Look for Less: Tori Spelling’s Pretty in Pink Polish

09/06/2011 at 10:00 AM ET

Whether she’s on the red carpet or hanging with her family, Tori Spelling‘s mom-to-be style is always so chic.

For a grocery shopping trip in Malibu, Calif. with her brood (Dean McDermott, Liam and Stella) on Aug. 14, the expectant actress wore a flowing pink print tunic ($330) by Tucker.

To complement her soft palette, she added a cameo necklace and metallic gladiator sandals.

Love Tori’s easy polish? You’re in luck! We’ve rounded up similar items — all under $28!

Courtesy ASOS


Even though it’s not maternity, ASOS‘s pink Oversized T-Shirt ($27.44) has plenty of room for a growing bump. The flowing draped sleeves are also super flattering.

Courtesy Forever 21


Add a little vintage flair to your outfit with this Ombré Cameo Necklace ($5.80) from Forever 21. We especially love the sparkly rhinestone frame.

Courtesy Endless


What a deal! Wanted‘s gold Pasta Gladiator Sandal ($22) will keep you comfy, yet chic. Added bonus: These strappy beauties sport a back zipper for easy removal.

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SH on

polished? Chic??? this lookes like what my gramma used to wear in the nursing home. not kidding.

saydee on

@SH – LOL! 🙂 I was totally going to post the exact same thing….that it looks like something my grandma would wear!

I love her lip color though. & her hair looks cute 🙂

jessicamom#3 on

I was just telling my co-worker it looks like a grandma gown. UGLY!!!

Sheri on

Dear People Magazine:
You did not “round up similar items – all for under $28!” You rounded up similar items EACH for under $28. There’s a BIG difference there. I would think as journalists (read: English majors) you would realize the difference. Wait! What was I thinking? People Magazine…journalists?…English majors? Nevermind. Carry on. You clearly are not expected to see the difference between “all” and “each.” My bad.

Oh, and do you think calling this look “chic” and “polished” is going to convince us to purchase this look, I believe you are sadly mistaken (and by believe I mean hope). It looks like she was staying at grandma’s house and grandma dared her to go into her closet with the lights out and just find something that fits. I have to admit though, I am shocked that grandma paid $330 for that dress. If Tori had not put on that necklace and had on a $10 pair of flip-flops I would have given her some credit. She does look comfortable, and comfort is what every pregnant woman strives to in her third trimester.

Nope, I don’t buy this magazine.

Simone on

$330 for that fugly grandma nightgown!!!

mindy on

she is wearing a moo moo, Im not sure where pretty or polished in pink comes in.

Jessica on

I dont like that dress at all.

Julianna on

She needs eye makeup!

Siera on

Isn’t that Dean’s son Jack in the background with Stella?

kERI on

Totally agree on the grandma house-coat dress! I’m all for comfort but seeing as she knows she’ll be photgraphed, I don’t understand the outfit. And @ Siera…I thought that was Jack and Stella in the background too.

Kai on

She looks like she raided the closet of the local nursing home! Stylish? Um..no! Chic? Not exactly!

Kresta on

I do believe I had a similar maternity dress in 1981 when I had my eldest son. The only thing it had going for it was that it was cool and comfortable to wear. It does look like a housecoat. I wonder if she has a matching nightie.

cn tower on

Come on , Tori, you can do better than that! There are so many more flattering options on the market these days for pregnant women than there were even a few years ago – this look is definitely not one of them!! Believe it or not, form-fitting outfits can be more flattering on a pregnant woman than a tent dress.

tori on

Think she looks great for someone over 8 months pregnant. Get a life haters, love Tori!!!!

Shannon on

She’s due soon. Give her a break. lol

kjc on

i don’t think she looks bad at all. she is pullimg the look off just fine. what the heck is Liam wearing though?…. hilarious!

Christi on

I think in this summer heat & being almost due we can cut the gal some slack. I personally don’t care what she wears or how chic it is. At the end of the day if she’s happy with it & with how much she spent on it, who am I (or you for that matter) to judge. I’m sure everyone looked picture perfect while pregnant, right. Exxxactly.

Carry on….

Sam on

Yes, that is Jack. He has grown so tall and he is still so handsome and cute. Hi Jack!

Sarah S. on

I thought everything would total under $30 by the way it’s written. I like the necklace…saw it the last time I went with my daughter to Forever 21.

AmandaK on

I don’t find gladiator sandals to be flattering on anyone whether pregnant or not.

MM on

SH-I agree my grandma wore Moo Moos all the time!

Cammy on

I guess I’m one of the few who actually likes it! It looks very comfortable….

Calais on

I reckon she looks cute.

Shes 8 months pregnant, how many people look perfect at 8 months pregnant?

I’ve had 3 kids and at 8 months pregnant you wear what you can. Shes rocking the grandma look. Hottest nanna Ive seen. Lol.

Shes beautiful and her kids are adorable. Can’t wait until she has baby number 3. I wonder what cute name she will give him or her? She seems to give her kids really sweet traditional names.

Perfect name for baby number three that goes with Liam and Stella & Jack, well in my opinion, for a girl, Ava and boy, Ethan.

Katie on

I think she looks healthy pregnant. When not pregnant, she tends to be too skinny. Here she looks perfect!!! Keep some weight on girl! ❤ u!

Elisabeth on

Ok this is not at all a dig on tori, but that looks like the moo moo I see old ladies wearing at the grocery store. All she needs is rollers in her hair and slippers.

ClaireSamsmom on

I think she looks great…when I was 8 mo pregnant, I wore the same yoga pants all the time. ugh. I burned them after I gave birth! Can’t wait to hear ‘who’ she is having!

Bancie1031 on

Her “dress” looks like a Mu-Mu my 80 year old grandmother wears!

On the flip side I’m a big fan of Tori and her family and I can not wait to find out what she is having and the name they choose ….

Holiday on

I think it looks more like a hospital gown but other then that hideous dress she looks good.

Carrie Jo on

I agree with most people here. No one is being a hater. That dress is just not even remotely cute. Looks like a comfy nightgown, but certainly not a cute dress by any stretch of the imagination.