Spotted: Jessica Alba and Honor – Joined at the Sip

09/02/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Bottoms up!

Leaving 3-week-old daughter Haven at home, Jessica Alba and 3-year-old daughter Honor Marie enjoy some one-on-one time, picking up delicious drinks at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leafย on Wednesday in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“I did my first day of wrkout since I had the baby, just cardio for 40 min,” the actress, 30, Tweeted Tuesday. “It’s a start. Anyone else starting a fitness regimen?”

Alba and husband Cash Warren welcomed their newest baby girl on Aug. 13.

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Jillian on

Cute dress on Honor! I wonder when we will see a picture of the new baby.

kjc on

I understand she wants to get back in shape, especially being a celebrity, but it seems a little soon to be doing 40 minutes of cardio? I could be totally wrong though. I had a baby in April and was told 6 weeks.

Sara on

I think it is a bit soon too. Let your body heal!

ForeverMoore on

Oh LOL, just cardio for 40 minutes?! I didn’t even comprehend WHAT cardio was for months after my son was born…the most “cardio” I got was taking him for walks in my LilleBaby or in the stroller! More power to her I guess…she’s got the pressures of HW and I don’t envy that!

stacy on

I was afraid to do any activity until my 6 weeks. Hope she doesn’t mess anything up!

ecl on

Sounds like a backdoor brag to me. JUST 40 minutes…

Sarah S. on

JUST 40 minutes, Jessica? LOL…that’s pretty admirable, but don’t be too hard on yourself–you JUST had a baby!!

Marky on

My doctor told me not to do anything except hug my baby and lay around being showered with attention for about 3 weeks, then get busy and start doing sit-tups and exercising for about 30 minutes twice a day. I did and I felt great, slept better, and had lots more energy, and this was my 3rd child in exactly 4 years.

I had no help and no grandparents who lived near. In fact, my mother came to stay so she could have some drastic surgery and needed me to care for HER. I don’t get the “I couldn’t even figure out where I was for 6 months!” stuff. I’m not Superwoman, just a regular person, but, while I don’t recommend over-doing, I think a person needs to get up and get moving.

ClaireSamsmom on

She looks great, but come on….wait on the cardio till after your 6 week check up with the doctor. I just think they say to wait on exercise for a reason. If you get the early okay from your doctor, then that is fine, but if not..just wait and relax with your babies!

Annachestnut on

They cute

Janna on

Where are the verifiable sources that say doing 40 minutes of cardio three weeks after giving birth is harmful???

Indira on

40 minutes of cardio is nothing. She could just been jogging or jogging/walking intervals. Doubt she was doing 200 meter sprints.

Krissy on

She is a famous Hollywood star and everything she says and does is orchestrated. I actually feel sad for anyone who is doing 40 minutes of cadio that soon after birth. Take a shower, relax and enjoy staring at the new baby…give me a break!

Jillian on

When my babies were three weeks old the last thing on my mind was 40 minutes of cardio. With that said, I also am not in the public and have jobs where I will be filmed and on camera where people will look at me and judge me. If I was, I would have done the same as her. People on here make comments all the time about how people like fat, have gained weight or look pregnant…….as do gossip columns and the rest of the world. It is such a shame that she feels the pressure to have to get back into shape. Comments do hurt. The comments said on Melissa JOan Hart’s post, I thought were very distasteful.

cn tower on

Although it may seem strange to some that cardio is a major priority for her so soon, she probably has a lot of her own gym equipment at home and isn’t heading out to a gym. Just a thought..

cn tower on

Assuming she had an uncomplicated, non-surgical childbirth, what’s the big deal? She’s young, healthy (presumably) and seems to be no stranger to exercise so good for her.

Janna on

Ok, so there’s nobody on this message board that takes exercise and staying in shape as seriously as she does. That’s okay. But there is nothing wrong with doing some cardio a few weeks after giving birth.

And just because it was the last thing on YOUR mind, she is not you, and it does not mean there’s anything wrong with her wanting to start her fitness regime back up.

There’s no winning for women, no matter what they do someone is sure to point out that it’s the WRONG thing. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

K&L'smommy on

40 minutes of cardio could have consisted of a brisk walk…… which my doctor said was fine for me to do 2 weeks after both of my c-sections. The general rule of thumb is to not do anything strenuous (like running, lifting weights, etc). Cardio simply involves getting your heart rate up which technically you can do just by vacuuming your house. Give her a break already!

Sara on

Sorry ladies but I was under the impression the lactic acid released while exercising can be harmful to the milk supply, not to mention how uncomfortable it must be to jump, run or even bike with swollen milk breasts. From her comments I assume she isn’t breastfeeding, just a guess.

Janna on

@Sara, why would you spread such a ridiculous rumor??? Are you really suggesting that a breastfeeding woman should never exercise? So if she breastfeeds for a year, then no exercise for a year?

Please people, do your research: Exercising while breastfeeding is fine, it will not harm your milk supply, your baby or your breasts.

Lissette on

I wonder if the doctor gave her the ok? I don’t think she would jeopardize her health when she has two young daughters who need her.

I think it is possible she exaggerated the exact amount of exercising however. Maybe she was trying to make it seem like she was getting back into shape because possible movie roles depend on that?

I know that sounds super shallow but sadly, that is how Hollywood is. But Jessica also stated she had good genes because her grandmother was back in her pre-baby clothes even before leaving the hospital.

misha1980 on

so what if she did 40 mins of cardio, who’s to say she didn’t get the all clear from her doctor. And who knows what sort of cardio she did – could’ve been walking on a treadmill! All the speculation is time wasting. And if she has pushed herself too far she will soon know it and prob regret it, but it’s her problem to deal with!

I certainly wasn’t in a fog when i had my babies, was up and about and out of the house with them from day one. 40 mins of exercise isn’t taking away from her enjoyment of the baby in the least, some people need their own space as well rathern than being surgically attached to a newborn. 40 mins is nothing, and she prob did it while her baby was napping! Hell she coud’ve even put her baby in a pram and walked around the block for 40 mins of cardio and I bet no one would complain about that!

Heidi on

My mom was at lunch yesterday, and Jessica, Cash and Honor were a couple tables away! The friend my mom was with asked for a picture, and Cash volunteered to take it! My mom said Jessica was absolutely gorgeous (and didn’t look like she had a baby 3 weeks ago) and super sweet. Nice to know that just because someone can be super famous, they can still be humble ๐Ÿ™‚

Stella Bella on

If she walked for 40 minutes, I doubt she’s hurting herself.

Mia's Mommy on

First of all, if she didn’t get in shape people would be talking about her for being out of shape. This woman is in the public eye. She has no choice but to care about how she looks. I hate to be rude, but tell me the last time you saw an overweight A-list celebrity. I’m waiting…..Besides 40 minutes of cardio could have been a brief walk in the park.

Personally, I was working out 3 weeks after I had my baby. I felt that waiting 6 weeks was pointless as it would do nothing but keep me overweight and unhappy. I needed those endorphins released by working out. It really helped with the baby blues I was having.

Cate on

I checked with my doctor after a completely trouble free birth and I was doing low impact exercise on the cross trainer a couple of times a week quite soon after my son was born. I am incredibly active and fit and maintained this the whole way through pregnancy. I actually felt quite down after my son was born, so the doctor recommended I begin exercising again and even just the 30 minutes 3-4 times a week while my son napped was enough for me to clear my head and reenergise, making me a better mother.

It’s not for everyone, but for people who are used to being active, not exercising can make you feel rather unwell.

Marky on

Sara, I was back in my size 6’s when I left the hospital, and for your information, my baby never took a single bottle until she weaned to the cup. Exercise never hurt my milk supply at all.

Krissy, “enjoy staring at the new baby”? Really? You can’t exercise in the same room with a sleeping baby? I used a bassinet for my little one and moved it into whatever room I needed to be in, so if I felt like staring at her while I folded clothes, prepared dinner, or made beds, or got ready for the day so I could take care of all 3 of my pre-schoolers, I could do so. As a consequence, she was able to sleep well without me having to put a sign on the door saying “sleeping baby”, or having to walk around in my socks and whisper all day, as well as shushing my other 2 children. I often did stare at the new baby, hold the baby, and feed the baby, as well as watch the other 2 and do things with them.

K on

My cousin is very fit and exercised all the way up until the day before she gave birth. She had a very easy pregnancy and delivery which she and her doctor both credited to her physical routine. In fact, the day she got home from the hospital she was back in her old clothes. Her doctor said she would be fine to exercise fairly soon. She was back up to 7 miles of running when her son was about 6 weeks old. She never experienced any complications from this.

I think every woman is different. I also believe that the amount of and intensity of the exercise you do during your pregnancy will affect the outcome.

Laura on

i do feel sorry for her, there seems to be so much pressure on her to maintain her “perfect ” body. her body has always been more famous then her acting…she must feel so much pressure, so sad we focus on that as a society.

MiB on

To me, excersizing is not about having a “perfect” body but about feeling good, both pysically and mentally. And since brisk walking is considered light cardio, I would no doubt be doing light cardio a few weeks after my baby was born too as that’s the way I normally walk.