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08/30/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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Lis on

RE: Kids sue mom for bad childhood

Not only is this the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of, it is very heartbreaking as well. How dare those brats treat their mother like that? What is our world coming to?

anya on

We will be joining the placenta eating side soon! 😉 I’ve already had it planned with my midwife for some time.

Alyssa on

Wow, those kids who are suing their mom obviously don’t care about her. It never stated she abused them or abandoned them. They sound like spoiled, rich brats (states they grew up in a $1.5 mil house) who are just trying to get their way like every other time.

Laura on

I think eating the placenta sounds incredibly disgusting. almost cannibalistic to me. I understand the placenta is very good for a baby but I’m not going to eat it no matter how healthy it is for me. Others can do what they want, and I think hospitals should give the moms their placentas if they want them. But I’ll leave mine at the hospital!

abbyc on

I normally don’t comment but eating your placenta is really gross. Come on now. If you want to be outlandish I’d almost rather hear about a parent naming their child Helikopter then eating their own insides. What people do now to stand out from a crowd…

fuzibuni on

I agree that it may seem gross, but almost every mammal species on earth eats it’s own placenta after giving birth. As much as this idea may curl your toes, it’s the natural order of things.

Tee on

People don’t tend to just grab their placenta and start chomping on it! You encapsalate it and swallow the pills! There are so many healing properties to the placenta. While ingesting it isn’t for everyone and I certainly wouldn’t push it on women, I don’t think people are doing it “to stand out from the crowd.”

jessicad on

Those kids sound like complete idiots, they got what they deserved and look absolutely ridiculous.

mary on

•More new moms are eating their placenta
Here is a good example of my moto! To each thier own!!!!

l on

Yes, and animals also eat their own poo. Should we do that too? How disgusting.

loren on

If this (eating placenta) catches on; I foresee the criticism’s from the pro placenta eating moms against non placenta eating moms and vice versa; should be interesting. As if there isn’t enough argument on these threads smh 🙂

Anita on

I planted my placenta under a pear tree in my backyard

Stella Bella on

I like the planting idea and the only reason I didn’t do it is because I forgot. My husband was totally grossed out by the idea of planting, I can’t imagine what he’d do if I wanted to eat it!

M! on

I had my placenta turned into vitamin capsules. Did it work? I’m not really sure, but I WILL be doing it again.

Holiday on

The placenta eating grosses me out. After I had my kids the last thing I wanted to do was eat the after birth. Nasty.