Jay McGraw Welcomes Son London Phillip

09/02/2011 at 11:45 AM ET
Jesse Grant/WireImage

Dr. Phil received a special birthday present Thursday — a new grandson.

London Phillip McGraw arrived Sept. 1, weighing in at 7 lbs., 3 oz. He is the second child for The Doctors executive producer Jay McGraw, 31, and wife Erica, 33, a former Playboy Playmate, who are also parents to daughter Avery Elizabeth, 17 months.

“What a Bday! London Phillip McGraw arrived!!” Dr. Phil, who celebrated turning 61, Tweeted. “[Mother] & baby doing fine. They BARELY made it to hospital in time! … We are so blessed.”

Proud grandmother Robin McGraw Tweeted her congrats as well, writing, “ERICA MCGRAW IS MY HERO! She barely made it to hospital n time … had London Phillip w/o epidural!! Wow! She is fierce!! Life is fabulous!”

The couple wed in 2006 at the McGraw family home in Beverly Hills, with Dr. Phil serving as Jay’s best man.

— Sarah Michaud

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Regina on


Brooklyn on

Congrats to them! I think I like the name, although I think I prefer London for a girl.

V. on

Why in the world not Landon?

Deni on

Congrats to all! Although I’ve always found it funny that both of Dr. Phil’s sons are with playmates (his younger son is apparently with Hugh Hefner’s “runaway” “bride”) He likes to act so high and mighty about things. He seems really sexist to me anyway, though. *shrug* I’m sure London’s cute as a button.

Devon on

That’s neat that his grandson was born on his birthday. I was born on my great-grandmother’s birthday and even though I didn’t get to know her, I will always share that special connection with her.

Cortney on

Dr Phil isnt even a real docter right?? What a quack! Congrats on the baby though!

Melinda on

Congrats to them. I quite like London, but only on a boy. Its too masculine on a girl. Although I guess with their daughter being Avery, people might wonder who’s the boy and who’s the girl.

Kenna on

I love the name London! I think Avery and London make for an adorable set of sibling names.

kirsty on

Dr Phil is a real doctor, and I also do not care for the name London for a boy or girl, but I’m more into traditional names! Congrats for them, but they will have their hands full with two babies!

K on

I’m not sure about the name choice either; I always picture a little girl when I hear that name. Perhaps that’s because the only time I’ve heard it has been with reference to little girls. Landon would have been a great choice as well. Either way, congratulations to the parents. I’m sure both children are beautiful.

Nancy on

I am sure that they will do an entire show about London and I sure also that Phil will mention him at least once on every show.

TAM on

To me, London is a girl’s name and Avery more boyish. Sigh

Corrie on

I don’t normally complain about names, but I do have to say that it seems like their daughter has a more boyish name and their son has a more feminine name, but anyway – I know that Jay and Erica aren’t going to give a crap what any of us think, so it’s a moot point. Congratulations to everyone. 🙂

kjc on

London Phillip sounds good together… but I, as many of you, also prefer London for a girl.

Julie on

To me London is city.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Sweet that he shares his b’day with this new grandson. Prefer London for a girl too. Congrats.

Will be busy no doubt with two under 18mths! (I know some even have a 12-14mth a gap also, but yikes, for me anyway, no thanks, craaaazy!). I have just 3 yrs, 3 mths gap between my two, more than planned but turned out well with my older child a bit more independent, out of nappies/diapers, & had started kindy two mornings a week a few mths before his sis arrived. Good luck!!

Gina on

I love the name Avery and it’s what I want to name my daughter someday, so I think it sounds more like a girl’s name.

mommyof7 on

My four year old daughter is named Averie Elizabeth. I knew it was a boys name but I thought it was a beautiful name for a girl so I just changed the spelling to look more girly.

Teena on

Its funny how people are so critical to people who name THEIR children. Maybe they dont like your name or what you named your children. Just say congrats and call it a day…geesh.

Rachael on

I like the name!! They all seem very happy, and yes will have their hands full with two LITTLE ones, but I’m sure they get plenty of help.

How fun for everyone!

Holiday on

Congrats! I actually love the name London.

Jillian on

You meant doctor. And yes, he is a real doctor. He wouldn’t be able to use Dr before his name if he wasn’t. Is he an effective Dr……maybe, maybe not? I am not a fan of him. I find him overally annoying, but an annoying doctor.

To the family,
Congrats! I do like the name London. Not sure if I like it for a boy, but that may be because we almost name one of our daughters London. Congrats either way.

Not Jillian

danielle on

yay for dr phil n family!!!
he is a dr. hes a head dr. only gotta look at his qualifications.

Holiday on

He is a doctor in the sense he has a PhD, but he is NOT a medical doctor that went to med school. He could not prescribe medicine or anything, he isnt even a psychiatrist. It is the equivalent of professors who have a PhD in what ever subject they teach. I do like him though.

Appreciate on

Why is she heroic/fierce for having a baby without an epidural?

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Appreciate, I agree. I had my 2nd baby without an epidural as I was too far dilated to have one by that point, does that make me fiece?!!

Nancy on

I have yet to meet a boy named Avery. I know 2 little girl Avery’s and Jay’s makes three. I know of 2 boys named London. Has anyone heard of London Fletcher??? Maybe I live in the wrong part of the country but the genders and names seem right to me.

two4one on

LOL@ Julie! I agree with you! 😀

Annachestnut on

“My mom was a playboy play-mate”. Whatever pays the bills, I guess.

s on

she is heroic and fierce for having a baby without an epidural..any woman is! I did it with my first and its in no way comparable to having a baby with an epidural as i have had both. Traditional names are boring..i don’t think london or avery are too traditional or too different

Jillian on

Holiday, yep, that’s exactly correct. He is a doctor by title.

Elle on

I had both of my babies w/out an epidural…I wish someone had called me a hero or fierce!!!

alicejane on

It gets so old to see women saying, “I already did that, so she’s nothing special.” I’m not generally the type to say things like this, but why can’t every woman who gives birth, with or without an epidural, be heroic or fierce? I don’t get the constant need to cut people down, or minimize their accomplishments.

Congratulations to the McGraw’s on a healthy baby boy!

Janna on

@alicejane, you must know by know that a majority of the women on these boards are just here to cut celebrity moms down because somehow it makes THEM feel better.

@Elle, I’ll do it for you: YOU’RE FIERCE! (And yes, I’m serious). Giving birth vaginally without pain meds is an accomplishment. It’s sad that nobody was willing to acknowledge that for you at the time.

Holiday on

I had my son with out an epi and he was turned posterior, it was the worst pain I have ever felt. I planned on getting an epi with my daughter and ended up with an emergency c section. Anyhow I do think it is a huge accomplishment and every woman who gives birth without an epi should be proud of the fact. My midwife told me only about 10 percent of women go without an epi so it is definitely in the minority to go natural.

crg on

I agree that I like London as the name of a city! I’d prefer it on a boy, but I know it has recently been used for girls. Avery is definitely all girls these days, but I like the traditional use for boys (like Fern’s brother Avery in Charlotte’s Web). Congrats to them! Those babies sure are close together!

jessicad on

I agree with Janna, Elle you’re FIERCE! I watched my sister give birth without an epidural in May and it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen, she showed so much strength and courage. I couldn’t do it with my daughter but I still felt proud, as we all should whether we had drugs or not! 🙂

Melinda on

Avery is NOT a girls name, no matter how much parents try to give their daughters this name, or change the spelling…

Jillian on

Melinda, since there are girls named Avery…..it IS a girls name. Even if you don’t like it and disagree! I have met over 5 female Avery’s and not one male one! It IS a girls name…….since they are all girls! 🙂

meghan on

The only time I’ve heard Avery as a male name was Murphy Brown’s kid. Who was Avery named after his grandMOTHER.

Marky on

To all those posters who are rude and sarcastic about Robin McGraw saying her DIL was “fierce” and her”hero”, let me say, I’m sorry no one complimented you when you gave birth, but I think it’s great that Robin said her DIL had done a great job.

When my DIL gave birth, I bragged about her to the rooftops; she was amazing and we all told her so. Her first was a difficult delivery, and the 2nd pregnancy was very hard because the baby had Fifth’s and nearly died. When that baby was born, we almost shot off fireworks, and I’m appalled many of you are being rude, hateful, and just pain snotty.

Are you that self-absorbed? Are you so self-righteous you have to make constant insults about this woman’s appearance in a stupid magazine? It just never ceases to amaze me that many of you are so afraid someone else will get a moment of respect or “glory” that you can’t wait to tear Erica to shreds. Shame on you!

KRS on

Congrats on the baby! Wow, is it really so remarkable that she had a baby WITHOUT an epidural, though? Maybe it’s different in Canada, and not offered as readily, but I can only think of one woman that I know who had an epidural for one of her deliveries. The rest of us were lucky enough to get through it au natural or with the help of self-administered nitrous oxide (which I highly recommend BTW!) Of course I know a number of c section babies as well. I hope your midwife was exaggerating, Holiday! Only 10% go without an epidural?! Shocking.

Tee on

KRS, Holly’s midwife had the right statistics. It’s rare for women to have a natural birth here in the states. And gas is very rarely offered here, although it’s making a slow comeback. The most common form of pain medication is an epidural. Doctors also offer IV narcotics. C-sections account for an extremely high percentage of births.

To be perfecty honest with you, I’m of the opinion that the reason those numbers are so high is because many doctors act like women can’t give birth naturally. Women are not taught natural methods of pain management. The most basic common sense concepts are rejected my the medical field. Yes, I’ll admit to being a bit biased towards this subject since my love and passion is midwifery. But the bottom line in American births is that if you’re in the hospital, odds are you’re going to be pressured to have unneccessary interventions, and those interventions lead to the need or desire for pain management 95 percent of the time.

Holiday on

Yes Tee is right. It is so rare for women here to have a epi free birth and usually its only when the labor is so fast they do not have time to get one. Like I said only about 10 percent of American ladies do not get an epi.

KRS on

Thanks for the info, Tee and Holiday. Those stats are just crazy, and you just know that drug companies, hospitals and doctors are profitting big-time from all these drugs, interventions and surgeries. Of course some people have a more difficult childbirth experience than others, and there’s lots of different circumstances, but come on – women have been giving birth forever and it’s kind of what our bodies were made to do. We need to have more trust and confidence in our own strength!

MaryD on

Congrats to the McGraw families! So glad you have a healthy baby boy and loving family’s to welcome you. Love the name London and the daughters name Avery also. What a wonderful life you have set before you. Enjoy everyday!

alicia on

Ok…everyones’s going to hate me but what makes a woman heroic and fierce for not taking pain meds to give birth? This is PAIN people and this is not the 1800’s this is 2011 and pain medication to lessen suffering is here!! This is America and everybody has the right to choose no pain relief but it does not make you heroic or fierce! Gimmie a break!

Elisabeth on

Holiday (I may have misspelled your name for that I’m sorry) Dr phil is a doctor, he’s not a medical doctor but he went to school to be a psych., that’s how Oprah was introduced to him and started having him on her show. He practiced in Texas for years.

Personally I think London is very girly but Avery is now a gender neutral name. Just check a baby name book. Although I know of only 3 boy Averys: Charlotte’s web, Sara Evans’ son, and Murphy brown’s son who was named after his grandmother. To me it’s like Taylor Bailey etc.

to each his own. But at least when his grandson gets made fun of on the play ground he has his grandpa to talk to.

Judy Newman on

The names are cute..but..I thought Avery was a boys name and London was a girls name…oh well…Congratulations!

Kat on

Jay looks like hes sitting on nails! I guess the new celeb trend is to name kids for cities/places. London, Bronx, Egypt, Morroco whatever….


momandmore on

Why is it such a big deal that she didn’t get an epidural? Women have been doing that for centuries. It’s called childbirth.


Congrats Dr Phil & Robin,…U are truely blessed.! My daughter’s doggy’s name is London(Male)…and the Female is Paris,and just gave birth to Pepi and Prada.

Marny on

London is a nice name — better than Apple or Wyoming or …

People change their names – as in Marion became John (Wayne).

What’s in a name!!

A childhood friend was “Michael” — a girl.

Give hugs to all the grands for me, Dr Phil.

kerri on

I AM A FIERCE WOMAN! I had all three of my children without an epi or any other drugs. It was not that I was too far along in labor, I was given the option and declined. I knew it was best for the baby to NOT have drugs. I also had my last two 18 months apart.

Congrats to the McGraw family!

AllisonJ on

congrats to them! I don’t care for London as a boy’s name, but I’m sure he will grow into it.

I know a pair of sibs named Avery (boy) and Bradley (girl). Sounds weird in print, but those kids really DO look like their names.

And he[[, yes, I was fierce when I gave birth to my 9 lb, posterier son without an epidural. I barely made it to the hospital in time with that one. Worst pain EVER. I don’t recommend it! My opinion – take the epidural if you can. No need to suffer. : – )

Mary on

I just want to say congratulations…THAT’S IT…congratulations to parents, grandparents, etc…so happy for everyone! Anyone that has a comment/opinion about anything else, shame on you! Happiness for a healthy baby…THAT’S IT! 🙂

Hannah Smith on

I had three babies without epidurals…what’s the big deal? Also, Dr.Phil kept this pregnancy under wraps…the first pregnancy was a big media event on his show. Guess his son and daughter-in-law wanted it to be more private this go round.

liz on

I love the name Londyn but one of my twin girls is Londyn and the other is Marissa.

Zoe on

Congrats to them! I like the name but think London does sound a bit feminine, but regardless it’s a very nice name.

I gave birth to all three of my sons w/o epidurals because I was afraid of getting the needle. Yeah, I realize how stupid that is 🙂 haha but it made sense at the time 🙂

JUlie on

Wow, I am amazed at all the bashing going on!!! These people are estatic about the birth of their grandchild and most of you do nothing but criticize the name they chose and bash Dr. Phil. Would you people really like people to be doing this to you or your family??? Isn’t the name you choose personal to each and everyone of you and your family? Congratulations to the entire McGraw family on the arrival of their son/grandson. Glad everyone is happy and healthy. Robin and Dr. Phil now have another baby to spoil, we could all only be so lucky to have such a loving and supportive family as this, like them or not!

kim on

,I think the name that they chose is a great name, the reason your are complaining, because all of your dont have nothing better to do.

Konichiwa on

A) I wish people would just comment on the article and leave it at that instead of worrying about other people’s comments B) I have to laugh at their name choices; I have a friend who has a London (a girl) and an Avery (a boy). LOL.

Cier on

My goodness! SO many self-righteous, rude, nasty comments from ignorant people. So what if you did or didn’t have an epidural? So what if you couldn’t have one because you were too far dilated or because you just declined, and so what if you know 5 girls named Avery and so there can’t possibly be a boy named Avery, ever! Any baby, funky name or not, is a blessing and every birth IS courageous whether medicated or not.People, get a life and simply say congratulations or not and move on. I bet the majority of you posting negative things on here are overweight and hideous anyway.

Dr. Phil and family, congratulations on your new addition!

hushupp on

Thank goodness they didn’t know about Peotone, Illinois!

liam on

Funny the litle girl has a boys name and now their son has a gilrs name…Hummmm

theresa on

it seems that so many people have opinions on the name and is dr phil a real dr ect. mind your own business!!!!!!!! if you had your own lives and minded your own business than you wouldnt be needing to worry about anyone elses life

Dionne on

I just want to say congrats to the McGraw family. I to had my son on my Grandmothers birthday, I had a repeat C-section and was able to make that day even more special.

Marky on

Why, oh why is the world so full of such a bunch of self-righteous pricks when it comes to having babies?! Honestly, hearing someone say, “I didn’t have an epidural because I know it’s better to avoid drugs!” (smirk included in statement), is so painful since no drugs ever reach a baby with an epidural. Ouch! The ignorance just gives me a headache….. Congratulate these people for their new baby and shut up about how much better you did it, and how silly the name they lovingly chose for THEIR child is.

Tamj on

Marky, if you don’t like the people here then go elsewhere.
All of the show business types crave public attention to increase their stock & financial status or they wouldn’t have their Agent put out press releases or tweets documenting their clients day to day activities. Dr. Phil is just like all of the rest.(He’s a quack .) Put your family out in the public eye as an ideal and you get what you deserve. He had his poor little granddaughter on tv as a ‘special episode’of the Dr. Phil Show. What a total asshat using a grandchild to get ratings. Yikes. That was it for me.Until then I thought he was o.kay. He has people on his show to entertain America with their disfunction.(The woman that fed her misbehaving son hot sauce is a great example. They wanted her to send a vid of “her actually dosing the poor boy with the hot sauce”. Now she has criminal charges filed against her by CFS in Alaska).

Marky, you have no right to tell anyone what they can say or do here or anywhere else. This is still America where we hold Freedom of Speech sacred. If you don’t like the comments don’t read them, la bestia !

Marky, You show your extreme ignorance when you write ,” since no drugs ever reach a baby with an epidural…”. You are the ignorant one. There is much information on the possible iatrogenic effects of epidural anesthesia on the infant and also on the mother. You should educate yourself before you open your big mouth and prove how ignorant and misinformed you are on this subject. Have a nice day 🙂

Colleen Griffin on

I also have 2 beautiful grandchildren. Their names are also Avery and Londyn (different spelling) and I think they are beautiful names…just different enough! Congrats to the McGraw Family! Gorgeous Children for sure.

Cheryl on

London Phillip McGraw – Strong, powerful name…blessings to the family who has the joy of this new child in their lives.

Annw on

Herofierce? For having a baby without an epidural ? Geez, what does that make ME ? I had FOUR CHILDREN with absolutely no pain meds, etc. I honestly think that Drs. are going to figure out in a few years that all these Epidurals they are giving aren’t good for the BABY ( later in life…you never know ? ) or the mom. I have known 3 gals that had epidurals and were paralyzed for up to 3 months AFTER the baby was born…..Try that, not to mention 2 of these three women had other chilidren after this paralysis happened. The paralysis did go away…finally. My son’s wife’s sister INSISTED that my daughter-in-law have a epidural. WHAT FOR ? I mean, if you don’t realize that giving birth is going to hurt…then don’t become pregnant. The pain you experience is something you never remember after the child is born ( otherwise WHY would we have more than just one ? )
No, nothing heroic about giving birth without an epidural…..!! Personaly I would NEVER let a Dr. stick needle into my spine…EVER !!

Jill on

I LOVE his name its not an everyday name you hear. Some of these stars name their babies like they were on crack when they named them. I think both of their children have very unique and beautiful names.