Family Photo: The Silverstone-Jarecki’s Tribeca Trek

09/01/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Rodriugo/Luis JR. Guerra/Ramey

Three’s company!

Alicia Silverstone leads the way while husband Christopher Jarecki does the heavy lifting — son Bear Blu is in there! — during an afternoon stroll in New York City on Wednesday.

The family is currently living in the Big Apple while the actress, 34, films Gods Behaving Badly.

Bear, 4 months, is the first child for the couple, who wed in June 2005.

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martina on

They look great. But man, I know those slings are perfectly safe – but they freak me out.

Olivia on

Oooh, I love babywearing so much that I hate to snark, but the #1 rule of babywearing is that baby should be close enough to kiss. This makes it easier for the wearer to keep an eye on baby’s breathing and comfort. That sling is simply too big.

Chelsea on

Slings are very safe, but being a very experienced babywearing mom myself, I would NEVER wear one that low. The rule of thumb is have baby high enough up on your body, close enough to kiss. I’m glad they are babywearing, but there are better and safer ways to do it.

Chelsea on

Yep, Olivia is right. That just looks dangerous to me.

amw on

yeah, they seem like a great family, and i know bear is bigger (4 months isnt scary tiny for a sling) but i dont like his head being that far forward and out of the sling. makes babywearing seem scary and dangerous.

Mimi on

Wooow….kid looks way uncomfortable, like he can’t breathe!

Jen DC on

Yay, babywearing! Boo, position of baby’s head. Just seems like a compromised airway in that position to me…

RKF on

I’m glad their not poster parents for “How to wear a baby sling.” That looks downright dangerous.

ClaireSamsmom on

I don’t know much about baby-wearing, except for the baby Bjorn which my kids rode in alot. I had a sling, but felt like I always had it wrapped wrong and didn’t feel like my baby was in it right. I love seeing people using them, though….seeing the baby so close to mom or dad. I needed an experienced baby-wearer to show me the ropes when my kids were babies! 🙂 Anyway…cute picture…sweet family!

anya on

I love that they are baby wearing but GASP.. that sling is too low.

Silly Mama on

He looks like a hobo.

Nice nipple, dude.

Liz on

Agree with previous comments. Yay for babywearing, but BOO for *bad* babywearing. It is so much better than ^^^ this!!!!!!!!

Just my 2 cents on

Lets remember people this just a photo 2 seconds later they could have changed his position and he wouldnt be so forward. You dont really know what was really going on, so shouldnt really judge.

Tee on

I love, love, love to see a baby wearing Daddy but I have to agree with the other commenters! He’s not wearing that sling correctly and just looking at this picture makes me nervous!

Grace2 on

It’s so sweet to see a dad wearing his baby, but I have to agree with previous posters. That sling isn’t being worn correctly. No I’m not a perfect mother and I’m not being critical, just nervous about how he’s wearing that sweet boy.

ashley on

not only does he have it too low, but he should have a hand on or near the baby, he looks like he could flop out of there at any moment…whenever i wear my baby i always have my attention on him, not walking nonchalantly around like i don’t give a crap

Tina on

He’s holding him like a sack of potatoes.

fuzibuni on

I think these two are well intentioned… just a little misguided.

Jessica on

@ silly mama -BEST comment ever!! I laughed out loud! Of course you have to scroll back up and take a another peek! lol

Michelle Z. on

Dude! It’s a baby, not a messenger bag!

Also…when will leggings go away?

Anastasia on

That baby is not being worn correctly. Don’t blame slings–people are uneducated. Yes, even celebrities.