Spotted: Eric Dane and Billie – Lift Off!

08/31/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Fern/Splash News Online

Park playtime with Daddy continues!

Eric Dane hits the swings with 17-month-old daughter Billie Beatrice at Coldwater Canyon in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Sunday.

“She started singing lately,” mom Rebecca Gayheart tells PEOPLE.

“Billie’s singing and it’s very sweet, her little, ‘La-la-la,’ [and] twirling. Oh my God. So cute.”

The Grey’s Anatomy star, 38, and Gayheart expect their second child this winter.

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Manal from Jordan! on

so sweeet!!

Jen DC on

SIGH. Nothing sexier than a man holding his kid with a smile on his face…

She is just exactly as fair as he is – except he’s all red from a lack (I guess) of sunblock. No tanning in Billie’s future – all burn, all the time. 😀

Paula on

She is angelic looking and Dad isn’t bad either!

Monica on

Hot dad. Beautiful little girl.

bevvie on

cute and cute

Lissette on

How could anyone say Billie isn’t adorable?!?! (I’m talking about the last picture of her and Rebecca where people bashed her looks)

She is such a sweetheart!!

Jillian on

She is soooo cute and so is daddy!

Lissette, I totally agree!

Signed, Not Jillian

Lissette on

I am not Lissette either. I’m sick of seeing that name. I am on a public computer too though.

cn tower on

not Lisette and not Jillian-

Although I AM “Cntower”, I feel your pain as I am experiencing a similar problem – someone else is using my sign on name and I am unable to change to a different name – clearing the fields and deleting cookies doesn’t help.

Very frustrating, especially when the other person has a different view point and I feel like commenting too.

Signed, “Not Cn Tower anymore”

Mandy on

We shall try this from a different computer and see what my name pops up as lol.

Billie is still beautiful and so is her daddy.


Not Lissette.

AmandaK on

Billie is totally precious but don’t think Daddy is at all hot like others seem to think. He’s a rough looking 38. He looks more like her grandfather.

Mandy on

That name works lol. I guess my real name will have to do.

Hoopla on

For those of you who can’t change your name, open an incognito window in Google Chrome. I believe other browsers have the same option, but I don’t know what it’s called. Basically, whatever pages you visit don’t get recorded in your browsing history or added to the cache, cookies, etc. Also, try going into command prompt and typing in “ipconfig/flushdns.” Hope that helps, please tell me if it does.

cn tower on

Congrats Mandy! Hopefully you didn’t have to venture away from home to use the other computer 🙂

Mandy on

This is my home computer. 🙂 And thanks for the tip, I will check that out and see if it works.

Jillian on

Thanks all, I will try. It is quite ridiculous to be assigned a name. What is funny is that I just got this computer and have never ever entered a name. And it is a personal computer that no one else has used. Seems this site is trying to screw with me. Sorta funny that this is how they spend their time instead of delteting the vile and nasty posts bashing children.

Hoopla on

Well, if it’s the same IP address as before (meaning even if you got a new computer but kept the same internet connection your IP will not change) then that could be the reason why it’s the same on the new computer. Sites identify you by your IP, so would know if they were tracking when you visited/posted (sites do that so they can block IP’s if users abuse privileges). Also, if it really, really bothers you, you can use a proxy (just Google “free anonymous proxy server”) because that will hide your IP and actually usually gives you more internet security. Hope that makes sense, I tend to ramble when speaking about my precious interwebz. 😛

cn tower on

Hoopla, I was wondering about that because irrespective of which computer I used (at home), I still couldn’t change the name. Thanks for all the tips and I will give it another shot.

P.S. Why is it such a big deal for People that they have to go to so much trouble…

Hoopla on

No problem, I’m glad to try to help. Hope it works for you. 🙂 I just use an incognito browser (mostly because I have two younger brothers that would totally make fun of me for visiting People if they saw it in my browsing history) and it never remembers my name or any other cookies, I have to type it in every time.