Julie Bowen: I Wanted One Baby – Not Two!

08/29/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
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After welcoming son Oliver, now 4, with husband Scott Phillips, Julie Bowen always knew she wanted more kids. However, she wasn’t expecting — or prepared for — a double dose of babies!

“I was terrified. I did not want twins as a second go-around. I should have been much more cautious. I should have had … half sex?” the Modern Family star, 42, jokes in the September issue of More.

When the news broke that the actress was pregnant with twin boys, speculation grew that Bowen had turned to in vitro fertilization to expand her family. That assumption, she explains, couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Everybody asked me, ‘How many did you put in?’ and I’d be like, ‘Just one penis. Thanks!'” she says.

But despite her happiness at expanding her then family of three — which now includes 2-year-old twins John and Gustav — Bowen wasn’t willing to mask the looming challenges of motherhood.

“At the time I only had one kid, but with two on the way I was always hearing talk about golden mystical baby things and precious time,” she recalls. “And I was like, ‘Who the f— are you talking to?!’ If you could see me naked, you would weep. Children are like crazy, drunken small people in your house.”

Now juggling both motherhood and her successful sitcom, Bowen admits to needing help during the week — but insists her household be nanny-free on the weekends.

“I have three kids. I should know how to take care of them,” she reasons, laughing that her decision to be completely hands-on has changed her Monday morning mindset.

“We’d be like, ‘Here comes Saturday. It’s going to be a long-ass weekend,'” she shares. “All we did was poop patrol for 48 hours. When Monday would come, we’d be like, ‘Thank God.'”

Joking aside, Bowen is proud of her accomplishments as a mother-of-three and insists she often even surprises herself when it comes to her commitment to her children.

“I’m constantly shocked that I am successfully taking care of this family and that I’m capable of putting their needs in front of mine,” she reveals. “I don’t think I could have done it in my twenties.”

To read the full interview, visit More.com.

— Anya Leon

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elle on

I like her on Modern Family, but I’ve never heard this woman speak positively about her twin boys. Isn’t she the one who had the “smart one and the fat one”?

Tieraney on

I’m not really familiar with her, I don’t watch Modern Family, but in all of her interviews she is funny as shit!

JenLaw on

I had twins when I was 38, my sister had triplets when she was 36, no chemicals involved. Neither of us planned it but we took all the help we could get and we were blessed with it. Multiples rock! Love ya, Julie!

Dawn on

I agree with Elle, this woman never sounds joyful when speaking about her family. Even the joking seems edgy. Not impressed.

Ceebs on

The thing is, most moms just lie through their teeth to each other about motherhood. We seldom hear another mother ever say anything bad about parenthood or their kids. And we do each other a great disservice in those deceptions. Moms think to themselves “Oh, my God ! Every other mom loves this 100% of the time, and their kids are angels. What am I doing wrong ?” We all know the answer is nothing. Kids misbehave. Kids change your life (and not always in good ways). Pregnancy changes your body (and it’s usually in permanent ways).

The cover shows the article as being titled “The Sweet Rewards of Never Giving Up.” From that, I’d assume just a snippet was taken from a more positively themed article for this post.

Remember moms, almost ALL of us have times when our kids are not angels, when we catch ourselves thinking “WHAT was I thinking ?!?” when deciding to have kids. We have envy others that have child-free outings, no stretchmarks, and slender hips. And guess what ? That is OKAY ! Be the best parent you can be, but you are still YOU. You don’t miraculously become someone else when you give birth. Love your children and give yourself a break. Nobody’s perfect, but love IS. And THAT is what matters.

Rayveniael on

I can totally relate being a twin mom who only expected one.

Nancy on

Good for her for having a quick comeback. I can’t believe the nosiness and the nerve of some women. I have adopted a child and I get asked why I didn’t adopt from the US, why I didn’t try IVF, why I couldnt bear children etc…… I would never dream of asking a woman on the street how many times of intercourse it took to conceive her child.

People, let this be a lesson. If you don’t know someone well, it is NONE of YOUR BUSINESS!!! Just congratulate the woman and let her share what she wants!!

mmh on

She had three boys in a couple of years!!! C’mon, she is allowed to say not everything is roses and rainbows! I love when people are realistic about what it’s like to be a Mom!!!!!!!

Twin Mom on

I do not find that kind of joking about your twins funny. Be grateful that you for what you have! Yes, expecting twins is a shock, yes it can be a lot of work, but it also brings so much joy. And as an experienced Mom, you can be more lax about the things that may have freaked you out as a new Mom.

Think before you speak. I’m sure your twins will really enjoying hearing that Mom only wanted one child and how they were such a burden on you.

lauralynn on

Yep, that’s her, elle. She is the one who calls her twins Fatty and the Smart One.

If she seriously didn’t want twins, she could’ve had selective reduction down to 1 fetus. At age 40, she was a high-risk pregnancy already, and many doctors would not have batted an eye.

amw on

shes being honest people. its refreshing. every waking moment of life with kids isnt “blessed” and “perfect” for all of us. we love our kids but for some people its therapeutic to be honest with themselves about how hard the day-to-day is.

be gentle and kind ladies. we arent all super moms who were born to have 14 children with ease.

marlee on

I think she’s very real, and I appreciate it.

Meggy on

I think the title of this story is taken out of context. She doesn’t directly quote saying she didn’t want two babies and all of her comments were jokes. People mag, please keep it classy. Keep the twisting of words and tabliod-type headlines to US.

BTW, I think her quotes are hilarious. I couldn’t see myself with twins, either.

jessicad on

I think she’s hilarious and I agree with amw. It’s nice to read funny and honest interviews that explain motherhood in a different way, it’s not all roses and happiness! I guess some women just don’t get her type of humor, I like it though. Also, the line about just one penis was so damn funny:)

Nina on

Yes, she is funny, but it makes me very sad to think that someone isn’t feeling grateful about having 1, 2, or 3 healthy kids. I would give anything to be able to have twins. Millions of women struggle so desperately to have what others take for granted. She is flippant, and I do hope it was just for laughs, and that she cherishes those boys.

NM on

So when her twins get old enough to understand, I wonder how she’ll tell them, “I didn’t want you, I only wanted one”. Be happy with what you were given!!!!!!!!!!!

Caryn on

Julie Bowen was in the same fertility office I was in. Her twins were born about a month and half before mine and mine were early. Maybe she didn’t do in vitro, but she had some help. I was at the doctor’s office quite often and I saw her about 1 out of every 3 times…..There’s nothing wrong with having sme assistance in getting pregnant….

Lisa on

She is just being funny… People need to lighten up!

JMO on

Julie Bowen is REAL…so all of you need to GET REAL!!

She is a very funny sarcastic women and I enjoy her real feelings about motherhood. This in no way means she regrets the boys or talks down on them. It’s called comedy people. Some of you could use it in your life!

Jo Dee on

Well said, Ceebs.

Really? on

Wow. Women can be so catty. I think she is trying to be honest and funny. How many Mothers out there can honestly say they love and cherish their children 100% of the time and that they are perfectly happy? Um, none. I have 4 kids (14,11,9,and 7) and there are days when I look at the duct tape on the shelf and have thoughts that I would never ever go through with, but none the same still pop up. (No, it is never ok to tape your children to the wall, no matter how hyper they are!)

But the point is she was shocked by the twins, and is now putting some honesty and humor into her life with them. Mothers do give the wrong impression most of the time by putting on that “Happy Face” and making everyone feel like they are all smiles and peaceful bliss. Meanwhile us normal parents are portrayed as crazy when our own kids are throwing the pudding at the Buffet restaurant and we are frazzled in our frustration looking like we want to cry.

Biggest Point: I love her, and her honesty.

Marti on

As I was reading this, all I could think was “Finally, someone who is not afraid to tell the truth about motherhood.”

Amy on

Such a potty mouth!

Vin Smith on

Incredibly real person, incredibly talented actress. Julie stands a real chance of being the new Betty White in about half-a-century.

Dawn on

I totally love the fact that she is such a smartass when it comes to her kids. Raising kids is not all sunshine and flipping roses. it’s hard work and it’s refreshing to hear a mom admit that sometimes she’s relieved to go back to work on Monday’s because that is the TRUTH some days.

She admits that Spanx are her figure secrets (I’m sure she works out too, but realistically her body has changed after three kids and admits its), calls her kids crazy, drunk little people, admits to needing help during the week and is brave enough to be open in this mudslinging, judgemental forum we call the internet.

Folks are so quick to judge and call someone out, it’s ridiculous. Women need to be more supportive of each other, not looking for reasons to tear another down. You’re on the internet reading gossip…where are your kids?

guest on

awesome, love her honesty. everyone who tells me small babies are all roses and unicorns is smoking crack. (well, probably just following the stereotypical culture norm that mothers need to be all happy and lovey-dovey about their children)

Cricket on

I know her comments are made in fun and I can appreciate that but the potty mouth ruins it for me.

Victoria on

All children are not angels all of the time. I had my goddaughter for 6 days while her parents went on vacation and by day 3 1/2 (right around the time the awesome godmother/daughter quality time/I give her whatever she wants wore off) I was counting down the days of their return. She’s 3 and OMG. I love her to death, I would die for her, but when her parents walked through the door I said “thank God”. I understand what she’s saying. I’m still on babysitting strike and it’s 6 months later.

Marie on

I think she is a very talented woman, but every time I hear her speak of the twins or just her kids (in general) it is not in a good light.

As a woman gets older she has an increased chance of twins, but I figured she had used some assistance as well. Although, that is really none of anyone’s business.

Olivia on

LOL! “Just one penis!” I only have one kid and sometimes I am so ready for Monday if we’ve had a weekend full of tantrums.

Birdie on

As a twin whose parents only wanted one (and, from what I’ve heard, were not happy about two), I say get a grip. Most people don’t have sex and think, “I hope this brings out 5 babies” unless they are Kate Gosselin.

She’s a smart, funny woman. Her kids, when they grow up, are going to understand her humor– my kids are 5 and 7 and they already understand sarcasm and irony because they hear it a lot. (They also have pretty darn good comedic timing.)

Never seen the show, but I think Julie Bowen is pretty darn funny. I had two under 18 months and if you don’t have a sense of humor? Its going to be a very long life.

meme on

I found the entire interview hilarious. This is how my girlfriends and I joke around, and we completely love our kids. We just have a sense of humour about it. Life is too short to be serious all the time.

Come now Julie! on

I’ve always liked her as an actress and she is very funny. Although there’s an old saying, “Many a truth is said in jest.” I understand she’s being honest, but it all seems so negative. She mentions the long ass weekends because she doesn’t have weekend help? Really? Oh, and I had 2 single births and a set of twins, and I would never label any of them the fat, smart, pretty etc. one! That’s not nice.

Liz on

My husband always says that women could rule the world but for the fact they NEVER support each other. For the love of Pete, she is just telling it like it is. She had three young boys all in diapers and for awhile it was one GIANT POOPFEST. I believe it.

The lady was surprised that she was pregnant with twins. It took some adjusting to the fact one baby was in fact two. Seems reasonable to me. That doesn’t mean she should have selectively reduced her pregnancy.

Just because she makes light of things and jokes around doesn’t mean she isn’t thankful for her blessings. When did the world become so freakin PC? Why must we do so much tiptoeing around? I can appreciate the fact that she feels like being herself and not some neatly wrapped up PR package that spouts of whatever everyone wants her to say.

I love my kids but I do tell them at times to not disturb me unless they are bleeding or on fire. And you know what, it’s okay that I do that.

P.S. Her show is hilarious.

Twin Mom on

As a Mother of twinboys, I find her comments a little offensive.

First of all, there are thousands of couples who are trying for just one baby. For someone who has more than one to say she didn’t want twins is just ignorant.

Second, many Mothers of multiples lose one or all during their pregnancy, she needs to thank God for both babies.

Nothing she said made me a fan of hers.

Melissa on

Oh lighten up people. I have twins myself and always say I wanted one kid but got the bonus kid with it. Doesnt mean I love anyone any less and am so happy to have both. But its just not something planned so its OK to make little jokes. Gosh get over yourselves!

Nichole on

I like JB. The tone of her comments seems like a mom who is stressed out but trying to make the most of it all and downgrade how stressful it is with jokes.

Steph on

OMG I love her! Thanks for being honest about motherhood—its not all sunshine and rainbows, right!?

Laura Benson on

I often refer to my 2-year old son as a “demon child” or a “spawn from Gehenna”.. strangers probably think I am crazy, but I am being honest (he is a little brat, my fault COMPLETELY) and I don’t really care what strangers think and I doubt Julie Bowen does either.

I think its cute when mothers are realistic and it doesn’t mean she loves her babies any less. The important thing is that your children know they are adored and supported.

livid on

As someone who isn’t able to have kids, this really pisses me off. Stop whining about being doubly blessed. Some would kill for the chance.

Ann on

Ok people, she is an entertainer and is trying to be funny. I know some of us don’t have a good grasp on humor, but come on. I am pretty sure she is grateful for her two boys and loves them dearly. I believe she said as much on her interview on the View.

Besides as many of you that are complaining about her sounding negative, you are also probably the person that complains if someone is always positive saying they are totally fake and trying to sound all superhuman.

How about trying not to be a whiney pants. You want some french cries with your wahhhburger. Do I need to call the Whammbulance?

Bridget on

Nowhere in the article does it say she’s not happy with the way her family turned out. Having twins was a surprise and not what she expected (who expects to have twins unless you’re using IVF??) and I can understand the initial shock…but she then goes on to say how she’s come to handle 3 boys in 2 years even though she never thought she could. I feel like its similar to having a “surprise” baby…it’s not “unwanted” but it’s still a “surprise!”

Bzey on

“Children are like crazy, drunken small people in your house”. It’s about time a mom told it like it is. Could not have come up with a more appropriate way to put it! I’ve often escaped to the bathroom just to have time away from “crazy drunken small people”!

Anonymous on

Perfect answers!

Emily on

I don’t think she’s trying to be wrong, and I’m not usually this sensitive, but it’s kind of annoying how she seems proud that she didn’t use IVF. My parents had to, and it doesn’t make it any more of an accomplishment to bring life into the world because you did it without “chemicals”. Though I can see how it would get irritating for everyone to just assume she did

Cinder Lou on

Sarcastic humor comes from real life experiences – usually negative. Although Julie Bowen has nothing nice to say about her children, she prides herself on being a good mother. Doesn’t she realize what she says and the way she acts rubs off on her kids?

Amber on

Women need to give each other a break! She had three young boys all in diapers, she’s entitled to be real! Just because she makes light of things and jokes doesn’t mean she isn’t thankful for her blessings. Good grief, why are some women so judgemental?

If I had twins, it would have took me a while to adjust to the facts. The same thing would have gone through my mind, I am sure. Seems reasonable to me. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her children or that she’s a bad mom or person.

cynlee on

She tries too hard to be funny

Sarah K. on

Nowhere does it say she didn’t want one of the twins or that she still doesn’t want him. Unexpected does not equal unwanted and I’m sure all of the mothers here know that. The title of the article is misleading because it’s not a direct quote. She’s obviously joking and seems to be taking care of her kids well. Lighten up people!

Shelley on

She’s just being funny! Yes, we all love our kids, and yes, most of us have moments where we want to tear our hair out, whether we share it with the “potty mouth” or not. Geez!

Leslee on

Multiples are a like a kid tsunami, treading water and trying to enjoy the ride while in the drink.

Yes, she is sarcastic and dry witted about her children, giving people lots to complain about. Then again, if she said what angels they are and how she adores being a mother, people would be calling her fake, conceited, a braggart and a kid pimp.

Point is, she makes it ok to not feel and be like June Cleaver all the time.

KLS on

I’m sorry, but I find her to be quite crass.

Me on

HILARIOUS. Totally love and appreciate her honesty. Anybody with negative comments about this, should shut the F up! Love you Julie! 🙂

Sam on

Who is she? I’ve only ever seen her on this site and yes, always complaining about her babies. It shows in the pictures I’ve seen of her with her children too. Oh well, I don’t even know who she is. lol

Lisa on

Must be so nice to be perfect. I have two kids and I think the same way. Although I work full time and don’t have help at home besides my husband, I feel the same way on some Monday mornings. It is nice to have relief. If you are the Mommy’s out there that say it isn’t or judge the people who are honest, well-I can only hope to one day become as PERFECT as you. You are all just like my sister in law….LA LA LAND.

kristiina on

Do any of the naysayers have 3 BOYS under the age of 4…including a set of twins?!? I’m sure Julie is grateful, but she’s a comedian and I SO appreciate her candor. I only have 2 and I can relate to the frazzled, frenzied MAYHEM that motherhood is…that doesn’t mean it isn’t wonderful, too!!

Lighten up people LOL 🙂

Lisa on

Geez, some of you people have some serious mental issues. The woman is cracking jokes, for pete’s sake! And yes, imagine the absolute shock in finding out in your second pregnancy you’re carrying twins–double the fun, AND double the trouble. She’s being honest and that’s refreshing, instead of these pearl-clutching ninnies who project a Leave It To Beaver attitude that raising kids is all wine, butterflies and roses.

To those having fertility issues, I wish you all the luck in the world in creating your family. But just because someone has twins does NOT mean they had fertility treatments. My grandmother gave birth to my mom right before her 45th birthday–no treatments involved. And most women pop out two and three eggs towards the end of their childbearing years; it’s Mother Nature’s way of getting more bang for the buck.

Susan on

What a terrible thing to say.

Tina on

REALLY, Take your blessings from GOD and stop complaining.

SadieA on

lol she is hilarious

Chloe on

Are you kidding me?? She might think she is coming off as “funny” but I find this very offensive. I have twin daughters, and I would NEVER say I only wanted one baby. Hopefully one of her children dont come across this article one day.

meghan on

livid, if you need an actress to censor herself or not joke around about her life to make you feel better about your own situation, may I respectfully suggest therapy.

Emily, I don’t think it’s meant as a matter of pride, I think the point was about people making assumptions that she used IVF simply because she had twins. Much like every post about multiples on this site, where the “experts” come out in force and insist an actress used IVF based on their vast knowlege of fertility.

As for labelling her kids ‘fatty’ and ‘smartie’, she was telling an anecdote on ‘Conan’. I doubt she regularly refers to them like that. At the end of the story Conan even joked, “Learn their names!!”

CindyLou, hopefully Julie’s boys will have a better sense of humor and a stronger handle on sarcasm then you. Also, I really doubt that they are going to give a crap what she may or may not have told More magazine a decade earlier.

May the world at large PLEASE grow a sense of humor.

criticaleye on

I think she’s funny. C’mon, you really believe she calls them all the time the Fat One and the Smart One? It’s just a funny way of saying how to tell them apart.

I’m also sure she loves all her kids but any mom, who initially wants only two kids finds herself in a turmoil.

It could be hurtful for those longing to have kids or going through IVF but I’m sure she just wants to be different and holding the mirror of irony in front of us, because all the celebs are talking about the good things, how blessed they are, how precious their kids are, 7th heaven etc. Her twisted humor is refreshing.

Sara on

I also have twin boys, and I had a small daughter when they were born. I have to admit, I was completely terrified during my pregnancy. Not only because of the possible complications, but a lot of people felt the need to always come up to me and tell me how horrible my life was going to be. On top of that, my husband is in the military and gone all the time.

I can honestly say I was not “ok” with having twins until I heard them cry for the first time, then I knew I could do it. I am not proud of feeling that way at all and I will never let them know that. They did not ask to be born at the same time. While some days I want to pull my hair out and run screaming from the house, I also love them more than I could ever have imagined.

While her humor can be pretty funny because she is dead on about how hard it is raising children, it would be nice to hear her say something like, “But at the end of the day, it is all worth it.” There usually aren’t positive comments about her children, only her ability to handle the three of them (on the weekends).

Like I said, raising more than one child is not easy at all and should not be portrayed as such, but I think it is important to express the love you do have for your children. I completely can see how these kinds of statements can especially be a slap in the face for families who cannot have children.

Kelly on

She seems completely honest and not fake, like many parents I know, when talking about their “angels.” 🙂

boyermom3 on

I love julie in this article and can totally relate, I have a 2 1/2 year old and 10 month twins, all boys! She is saying exactly what i say all the time and people never understand. I praise her because I know first hand about not planning on two the second time around. I was in shock and there are still days when I look at my boys and think how did this happen, but I always know how lucky I am and would never change a thing.

I seriously think she is being honest and Ioves her boys but you have to make light of the situation give the amount of work it takes to raise 3 young kids! Rock on Julie, wishing you and your family all the best!

Kristin on

It’s refreshing to hear a celebrity mom who’s so honest about motherhood. Most are so obsessed with their images that they sugar coat everything and act like everything’s just perfection all the time. Go easy on her, everyone. I’m willing to guess it’s not all ponies and rainbows in your houses, either.

RS on

I get that she’s joking-but one day the boys might see that….as a twin myself I know it was a struggle for my mom to raise us both-no kid should ever feel like they aren’t wanted-joking or not!

LM on

Ceebs, perfectly written. Yes, kids are a joy and a gift, but they are also a handful and headache sometimes too.

Livid – I’m sorry that you are having fertility struggles. That must be very tough. However, if you do ever have children, either biologically your own or through adoption, you will also have your moments of sheer terror over how difficult parenting actually is.

Kids are tough, but nowhere in this article does JB say they aren’t worth it. I admire that she puts out there what 90% of mothers think or feel at times.

maya on

As someone who has struggled to have a child, several failed attempts, my heart hurts every time I read her comments. I understand how challenging raising three boys must be, but she could share the hard times with also adding how BLESSED she is to have been given THREE GIFTS! How blessed is she. So many women would LOVE the chance to have just one healthy child, get to experience what being pregnant feels like- she should try to understand how ungrateful and bratty she sounds. She could easily share her challenges without having to act like she has a disease or a plague; she has kids- she is SO LUCKY and should act like it. She acts so snotty and entitiled- it sounds like she hates her life at home. I hope her kids don’t read her interviews when they get older.

morgan on

She’s sounds like an ungrateful bitch in this interview. There are a lot of people that want to have kids and can’t. So now when the twins are older they can read this and know they were not both wanted. Nice.

anon on

chloe, i think most people plan on having one baby at a time and don’t think they will have twins. her statement was meant as she didn’t want twins initially, she was planning to add one baby at a time not two at once. having twins is difficult, as i am sure you are fully aware of that, and many mothers are nervous when they find out they are expecting multiples.

my neighbor had three boys and found out she was expecting twins, needless to say she was nervous about adding two at once. she is now happy with her five children, even if they are always on the move.

while julie’s comments seem to be joking and i do think she loves all three of her kids, i can see why many readers think she is being a bit too sarcastic.

Elizabeth on

I am a twin, the oldest of two girls born with multiple [cerebral palsy, hemiplegia, hydrocephalus, strabismus, cognitive & spatially deficient] disabilities due to the obstetrician thinking it was just me and not me and my sister 40 years ago. My sister only has hydrocephalus. She was able to go to and graduate from college, drives a car, is married and has a healthy son. My mother always told us that her neighbors would belittle their children because they would whine about not wanting to wear a certain outfit…when she would visit the ICU, hoping her children would be able to see & walk someday.

After numerous hospitalizations [40 of which were brain surgeries] and ongoing appointments with more brain surgery in the future, I live independently on disability with help from Independent Living Counselors who come in three days a week to help me with grocery shopping, medical appointments, etc. Having never gone to college, being able to live on my own in a one-bedroom apartment is so amazing to me and I am very grateful to be able to be on my own, to the best of my ability. I would love to be able to drive and have children and a family of my own…and yet I realize life doesn’t work out the way you want it to sometimes…and you’re extremely lucky when it does.

heather on

the kids are 2 now, why say these things now? and she should try to eat something because she looks worse and worse each season on the show.

Jen DC on

(a) She is joking. Immediately after saying “I only wanted one” she says “I should have been more cautious.” Obviously, if they did it the old-fashioned way, there was no way for her to have been “more cautious” because being careful has no bearing on the # of kids you have at once.

(b) Insulted IVF’ers: You WANT to be insulted. You are at an emotional stage in your life and struggling with a very difficult issue BUT the world does not revolve around your infertility and every bad joke about multiples (or kids generally) is not aimed at your tender little heart.

(c) She’s a comedienne. Her kids – when and if they care to read 20 year old articles in which she insults them – will get her sense of humor.

(d) This is an EXCERPT of an interview. Before you go all judgmental, how about you read the whole thing. I am SURE there are points at which she admits that she wouldn’t have her life any other way…

Miss Ann on

I have lost two sons, they died, lady, thank God for what you have and thanks to the poster who reported seeing her at fertility clinic I am so tired of celebrities claiming no fertility treatments or assistance and they are photographed coming and going from these centers for months then oh im pregnant with twins naturally (uhh jennifer lopes and mariah carey for example), and the rest of us cannot afford this are told the most insenstivie things like just adopt, well sorry don’t have 50,000 up front laying around if I did I would probably try IVF…please be grateful for every moment with any child you are given natural, adopted, whatever, they can be taken away from you in an instant and then you would give YOUR life for just one more moment with them

jill on

I’ve lost five pregnancies, one of which was twins. Thanks to three rounds of IVF, I now have a lovely daughter. It would be nice if people think of others before they make flip answers. I’m just saying…

Alyssa on

Some people on here need to learn what sarcasm is…

Cas on

I became a mother of twin girls at 26. So I can appreciate where she is coming from. There is nothing like that first ultrasound where you see those two little heart beats. Such an amazing moment that was immediately followed by thoughts of I didn’t know how I was going to handle one baby and now I’m going to have two…at the same time.

KC on

I share Julie Bowens sentiments on both motherhood and pregnancy. I love both my children but I would never say that pregnancy or caring for them was a dreamy as alot of people made it out to be. Motherhood is a blessing but its also a chore and I think more people need to be honest about that and stop trying making others feel guilty for being honest. If we were honest about it I think less people would feel dissilusioned about parenting when the can’t leave up to the ideal that has been set.

Amber on

I got pregnant with twins when I was 18 and I can honestly say I am happy I had them first, before my singleton. I like how honest Julie is. She doesn’t sugar coat it and pretend it all sunshine and rainbows! It’s not! I wouldn’t say I wasn’t prepared for twins and couldn’t do it so young, like she says. I was obviously born to have twins and multi-task. LOL. But I still have days when I say “I don’t remember checking the box saying I wanted two!” They are 8 now so it’s less baby stuff and more attitude stuff. 😛

mom on

she always seem to be complaining in every interview and tries too hard to be funny. amazing that she can go a weekend without a nanny? give me a break why even have kids if you can’t take care of them yourself and you’re always complaining about everything they do.

Allison on

Get a life! You “Experienced moms” need to lay off. Julie Bowen was just trying to be funny.Raising children is hard work. Yes, it can be rewarding but it is rough at times. You women bring other women down! Stick to your own life.

carriexoxo on

Only a very cynical person would read anything into her comments. She’s playful and wry and not throwing her kids under the bus. I too am uncomfortable with outrageous displays of “honor my baby like he’s the Pope” syndrome and often crack jokes about him. That’s right. I do. But if you knew me you’d also know that I’ve sat on the floor next to his crib and cried many times with a grateful heart for my son…..the one I call Dennis The Menice and Klutzo. You never know what’s in someone’s heart so don’t make presumptions about what lies beneath her comments.

And to the person who suggested that she eliminate a fetus when she was pg…..uhhh? Go back to bed and rethink your comment. Weird.

Melody on

Every time I hear about or see Julie in an interview she annoys me. She comes off like she is trying way too hard to be funny. It’s okay to joke about not being a perfect parent- none of us are- but sometimes she takes it too far.

Josie on

*rude* I would do ANYTHING to have one more baby and would be grateful if I got two. When women make statements such as that, it is SO hurtful. And mine is not that I can’t have anymore, I have a stubborn husband who says no. Imagine what people who are infertile go thru.

Megan on

@Jen DC and @Liz – thank GOD someone gets it. You, and the others that realize JB is being humorous and real, are a breath of fresh air amongst the crazy, catty, bored, unfulfilled women that stalk these boards. It’s disgusting how many are so quick to shred their gender.

Boston on

She is being honest, all of you haters need to relax. Every mother has challenges and it doesn’t do anyone any good to pretend that they don’t happen. She is a comedian people, I am sure that her boys will be very sure of their mother’s love when they are older.

Why don’t you go back and live your perfect little lives, with your perfect little children. Oh wait, most mothers are so busy kissing their kids a$$es that they are going to grow up to be instant gratification big children. Her kids aren’t perfect, she is able to talk about it and make it ok. Perhaps some of you should take notes.

kelly on

wow – are you all serious?? Did any of you read the article or just the points here? JB obviously adores her kids, but is it tough to raise 3 kids? absolutely! JB is smart, funny, self-depricating and a mother who tells it like it is.

That being said, wanted to add that I’m sorry for anyone who is struggling with infertility.

Laura on

It’s humor people. If she had come out and talked about what a wonderful blessing having twin boys to go along with their older brother everyone would be on here calling her a hypocrite. Why can’t women support other women when they are doing the best they can? Why can’t women pick up another woman, either spiritually or physically when they stumble and fall? Why is it always about tearing someone down?

This woman is an actress/comedian. She cracks jokes for a living. If you don’t like her brand of humor don’t read it or watch her show. Her boys will understand that mom is a little crazy and they will probably have quick comebacks to counter anything she says.

My 4 kids understand that we are not all touchy-feely-lovey-huggy. We don’t do that. Love at our house is dished out with a heaping dose of humor and sarcasm and my kids have turned out pretty damn fine. No one’s been in jail. No one is in therapy. No one does drugs (although I’m hoping I’ll get to eventually).

Let the PC go and let’s stop expecting people to blow smoke up our posteriors about how wonderful parenting is!

Mandy on

As a mother who lost a twin during pregnancy, I find her choice of words offensive to those Moms like myself.

Kris on

Her comments remind me of Bill Cosby. He had some great zingers about parenting . . . some were funny and some, not so much.

I laughed at her comparing kids to little crazy, drunk people. But it makes me sad to hear her admit, in an article that she KNOWS is going to get published, that she didn’t want twins. Yes, motherhood is hard & I appreciate her being real about it; but she just comes across as ungrateful by saying “I did not want twins”.

mimi on

I love that people get to post their opinions about things, but I’m really begining to hate the notion that you have to be sweet about everything.

As a woman who CHOSE to have children, you have the right to want what you want, and you shouldn’t be vilified if you’re a litle disapointed. She wanted one more baby, but got twins. She must have been overwhelmed especially being a working actress with a two year old already.

I applaud her for telling the truth about her experiences while being funny at the same time. People asking her if she got in vitro are just plain rude and her response is priceless. I love her humor.

YB on

Saw her at a Kids Museum on a Saturday with her hubby, 3 kids, and TWO Nannies. Yes, she had TWO nannies with her. :/

YB on

Saw her at a Kids Museum in LA a few months ago. She was with her husband, 3 kids and TWO nannies. TWO NANNIES! :/

Caremuffin on

Thanks to the comment made by Ceebs! Motherhood is HARD especially with multiple small children. It is totally awesome that she can be honest about the negative sides but still love and cherish her children. I say more power to her!

Sandra on

This was really funny. I knew when I was in my 20’s that I wasn’t smart enough or unselfish enough to be anyone’s mommy but 12 years later when the baby cravings kicked in and I had my first, I still wasn’t smart enough or patient enough but I was unselfish enough to ask for help at every turn. There are days when I want to wring their little necks for assuming that because my bed is bouncy I won’t mind them using it as a trampoline, then that very same night I am watching them sleep and thanking God for thinking enough of me to place them in my life.

anonymous on

As a mother of twins who lost one of my twins as a result of a chromosomal condition, I am deeply offended by her comments. I would absolutely give anything to be raising both my twins just like I carried them. Instead, I’m raising my little boy without his sister. Does she realize all the people out there who would kill to have even one child who can’t??? I know she’s being honest and funny, and it is very hard being a parent, but I wish she would have thought about how cruel that comment sounded before she said it.

Julie on

As a mother of multiples (just twins!) I totally relate to the questioning she got about ivf. I didnt mind and it was interesting to hear all the stories, but I couldnt believe the number of people who asked me if my twins were natural or ivf or just assumed they were ivf and started sharing their stories. There are lots of reasons for twins. For me, they just run in my family, fraternal twins anyway, identicals are spontaneous. The likelihood of twins also increases with maternal age, like Julie Bowen. IVF is definately more common these days, but there are other ways that twins are conceived!

DG on

She’s being funny people. She is a comedienne. They tend to make jokes a lot. Some of y’all are really too sensitive, and missed the mark.

Kelley on

She should be happy with what she has been blessed with. There are lots of people out there that can’t have kids….What a JERK!!!

Mom Of Twins on

My only thought when I found out I was pregnant with the twins at 38 yrs old, was to do everything “I” could do to deliver healthy babies. I didn’t have any genetic testing, becauses I knew I couldn’t abort them. I was blessed with a 7 lb 10 oz boy, and a 7 lb 2 oz girl. IT WASN’T MY CHOICE TO HAVE TWINS, IT WAS BLESSED TO WITH TWINS.

Mom23 on

It’s not in this interview, but it was in previous ones and she DID put labels on them…there is NOTHING funny about calling your children “Fatty” and “The Smart One.” NOTHING FUNNY! Labels like that are considered bullying at school and that’s bad enough. But to find out your own mother calls/called you that…well there’s enough emotional damage for a lifetime. She may think it’s funny and be willing to trade her children’s self-esteem for a few laughs, but the cost is great to those children. Even if she never says it to their faces, it’s there in print for all the world to see and, one day, they will know. Disgusting.

Beth on

Only someone who has had twins can fully understand how true her statements are! It is funny when people assume fertility treatments were used when you have twins (thanks octomom!) Great article.

showbizmom on

So let me get this straight, even me a non celebrity cannot make jokes about motherhood sarcastic or not, around any woman because I don’t know if they’ve suffered with infertility or because they might have lost a child? That’s ridiculous! Everyone has a story, some sad some funny, some unimaginable, but that shouldn’t make us censor ourselves.

When a mom in my girls school had a miscarriage,I didn’t go around talking about my and my husbands disagreement on having a 3rd kid. But after awhile I couldn’t censor myself anymore, I felt for her, but my life went on. Guess what she understood! and asked why I stopped talking about it.

I feel for those who have suffered with infertility or the loss of a child, but guess what the whole world doesn’t suffer with you, life goes on for the rest of us and why do we have to NOT talk about things because it might hurt you? No one does that for folks going through divorce, or job loss or any other life changing things.

She’s funny as Hell and I enjoy her, and get her humor. Chances are when her kids are older they’ll understand what mom was talking about because they grew up with her and understand her. Just as I understand my mom. I know I wasn’t wanted, but I’m loved and I have a wonderful family. Chances are if me and my husband decided to have a 3rd, this kid will know that we thought long and hard about having them.

People are too sensitive and have this idea that if I’m sad, unhappy or frustrated that everyone has to be, and if they’re not well then they’re insensitive. I call BS!

momof2inpa on

i feel bad for her boys having to grow up and realize their mom stated for all the world to see “i only wanted one baby….not two!” i don’t think i’ve ever read an article she’s done where she hasn’t spoken negatively about her family. i realize she’s stressed and overworked as all moms are but when you’re in the limelight, you might want to censor what you say when all the world can see.

Kelly on

What a selfish individual to make such a statement re; having two babies versus one, how thoughtful of a BIG STAR to consider the feelings of others especially some one who may not be able to have children period. But my biggest thing is when these two chilren are born and in 20 years when they read this story will they ask “SO MOMMY WHICH ONE OF US DID YOU REALLY WANT” and how will she explain that her words were so clear that having two babies was a real put out for her and that inconveyancing her life in such a manner is more important what a real JERK and I will make sure I don’t support her work in the future!

sara on

Wow, there are a whole lot of thoroughly humorless people here. I would much rather have Julie Bowen as a mother than any of you who can’t see the humor in what she says.

Debbie on

Some of the so called “moms” on the postings for this article are fooling themselves. Yes we all, if you are anyway, shape or form being honest, have days where we do say to ourselves “what in the world were we thinking?”. It’s not all great times and hopefully it’s not all bad times for anyone it’s just life. I think her comments are funny and those of you that are being critical obviously can’t even laugh at yourself and take things way to seriously.

ecl on

I am so tired of people with fertility problems acting like the rest of us can’t be honest about parenthood. I agree that it is a terrible thing to have to deal with, but anyone can flip the same logic around on you guys. Example: Hey, quit whining over the fact that you can’t have a child. At least you have food to eat. Some people don’t even have that!

See what I mean? Would you appreciate if someone said that to you? No! So let people have their struggles. I’m sure she knows that she is privileged in many ways, just as most of you are privileged in many ways.

Jenny on

It’s so refreshing to read someone be honest about how hard it is to be a mom, and not try to sugarcoat it by making it sound easy.

kathy on

Lighten up people. Just because someone jokes about their kids doesn’t mean they don’t want and love them. I’d walk thru fire for my twins but it doesn’t mean that sometimes I just want them to leave me alone. Most mothers who aren’t pretending to be saints feel this way sometimes. I don’t know the pain of not being able to have a child and can’t imagine the agony people feel when you lose a child, but maybe in this case you are being overly sensitive to her comments and hearing things she really didn’t say or mean.

Juli on

Showbizmom, I couldn’t agree with you more!

I remember when a very organized and planning intensive friend got pregnant with her second baby… well, it turned out to be her second and third baby.

She cried, was in disbelief and immediately started thinking about how much more expensive everything was going to be for them….

Everything in their life was planned for 2 kids, not 3. Yes, multiples happen when you aren’t expecting it and it’s ok to talk about it…even if you aren’t thrilled with it at first.

Jen DC on

I appreciate that many people who visit this site are struggling with issues of infertility, loss of pregnancies and what have you but… It’s not that people are not empathetic, it’s that no one knows your private pain. Julie Bowen doesn’t know you, she doesn’t know your story. If she did, she’d probably express some dismay at your losses; I’m pretty sure she’s a nice lady. But her joking about her kids shouldn’t add or detract from your usual everyday feelings about your life.

Like my mom said when I’d get upset about some stranger saying something that tangentially applied to me, “She ain’t thinkin’ ’bout you. Go sit down somewhere.”

Sarah K. on

Jen DC – perfectly said! People need to stop being so sensitive and acting like everything celebrities say is a personal attack. She isn’t allowed to be honest about parenting because it might offend an infertile person? Really? That’s ridiculous. She is clearly joking and her kids will grow up knowing her sense of humor so they’ll get it.

Honestly Speaking on

This Entire Article is Distasteful, Demeaning & Ignorant. For this woman to Spout such Garbage about being a Mother is Horrible ! She lives such a Priviledged Life and Yet Degrades Every Moment of it. I do not care if others think that she is being a Comedian about Family. This Woman should have her children Taken Away ! If she talks about them like this in Public – What is She Like in Private ?? So Many People Would Love to Exchange Places with Her. What a Pity that this Woman was Allowed to Breed !!!!!!

wildaymer on

So which twin are you going to tell that you didn’t want it.

12buckle on

What a crass interview.

Heather on

Oh good grief, people. She’s funny. She’s sarcastic. She obviously loves her kids. Lighten up and calm down.

Honestly Speaking on

Obviously Julies’ Style of Humor is Not Appreciated by Everyone !! I for One Would Like to Tell Her ( and those that seem to worship her )… Motherhood is not all Peaches and Cream, but her choices of words are Very Offensive !! Wait until those children grow up and read some of their mother’s comments !

Elizabeth on

This is sickening to read. I know of many families out there struggling to conceive, and/or journeys resulting in the loss of the pregnancy or the baby. She should be thankful for her family1!!

newelan on

Oh a bunch of perfect mothers’s on here, must be nice to be sp perfect! Get a sense of humor!!

Kim on

She is too funny! Thanks Julie, for keeping it real and giving us a good laugh…love the honesty and your sense of humor!!

jessicad on

I also don’t understand why infertility always gets brought into things. One has NOTHING to do with the other!!! She has the right to express her feelings about HER life, that doesn’t mean she isn’t grateful for her children or personally attacking those of you can’t conceive. People are so quick to be offended or angry these days. If you have issues dealing with fertility those are YOUR issues, not hers or anyone else who can conceive.

Grace on

Yah come on people, lighten up, she’s a comedian on a sitcom, she’s just trying to be funny and sarcastic. Just because she says that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her kids. Kids can be little sh*ts but they’re still cute and lovable.

Haha I LOVE how she said “Children are like crazy, drunken small people in your house.”

Andie on

OK, so life with children (no matter how many, what sex and how old they are) ISN’T all rainbows and puppy dogs 24/7?!?! Julie Bowen is just giving HER opinion of HER family. There is no way she could say anything that someone would not pick apart and find offensive. Can anyone?!?! Even if she said her kids were nothing but perfect angels – people would say she was lying, not being real, or it was hurtful because they can’t have children and will never know her joy.

I have 2 under the age of 3 and getting here was not without extreme heartbreak. We lost our first at 5 months, had our son, lost our third at 5 1/2 months after living for just 3 hours and then had our daughter after losing her twin during the pregnancy. I LOVE my children and am so very grateful for them. I could always get pregnant quick, however, going all 9 months was my hurdle to overcome. Yet, it does not mean that somedays, as soon as my husband walks thru the door, I don’t run out the other way saying I need to go get some milk so I can have just a few minutes away from them.

Children are a blessing, yes, ABSOLUTELY. But angels 24/7, no, absolutely NOT. And it is really refreshing for a celebrity to admit that; even if you don’t share her view.

This is why I love dogs ... on

After reading numerous comments from other women about other women … and then having opinions on those women’s children and the words they use, or their sense of humour … you all make me extremely grateful that I don’t have children. I don’t think I could handle all the sniping and judgemental and unsupportive comments from other women.

This is the stuff that makes women look bad and catty. If someone doesn’t do something the way you’d do it, or say something the way you’d say it … it doesn’t automatically make the other person “wrong”. Perhaps she has a sense of humour and maybe you don’t ??? Do you think Fathers sit around and do this? Gee Bob I was wondering did you and your wife have IVF? Why did you adopt? Why didn’t you adopt? Why didn’t you adopt from …? I didn’t think it was very funny when you joked about how hard it is to raise twins boys, after all Bob you should be grateful.

Perhaps before you judge anyone else, you should see what the consensus is about how people think you are doing in the parenting department. Maybe you could learn something by merely asking!?!

Given the number of manipulative brats that are in society now, I wonder how many adults are really doing a good job at parenting, most appear to be afraid to do the hard stuff, that’s my observation, opinion and concern.

Elle on

I think it’s interesting that most of the people who think Julie’s comments are funny accuse commenters who disagree of being judgmental. If you think sarcasm is funny that’s your business, but others have a right to express their reactions too without being judged.

I don’t know if the article is taken out of context, perhaps she does say she loves all her boys but when I read “I didn’t want two babies” I thought of women I know who would do anything to have two healthy babies.

We all know that children aren’t angels all the time and that raising a family takes a lot of work but people continue to have children, most because they want them.

B.J. on

Hilarious. I don’t have kids but I can imagine the shock of twins!

Jen on

Charming. I’m sure her sons will be delighted to learn one day that she only wanted one child. She obviously failed to consider this when she gave her “honest” interview.

Amy on

I think Julie Bowen is hilarious. The mothers here who claim to only have loving thoughts to their children 100% of the time… give me a break! I’m not a mother but I’ve seen plenty of kids throwing tantrums in public places. Usually I feel sorry for the mother because it’s not always her fault the kid is acting up. Please don’t tell me you have nice loving thoughts when your kid is embarrassing you in public!

I’ve also babysat for many families and been a camp counselor and always came across one or two kids I just simply did not like and felt so sorry for the parents they had such an annoying, snotty kid. Not all your kids are angels, parents. Trust me on that!

As for the people who have lost kids/have trouble conceiving… like many posters have said, it’s horrible to hear. I doubt Julie Bowen would laugh at you if you talked to her, I’m sure she would empathize. At the end of the day, she is definitely grateful for her children. But being a mother is damn hard work and I think many women don’t expect that because all they hear are mothers praising the joys of motherhood. Being a mother can also be a pain in the behind!

Jen on

It’s refreshing to hear a celeb not blow smoke up you know where about how awesome it is that they are parents. Many of those parents have a ton of help with their kids but Julie seems very hands-on and that’s going to result in a not-so-rosy picture of parenting. It’s real.

Plus, being older, she’s likely lightened up about a lot of things in life. I’m younger than her by a few years but I understand how different your outlook can be about parenting when you’re older and have more life experience. I know many younger moms who take it much too seriously, almost to the point of not enjoying it. With age, I’ve become a more relaxed parent and I have a child around the same age as her older son.

If more moms were honest with each other about parenting, and that there are days that are just awful and you can’t stand it, I think we’d all be better off and not so neurotic when we have a bad day. It’s life. It’s messy.

cmw on

I love it when people are REAL about motherhood!! It’s not all sunshine and roses. In fact, its more temper tantrums and bad attitudes than anything else. There are days when that “gorgeous little smile” just doesn’t happen to make it all better! Doesn’t mean we don’t love our kids, aren’t glad to have them and aren’t good mothers. It means we have normal children. Its about time we stopped the fairytale and brought “reality” to the forefront.

Kris on

I do believe the twins were conceived naturally (through intercourse) but I also believe she at least used injectables. Twins at 40 with NO help from a doctor is very rare. She knew the risks-you are advised of the risk of multiples when you go through fertility treatments.

T.m. on

So funny. I wish people would get a sense of HUMOR!!! Open your mouth and laugh. It sounds so much better then judging people. Her article was just that, funny. I love my kids and tell them all the time,”Calgon, take me away!” while hiding in the bathroom. Thank you, Julie Bowen for making me LAUGH. Please people who complained, get over it!!!

Kim on

IVF often results in twins she should have known that. I refuse to beleive this was an au natural pregnancy with twins, at 42. The chances of her having ZERO fertility help, and twins is incredibly rare. She had to have been taking injectables.

ruby on

while i understand how hard it is parenting twins, i think the “i wanted one baby not twins” is something she should not have said to a magazine. admit it to your husband, your BFF, your mom, etc. don’t make it public. think about all the people who want a baby desperately and can’t have one, or who get pregnant and lose the baby(ies). i have a friend who lost both twins due to a placental abruption. her feelings are normal, but some of it she should keep private.

showbizmom on

@ Honestly Speaking Really?!

I invite you if youre in California and in Southern part of the state to come see where I volunteer once a week. It’s a community center in East LA and the other day, I had a kid who’s mom failed to feed him or his sister for a week because she was locked up and failed to tell the cops so that CPS could come to get them. SO yeah, she Yes Julie Bowen 100% deserves to have her kids taken away for saying, motherhood isn’t all that all the time and that she didn’t at first want twins.

Grow up, you people act like she came into your house and said ‘haha fuck you and the kids you can’t have, I hate being a mom but I have three so I guess I have to mother them’ It’s a excerpt from a article! Good Lord!

Anonymous on

Wow. Some of you ladies need to lighten up!

Nunya on

As a person in the public eye, she should be more mindful of what she says. Her boys can and will read these things she is saying about them which would be incredibly hurtful. She needs to learn some verbal self control!

Rae on

What is wrong with some of you humorless people, my God! When I was young and my sister and I misbehaved my mother would always tell us that she should have planted a fruit tree instead of having kids because at least then she wouldn’t be hungry. Not for one moment did I think she was serious. In fact I use to laugh at her. When I became an adult I point blank told her that she should have planted the fruit tree, she’d be better off.

I KNOW that she’d die for me and my sister. And to be frank, raising kids is not all roses and honey. There are days when kids can be downright obnoxious, rude and ungrateful! Why should we lie to each other and ourselves about it? I suspect that if people knew just how hard and demanding raising kids was before they had them they’d opt out of having them.

Stop telling us how we should feel about having or not having kids!

paula on

She may not have used IVF, but I am convinced she has some kind of help to conceive (drugs or IUI). Too many twins in Hollywood. Just wish more celebrities would be honest about it. Seems like they are quick to say they didn’t do IVF, but there are dozens of other methods they could have used that are never mentioned.

RKF on

Guess I’m in the “I don’t find her comments funny” boat. I always find her humor crass, contrived, and whiny. While she may be “kidding”, I wouldn’t want to be one of her twins growing up reading that she only wanted one baby – joking or not. I am as sarcastic as they come, but don’t appreciate her humor. I’m definitely going to skip past her posts from now on…

RCR on

How very selfish this dip sounds! Children are a gift from God and I am sure there are so many people desperate to have a child. I hope she’s done and that those boys never read what their mother had to say about them.

Stacy on

Love this lady’s show and I’m not offended at all by her comments in this article, HOWEVER, the part about not doing IVF isn’t entirely true. As someone who currently shares a fertility clinic waiting room with half the celebrities in town, I full believe CARYN who claims she bumped into Julie at her fertility clinic. I know first hand you don’t have to have IVF in order to conceive twins, but someone her age is more likely to use fertility meds to increase her chances. And good for her that it worked-out, I just wish she had the courage to admit she suffers from fertility issues and needed a little help, even if it meant twins versus and singleton. Secondary infertility is rarely if ever addressed…sure would be nice if someone in the public spotlight would speak out on the topic!

mamaof2 on

I love her, and think she’s hilarious! As a working mom to a 1 and 2-year-old, I also find it exhausting (but rewarding). I can totally relate to thinking “thank God it’s Monday!”.

Debby on

Good actress – But sad she ALWAYS complains about her twins. A shame she doesn’t realize what a gift they are……



anonymous on

Just because someone doesn’t appreciate a certain type of humor doesn’t mean they need to lighten up or have no sense of humor. What ever happened to boundaries? Some things are just hurtful and shouldn’t be joked about. I am a mom and appreciate that there are many moments when I feel completely fed up and want to snap, but I would never say I only wanted one instead of both. It’s just not funny.

sara on

All of you who keep saying you don’t believe her about conceiving naturally, perhaps you should educate yourself before spouting off. The chance of having multiples (naturally) actually goes up with maternal age, not down. Yes, overall fertility drops, but naturally conceived multiples are more likely to be born to older mothers than younger ones. Also, just because something is rare doesn’t mean it never happens.

kayakkimi83 on

OMG this girl is funny! I dont watch moderm family but she has a point about being realistic. All those majical moments with butterflies in the sunlight and time stands still….. lasts for about .6 seconds and the rest of the time your dealing with insanely hyper mini-crazy people who just laugh, scream, giggle, tear things apart, spill chocolate milk on the only 4ft peice of carpet you own….ahhhh….the joys of parenthood. At least she’s honest right? She’s freak’n hilarious! Its takes a special kind of mom with an immense amount of patients to consider all the time those butterfly moments cause for me, the non stop running and bouncing not to mention trying to pull stickers out of hair is just sheer craziness.

Maggie on

Come on, people; she’s just being funny and glib. Of course her comments aren’t meant to suggest she doesn’t love her children. Of course her comments don’t mean she’s insensitive to women who can’t conceive, just as her comment about “one penis” doesn’t mean she’s insensitive to women without regular access to penises. Similarly, when she refers to her long-ass weekends, it doesn’t mean that she’s insensitive to the fact that some people have to work weekends. I could go on and on…

I know it’s a matter of taste and humour, but i feel very sad for folks who need things to stay “nice” and PC all the time.

lulu on

I think all the moms who pretend motherhood is nothing but bliss are really the ones who hate their kids and just go all bliss-y to cover it up. Kids suck the life out of you. Letting them do it is what makes you a good mom, not pretending that it’s not happening. That doesn’t make you a good mom, it just makes you a good liar.

Danielle on

As a mother of a 4 year old and 2.5 year old twin girls I can relate to her feelings from time to time. Now where the comments the most appropriate? Maybe yes maybe no. The issue is that we are so concerned with being PC that people who are honest and say what others are thinking are considered rude and offensive.

There also needs to be the understanding that people have a choice in how they handle what life gives them. I could complain that I dont remember the first 6 months of my twins life due to sleep deprevation or that all I did was pump breastmilk every 3-4 hours for 7 months or that I was robbed of time when they arrived early due to pre-e, but that is not the point of life.

I was blessed after losing a baby due to miscarriage to get my +1. God chose my husband and I the honor and huge responsibility to raise 2 wonderful idenitical twins and their older brother. We struggle from time to time with giving them all they need, but they know they are loved and who are we to complain.

soph on

“But my biggest thing is when these two chilren are born and in 20 years when they read this story will they ask “SO MOMMY WHICH ONE OF US DID YOU REALLY WANT” and how will she explain that her words were so clear that having two babies was a real put out for her and that inconveyancing her life in such a manner is more important what a real JERK and I will make sure I don’t support her work in the future! – Kelly”

There is so much in this statement to make fun of…aside from the fact that you were too “inconveyanced” to write properly…

A) I’m sure Julie will be heartbroken at the thought of you withdrawing your “support” 2) they’ve already been born, or can you not read either? and D) a 20 year old asking “Mommy which one did you want”? Adult children weeping over a long-forgotten article in More magazine?

momoftwins on

Caryn, you would see me in a fertility office too, probably as often, but fyi, my twins were completely natural, well I was on birth control, and had identical twins. I was there so often b/c knowing my risk of miscarriage my fertility doc kept a close eye on me till I switched to my OB at 12 weeks.

Kate on

I hope she realises that this is now in cyberspace forever and some day her twins will read how mommy didn’t want them.. good job Julie..NOT!

KB on

I am a twin with an older sibling as well. My mom told me she cried and cried when she found out. And I think the first years (until we started school) were hard. We laugh about it now and she wouldn’t have it any other way. (As she once told me, “We’d have only had one more. God thought we should have three and so he slipped in an extra.”) I think it’s weird that in Hollywood everyone assumes it was fertility issues. She was almost 40 and twins are more likely at that age. I never assume twins are from fertility treatments. (3+ I admit I assume fertility treatments.)

Julie on

Pregnancy can be hard and labor is really kind of nasty and motherhood is challenging. AND MAYBE if more people told the truth about the hard parts we wouldn’t have a bunch of unprepared mothers running around.

Monica on

What must it be like to live a life where the mear mention of children or babies or how hard it raising kids makes you immediately think of your own personal situation where you aren’t able to have children for whatever reason. Do you purposefully avoid friends or family members who have kids so you don’t have to be constantly reminded that you don’t have kids? Do you do all your shopping online so you don’t have to run into kids with their parents at stores? Where does it stop??

This is an article that is obviously about having kids- so why are you reading it and then posting comments about it when it is obviously painful for you that this actress has kids and is (gasp!) talking about them? The world cannot (and shouldn’t have to) censor itself for possibly hurting your feelings about not being able to have kids. Before you all say I’m heartless and jump all over me, know that I have suffered loss too.

I miscarriaged 2 months before my best friend gave birth to her 2nd child. I visited her in the hospital and called her daily to see how she was doing. I brought my daughter for playdates with her older child to help her out. I never once flinched when she said how hard it was having 2 kids because 1 I could only imagine that it wouldn’t be easy. Even tho I was still grieving, I never once held it against her that she had 2 healthy children. And even tho she worried about offending me, I made her promise not to stop talking to me or treat me differently. That is how the world works people- that is reality.

I have since been blessed with a 2nd daughter and I am the first one to tell new or expectant moms that it is NOT easy raising a kid, BUT it is also worth every minute of frustration. So stop jumping all over poor Julie who did an interview for a magazine (not even PEOPLE!!) and has every right to say whatever the heck she chooses to about her children. I agree with every word she said- and I haven’t even seen the entire article!

Sarah M. on

I don’t have my own kids yet, but hope to someday. (I do realize that there’s a difference between working with children and being a mother. Both see the good and bad sides of kids at various times, though.) When I hear parents only say the good things about kids, I don’t fully understand why they can’t be honest and say that they have bad days, too. I understand looking at the positive in things, but sometimes others need to hear the bad, and the one in the situation needs to vent and talk about the bad stuff.

I hope this doesn’t come off as offensive to others, as I would LOVE to have a family someday (through pregnancy and adoption) and hope I don’t have a problem with that. I can’t even imagine how hard (physically and emotionally) it would be to know that you’ll never have that chance. But if that is the case with you, perhaps you should not come to a place where it will cause you so much hurt. Such as a celebrity baby website, where you see pics of babies when you want one and are having fertility issues.

Julie did not personally cause anyone else’s fertility issues, she didn’t make it so anyone else has lost a child (during pregnancy or otherwise). She should have the right to talk about all parts of parenthood, the good AND the bad, without having to worry about who she might offend with a comment. As fertility issues are generally taboo and not talked about in public, she has no way of knowing who may or may not be dealing with that. I highly doubt she would go up to anyone that she KNEW had that problem and say ‘My kids are awful and terrible and too much work. I wish I’d never had them!’

She’s a comedienne and they often get their humor from personal experience. IE: the good and BAD parts of life. Maybe she figures that everyone else focuses so much on all the good stuff and ignores the bad, that she’d talk about the part that everyone else seems to ignore.

Aside from all of that, I try and remember that this is an interview. The people being interviewed have little to no choice as to what actually gets printed in the end. There were most likely questions that she gave a more positive answer to, but they weren’t chosen to be used in the final print. And only those who were actually there for the interview and heard every question and answer that was stated can say for sure what her ENTIRE attitude toward her family actually is.

And magazines (People does it too!) have a tendency to pick bad pictures and interviews just to see what kind of rise it causes amongst the readers. And they seem to get into that habit often with certain celebs (Katie Holmes, Tori Spelling, Julie Bowen, etc.).

Regardless, it’s refreshing to hear a different take on issues than the usual, PC response!

Julie on

And P.S. not wanting 2 isn’t the same thing as not loving the two you got. I got pregnant with my second when my first was 4 months old. Did I want that/plan that to happen — NO. I know I am lucky and I wouldn’t have it any other way – BUT it isn’t what I planned or wanted at the time.

Anonymous on

amw, You mention gentle and kind. Well I don’t view her “jokes” as funny at all. My husband and I have struggled for 7 years to have a child. In 2008 we went through a failed adoption of 2 girls 9 months into the adoption (foster care).

In 2009 I got pregnant with our son but he was stillborn due to placental abruption. I got pregnant again a year later but our Daughter was stillborn in May then three days later my grandmother was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and died less than 2 months later.

No parenting is not all sunshine and roses but neither is having to visit your son and daughter’s gravesites or planning your children’s funerals 19 months apart, no parent should have to buy a casket for their child I’ve bought 2. I’d rather change nothing but diapers than to see their names on their headstones.

Personally I’d rather have living children and seeing “humor” like that is not funny. Everyone knows parenting isn’t easy but if she didn’t want those things she shouldn’t have had those boys. Every interview I see of her she’s complaining about how hard it is. It’s not funny it’s annoying!

Like I said I’ve been a mom to two girls for 9 months as a foster mom. Parenting isn’t for everyone LULU and because I love parenting and don’t have negetive things to say about it that makes me a liar? NONSENSE.

momoftwins on

Oh my freaking heck! and I’m talking about the commentors.

Having been on both sides of the desperately wanting a baby and finally getting it, I what both sides are saying, but ya’ll just need to relax. I love my babies to no end, but I’ll tell you when I found out they were boys I cried for 24 hrs straight, but I got over it and love ’em to pieces. doesn’t mean I didn’t want them, but that I was mourning something I didn’t get. There is nothing wrong with that.

She’s obviously joking, if she really didn’t want them she wouldn’t have them, but if you are raising kids you have to have a sense of humor. It’s not all happy. I’ve learned you really do have to be careful with what you say to certain people, but guess what she doesn’t really have that option in an interview, she may say 1000 things, but all of them will not make it in the article, they EDIT, duh! They pick what they think will sell, and obviously due to the amount of comments they did it right. Get over it.

TM on

Please! She’s just being humorous. My kids are 14 months apart and I did not want my second one. I love her more than anything in this world but it was an unexpected surprise that was hard to adjust to at first. I’d imagine that’s the same way she reacted to finding out she was having twins. Lighten up people. If the world had more comedy, it would be a better place to live.

Michelle on

Ceebs said, “The thing is, most moms just lie through their teeth to each other about motherhood. We seldom hear another mother ever say anything bad about parenthood or their kids.”

Where did you find these moms, because I’d like to hang out with them! All I ever hear other moms talk about is how hard everything is, how their kids misbehave, how their husbands are jerks or babies. And then they congratulate each other on being so “refreshingly honest.” The positive aspects of raising a family are only mentioned as afterthoughts, like “of course there’s the love and joy and blah blah blah, but not all the time!”

Frankly, my kids aren’t always good, but if other people’s kids are half as bad as they say they are, mine must be ANGELS! And even more frankly, I get sick of hearing about it. If your kids are that bad, spank them and send them to bed and get over it.

Sam on

I’m disgusted by the catty women here. None of her comments were aimed directly at anyone. She isn’t speaking negatively about IVF, just saying she didn’t have it. I’m sure she would feel horribly that you lost a child or have tried and not succeeded at getting pregnant. Do you now expect every person you DON’T KNOW to censor what they say because you may read it?

I find it ridiculous that people choose to jump on her comments about having twins when it wasn’t expected, but they choose to IGNORE the fact that as a celebrity, she still chooses to take care of her OWN children on the weekend when she could hand them to a nanny without worrying about it.

THIS kind of behavior is what gives all women a bad name. We can’t just give each other a pat on the back, we have to be rude, cold, callous, and overly sensitive, not to mention witchy for absolutely no reason. You should all be proud. NOT. Grow the heck up.

Justlise on

Just love Julie Bowen. She is so open honest, hilarious and says EXACTLY what alot of us mothers are thinking. I am sure she loves her children just as dearly as any MOM, but it is refreshing to hear someone make fun of “mothering”.

Robbin on

“Children are like crazy, drunken small people in your house.”

LOL I couldn’t have said it better!

miss scarlet on

People need to stop being so sensitive. Pregnancy/motherhood aren’t all rainbows and sunshine all the time. She didn’t go into pregnancy seeking twins, and is joking about getting them. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love them or doesn’t consider herself lucky. Infertility is terrible, but everyone’s different and everyone has a story and not everyone needs to be super!sensitive!to!poor!you!

My mom has said that if she was infertile, she wouldn’t have gone through IVF or anything to have me. She wasn’t desperate for children. But she doesn’t love me any less now because she wasn’t desperate for children then. Get a grip people, her kids will know she loves them and be fine.

melissa c on

Why is it that we as people have to think about others and how they will respond? If JB wants to say she wasn’t expecting twins, that she only wanted one, that is her perogative. She should not have to hold her tongue in fear that someone may think its callous to say that she isn’t grateful with what “god” gave her.

Be real. Being a parent can sometimes be a nightmare. Kids have their own personalities and sometimes those little personalities don’t mesh well. If you don’t like a co-worker or even a family member you say it outloud. Geez my mother-n-law is such a pill. blah blah blah. But what? YOu can’t say negative things about your chilren?

My kids are obnoxious. They can be very loving and wonderful and sweet. But they are boys and i don’t expect them to be angels. They wreck my house, break things, talk back. They are little demons at times. I love them, I wouldn’t exchange them for anything, but believe me, if it wasn’t cruel i’d lock them outside sometimes.

Karen on

She probably films many, many hours a day. I don’t understand being glad to go back to that and leave her children, but to each her own.

cj on

who the heck is that on the cover?? not julie for sure!
I first watched Julie Bowen in “ED” the funny Tv show, then
“Boston Legal”. and she rocks in “Modern Family”.
Well, at least she’s honest! Being a Mom is hard work.

JN on

While I appreciate Julie Bowen’s honesty regarding motherhood, it is difficult as a woman who is unable to have children to read such flippancy regarding her sons. Although it’s nice to see that motherhood is not just rainbows and unicorns, there are many out there who would give anything for 48 hours of “poop patrol.” So Julie- appreciate what you have. While you may have been surprised by the 2-for-1 special you got, imagine how surprised you would have been to be told you could NEVER have it!

criticaleye on

@ all of you who state JB should “appreciate” the gift of having kids: where does she state she doesn’t?

Get a grip…lots of babies come by accident. Like after a one night stand, despite prevention, unplanned…and even if it’s shocking for the first couple of weeks, it doesn’t mean that moms who keep them don’t love and appreciate them.

Please state your opinion by quoting, where Jb had said, that she doesn’t love her kids and would take it back or exchange her twin boys for a single child. Where can I read that?

Gina on

She is funny – some people need to get over it. Anyone who is a parent can relate to “poop patrol”!! She rocks

Karen P. on

What a dumb thing to say. Just be happy and count your blessings.

Mary on

I, too, had 3 boys in 4 years, the second pregnancy being twins. Even though she’s intitled to her opinion, I feel sorry for her kids & everyone else that feels the same way she does. It was & still is the greatest joy of my life – twins are special & a gift! It wasn’t always easy, that’s for sure, but never would I have changed anything.

Jennifer on

I thought she was being funny and real. The super moms need to get their panties out a bunch if they feel otherwise.

annie on


Gina on

lauralynn – “If she seriously didn’t want twins, she could’ve had selective reduction down to 1 fetus.”

YOUR KIDDING RIGHT?? I’m a twin and I’m disgusted with the fact that you would just say something like that. What would of happened if your mother would have decided that you wouldn’t good enough and got rid of you??

Alice on

My parents already had 3 boys (6, 5 and 3) and 1 girl (2) when my twin sister and I were born. Every birthday our mother would tell us once again how thrilling it was to have twins and that she got her first choice, identical girls! As to whether we twins were “planned” or not, my father used to say that none of 6 kids were planned!

Krista on

I’m happy for you that you are able to have 2 babies. But for you to say I only wanted one baby sorry I don’t fell bad. I can’t even have one due to fertility problems. I have been trying for 3 years, had 8 IUI and no baby. If I could afford to pay around $30,000 for IVF I would be happy to have 2 babies. Good luck on the twins.

JLT on


Best comment on the forum! I have a sense of humor but Julie’s manner of speaking was not the type of humor that I appreciate. My child has never been perfect but I don’t bore others with complaints about him or his birth. I find complainers distasteful and that’s how this article struck me. Distasteful. There is so much negative news out there us that I try to surround myself with positive people and news simply because those who complain about life, kids, family etc make me cringe.

We all have problems, shut up, deal with it and move on. If you can’t handle it talk to your spouse or a therapist. Spare your family, friends and the public the negativity. I’m surprised and sad that anyone would consider this funny, even if she is a comedienne. I know how to “lighten up” but this seemed over the line to me.

Kayli on

At 42, hope she can keep up with three kids! She also shouldn’t be so surprised that she is having twins if she had fertility treatments. DUH!

Kat on

I don’t think anyone can truly comment until they have read the ENTIRE article in MORE magazine. Personally, I think anyone questioning her love for her children should take a long walk off a short pier. 😉

sara on

All of you who are getting the vapors over what she said better never listen to the comedy routines of Louis CK when he riffs on his kids. Your heads would probably explode. Seriously, get over yourselves and stop being so self-righteous.

Noel on

Twins are rough! I had my twin boys when first child (daughter) was 3 months shy of being two years old!! It’s not easy, but such a blessing!

eternalcanadian on

I don’t find Julie funny. At all. I can understand she’s trying to come across cool and funny but I found her comments rude and insensitive saying she wanted just one kid and instead got two and that they are a pain in the arse. And to actually label one fat and one smart? So not cool. At all.

That’s not going to make either of the twins feel good about themselves because they’re going to see these articles at some point. Maybe Julie should just be quiet about the negative things about her children and instead focus on the good things and count her blessings she has children in the first place.

J on

I agree with Elle, Dawn and some others. Is it this woman’s shtick to badmouth her family during interniews? We get it, motherhood can be hard but she just seems like she always has some complaint about her kids or husband. We ALL have complaints about our kids and husbands but we don’t make it a point to loudly complain and trash them to others for a cheap laugh.

Jen DC on

“Calling her twins “adorable and great,” the Modern Family actress loves nothing more than to spend quality — albeit a bit dirty! — time with her brood of boys. “With the twins there are times just rolling around on the floor with them in their own puke because they throw up sitting up,” she confesses.” http://celebritybabies.people.com/2009/11/11/julie-bowen-no-brotherly-love-amongst-my-boys/

“Continued the actress, who is mom to Oliver, 2, and twins Gus and John, 8 months, “I always come across sounding like I hate my children. I actually love them very much.”” http://www.usmagazine.com/momsbabies/news/julie-bowen-raising-three-kids-under-2-12-a-nightmare-2010251

Two quotes that show that she actually loves her kids AND recognizes how she may sound to others. Obviously, she doesn’t give a d*mn about your opinion. And here’s a self-deprecating quote to show us she talks about HERSELF the same (negative) way as she talks about her boys:

“Bowen professes not even to be “the cool one” of the Luetkemeyer siblings. They all live in California: Molly is an interior designer who has appeared on “Clean Sweep” and whose chic styling of Bowen’s mid-century home was featured in InStyle magazine in April; Annie is a Harvard-trained infectious disease doctor at the University of California, San Francisco.

She’s in Ethiopia now setting up an AIDS study,” Bowen says. “So when people say my parents must be proud of me? No.”
http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2010-09-12/entertainment/bs-sm-julie-bowen-profile-20100902_1_claire-dunphy-modern-family-trench-coat SHE JOKES THAT HER PARERNTS AREN’T PROUD OF HER!

You don’t have to appreciate her sense of humor. You can say you find it distasteful. But you really have no room to say she doesn’t love her kids (as others have said, she could have had an abortion or given them up for adoption or some such)or that she should have them removed from her home.

She’s a comedienne. She makes crass jokes. As someone who routinely mocks EVERYTHING and usually gives people I’m meeting for the first time a disclaimer (e.g., “please let me know if my sarcasm offends you, otherwise I’ll never know”) I feel for her on this site today.

Erica on

Her “snarky motherhood comments” are played out and come off as deeply ungrateful. She’s not nearly as funny as she thinks she is.

SC on

We don’t always get what we thought we would but having twins is wonderful…I should know, I was expecting one baby myself and had spontaneous triplets. They are a blessing and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I can’t stand it when people assume or ask if we used in-vitro, its not anyone’s business but my own and I can only imagine how many times she gets asked about it being a celebrity.

Enjoy your boys!

Tee on

Wow, I have so much to say! I don’t know much about Julie Bowen, so I can’t say much in regards to the type of humor she shows. I am bothered by the fact that she says she only wanted one child. The reason it bothers me is the simple fact that one day, her children could read this and what will they think? That’s a very hurtful thing to read! And if the comments about her referring to one child as “fatty” and the other child as “the smart one” are true? Well, that’s just disgusting, plain and simple. This woman could stand to learn something from the way that Jerry and Rebecca talk about their twin daughter, Charlie and Dolly.

I have read all the comments and several people are talking about how people need to “lighten up.” I agree that some people are taking Julie’s comments a little too personally. But a lot of people that are saying those types of things have said that they are having fertility problems. In that case, I can understand why they are offended by Julie’s comments! It is really bothering me that some of you are being so critical of these people. Try and remember that a little bit of compassion goes a very long way!

Jen DC- You said, “You want to be insulted” in reference to women with infertility problems? Seriously? I can’t believe you said that! In all fairness, I actually agreed with the overall principal of your comment, in that women struggling with infertility can be very sensitive and take things too personally. But that doesn’t mean they “want” to be insulted! So offensive!

Kris,Kim, Paula and Stacy- I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from, but it’s actually more common for older mothers to conceive twins without help than it is for a younger mother.

Livid- I’m so sorry to hear about your fertility issues. I know how that hurts.

Lisa- “Serious mental issues?” That’s a ridiculous and highly unfair label, don’t you think?

Maya- I’m sorry that you’re having problems with your fertility. I’ll be praying that things resolve for you soon! I think you worded your comment beautifully and agree with every word you said.

Elizabeth- You sound like a very strong woman!

Miss Ann- I’m so sorry about your sons.

Jill- My goodness, five lost pregnancies. I’m so sorry! I’ll bet you cuddle your daughter so tightly every night before you tuck her into bed.

Boston- Wow! Just… wow! Your comment was downright rude.

Mandy- I’m so sorry about the loss of your child. My sister has carried two sets of twins and lost one baby out of each pregnancy. (One reabsorbed, one stillborn.) It’s hard to look at the remaining baby and not see the one you’ve lost.

Honestly Speaking- I understand your anger towards Julie Bowen for her careless comments, but do you really think that she should have her children taken away from her? I don’t get the impression that she doesn’t love and care for her kids. I just think that she is overwhelmed and doesn’t word things very well.

Anonymous- Your story is heartbreaking… two failed adoptions and two stillborn children. I’m so sorry!

MKeller on

Actually, “lauralynn”, a selective reduction down to one baby from twins IS something doctors will bat an eyelash at. Most doctors don’t even do it because there is minimal risk of having a complicated pregnancy with twins, even at a woman’s advanced age (past 35). I’d be careful about speaking of something you know nothing about.

tobeornottobe on

Funny…she’s probably sitting in her mansion or by her million dollar oasis of a pool…reading all the negative things said about her and laughing because she could give a dang what others think! Her concern is if you watch Modern Family. I wonder how perfect of a parent we would ALL be if we were on the other side of a camera lens 24/7? Not a great enough to be commenting I’m sure!

kelly on

get over it people! she is a comedian and trying to make a point of how people just assumed she took fertility drugs when she had twins. it is hard work, not sunshine and roses. i love my kids so much just as I have no doubt Julie loves her kids but it is hard work. and again, let me stress the fact, she’s trying to be funny. if you don’t think it is, too bad, get over it. hahahahahaha

Alyssa on

I find her comments to be pretty ugly. Children are a true blessing, think of all the poor couples out there who can’t have children or are dealing with multiple losses. Then you have this woman opening her big mouth stating she didn’t want twins. I would have more to say but my comments would be blocked so I’ll end it right there.

Sharon on

I love that she is keeping it real, we all know it can be hard. I love being a Mom, but there are times I feel overwelmed and I am not ashamed to say that. Thanks for the laugh Julie…

Amelia on

lauralynn – do they really call it selective reduction!? Why not be truthful! I would imagine she didn’t want to abort one of the children, that’s probably why she didn’t chose “selective reduction”.

Tiff on

There is nothing wrong with talking about your kids in a tone other than pure adoration…I love my kids more than anything, and they drive me crazy on a daily basis! I wouldn’t change having them for anything in the world, but kids aren’t perfect and either are parents.

Aimee on

Good on her. Seriously some of you need to get a sense of humor. I think some moms hate comments like this because it lets everyone know that being a mom is not perfect and is not always fun. I’d rather listen to Julie and have a laugh than listen to Miranda Kerr once again tell us how motherhood is sunshine lollypops and rainbows and that her new “curves” are wonderful barf.

em on

She needs to stop talking. Or at least talking about this. She seems to constantly bring this up. Why protest so much when people ask you about your conception of twins? Why do you keep making a huge deal about it???

I lost my other baby when I was expecting twins. I will trade places with you Julie, since you just wanted one! You can grieve the loss of the baby you never got to meet, and I will hold the two that I was supposed to have.

What an ungrateful and dark person. I feel sorry for her husband and kids.

Jen DC on

@ Tee: When you go to a celebrity baby website, choose an article about a woman you have found in the past not to be funny and/or the article is entitled “I wanted one baby – Not TWO!” and you are struggling with infertility? Yeah, you’re looking to be offended and to spread your hurt around. It’s like being a greyhound lover and going to the track yet pretending you weren’t expecting to see animal abuse.

She didn’t want twins! It was a shock to her, it’s apparently (2 yrs later) still a shock. She’s not saying that she didn’t want them in the sense that she would have gotten rid of one, she’s saying she wanted one more kid and ended up with two. It’s like being overserved at the buffet: You wanted one more piece of cheesecake, not two! But you’re sure as h*ll not going to turn down that extra piece of cheesecake, are you? No siree, Bob! (Or John or Gus, whichever came second.)

And to all of you up in arms over her calling one of ’em fatty and the other one smarty: The kid I nannied for? Me and his mom called him “The Dog.” Yep. THE DOG. And I’m calling his new little sister The Lemur. Her eyes are just so wide and she’s got this crazy hair and her little grippy fingers… She’s adorable. Like a Lemur. Scarring ’em for life, I tell ya.

portlandmom on

Oy! I totally relate to Julie’s humor. I worry about moms who can’t joke about how hard and wonderful being a mom is. I’m also sad for all the women who have posted who have clearly internalized Julie’s comments. I understand the emotional hardship of fertility struggles, been there, but my experience is solely my own. Julie isn’t responsible for any one else’s hardships and struggles and her experience is just that – hers.

As I was reading the comments I was amazed at how much unresolved grief and anger there is among the posters. Julie gets to live her life exactly how she wants. The fact is you all can be hurting and Julie can be funny. It’s not black and white

. As a mom who jokes about how hard motherhood is, all the time, my kids are sooooo loved and they are happy, very funny little monsters. Please, please don’t lash out at Julie; it won’t change your situation nor will it make you ultimately feel better.

me on

lol i think it’s funny that people assume she had fertility treatments. i dont blame them, its so common nowadays… but the other reason twins are common is because people are having kids older. its more likely for an older woman to have twins… i mean the woman is 42… back in the day it was weird for parents to be that old… now it seems to be the norm
not that its good or bad just saying thats a big reason people keep having twins, i mean look at j.lo, mariah, celine dion… all had twins in their 40’s

JMO on

Does anyone ever listen to Mary McCormicks interviews?? She reminds me a lot of Julie Bowen. She refers to her one daughter as the sweet one and the other as the devil.

Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca also have quite a sense a humor about raising their twins!!

They’re entertainers, it’s part of their job to crack jokes, and lets face it some of us don’t have a stick up our you know what and we understand a joke! Do you think for one second these kids are logging onto people.com and/or picking up US Weekly to see what their parents said about them? No! And most likely they’ll grow up with the same kind of sarcastic sense of humor like their parents and will have no complex whatsoever!!!

Fergie5 on

I love Julie on Modern Family. I must say though that every article or interview that I have seen her in she slams her kids in one way or another.

Sarah on

She is honest, funny and straight-up adorable. I would be friends with her in a heartbeat, she rules.

Margaux on

I love how Julie Bowen is REAL, and doesn’t sugarcoat anything. You go, Julie! Can’t wait for the return of MF!

Shea on

Everyone who says “it’s not all roses and rainbows”, or “Sometimes I am sick of my kids”, etc… should try burying their newborn and then maybe they would rethink their statements. Burying my baby was the worst thing I have ever experienced. It was hell, and I sm still not over it 4 yearss, 3 months and 6 days later. I have a nursery that never held a baby..I would give *ANYTHING* to have the horrioble moments as well as the great ones..as that would mean my baby girl would be here with me.

Thoes flip comments may be funny to some. but to those of us that have lost a child, they aren’t very amusing, and seem down right unappreciative, selfish and crude.

….and before any of you rude, “I need something to comaplain and be bitchy about” women come back at with with a careless and hurtful or rude comment, I just want to say to save it and instead count your blessings and say a prayer of thanks that you have your children here on earth, alive and well with you.

Shannon on

She’s hilarious. 🙂

NayNay on

Having lost both of my children, these type of comments are very upsetting. If people don’t want their child, there are plenty of us out here with open arms and broken hearts that would be happy to be a mother.

Tee on

Jen DC, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a person stating that they are offended by Julie’s comments, anymore than I think there is anything wrong with a person saying that they found them to be comical. It’s an opinion and as long as said opinion is expressed politely, I don’t have a problem with it. I don’t think these women are looking to “spread their hurt around!” I think they are simply explaining why they are offended by this interview.

Shea, I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter. I have a niece, Penelope, that was stillborn and it was hell on earth. And that was for me, as her aunt, not even her mother! I know how much my sister hurts even now, seven years later. I’ll be praying for you, asking the Lord to ease your grief. I know some people here are feeling very strongly about people commenting the way you have. Let me say here and now that I’m glad you shared your comment and I understand why this article upset you.

m-dot on

I don’t know her but i find her hilarious!!! Motherhood is beautiful and all of that but it’s haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard work and exhausting. Nothing wrong w putting it out there the way it is. I have a son and will be trying for another in a couple of yrs and if I were to pop up w twins…I too would feel like WHOA. lol

Mickey Z. on

OK, I am with the “She’s keeping it real” bandwagon….

All you holier than thou tight…..
Yes, I am sure you try to delude yourself mother is all peaches and cream, roses and rainbows… BUT, for those of us in the real world, I love her honest comments. I don’t for a minute doubt she truly loves her kids…

Thanks for the honesty Julie!!

Understanding on

I can see both sides of the arguments from all the posts here. I can also see how her comments can be offensive to some but I think that the overall statement that she was trying to make was missed by those who found it offensive.

I am a mother of two preschoolers. When both of my kids were in pampers, I was convinced that every mother alive had the sure-fire recipe on how to be a good mother. All of the interviews I read were exactly the same. I couldn’t tell the difference between Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Garner. They love spending endless amounts of time with their children, their babies didn’t cry that much, their children slept through the night, and their children eat every single thing on their plates including artichokes, etc.

I always felt like there was no one who was experiencing what I was going through. Children who cry/whine at every whim, refuse to use the potty, refuse to eat anything besides oatmeal 3 times a day, tantrums around the clock, embarrasing public outings and quarreling siblings. I love my children. I love them more than I could have ever imagined but there are days when I want to scream and run to the nearest pyschiatrist.

Every mother feels this way. It is cathartic to be honest and say, “I love my kids but there are some days when I am seriously struggling”.

What Julie Bowen was doing was letting mothers out there know it’s not easy. There are way too many actresses out there playing the Stepford Mommy role as it is. Her sense of humor may not be for everyone but she was being herself. When you pick up those magazines to read about these ladies lives’, isn’t that what you are looking for?

Deb on

I love Modern Family but I am tempted to stop watching it bc I am so disgusted by all the comments Julie makes about her kids. I am the mother of triplets so I know the hardships of having multiples but how about saying something positive at least once? I know it is hard but it is also wonderful! She had tons of money and is with her kids so little I don’t understand how she has any right to complain so much!

Justine on

I find this extremely offensive and insensitive – having delievered stillborn twin boys at 18 weeks not a day goes by that I don’t think about them and wish I had them in my life.

megan on

I realize parenthood isn’t all sunshine and rainbows 24/7 (and wouldn’t want someone to pretend it was if that wasn’t their experience), but she’s always freaking complaining about her kids. Even though I know she’s joking around and loves her kids, it’s gotten really old and annoying that it’s her standard sound bite

meghan on

To the various women who are up in arms because they have lost children, I’m sorry for your losses, but how dare you! It’s not all about you. Julie Bowen is entitled to share her feelings without being made to feel like a horrible person. Because she has never lost a child, she has no right to say that parenthood is hard? Because she brought healthy children to term she should always be blissfully happy and grateful? What a crock! Stop projecting your feelings on other people.

AmandaK on

I’m not familiar with Julie but I think she was just trying to be funny. I get that it’s not funny to some but different strokes for different folks. I always find it kinda weird when celebs talk about how difficult parenting can be. Can you imagine if they had to do it without the help of nannies?? I also find it weird how so many have twins and deny fertility help although others have even seen them at fertility clinics. Would be nice if they could be honest about having had help.

gottabelieve on

This woman should be more sensitive in the way she speaks. Someday her children may read this. Also………….there are millions of couples going through IVF that would die to have a child. She sounds like she takes it for granted. Not nice. Ever heard of “think before you speak”??????????

JustMe on


Geez… some people are so thin skinned these days!

If and when the kids are older and read this they will get a kick out of it…

molly.one on

I know many find her really off-putting, but I have to say, I find her to be incredibly hilarious! Her take is obviously sarcastic and meant to be taken lightly and I find it refreshing and entertaining. I mean, of course she loves her children and is delighted to be a mother of three, but she is also exhausted and burned out (as many of us are each day) and find humor to get her through. That is how I generally cope, too so I can relate to her satire.

Lynn Foster on

I used to enjoy watching Julie on Modern Family, however, I too find her comments very insensitive and frankly ignorant. She is awfully stupid to make fun of a situation that could have turned out tragically. Any multiple pregnancy is high risk. I had twins and one died due to twin to twin transfusion. I would have traded my life so that my baby could have lived. To hear her make fun of the two blessings she has sets my teeth on edge and hardens my heart. Why is it celebraties think they can play God? To know she went to a fertility clinic and lied about it is about as low as you can get. She needs to think the next time she opens her big mouth.

Elisabeth on

Megan- I agree. Ever since her twins were born I’ve never read one positive interview about them.

Meghan- I was not projecting my feelings on someone else. How dare me? you sound like such a nice person after what you said you have to be one of the cruelest people I’ve seen on this thread. You obviously don’t know what its like so how dare you come down on us when we’re simply sharing our feelings. What you said was uncalled for. No one said it was all about us. Basically you’ve just said we’re selfish for having our opinion. I think you have that turned around. I can’t even describe the pain of trying for years then losing not one child but two at birth. I remember having to call the nurse to take my son down to the morgue. And again 19 months later with my daughter. After that you gain an appreciation for children. Their a gift.

I know parenting isn’t roses rainbows and sunshine but who here said it was??!?! It’s not everyone’s cup of tea it’s just annoying to read her complaining about her kids in every interview I read. To come down on mother’s who are upset about the interview because they’ve lost children is twisted. I hope you don’t have children.

anonymous on

Elizabeth- very well said. I lost one of my twins and think about her every day and wonder if she’d look like her brother. People who have never gone through it have no clue. It’s easy to be flippant about these things when you’ve never experienced it!

guan00 on

I agree with what she says. She is being real. Kids are really tough. Doesn’t mean you don’t love or want them, but it is a lot harder than anyone ever tells you.

KJH on

@all those saying that her honesty is refreshing: just because she’s honest doesn’t mean that we all want to hear it. I think her honest feelings about being a parent are disgusting.

Terri on

Oh my, she’s hilarious! The joys of motherhood are filled with some difficult times as well.

Anonymous on

I love Julie Bowen, aka Claire Dunphy!!!! I absolutely cannot wait until Modern Family starts again on September 21st! 😀

ecl on

I suppose you all never talk about your diets/meals etc since there are people starving on earth. That would be insensitive. And those of you going through IVF should stop complaining about having to do it because some people can’t afford it. It’s insensitive. And those of you who have husbands with whom to try to get pregnant should stop complaining because at least your husband didn’t die in Iraq. It’s insensitive. I hope you get my point….

sara on

Elizabeth, what you went through was horrible, but that still doesn’t change the fact that this post isn’t about you, or about any of the other people commenting here. You don’t have a monopoly on what it feels like to be a mother, or what it *should* feel like to be a mother, just because you happened to have experienced the loss of a child.

People, whether celebrities or not, should not have to feel like they need to walk on eggshells just because some of the people who read their comments might be hypersensitive to talk that isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. And as has been said multiple times already, she wasn’t complaining about her kids.

DI on

I have to say that I disagree strongly with her comments. I know as a mother of 2 children, 1 disabled that life is hard, and it is hard to lose a child as well. I lost 3 children before my son was born. WHat upsets me is that she is almost belittling her children, not being stressed because of her children. Also, as a celebrity, she does not live in the same world the rest of us working moms do. SO to say that by Monday she is ready for her expensive child care to start back up so she doesnt have to deal is just wrong. ALL children are gifts, how do we say to God the gift giver that HE made a mistake by giving someone twins instead of one baby. I dont understand people like that, but again, they dont live in the real world like we do. Money can color your perspective on many things,and I think this is just one more example of that proof.

Marky on

Everyone doesn’t have the same sense of humor. People in my family think Family Guy and American Dad are 2 of the wittiest shows around; I think they reek of bullying and hatefulness as well as waaay too much swearing and disgusting treatment of family members who are supposed to be loved. I hate it–they love it. Matter of taste, just as these shows are.

I know a bit about being in Julie’s situation, just as I know about infertility, and I have to say I frequently wondered what hit me when I ended up with 3 children in exactly 4 years. It was hard work, and I didn’t have any relatives around to help; it was me and my husband. One of those children had special needs, and somehow we made it. None of those children feel as if they were, or are, unloved, unwanted, or neglected.

People, you are so over-reacting. After years of fertility treatments with no success, my friends were getting pregnant and I didn’t demand that no one mention their pregnancies around me so I wouldn’t feel upset, and those who were pregnant and absolutely didn’t want to be could talk to me without fear, too.

What a bunch of over-sensitive, “it’s all about me” people posting on here! It’s ridiculous that you think no one should say they were shocked at expecting twins (that’s what she means, you know), or that it’s hard to deal with sometimes, but obviously she loves her kids and is happy to spend time with them. Get a grip, for pity’s sake, and while you’re at it, get a sense of humor!!

Amy Nicole on

I agree with many others that she is speaking realistically about motherhood. It is a difficult, nerve wrecking job at times. I could not imagine having twins. I have 2 girls ages 7 and almost 4 and that IS enough! LOL.

I like to see it when people talk about real life for what it is difficult. People go into marriage and having babies like it’s this big fantasy world full of magic and perfection….then reality sets in and they actually get in arguments with their spouse and their children are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Shocking that, like someone above said, it’s not all sunshine and roses. I really think that is why the divorce rate is so high, people’s unrealistic expectations.

Bravo to Julie for being real!

CW on

I love her honesty. I have a very difficult 2 year old and a 7 month old, and it seems impossible at times. I freak out and cry and mourn my old life when I worked. It’s nice to see someone else being honest for once.

Casey on

“I’d be like…” lol

Bill on

I love Modern Family and Julie Bowen is one of the big reasons why. The comedy timing between her and Ty Burrell (Phil) is classic.

However, I’m afraid I have to agree to a point with the comments regarding her constant negativity when she talks about her twins. I get that she is trying to be funny and some of her “complaining” really is hilarious, but I have seen her talk about them on about 4 or 5 occasions now and she never says anything even remotely positive about them or that she is glad at least on some level that she has them in her life. And there is a really harsh tone to a lot of her statements that makes many people wonder how just how serious she may be about her disdain for being a mother of multiples.

I know it has to be really tough at times and can make you wonder whether you’re coming or going. While only raising one chile at a time our first two were 22 months apart and even that got a little crazy.

Still, I guess I would like her to make maybe one slightly positive remark for every 20 “I hate my life” “jokes” just to let people know she doesn’t consider her twins a punishment from God. Someone said that she does say some positive things elsewhere in the article. I definitely need to read that part, because it will be the first time I’ve ever heard her say anything about her twins without acting as if she wished they would just disappear.

sara on

DI, not everyone believes in god. So no, not everyone believes children are “gifts from god” because that expression has no meaning.

Jess on

did anyone actually follow the link and read the full article?

lauralynn on

Oh, calm down. I never said she *SHOULD* use selective reduction. I said she *COULD* use selective reduction, if she really only wanted 1. It is procedure that expecting moms of twins sometimes do choose, for whatever reasons (personal, medical, etc.) they have.

NY Times ran an article about the growing rate of selective reduction in pregnancies that started out as twins. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/14/magazine/the-two-minus-one-pregnancy.html?_r=2&hpw=&pagewanted=all

Bill on

One thing I find both interesting and sad when reading all of these comments is how much many of those who support Julie Bowen’s statements are incredibly rude and sarcastic while personally attacking those that don’t agree with them. It seems there are always some people who like to spew such verbal abuse on the internet who probably would never be brave enough to say such things directly to someone in person. Or if they really do act that way in person, I’m glad I’m not around them.

Regardless, as I basically wrote before, it’s not so much what she said in this article, it’s the frequency with which she says such things and much worse about her twins that I find a little over the top. And as also been said, it’s not just that she never seems to have anything good to say about them, it’s the really extremely harsh tone and body language she exhibits in which she makes those statements, which of course, can’t be heard when just reading an article.

I’m a huge fan of Julie Bowen and I think she is a gifted comedienne. I guess I would just like to hear her tell a story, maybe once every of 20 interviews, about something the twins did that brought a little joy into her life. Those stories can be funny too.

tlc on

Well I have lost two babies and I find her honesty refreshing. Julie is speaking of HER life with HER family. She is not slamming people who have lost kids or had fertility issues. I was told I couldn’t carry a baby to term and lost two myself. Then I had my son. Then we adopted a baby..so I’ve done it ALL….

I think Julie speaks the truth. It’s hard having kids. It’s hard having your time taken up 24/7. It’s hard being a parent and probably moreso being a working parent in the industry. She’s not complaining..she’s JOKING. It’s called a sense of humour..something that seems to be missing in half of society these days. No wonder this world is going to the shits.

Susan on

I had a son who had just turned 2 when I delivered twin boys. That was quite a handfull but I had such positive thoughts about being blessed and chosen to have these twins. I tell them all the funny stories and they wonder how my husband and I did it. I look at them now as parents themselves and know we did something right.

My biggest problem with this article is that I hope her children never read it and wonder which one of them wasn’t wanted. Watch what you put in print because it can come back to bite you!

Casey on

Maybe she thinks she’s being funny but she really comes across as a mom who isn’t too into being a mom. It’s one thing to be candid and honest, it’s another to just be a b.

KarenB on

I had fertility issues – it took me quite a while to conceive, and I’ve had two losses. My pregnancy with my younger child was life threatening to both of us.

And I think Julie is hilarious. It’s important to keep perspective here. People have a right to their own feelings and experiences, and shouldn’t feel the need to censor themselves because others have different experiences.

Also, for all of you worrying about her kids’ emotional health – don’t. I happen to be a twin. My mom has been upfront about crying and being upset when she found out. We always felt loved and wanted – it’s just a funny part of our family history.

Traci on

I had twins in 1989 at the age of 25 and I can tell you when I found out at 12 weeks, I was not happy. I believe I was anxious and thinking how in the world am I going to handle 2 babies.

Today, they’re 22 years old and I wouldn’t change one minute for what I was given. After all, God only gives you what you can handle.

Love you Jordan Michael (8lbs 8oz.) and Taylor Marie (5lbs 8 1/2 ozs.)

So not the drama on

All moms kvetch about their kids, and any who say otherwise are lying. 😀 That said, it is more the attitude that comes through in the article that makes me say hmm. We’re not privy to her tone and facial expressions but dang it sounds like she’s not to thrilled to be a mom. Then again, I rejoiced the day we were done with diapers and secretly look forward to the day the cats are in kitty heaven and I don’t have to scoop the litter box anymore. Kids & pets enrich our lives but do come along with tasks we wish we could get someone else to do. Now we know why grandparents love being grandparents so much. 😀

Sue on

I too can relate to her honesty. I had twins, no fertility and not too much help. Their older brother was 7, can’t imagine a 2 to 4 year old. Thankfully, she has nannies but it’s truly difficult. Worse since mine are boys, strangers loved to ask if we were trying for a girl. I had no problem asking when they were coming over to help babysit. Best for those with a lot of money and/or awesome family.

NoAdditives on

She has three boys close in age, two of whom are twins. Do any of you have any idea what kind of chaos that brings? I have two kids, an almost 3 year old daughter and a 16 month old son. I love my kids dearly and am thankful to be adding another little girl to our family around Christmastime.

My husband and I are incredibly grateful that our next baby is a girl, we were terrified at the thought of having another boy. Our son is adorable and wonderful but most of the time he is nothing but unintentional chaos and destruction. Having another one would be more than twice the craziness. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have three of him, and honestly, I don’t want to! I’m sure that raising her boys is a lot of work and she’s just being honest about it.

I have great kids, I constantly get compliments from strangers because of how well behaved they are in public. (And I don’t spank or yell for discipline.) I love them more than anything and I wouldn’t trade them for world. I honestly enjoy being a stay at home mom. But, I don’t hesitate to tell others just how much work it is being a parent.

I appreciate other parents who are honest about what parenting their children entails. People considering having kids need to know just what they’re getting into and other parents need to know that it’s hard work for all of us. Being honest isn’t the same as complaining or being negative, it’s just stating facts.

Jennifer on

Wow.Some people can’t have any children and this woman sounds so put out. Count your blessings. Literally.

criticaleye on

I really wonder, WHAT a celeb can say about her parenting without offending anyone.

If she says, oh, it’s a wonderful time, we are so happy and blessed, one mom choir goes: she is sugarcoating motherhood, I don’t believe her, she must have some difficult moments just like ordinary moms.

If she says, I didn’t expect twins, the moms who lost their babies or can’t have any chime in: count your blessings, be happy to experience this at all etc.

If they say, I don’t have nannies, nobody believes that or they add, oh they must have at least a cook or housekeeper plus devoted relatives to help her out.

If they have a nanny, the accusing starts immediately: why did you give birth if you give your baby away? Don’t you have enough money to stay home at least a little bit?

No matter what they say, it cannot be PC all the time, someone will whine. But the fact is, whining doesn’t make you a better motter or richer to afford nannies nor does it bring your lost baby back or make your IVF successful. People, concentrate about yourselves, your lives, that brings you further than judgment.

ecl on

Why are some of you saying that you hope the twins don’t grow up and wonder which one wasn’t wanted? It’s not like they came out and she said, I only want that one and I wish I could get rid of the other one. She was disappointed that she conceived two rather than one. Nothing more to it than that.

alicejane on

Marky, I always like reading your posts here. In all the craziness on this website it’s nice seeing posts by the people who are articulate and level-headed.

I find Julie Bowen hilarious, and anytime I watch one of her appearances on talk shows I laugh to the point of tears. I highly doubt most people hope for 2 or more babies at once in a pregnancy, given the likelihood of delivering early, or the added work and expenses of two babies as opposed to one. All she’s saying is that she wanted to be pregnant with one baby and not two. Nowhere did she say, or indicate, that she wishes she could get rid of one of them! It’s shocking the conclusions people jump to here.

Tee on

Marky, you said: “People, you are so over-reacting. After years of fertility treatments with no success, my friends were getting pregnant and I didn’t demand that no one mention their pregnancies around me so I wouldn’t feel upset, and those who were pregnant and absolutely didn’t want to be could talk to me without fear, too.”

I’ve read through all the comments and what I’m seeing is a lot of people upset at Julie’s comments, true. But people aren’t saying they are upset because Julie is talking about her kids. People are upset because she’s acting so ungrateful for having two babies when she only wanted one. I understand and appreciate your point of view, but I don’t understand where you’re reading that people are upset at her for simply talking about her kids.

stina on

i LOVE her on and off the screen…and yeah she has this kind of humor that not everyone gets, but i do…. claire and phil= best TV couple ever!:)

Elisabeth on

Sara, I never said this post was about me. I was simply responding to someone else I don’t recall your name being Meghan. How Dare you say that I don’t know what it feels like to be a mom. I’ve been a foster mom before and had adoptive children placed with us before their mom changed their mind. You don’t know my full story SO BACK OFF.

I gave birth to two babies a son and a daughter I AM A MOM!

Kelli on

Oh Elisabeth, honey, you are entirely too emotional over this. Sara never said you don’t know what it feels like to be a mother. I believe her exact words were: “You don’t have a monopoly on what it feels like to be a mother, or what it *should* feel like to be a mother.”

YB on

Saw her at a Kids Museum in LA a few months ago. She was with her husband, 3 kids and TWO nannies. TWO NANNIES! :/

Sarah K. on

YB, is there a reason why you posted the exact same thing today as you did yesterday? We get it – she has “TWO” nannies.

Kiko on

Wow, people, wow. All those people who mentioned women attack other women are right.

JB does NOT say she doesn’t love her kids. Dear god, stop taking everything so freaking personally. If someone doesn’t want to read about somebody talking about their kids because it’s too “sensitive” for them for whatever reason, THEN DON’T COME TO A SITE ABOUT BABIES.

I’m getting really sick of all the self-righteous SAHMs who think they should be put on a pedestal and worshiped because they have achieved the ultimate “goal” of every woman, to reproduce. Giving birth to children is not the GOAL of womanhood, so women who choose not to have children should not be seen as “selfish.” Maybe they should be applauded because they’re not having kids for show that they will later ignore.

One of my good friends just had an abortion, which was a very difficult decision for her. She knew she couldn’t provide the child with emotional/physical/fiscal care and resources, and she didn’t want to just throw a kid into the social services system.

Believe it or not, there IS a great big world out there beyond YOUR kids.

momof3 on

Well, as a twin, a professional woman who went through infertility AND one who also had three kids in two years (a girl followed by girl-boy twins), I understand EXACTLY what Julie Bowen is saying.

She does not hate her children, as some of you suggest.

These are simply the comments of someone who is exhausted and honest. Having multiple children in diapers and/or potty-training is wearying!

Elisabeth on

Kelli I know how to read.

You don’t have a monopoly on what it feels like to be a mother, or what it *should* feel like to be a mother, just because you happened to have experienced the loss of a child.

Reading comprehention helps here.

Tee on

Kiko, you said: “I’m getting really sick of all the self-righteous SAHMs who think they should be put on a pedestal and worshiped because they have achieved the ultimate “goal” of every woman, to reproduce. Giving birth to children is not the GOAL of womanhood, so women who choose not to have children should not be seen as “selfish.”

What are you talking about? I don’t see any SAHM’ acting self righteous here! I know that has happened in other threads but that’s not what’s being discussed here at all. Why on earth are you attacking stay at home moms when they aren’t even involved in this conversation?

Elisabeth, for what it’s worth, I understand and appreciate your original comment. I really wish people would lay off you. You don’t deserve the critisism you’re getting from Sara, Kelli and others. I’m sorry that people are taking your words out of context.

muttlikeme on

As someone who is unable to have children I find her comments funny. Just because I can’t have children does not mean I can’t find the humor in the chaos of having them. I have 7 awesome nieces and nephews who when they all get together remind me of a circus but that does not mean I don’t love each and every one of them. There is nothing better then finding the humor in family life.

lovely123 on

Kids are a bunch of drunk crazy little people running through your home, but you would have to place me in a looney house if things ever changed.


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