Liam McDermott’s Silver Nails

09/01/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Denis Castro/Beverly News

It looks like Kingston and Zuma Rossdale aren’t the only celeb tykes to get mini manicures.

Liam McDermott is also jumping on the trend.

On Aug. 30, the 4-year-old debuted silver nails while shopping at the Brentwood Country Mart with mom Tori Spelling in Los Angeles.

Now that Liam is experimenting with his style (check out his faux Mohawk and cool shades!), we wonder what’s up next.

Colored hair? Superhero costume? No matter what it is, we’re sure it will be adorable.

TELL US: Would you let your son sport painted nails?

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stephanie on

Nail polish on boys is no no on. Girls is OK if it is clear nail polish no red or silver.

mammarazzi76 on

UGH! where does it end???? this is just redic!

Susie on

I quit watching the show because it irritated me so to hear Tori keep calling that child “Monkey”….

Susie on

Maybe she’d like him to wear a tutu too?

Hea on

Oh, watch out! The Gender Police is in the house!

I think it’s completely okay as long as it’s a nailpolish without too much junk in it. He probably wants to be pretty like mom. Nothing wrong with that.

MATT1119 on


Sam on

Wow, there is nothing wrong with this. He is a little boy playing dress up. Girls can wear fire hats or work hats, play with cars and trucks, but turn it around and OH OH NO NO. Relax. Take a deep breath. I don’t like Tori and Dean (cheaters rate below zero to me), but Liam is adorable!

Joie on

I see no problems with this, both my boys love getting nail polish, we have the type that has no crap. I do think kids like it because it is a burst of colour. My youngest boy has a doll that he calls his bebe. It is his security toy. I have no problem with them liking girls things or wanting nail polish. If girls are allowed to play with truck why can’t boys play with dolls and get dressed up. I say let them be kids while they can.

ann on

I think its cool! If it was pink I would question it…but silver is just fun:)

Janie on

Ah ha! I can see why it must be so hard for a gay or lesbian person to come out–so much intolerance in America.

There is NOTHING wrong with a little boy wanting to try mama’s nailpolish (or makeup for that matter!). I think it’s worse to tell a boy “No” if he asks to try it because that will shame him into thinking there is something wrong with him.

Lighten up, folks! It’s just some harmless nail polish–it won’t turn him gay.

laurie on

It’s silver! I’m sure he thinks it is cool. My five yr old grandson put some on once and he remains “normal”. Chill out people.

jeralin on

I think its fine–truly what’s it going to hurt? make him less of a boy? man? let kids be….

jeralin on

I think its fine-let kids be; silver rocks—like a post said-its not ‘pink’…and he has a pretty cool mom-that will ensure that he is not misguided…:)

Kat on

Monkey? I call my little girl monkey and bunny all the time.

So what, he wanted to try polish. It might look silly, but he is four and probably wants to look silly.

Janie on

@jeralyn so what if it was pink? or red? He’s a FOUR YEAR OLD. And what did you mean by ‘misguided”. Do you think a 4-year old who wears nail polish is at risk for going down a wrong path?

Anyone is free to answer these questions 🙂

M! on

Little kids like colorful things. I’m not at all surprised that a little boy would want colorful nails. Especially if he was watching his mom paint his sisters nails or something. Would you really tell your son it’s wrong? “It’s just for girls” It seems like that would be more damaging than letting him do it.

Kate on

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with liam having his nails painted. he’s a little boy! little boys like to do things there mommy does! its cool. don’t judge him because he’s wearing nail polish at 4. and who cares if she calls him monkey? i call my niece bug.

Sarah K. on

He’s just a little kid. He doesn’t really understand that adults have these ridiculous rules about what boys can and cannot do or wear. Wearing nail polish doesn’t say anything about his sexual orientation or anything else. It just means he likes color. Why is it such a no no for so many of you? He’s too young to be bogged down by other people’s prejudices.

Penny on

That little boy is adorable. Whether he thinks the polish is pretty or the thinks it matches the metal on one of his toy trucks it shouldn’t matter. How and when should children be allowed to express themselves or have fun. It probably happens in other homes all the time it’s just not captured and put online. What would be the difference if it were stickers, or the glowing part of fire flies, or marker etc… Or how is it different from the child who wants to wear their halloween costumes to church or to the market. I’m sure every parent is trying to do their best, and sometimes you have to let the kids win a few of the battles…

Dawn on

Why is this even a topic of conversation. The tabloids need to leave children alone! If I ever have a son that wants to wear nail polish, good for him. My daughter likes to play with “boy’s toys”. Why such a fuss??

Lora on

My first thought? Cool, robot nails.

Jillian on

Why is wearing nail polish a no no for boys? What will it do to him if he wears it? What I think is ridic is that people are so judgemental of people and children!

Janie I think just like you. I know many gays and lesbians who have not wanted to come out because of the judgements people have. I know people who have cringed because their boys played with dolls or wanted to wear dresses or liked pink. Makes me shake my head because no one choses to be gay, you are born gay. I wish for a world when people will let people just live.

Signed, NOT Jillian

Penny on

@ Lora I totally agree lol! Also the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz wore make-up, nail polish, and probably tights too. Oh my!

Mara on

Sure, why not? If that’s what he wants, sure! I know a couple of straight guys who love to paint their nails, so it’s not a “gay” thing. Come on, guys.

Kate on

let the kid be! he wants to look cool….most superheros wear tights and some wear makeup too?! How many of you let your kids get their face painted? Isn’t that “make-up”?! Let him be and leave the judgement to God (who I think would laugh at this and say “this is what you people are worried about? not war, famine, slavery, dishonesty, etc, etc”)

Jen DC on

He’s probably pretending to be a superhero with energy bursts that come out of his fingers or something. And even if he’s not, not your kid, not your problem.

I bet it’s really pretty and reflective and fun in sunshine, though…

Brooklyn on

Does he also have feathers in his hair?

Dee on

GROW UP already…he is a child w/ no concept of gender roles. If he enjoys nail polish let him at it. What the hell is wrong with some of you people. Good heavens!!!!!

My son is 13 months and he plays w/ dolls and trucks, why am I taking the doll away? As far as he is concerned it is a toy, something to chew on and toss aside when he is finished.

Mom Of Twins on

I’m not into this trend.

dee on

I love the hypocritical it’s OK as long as it’s not pink post. Is there a magical substance in this one particular color that magically turns little boys gay and little girls into real princesses or something?

Hea on

It amazes me that some idiots still think it’s possible to MAKE a person turn homosexual by letting them wear certain colors and play with certain toys.

ForeverMoore on

My 15 month old son loves to dig around in my makeup box, all the different sizes colors and shape are just fascinating to him. I don’t think that is going to influence him in any way. People need to just chill! Are you only happy if a little boy or little girl fit into the perfect little box of who they SHOULD be?

TC on

I personally wouldnt do it. But hasnt Dean been seen with painted nails. I know I have seen it on his toes?

Jennifer on

He’s probably imitating his parents.

Tee on

To answer the question, no. I wouldn’t let little boys wear nail polish. I also wouldn’t let little girls wear nail polish. For me, it has nothing to do with sexual orientation. There is no need for that form of “self improvement.” So while I don’t judge other people that choose to paint their nails, I would not do it to myself or allow my children to do it.

Ashleigh-Faye on

A no no for boys? Are you serious? My son has silver crackle on his toe nails right now. Get over yourself and focus on whats important in life…. not nail polish on boys!

Rebecca on

I wouldn’t put nail polish on a four year old, regardless of gender. I think it’s a bit young. I don’t wear make up at all though, so I don’t think if I had kids that they’d really be exposed to it.

Maybe if they ASKED me if they could try it, I’d let them put on a bit of lip gloss or something subtle and simple that’s barely visible, just so they can see what it feels like (generally kids at that age just want to do the same things they see Mommy doing, instead of actually wanting the make up itself).

I wouldn’t let my daughter wear real, visible makeup (including nail polish, eye shadow or blush) until age 12 at the EARLIEST. And she would have to ask for it. I wouldn’t just randomly give it to her unless she expressed an interest in trying it. If my son was that age and ever asked to try my make up, I’d also say yes, just like I would for a girl. But I would explain to him that even though men don’t typically wear it, that he can if he wants to. I don’t really see a little boy wearing make up as a gay thing, more like a young child being curious and wanting to do the same things their parents do and feel grown up. And if my son is much older (teenager) and STILL wants to use make up, then whatever, by then it’s his choice, and I’d support him no matter what. I wouldn’t feel right preventing him from being who he wants to be, whether he wants to be gay, or a girl, or just a guy that wears make up. I would just want him to be happy. Same with a daughter. I wouldn’t want to force her to wear make up or force her to not wear make up. After age 12, it’s her choice.

Here, I think, is either A. Liam saw Tori doing her nails and wanted to try it, or B. Tori wanted attention and did her son’s nails so she can show off what a “cool” parent she is. Odds are it’s A, since at that age, you really can’t put make up on a boy that doesn’t want it. You have to sit still and wait for it to dry. So I think Liam WANTED it.

Toya L. on

He is so stinkin cute to me. I would not allow my son to wear fingernail polish but don’t have a problem with parents that do allow their sons to wear it. IMO parents shouldn’t be judged because they do not agree with allowing their son and/or daughter to wear nail polish nor should parents that do be judged for allowing it.

dsfg on

Really, Stephanie? I didn’t know there were rules about that. Thanks for informing us.

polish4boys on

my 10 yo ds has pink and purple polish on his toes. I am a secure enough mother to let him do it and he is secure enough to wear it. No gender identity issues here.

showbizmom on

Hmmmm… Some of you do know one is born gay or straight right? Putting nail polish on a boy isn’t going to make him anything. His sexuality has already been determined.

Shannon on


What of it? on

How many times is the nail-polish debate going to be played out on this blog? It’s getting a little worn-out. Can we move on to some other type of controversy?!

Jurnee on

He has a mom and sister and probably wanted to try what they do. Why the uproar? It allows him to explore being fun, silly and just a kid! Small children don’t yet understand gender stereotypes, and the beauty in that is that this allows them the freedom to play, explore and learn. Why put negative connotations on an innocent experience like having fun with color and painting, whether it’s by putting on nail polish, coloring with chalk on a sidewalk, or making a picture? People who are uptight about this are extremely close-minded.

Marissa on

I do not care what the latest TREND is for celebrities. They can come up with weird things! I have a son and NO WAY will he ever go out in public with painted nails. I am sure he will get teased like crazy and not only that, my son would not want to even get his nails painted!! He is too busy getting his hands sirty and being a NORMAL BOY!

evie-lyn on

I let my 4yo son wear nailpolish. Am I a bad mum? No! When he asked if he could wear some, I didnt have a good enough reason to say no. They’re kids for goodness sake! They’re learning to express themselves and if nailpolish is what they want does it matter?

ClaireSamsmom on

It is all for fun…does it mean anything about him for wearing polish? Nope. Probably just saw some sparkly “paint” that he wanted to play with it. My son plays with my daughters toys sometimes….dollhouse and all…of course, he doesn’t “play” with it the way she does…last time I observed him ‘installing’ pretend air conditioners in the dollhouse windows. Um, yeah. I think if you make things into a big deal, then it becomes one. Don’t read more into it.

Mary on

Liam’s mother has been hanging around those two homosexual “uncle” friends. She is trying her hardest to make one out of her son.

Child Protective Services…where are you!.

Holiday on

I think its great they let their son wear nail polish if he wishes to do so. My son has never asked to wear and and would not because that is how he is.

AmandaK on

How is this even an issue? Many men get manicures and pedicures so why would little boys not want to? I think it’s nice that more males are into nail grooming. Too bad my husband isn’t the type to go for a mani pedi. I’m kind of jealous that some of my gf’s hubbies go with them!

alicejane on

It blows my mind that this is even an issue for people. Children, boys and girls, like to experiment and have fun with different things. My older brothers used to love putting on dresses and high heels and go clomping around the house when they were about the same age as Liam and they are now in their late 20s and perfectly well-rounded. They stopped wearing womens’ shoes and clothes; it was simply dress-up. The great thing now is that they are raising their kids with the same non-judgemental, easygoing attitudes that our parents raised us with. My 3 year old nephew has asked to have his toenails painted before and he loves it. I have no doubt that he is going to grow up to be loving and accepting because his parents aren’t teaching him petty, judgemental attitudes.

I say go Dean and Tori for letting Liam have some fun. It’s harmless, he’s not hurting himself or anyone else.

ari on

This is just wrong!!!

Toya L. on

Am I not seeing all the comments? It may just be my phone, I keep seeing rebuttal type comments but not seeing the comments they are rebutting. I haven’t read ONE comment that says boys that wear nail polish, pink, make up, play with dolls etc… Will TURN gay or have identity issues, yet the comments imply that there are at last one. Uggh cheap phones suck. : )

Angel on

Anything goes for attention – even using your children. I just lost a lot of respect for Tori. I don’t really care whether the kid is wearing polish or not but she knew when she let him go out of the house like that that he would be photographed and her name would be kept in the spotlight. Disgusting.

de on

Painting your son’s nails at home with mama’s polish or a clear coat is no big deal when they are little. Where I draw the line is taking them out for a manicure and getting their nails painted. I don’t think it leads to gender confusion or anything, I just think it is silly. 🙂

What next? Giving them acrylics? lol

Mari on

Seal paints his toenails black and Angie and Brads daughter Shiloh dresses like a boy, so what else is new? A screwed up future society with kids with weird names and screwed up genders.

Amanda on

I’m all for girls being girls, and boys being boys, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little boy having on some nail polish for fun – be it silver, pink, black or whatever color.

Rachelle on

I want my children to grow up to be happy, capable, kind, good adults. That’s my job as a parent. Whether they are gay, straight or trangendered doesn’t matter much. As a parent I don’t want my children to choose a path in life that will be harder than normal. But we teach them about honesty, hard work, faith, tolerance, respect… There is so much suffering in the world, if my boys wanted to wear nail polish and be happy it would be fine with me.

holly on

My boyfriend’s mom always jokes with me that he would always ask to have his nails painted, because his three sisters would always get their nails painted, and he wanted to be like them. He is absolutely a “NORMAL BOY” whatever that means, and screams at football, plays sports, and does all the other things society deems “manly”. And he loves me, a woman. He liked having painted nails when he was younger, so what? That is no indication of future sexuality. Painting your nails doesn’t change your DNA, for godsakes. If your son is going to be gay, it was determined LONG before someone painted his nails.

Rebecca on

Oh, and in case one of those replies was for me about the “You do realize you can’t make a boy gay by putting on nail polish” — I’m aware of that, and I’m mentally slapping myself for phrasing the sentence the way I did in my first reply. I meant to say that if my son was BORN gay, grew up and then was comfortable enough to want to be who he is (gay), that I would support him. Even if that meant wearing make up.

I didn’t mean to imply that being gay was a choice. I didn’t mean that that if hypothetically my son wanted to be gay, that I would let him wear make up and choose to be gay. That’s not what I wanted to say at all. Sorry about that. Hope I didn’t offend.

AshleyM on

I have 3 children, 8yr old girl, 6 yr old boy and a 5 yr old girl. Just recently I started to put “safe” nail polish on my daughters toes. My daughters DO NOT wear make up (like my 7 yr old step daughter!) My son does not and will not wear nail polish…..END OF STORY!!!

Indira on

If your son is going to be gay or trans- denying them nail polish isn’t going to avert those “problems”. Dressing your daughter in pink and making her take ballet won’t stop her from becoming a bulldyke lesbian…just sayin.

loren on

I agree with Rebecca and Tee. No nail polish for anyone under 12, male, female, gay or straight, at my house. Time enough for all that. I also think child pageants are unnecessary 🙂 However, I don’t judge the parents who are OK with it, basically if Tori like’s it, it is OK. I’m just not trendy and that’s OK too 🙂 Live and let live

poppykai on

Silver nail polish and a feather hanging in his hair!!! I wouldn’t say he looks feminine, but I think Tori is trying so hard to make her child “trendy” that he just looks strange (as far as the accessories).

Nicole on

Absolutely not, and not for any of the reasons stated here.

A child’s nails are far more porous and pliable than an adults. Nail polish contains many ingredients, including toluene, formalin, and phthalates. I don’t want to be introducing all those chemicals into my son’s system.

Shana on

Whats the big deal? My 6 year old son gets hit nails painted blue when I get a mani pedi and my hubby gets a pedicure. I insist my husband not have gnarly feet rubbing against me in the night so when we go to the nail place my son wants to be included. He says he gets them painted “Superman Blue” Lighten up people!

Jenn on

I think it is cute and people need to stop worrying about it. Why does it matter? I always thought guys should be able to wear nail polish in the first place.

Jennifer on

This is freaking SICK! Who would do this to their SON? Nail polish is for GIRLS….. poor thing is going to grow up and be a sissy!

Jennifer on


JMO on

I don’t think it’s “bad” or “sickening” however I wouldn’t let my own son do it. I would simply explain to him there are things girls do and boys do not. And when your older and can buy your own things and don’t live w/ mommy you can do what you want. And yes we do live in a hypocritical society where we think it’s okay for girls to dress like boys but not for boys to look like girls.

I am one of those hypocrites and admit it. Although if I had a daughter I would want her to be girly but I wouldn’t be opposed to her being a “tomboy.” However my son will never be caught wearing tutu’s, nail polish, feathers in his hair, eye make up etc!! And this has nothing to do with fearing my son will grow up gay bc I couldn’t careless if that happened.

Piper on

JMO- If it has nothing to do with him being gay, then why would you care if he did or not. You’re afraid that people will think he is gay, so quit the bull.

Also, just so people know know all game men wear makeup and dresses. But the world is so closed minded when it comes to children and their lack of gender associations.

Margaux on

Yeah, I’d let my son wear polish…I think he’d be one to opt for a dark or “cool” color like silver or metallic, but not pink anyway.

Amy on

Of course there is nothing “wrong” AS LONG AS its a “star’s” child!! If anyone walked out to the grocery store and seen a little boy with nail polish, they would be looking at that child shaking their heads and asking “What were those parents thinking?” DON’T lie! FFS let boys be BOYS and let girls be GIRLS!!! Raise them as they are suppose to be. If you had a girl, then dammit, raise her like a girl…if you had a boy then freakin hell, raise him like a boy! THAT is what they are FFS!!!!

Amy on

and BTW…gender police??? no its called got brains and I’m sick of people confusing their children. It may be their choice, but you are definitely confusing the hell out of kids today!!

soph on

“no its called got brains”

Hmm…I wouldn’t be so sure.

Sarah K. on

“Raise them as they are suppose to be.”

Amy, who decides how kids are “suppose” to be? 100 years ago, you and I wouldn’t have been allowed to vote in this country because people thought women were “suppose” to obey their husbands and not bother with serious world matters. Gender rules/norms are constantly changing and depend on so many factors. People will never fit into a perfect little box of 1950s American norms.

Piper, excellent point!

ecl on

Just so people know, those with greater gender conformity suffer greater psychic stress because the roles are so rigid, they can not possibly live up to them. There is no reason for nail polish to be a “girl thing” other than that people decided it what a girl thing…in which case, we can also decide that it is not. I could care less. What upsets me is little boys in camo. Why would I want my child dressing like a killer? I also choose not to glorify war and the rampant homophobia, sexism and racism of the military. It over-conformity that bothers me rather than the other way around.

JMO on

oh Pipe down Piper!

No I’m not concerned if my son would be gay or what other people would think. If he’s going to be gay that’s already pre-determined and no amount of me trying to make him a boy is going to change that. But that doesn’t mean that I am going to get to go about doing “girly” things with him either.

abbyc on

I highly doubt Liam said I want silver nails. This is just another example of celebrities trying to one up one another via their children. Tori loves attention. I mean, look how much we are giving her now and therefore her tv shows. Very clever….

Aaron on

I don’t know. If my son asked to have his nails painted, I wouldn’t freak out and say no. On the other hand, I don’t think I would be the type of mom to say, “Hey son. Would you like to go get your nails done?” Something about saying that out loud just doesn’t seem right…

shalay on

Freaking out about having a color on your nails is just ridiculous to me. Kids don’t understand gender roles, it’s their parents and other adults who drill it in their heads. I’ve never understood the whole pink is for girls, blue is for boys mentality. They’re colors. It’s as bizarre as not buying a boy any clothes that are green because green is for girls, and not allowing a girl to wear yellow because yellow is for boys. Our society made up these ridiculous norms.

Same thing goes for painting one’s nails. All of you saying that it will confuse kids, don’t you think it would be more confusing to say, “No you cannot paint your nails. Only mommy and sister can. Not you.” I know that when I was young, I wanted to paint my nails just like my mom. How is it so crazy to believe that a little boy can think the same way?

Louisa on

I was a big fan of the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I noticed that both Spike and Oz wore nail polish. Spike’s was chipped. I liked it. I don’t see a problem with it, and I think the fuss over boys wearing nail polish is ridiculous. People got over men wearing earrings. They’ll get over this. Because it’s stupid.

NoAdditives on

I’m sure my husband would never allow our son out of the house with painted nails, and I’m sure he’d prefer I not do it to begin with. But, we’re both fully aware that young children have no concept of sexuality and no clear idea of gender roles. So wanting painted nails or wanting to dress up like a girl for Halloween isn’t a big deal.

My 16 month old son always looks a little sad when I do his big sister’s hair, he pulls at his short hair and tries to steal her bows. He even wanted to try on one of her dresses (and he looked super cute in it!). He just wants to do the same things his sister does, not because he wants to be a girl, but because she’s his only child role model right now. It’s completely normal. They are very much a tough boy and girly girl even though he plays with her dolls sometimes and she loves to play with his cars.

Kids experiment with lots of things as they figure out who they are. Growing up is difficult, especially when people place so much importance on gender roles. There’s no need to complicate it further by preventing a child from experiencing something that is typically reserved for the opposite gender.

NailPolishGuy on

That rocks! I’m a guy and I wear nail polish all the time.

mark on

Heck yes, why not? It’s just basically car paint. What, guy’s don’t like color or flash too? Nonsense.