Robert Downey Jr. and Wife Expecting a Baby

08/31/2011 at 10:20 AM ET
Lester Cohen/WireImage

Big screen superhero Robert Downey Jr. has some super news: he’s expecting a child with hisย wife, producerย Susan Downey.

The actor, who reprises his role as Iron Man in the upcoming The Avengers, and his wife of six years are set to welcome their first child together early next year.

“Robert and Susan could not be more excited over this news,” his rep tells PEOPLE. “They can’t wait to welcome this new baby into their wonderful family.”

The actor, 46, is already a father to Indio, 17, his son with ex-wife Deborah Falconer.

But the news should come as no surprise. In 2010, while promoting his comedy Due Date, Downey predicted he’d have another kid in 2012.

“I think I will be wrist-deep in doo-doo within 18 months. I’m calling it right here,” he said.

And he was thinking pink.

“I think we should probably try to have a girl because I don’t want another male entity to have to compete,” he said. “I don’t want Indio to feel there’s another boy in my life. But I don’t know what we’d have to do [to have a girl]. Do we have to put it in a spoon and hang it upside-down?”

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Corrie on

Yay!!! He’s one of my favorite actors and I have been wondering forever if he and Susan were planning on having any kids together. This makes my morning. ๐Ÿ˜€

showbizmom on

Yay! This makes me happy! I love Robert Downey Jr and his wife. Well if you don’t know about his wife, you should. She’s an amazing producer that has in my opinion become one of Hollywood’s Power Players. She’s very good at what she does.

Paige on

Another pregnancy excitement I’m excited about.

Congratulations to Robert and Susan as well as Indio! Love them together and the fact that she was part of his insperation to become clean and sober.

Hea on

Congrats to them! I have to admit that I’m a wee bit jealous though… ๐Ÿ™‚

K on

Congratulations! I love both of them. I think they’re great together!

Addi on

Congrats! Wow, she’s beautiful! (& showbizmom, Didn’t know that, but I’m glad she’s not just RDJ’s arm candy!)

Also, His comment’s a little weird. His son is 17, practically grown, it isn’t like he’s 3 or 5 & will really feel like he has to compete for daddy’s love if it’s a boy (or if it’s a girl, really)? Am I interpreting that wrong?

I’m sure they’ll all be thrilled with whatever they have as long as he or she is healthy, but that comment’s awkward to me. I’d understand if he was a little boy, but he’ll probably be in college next year.

Donna on

There is a clinic in the midwest that actually specializes in helping people get the gender of choice. They have a great success rate.

Brooke on

Absolutely wonderful news!! he is the greatest actor of his generation, and I am so happy to see him on track and with his life together.

Jen DC on

Have loved RDJ since I was … Gosh, a kid. Pre-teen. Those eyes, so dreamy. I’m so glad he’s come out the other side of his addictions and problems with the law to be in a good relationship! She seems really cool, and he seems totally in love with her and grateful to have found her. So excited for him and by extension, her. Sigh. Oh, Robert. Still so handsome…

Jen DC on

@ Addi: He’s joking.

Maryanne on

Aww. That is awesome congrats to them.

@ Hea, I am jealous as well!

Marie on

Met him before, super cool person!


fuzibuni on

Yey! Congrats to them ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyone who loves seeing RDJ in movies can pretty much thank Susan for that. While he is a creative genius, she is his rock. She has managed to bolster his career and give him stability while at the same time carving a major niche for herself in the movie producing business. They are an incredible power couple and I love that they are about to have another Downey baby!

guest on

OMG I love him!! happy news

marlee on

So happy for RDJ and his family. How wonderful that he was able to get clean and turn his life around. I have always been fond of him.

By the way, for all of you RDJ fans, if you haven’t seen him in the Elton John video “I Want Love,” you need to find that on your computer right now. Brilliant, haunting and beautiful.

Barbara on

I too am thrilled for Robert and his wife. I wonder if he realizes how many people actually care for him. I am so glad he is finally a settled and happy man. What a blessing for them.

Sarah S. on

Wow, I didn’t expect this at all! I’m so happy for Robert and Susan (and big brother Indio) congrats!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Julianna on

LOVE him, always have. I remember reading an article years ago, an interview with him from prison or right after he’d gotten out, so to see how his life is now is so inspiring. I am really happy for him. And, the way he was on Allie McBeal ( except for the leaving part, lol)….ahhhh, perfect guy!

Kelly on

RDJ is such a wonderful actor and a really hot man. So happy for him and Susan, beautiful power couple!

Anna on

I think it’s sweet that he thinks about his son’s feelings. At 17 your still young and can be insecure about things. I’m sure they’ll love whichever sex they get!

Lila on

So glad that he changed his ways and has managed to stay clean and healthy. He is an amazing actor, and supposedly a great guy. I am going to guess that Susan had a lot to do with that. Happy for both of them as children are such a blessing!

britgirl on

Yay! I thought it was just a matter of time after watching the interview he did in the UK with Jonathon Ross where he said they wanted children. I love him!!!!!

Sonya on

And another couple from my ‘Wonder if they’ll have a(nother) baby’ list announces they’re expecting this year, lol.

Now I’m just waiting for the others (although I have to say the way thing have been going lately the list is dwindling rapidly).

weu on

I am so happy for them!

Anonymous on

when i saw this i screamed i have been waiting a long time for Robert and Susan to have a child.

sat on


Shelley on

I’m so glad he was able to get, and more importantly, stay clean. I hope that continues for the rest of his life. He really seems to have it together now, so what a blessing for him and his beautiful wife. And, I think he was kidding about the competition, but it’s sweet that he considers the feelings of his eldest son. congrats to them!

Calais on

@addi. I was 16 when my youngest sibling was born. I felt more like a sister that was so much older it was duty to help my mom and dad raise her and teach her the right from wrong and ultimately be like an older female influence and not have her feel like she can’t tell me things she may not be able to tell her mom and dad. Now im 30 and she’s 14 and she’s everything I wasnt because I think that me teaching her what I was like as a teen and that has made her choose to be better than I was. And I hope she can do that for my daughters who are 4 and 7 and my son who’s also 7 when they are a little older.

Congrats to Robert, Susan and Indio.

Nicole on

@Addi-why do you think some teens in stepparent families are so unhappy? Yes, even 17 year olds can feel jealous and like they are “cast aside” when new kids come along. I am sure RDJ will continue to be a great father to his son no matter what. Congrats to them. They are a beautiful couple.

Catca on

Many years ago was the infamous Academy Awards song/dance number with Rob Lowe dancing with Snow White, I think, and a bunch of other actors/dancers, that was so bad it wasn’t good, just bad (I think the number is consistently ranked as the worst song/dance number in Academy Awards history). Anyway, while the rest of Hollywood was politely clapping and reserving their griping for the next day, the camera panned to RDJ in the audience and his face made it very clear what he thought of the number. His expression was both honest and priceless and I’ve loved him as an actor ever since. Congratulations RDJ and Susan!

Mia on

I love him–Congrats to him & his family!

Barbie on

That was a dumb comment. With his luck, he’ll have another son who will read this dumb comment someday in the future. Celebrity parents should watch what they say and remember their children will read it someday.

em on

Barbie – How is it dumb? He was just thinking of his older son’s feelings. He didn’t in any way say he wouldn’t love another boy if he had one. Jeeze, how about learning to read and being a little more sensitive?

Trina on

I love robert downey Jr he is a great actor who came long was in changing his life around if he can change his life any one can i wish him the best of luck with his new wife and his new baby.

Stephanie on

YAY! I am so happy for them. Luv, Luv, Luv RDJ. He is such a success story! He use to be one of my most favorite actors in the 80’s and has totally reinvented himself! ๐Ÿ™‚