Spotted: Sandra Bullock and Louis – Baby Steps

08/31/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Look who’s a big boy now!

Sandra Bullock keeps in touch with her marching munchkin, 19-month-old son Louis Bardo, during a sunny afternoon out in Los Angeles on Monday.

“I don’t know if [motherhood has] changed my approach to acting, but it’s made me a better person,” Bullock, 47, told PEOPLE recently.

“I’m more patient … and accommodating.”

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C.M. on

Oh, he’s quite the little cutie! I just can’t believe he’s 19 months old already! Times been slippin’ away rather quickly it seems!

Eliza on

He is so cute, I just want to bite his cheeks!!!

andi on

Sandra looks great and he is such a cutie pie!

cris on

He is adorable. However, this picture has a major stalker feel to it…

Tieraney on

Is he tall or is she short or is it just me? He looks pretty big for a 1.5 year old!!

Kristin on

I just love his expression in this photo. The first thing I thought of was him saying “What you talking about fool”. lol. I don’t know why his expression made me think of that but it did. He is just a little cutie. And she is beautiful as always.

Dewy on

Its a little disturbing that I have never seen a photo of this child smiling and/or laughing.

Tee on

Louis is adorable! I’m so glad that Sandra chose to become a mother… love seeing pictures of her and her son together!

Amber on

A mini Michael Ohr!!!

mimi on

Whats so disturbing? Would you be smiling if grown men followed you around flashing lights in your face to get a picture. And I’d like to think that when he’s home with his mommy in a stable place, he is a perfectly happy little boy. It’s disturbing to see women on these sites be judgemental of a baby!

@Kristen, I think the same thing. His expression is adorable and he’s an adorable little boy.

JustMe on

Right on, Mimi

Rosy on

Dewy – Some children are just more serious than others, nothing wrong with that.

tate on

“never seen a picture of him smiling”

She is very private there are limited photos, walking to the car isn’t really something to get him laughing….

Lis on

What a stupid comment, Dewy.

Shannon on

Why so serious Louis? lol

Shea on

@Dewy….if we followed you around all day….took pictures of you grocery shopping, going to the doctor, getting in and out of the car, taking out the trash, etc….would you have a huge grin plastered on your face?

This photo was taken from the street into what appears a driveway or parking lot…they probably used a zoom lense. He’s just a little boy walking to get into his carseat. It’s not like prancing ponies and cartwheeling clowns are in his path to entertain and amuse him. Get a grip.

Nicole on

I agree with Dewy. Not a single smile, ever. Jennifer Garner’s kids are forever smiling. Even the Jolie-Pitt kids and the little Cruise girl smile from time to time. Little Louie-nothing. Never looks happy. Poor kid.

Nicole on

Agree with Dewy. Strange, indeed.

ELO on

Louis is such a cutie.

*Does anyone know whether his name is pronounced Louie or Lewis?

Michelle on

@Dewy, that is because she beats him!! lol

Seriously, do your children (or the children you know) have a permanent smile on their face?

Kat on

ELO – Lou – is, it is the traditional spelling of the name. Glad to see it too, it is an old family name to me!

Dewy, if she is tense around photographers – which she seems to be – that might be why he doesn’t smile, he is picking up mom isn’t happy. Jen Garner and the Jolie-Pitts don’t care too much, so their kids wouldn’t seem as bothered.

Dee on

Hahaha I love LOVE his expression, he is so serious and to be honest probably annoyed if not curious as to why people are tripping over themselves to snap pics.

And lets face it….the papastalkies take tons of pics and let’s be honest, do you really think they are going to show the nice ones. Not that this is a bad pic but you get my drift!!!

He is a cutie pie, and I think Sandra is just beautiful 🙂

Mom Of Twins on

Just think of what the comment would be if he was licking his tounge out at the camera like some other starts kids I’ve seen on her?

Stubry on

ELO – If I recall correctly, I think she named him after Louis Armstrong (as he was adopted from New Orleans), in which case it would be pronounced Louie… but I could be wrong…

soph on

“I just want to bite his cheeks”? Um, creepy.

Lotus on

Calm down. I think he’s adorable and I think Sandra is probably a great mother, but it is unusual that of all the pictures I’ve seen on him on this site and others, I have never seen him smile. The paps probably do weird him out but I’m sure they do some of the other kids we see on here…who do SMILE! I don’t think it’s a personal attack against baby Louis or Sandra to wonder why we haven’t seen what I’m sure would be a gorgeous smile. You attack dogs on this site need to seriously chill.

sara on

Actually, Lotus, there’s nothing unusual about it at all. Normal people do not walk around with smiles on their faces most of the time, especially not when doing things that are not entertaining, such as walking to and from places, which is when all of the photos of this child have been taken.

Lotus on


No, normal people don’t walk around smiling like lunatics…but they don’t necessarily go around scowling either, like baby Louie. From my experience, children are especially more playful and smiley.

ELO on

Lotus- There actually are people who walk around with a scowl on their faces all the time. I am one of them. I do it and don’t even realize it, its a natural thing for me. My mother has pointed it out on numerous occasions. She tells me that I always look like I’m mad at the world & it makes me appear very unapproachable. But again, its not something I do on purpose. Sometimes I’ll try to keep a happy look on my face but eventually I wind up with that scowl back on my face. Granted its not quite as intense as Louis’, its still an unpleasant look.

MiB on

Actually, having worked in daycare and kindergarten as well as as a nanny, I can say that plenty of babies and toddlers have a tendency to look intense or scowling most of the time. That doesn’t mean they don’t smile and laugh or get fits of giggles, it’s just that babies and toddlers are pretty intense when they are focused on something. Sasha Schreiber had a very intense and serious look as a toddler, now you see him smiling and laughing all them time!

Elley on

I believe he is just the cutest little man. When I see a photo of him it puts a smile on my face. Sandra is doing a great job. Looks like the two of them are wonderful for each other.

Being a Mom/Stepmom of 4 sons, when a toddler is intent on a task or interested in something, they put their all into that one things. Smileing and laughing comes once they realize they did it. People need to relax.