Spotted: Angelina Jolie and Girls – London Times

09/03/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

Hitting the shops!

Angelina Jolie checks out London with the aid of adorable tour guides, Zahara Marley, 6½, and Shiloh Nouvel, 5, on Thursday – just days after the girls hung out with Grandpa Voight.

The trio checked out La Stupenderia Milano, an Italian children’s clothing store.

The actress, 36, and partner Brad Pitt are also parents to sons Maddox Chivan, 10, Pax Thien, 7½, and twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline, 3.

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Manal from Jordan! on

People why are u always late in posting pics?! This pic had been around for almost a week! Anyways Shiloh and Zahara are really beauitful! lovely girls!

stephanie on

Shiloh has a cute face but if you did not no it you would think she is a boy because the way Angie dresses her.Angie looks nice as always.

m on

Stephanie- Shiloh dresses herself.

Lissette on

They have said in the past they allow Shiloh to pick out her own clothes. She has her own style.

Also, while we are on the topic of People and its mistakes… Why did you have to word it with emphasis on the twins?? Why do they have to be in their own separate category? By now, everyone knows they are twins.

This is how it should read:

The actress, 36, and partner Brad Pitt are also parents to sons Maddox Chivan, 10, Pax Thien, 7½, and KnoxLéon, 3. As well as daughter Vivienne Marcheline, 3.

Sons Maddox, Pax and Knox and daughter Vivienne.

jen on

Lisette – copy is written for conciseness of expression. The way you suggested uses more words and it sounds awkward to say “As well as daughter…” The way the People editors have written it is the most concise way and it also flows the best. And a writer should never assume that “everyone knows by now they are twins” – that’s not true. Maybe a lot of people do, but good writers write to an audience that they assume know nothing.

Nan on

^ Lissette…who the heck cares how People words the description of angie and brads kids?! My brother has twins and we refer to them as “the twins” all the time, because…that’s what they are. What an odd thing for you to critique as ” wrong”…. Also, “as well as daughter vivienne…” is not even a complete sentence, so there goes your chances of editing for People 😦

Holiday on

Stephanie who cares that Shiloh dresses like what you consider to be a boy. She picks out her own clothes and I think its great Angelina lets her wear what she wants to wear instead of putting her in pink tutus just because she is a girl.

Luna on

LOLOLOL Lissette, they’re referred as twins because they ARE TWINS. It’s different from ordinary siblings. I have two brothers who are twins, we are six in total, and guess what, they’re referred as twins because it’s DIFFERENT.

And like someone else pointed out already, it’s funny how you’re trying to correct People while writing run on sentences.

Mia on

Pretty girls everyone! + Shiloh looks so much like Brad Pitt but with Angelina’s mouth/lips–it will be interesting to see which parent she favors when she’s older.

Bancie1031 on

Mia – I agree 100% ….

I love Zahara’s style, she always has had a great style …. Shiloh could be mistaken for a boy but if that’s her style then so be it …. I think she’s beautiful regardless plus she is being an individual …..

Brooklyn on

Not gonna lie, I thought that was a boy…

Jen on

How is it possible for a 5 year old to pick out her own clothes? Really? Where do the clothes come from? The clothes fairy? Obviously mom and dad buy the clothes that she so-called “picks out herself.” It would be just as easy for mom and dad to buy “girly” clothes for Shiloh to pick out and dress herself in. She’s 5…not 15. She has no choice but to wear the clothes that are purchased for her.

Lis on

Right on, Jen. Shiloh is such a beautiful little GIRL…why would you not want her to look as such?

Sarah K. on

Jen, actually Brad has said that at clothes stores Shiloh prefers to go to the boys section to pick out clothes. So, it looks like they take her shopping and she picks out what she wants. Also, she seems to wear some of her brothers’ hand me downs. A 5 year old is perfectly capable of voicing her opinion about what she wants to wear. They just don’t force her to wear girly pick stuff.

Why would they dress their other 2 daughters in dresses, but not Shiloh? That doesn’t make sense unless the children all pick what they want.

Anyways, beautiful girls!

Colette on

Shiloh has a sister that she shares a room with and appears to be very close. Therefore if she wanted to wear “girly” clothes they are available. The kids wear hand me downs all the time. Shiloh was just wearing a Rolling Stone shirt that I’ve seen Maddox wearing. If she wanted to she could wear her sisters clothes but she doesn’t want to.Also Shiloh was wearing dresses until she about 3 and 1/2. She looks happy. If she was forced to wear clothes you could tell I know because my mom forced me to wear frilly dresses when I was a tomboy.

Sus on

Very strange. I don’t buy that she picks them out herself without a little assistance. Even as a baby she wouldn’t wear a dress? COME ON. Angeline has behaved very differently over the years and perhaps she expects the same from her children.

Holiday on

So if she is older and still dresses like a boy and feels like a boy would you think that is wrong that she is that way? Maybe she is a tom boy or maybe she will grow up trangender who knows but clothes are not what define a person and she is gorgeous no matter what she wears.

Colette on

There are dozens of pics of Shiloh in a dress off hand I recall pics of her in a store in Paris in a white dress, being held by AJ in NOLA in a dress, in Long Island when AJ was filming Salt at a grocery store in a pink peasant dress, pic of her in a black skirt with Zahara in black tights when AJ was pregnant with the twins in France.As a matter of fact I can recall more pics of Shiloh in a dress than Zahara in a dress when they were toddlers.She dresses in the clothes she likes good for her.For those of you who have a problem with it .Oh well, Ignore her and her family.There are many celeb kids that I don’t look at their pics.

Alyssa on

Looks like someone is going to be hitting up DWTS in about 20 years.

Carrie Jo on

I think it’s kind of weird that people are so bothered by Shiloh wanting to dress more masculine than feminine. In my opinion, dressing more like a boy doesn’t make her less cute.

Sasha on

Cute! Yes, my hair was whacked off regularly as a child and people sometimes asked if I was a boy, etc, etc. I can’t deny that this didn’t contribute to some gender/self esteem/self consciousness issues. It was an issue of looking “different”.

Beth on

I seriously think that Angelina dresses Shiloh as a boy. I just recently saw a picture of Shiloh’s hair cut just like Brad’s. I think it is wrong that she lets her (if it’s true) pick out her own clothes. She looks too much like a boy. Sad…