Alyssa Milano Welcomes Son Milo Thomas

08/31/2011 at 02:55 PM ET
Larry Busacca/Getty

There’s a new boss in Alyssa Milano‘s house: her baby boy!

The actress, 38, and husband David Bugliari welcomed a son, Milo Thomas on Wednesday, Aug. 31 at 9:27 a.m. He weighed 7 lbs., and was 19 inches long.

In March, Milano announced on Twitter that she was expecting a boy.

The actress told PEOPLE she was having a lovely pregnancy and knew her husband would be “the most amazing father ever.”

Before she even met her son, he was already making her laugh. Milano told PEOPLE in May, “Every time I get an ultrasound, he’s doing really funny things like sucking his thumb or elbowing me.”

Milano and Hollywood agent Bugliari wed in 2009, and this is the first child for both.

— Alla Bryne and Julie Jordan

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Melissa on

Congrats! I love the name.

Lila on

So thrilled for her! And Milo is an adorable name.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! And finally, since it felt like she was pregnant forever!

I love the name.

mommyof2 on

yay!!! So happy for them!!! Love love love the name!!! sounds like a spots boy in the making!!!! :))))))

K on

Love the name! Congratulations to the new parents.

Chantal on

What a great and beautiful name!!! Love it!!!
Congrats to the happy family!!!

Tee on

Aw, I love the name they’ve chosen for their new son! Congratuations to Alyssa and David!

biddie on

i love how milo is so close to milano! congrats to them

Philippa on

Congratulations to both of them. Love the name! πŸ˜€

Manal from Jordan! on

Milo for Milano?!! Nicee!

Emma on

Yay!!! Congrat’s Alyssa & David on your bundle of joy! Welcome to the world Milo!!

B.J. on

LOVE the name Milo, especially because it’s so like Milano! Clever, clever πŸ™‚

Tania on

FINALLY! Feels like she has been preggo forever! Yay! I love the name Milo too! Soooo cute!

Mallory on

See! It really IS possible to give your kid a unique name without making him sound like a pet, candy, or fruit! Haha πŸ™‚

Congrats to Alyssa and David!

Capri on

I love the name & her, Congrats to the Bugliari’s!!

Jen DC on

Whooo! She looked ready to pop on the pictures they had up earlier. Milo Bugliari – cute.

ForeverMoore on

LOVE the name Milo! We were going to use it for our second boy due in Dec. but our last name is M too and it sounded like too much of a mouthful…SO cute though! Congrats to them!

Harley on

Aw, yay!!! I’m so happy for them! It’s always a joy to welcome a new little person to your world. Like a few others said, it feels like she’s been preggers forever lol! Congrats to the happy little family!

Mel on

I named my puppy Milo last week…needless to say I think the name is adorable!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Nice name & flows nicely IMO. Also like that it’s not overly used – only celeb I can think of off top of my head is Liv Tyler’s son?, although of course there’s probably someone I’m not thinking of right now…! Used to watch Who’s the Boss (showing my age) and can’t believe Samantha M’s a mum…! Congrats to them.

JMO on

Congrats! I expected him to be bigger bc she was so big!! Good size baby though! Bet he’s beautiful!

Ana on

Congratulations to Alyssa & David! Love the name, Thomas is a favourite of mine too (: Wishing them all a happy and healthy life together as a beautiful growing family!

Annie W. on

Congrats! (Knew she wasn’t due in “early fall”. πŸ™‚

Sarah S. on

Such a nice name…Milo Bugliari…fits nicely. Congrats to Alyssa and David!

VictΓ³ria on

omg im so happy for them! i love the name! congrats for Alyssa and David i wish all the happiness!

May on

Congrats Alyssa & David!!
i’m so happy for them!
and of course i adore the name Milo!!

Rosy on

Love his name, welcome to the world Milo Thomas Bugliari! Congrats to them.

Melinda on

Really like the name Milo, spunky and cute. Thomas, meh, i guess it fits the obligatory boring but safe middle name.

ZaraB on


“See! It really IS possible to give your kid a unique name without making him sound like a pet, candy, or fruit!”

Completely agree with your comment, Mallory! Milo is a gorgeous and not-too-common name. Beats most recent celebrity names by a mile.

ELO on

Congratulations! I love the name Milo Thomas.

eternalcanadian on

Congrats to the happy parents on the safe arrival of their baby Milo! Such an Italian name, eh? Alyssa is fun to read on Twitter.

Kika on

Congratulations :DD :*

kjc on

I love the name! It was on the top of my list for the past 10 years or so. My husband and I welcomed our first child, a son, this past April – but my husband disliked the name! Says it sounds like a dogs name. I will admit to watching Milo and Otis as a child, so maybe that’s why he thinks so. Anyways, congrats! Great great name!

kelli on

love the name glad to see not all stars are crazy and give their kids crazy names that are like a hundred miles long and incredibly hard to pronounce congrats on the baby

eribri on

Congrats to her on the birth of her son!

Milo Milano, it’s like a tongue twister for me! Lol

Maddie on

yay!! I adore the name πŸ™‚ Many congratulations to Alyssa and David! So excited for these two

linnie on

awwe thats so cute! congratulations! πŸ™‚

Adelyn on

I wonder if their choice of name had anything to do with Alyssa’s last name, since “Milano” and “Milo” are a bit similar. Nonetheless, her son’s full name is adorable and congrats Alyssa & David!

AnnieG on

Few eithers have already said it, but i’ll say it again – felt like she was preggo forever! Congrats to them on their arrival, love the name! Milo Thomas Bugliari is very distinguished sounding, while still being a adorable on a little boy.

Bea on

I don’t know who they are but their son’s name is just awesome! I loved it.

Janie on

Yay! He’s finally here. Love the name Milo. She’s going to be a great mom! Can’t wait to see how cute he is.

anon1 on

eribri, i don’t think the baby’s last name is milano its probably his dad’s last name which is Bugliari

Brooklyn on

@ eribri: Wouldn’t his name be Milo Bugliari not Milo Milano?

Anywho, Congrats to Alyssa and David! I really like the name!



Cam1218 on

Great news!!Wish them all well.

Meela on


Grew up watching her on Who is the Boss!!!

Dating myself!!

sat on

Congrats! I bet he’s a cutie pie πŸ˜‰

Carli on

Congrats to Alyssa and her husband!! Milo is such a cute name!! I am curious though how her husband pronounces his last name, I wonder if they say Boo-glee-aree or if I remember correctly from Italian 101, Boo-yari (with a tongue-roll on the ‘r’). Either way Milo sounds great!

J on

Oh good Lord Mallory.

Jazzy on

I adore the name Milo. My sweet affectionate cat is Milo Valentine. Congratulations!!

Indira on

Awww I want to name my future son Milo Tobias!! So I like her name choice!

Micheley on

I LOVE the name!!

Jillian on

Love the name! Congrats! I feel like she’s been pregnant forever!

Maddie on

Alyssa is petite, so she was grew pretty fast in the belly area – making her look further along than she actually was – thus the ‘pregnant forever’ comments, lol. I love Alyssa’s twitter, she always posts really interesting links πŸ™‚

F on

Beautiful name!

Sara on

LOVE the name. It has the be the first time I’ve read a post where EVERYONE agrees on the topic!

kelbelle on

aww congrats!! Love the name Milo!

Jess on

Congratulations to them and their extended family. What a great name!!! Unique w/out being off the wall.

Maria on

Ah yes, name him after an Australian chcolate drink πŸ™‚

Congratulations to them x

Jillian on

Maddie, That is not why I felt she was pregnant forever. I felt she was pregnant forever because I felt she announced it so long ago.

Congrats!!!! Oh and I see there is a Jillian who commented here. She is Jillian, I am me CBB.

Signed, Not Jillian

holyghost on

Alyssa, many blessings to you, your hubby and your little one. You have always let your real sweetness shine through for many of us not just on TV but in your personal life as well. Congratulations!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Have ‘Milo’ brand of hot/cold choc drink here in NZ too, so think of that as well, but still liking the name!

eribri on

oh, you’re right! My bad! I shouldn’t write at night.

jeanise on

Congratulations to the parents. I have always loved Melissa and hope everything works out for the best for ther and hers. Love you lots.

AllisonJ on

Congrats to them! Milo is an awesome name!

Margui on

Milo is the name of a popular brand of powder chocolate in my country, Peru, too.

Indira on

WOW, Really a first. The name Milo is a winner.

JrzeeGal on

CONGRATULATIONS! Wishing Alyssa, David, and her family all the best. Love the name Milo Thomas! xoxoxo

Lisa on

Scheduled c-section?

Kim on

Not a fan of the name, maybe because of the choc malt drink Milo here in Australia, it just sounds so wrong! But thats prob just a cultural thing, prob would sound cute otherwise lol

emily on

love the name milo so cute

Davida on

I was thinking about that name lately, and wow! It came true! so isn’t it a nice choice? I think it is. I really hope there will be pics of him very soon

jennifer cooley on

The name Milo actually works, it’s awesome for them! Lucky for her, her first time at the baby thing and she lands the BOY.. I am 2 in with 3 to go.. shooting for that ONE boy! LOL Maybe God will mix it up for me 3 girls, two boys! Anyway Milo is a great name for their son, I wish them the best!