Family Photo: The Hayek-Pinault’s Venice Vacation

09/02/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

Buon giorno! Valentina Paloma Pinault, 4 this month, giggles with glee after arriving in Venice via boat with parents Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault on Friday. The family is in Italy celebrating the actress’s 45th birthday — and for the Film Festival.

Lawrence/La Pira/Splash News Online

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kjc on

Valentina is adorable, can’t believe she is 4 already. …and Salma looks great!

Sarah S. on

Nice pic! Happy 45th to Salma!!

Julie on

What about his son with Linda Evangelista?

Shawna on

I wonder if Valentina will be allowed to have a relationship with her half-brother. I don’t believe siblings should be kept apart because of their parents mistakes.

Marky on

Julie, why do you bring up Linda’s son in an article about Valentina? Just to stir the pot a bit? Everyone knows about it, so why not let them work out their own stuff?

Shawna, what you believe has nothing to do with these people’s lives. They will work out their situation how they see fit, period.

Michelle Z. on

Shawna, how do you know they don’t spend time together already? Could it be possible that they have playdates without publicity shots?

Julie, what ABOUT his son? Do you expect him to accompany them on a trip to celebrate Salma’s birthday? Especially at such a young age? Should François-Henri be flanked by both women every time he goes out in public, just to keep it even?

Jen DC on

Aww, look @ how happy she is! Man, Valentina looks like her dad! And Salma looks wonderful for 45.

Snarky, Marky on


joy on

They go on so many vacations. They are gonna have to take his new son with them eventually, he has to get to know his father.

joy on

They go on so many vacations! They are gonna have to include his new son eventually so he can get to know them. His mother can not keep him away from his father, if he wants to get to know him.

Jillian on

She is soooooooo adorable!

Robin on

Why are some people coming to the conclusion that they are not including his son. First of all it is NONE of our business and second of all maybe Linda isn’t allowing it…Jeez, I didn’t know that we would be getting a commentary from one lil’ picture…

Shannon on

Looks like fun.

Valentina probably doesn’t even know about her half brother. Didn’t François-Henri deny paternity until very recently?

Jillian on

It sucks when their is a beautiful picture and the post is full of negativity that is all based on made up crap.

Donna on

These parents are either genuinely in love or dedicated to having a family for Valentina. They are growing on me. I hope their marriage lasts and that they are happy.

Valentina does look just like her dad. He must be so proud of his two girls.

loren on

Shawna, what you believe has nothing to do with these people’s lives. They will work out their situation how they see fit, period.

– Marky
good answer, geez, so going forward, everytime we see a picture of Valentina we have to hear this?

ChaCha Brownie on

Marky….I so LOVED your post……

tlm on

Well said Marky …. goodness how people love to make up stories where none exist when in reality … you know nothing!!!!

katie on

what a cutie!! can’t believe she is 4 already!

Sonila Mehmeti on

Leave these people alone! They have to right to enjoy this moment free of rumours just lie us. By the way, their kid is so cute just like her parents.

FAB on

Ummmm JOY….. he does not have a NEW son the child is also 4… We just recently learned about it in PUBLIC…. LOL ya’ll kill me on theses posts!!!!…… Very gorgeous family!!

JustMe on

Never fails… one great pic of a family enjoying time together and someone’s gotta ‘come up’ with something negative-

A lot of people with their panties in a wad here! Is that how they go about in their everyday life? … yikes…

Sarah on

Just a point of reference: he has two children from his previous marriage who are not on this trip either. It’s part pleasure and part business and wouldn’t make sense to drag his children out of school or their regular lives so their stepmom can attend a film festival. Some trips are for family; some are not.

Cute kid and happy family.

Lulu on

Sorry, but this little girl is just not that cute. she looks a lot like her dad. kinda cartoon-y looking.

blah, blah,blah, i can hear it now…ohh shes just a child, how could you say such things about a child….my opinion.

kids CAN be ugly.

meghan on

Lulu, yes children can be ugly. And so can adults. Even moreso on the inside.

sara on

Lulu, it doesn’t matter whether kids can or cannot be ugly. What matters is that it is mean and cruel to say that you think so. Why not just keep it to yourself? Does it make you feel better about yourself?

Carrie Jo on

She looks more like her mom to me. Also looks like she is having fun. :o)