I don’t give a damn about my body lol. I don’t really have time to care. Celebs get more work out time cause they can afford nannys and personal trainers. I sure hope mothers arent putting much thought or care into their bodies……… just had a baby….FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS, the rest can come a little later!