Family Photo: The Titone-Sandler’s Saturday Stroll

08/29/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Pacheco/Beverly News

Daddy’s girls!

Adam Sandler steps out with his lovely ladies — wife Jackie and daughters Sadie Madison, 5, and Sunny Madeline, 2½ — after lunch in Brentwood, Calif. on Saturday.

“The idea of my kids being spoiled, I go to sleep thinking about it and I wake up thinking about it,” the actor and comedian, 44, admits.

“I try to do the right thing, but with the amount of money I have, it’s difficult to raise the children the way I was raised.”

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tate on

WOW! They are so grown, I have always seen just Adam in Sadie but now you can SO see Jackie’s bone structure the nose and the eyes…

Amber on

WOW, Sadie is definitely growing into her looks! She’s beautiful!

holkazmoravy on

I just LOOVE Sadie’s hair! It take my 1/2 hr to get my hair to look like that..lucky girl 🙂 Is it just me..but think Sadie’s resembles young Amy Winehouse

lifeasahouse on

I was thinking the same thing. Sadie is coming into her own!

sky on

they both look exactly like their father.

Lissette on

First things first. She’s 5. Put her down and let her walk. Geez….

Secondly, I used to think Sadie was very unfortunate looking because she looked like a female-version of Adam. But she is starting to grow into her features.

I think Sunny looks like Jackie.

guest on

his girls are beautiful!! i love their dark hair and exotic looks! sadies hair is awesome!! they are so obviously adored by dad-lucky life

Miche on

Wow. The oldest has beautiful hair. She looks like a shampoo commercial!

Maggie on

There is nothing wrong with a father carrying his child if he wants to and she is willing to allow him the luxury. Sheesh.

Lissette on

I’m just saying…when the child is almost as tall as the person carrying them….its time to let her walk.

K on

I have to agree with Maggie. They grow up so fast. Why not carry her? Great family photo. The girls are really beautiful!

Anonymous on

I think that was awfully rude for him to say “with the amount of money I have.” But both girls are beautiful and I LOVE Sadie’s hair!!

Shelley on

I love how, even though Adam’s family is very private, they don’t seem to have any pretense about them (i.e. the kids have to be dressed to the nines, he’s his same ol’ goofy self.) And I thought his comment was very refreshing. It sounds like he and his wife are trying to raise their children with good character, and yet realizing the realities of his particular situation and how sometimes that can lead to a sense of entitlement.

Sarah S. on

Sadie has gotten so tall! I really like this family. 🙂

e on

anon – why deny it? he’s absolutely right. that family has too much money for those girls to be raised so-called normally. i don’t think he meant it in a pompous way – just stating the obvious and voicing his perceived struggles with raising his kids the way he was raised.

Kenna on

I really can not stand when people make comments about parents holding a child or pushing a child in a stroller because they think they are “too big”.

I have a 9 year old sister who is handicapped and also has seizures and she gets very tired of walking quickly because her legs can not hold her up and she rides in wheelchair that looks similar to a stroller and you could not believe the amount of rude and ignorant people who say things TO HER,to my parents,to our family. Here’s an idea whether the child has an issue or not IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS whether the child is being held,pushed in a stroller or walking.

Sarah K. on

Anonymous, it’s no secret that he is a millionaire, so why beat around the bush? It’d be worse if he played down how wealthy and lucky he is.

Also, I don’t see the problem with Sadie being carried. She’s been photographed walking and we don’t know why she’s being carried now. Maybe she just needed a cuddle or was tired? Who cares? She’s only 5.

FInally. Sadie has beautiful hair!

Lissette on

That poor, poor child. She looks like Adam Sandler with long hair and if he were a girl. Her sister is stunning though.

I remember seeing a photo when Sadie was a baby and both she and Adam had identical faces. Shudder.

Shelby on

The girls are just lovely and I happen to love his quote. It is honest; how do you raise children in today’s society with the amount of money he has? However, I do see them as a “normal” as possible, grounded family. Very sweet!

Ella on

Both of his girls are adorable, and I agree with Amber, that Sadie has really grown into her looks.

I see nothing wrong with his comment.

I also see nothing wrong with him carrying his daughter. I know plenty of people who still carry around their 5 year olds. I wish I could still do that with my kids, but they are too old now. They are only young for a short amount of time, so enjoy what you can, while you can.

Mermaid on

Sadie looks like Amy Winehouse.

Shelby on

People should not make comments about celebraties carrying their children when they are older. Many of the stars are followed by paparrzi and the child may be afraid. I know I would be scrared. Have you ever seen the news shows and the crowds surrounding some of them, it has to be so scarey.

Bancie1031 on

I was just thinking the other day that it’s been awhile since we’ve seen Adam, Jackie, Sadie and Sunny …. I think these kids are so precious

mrscabrera on

I think Sadie looks like Heather Matarazzo in that picture. Both girls are very pretty and I agree Sadie has grown into her looks. I think the short hair when she was younger didn’t fit her face.

Mina on

Sadie looks like Sofia Coppola. She has grown into her looks and the other girl is adorable. Both look very big for their age!

anya on

Nothing wrong with carrying your child. Jealous that your parents didn’t hold you more?

They only are small enough to hold for a short time. Cherish it.

Carrie Jo on

I have to agree with Lissette on this one. Sadie looks like a young Adam Sandler with a wig on. It’s too bad she didn’t get more of her mom’s looks.

However, I couldn’t care less that he is holding her, I think it’s sweet.

Ali on

I thought the same thing, holkazmoravy & Mermaid! She has gorgeous hair by the way.

Julie on

Sadie is the image of Amy Winehouse. Lets hope she can sing!

crg on

“Secondly, I used to think Sadie was very unfortunate looking because she looked like a female-version of Adam. But she is starting to grow into her features.”

Lissette- honestly, I used to think the same thing. She was not a cute baby, and I usually wouldn’t say something like that here! I can totally see her growing into her looks in this picture. I know some beautiful people that were less than beautiful babies 🙂

kendal on

I like it when I see parents carrying their kids no matter size or age. My daughter is 10 and I lay down with her at night and we talk in bed till she falls asleep, sometimes it’s hard because I also have a 17 month old daughter as well. There is gonna come a day when she won’t want me to lay down with her, we need to cherish these moments while they are kids and let them be kids. If it gives Sadie have good feelings that she gets for being held, then good for her. Nothing wrong with that. I would rather my child want to be held and be a late bloomer instead of growing up too fast, which seems to be the case with kids these days.

M! on

Lissette- I guess you just learned you can’t change names here. Stop trolling.

lola on

i agree with some of you, when sadie was younger i thought she was not cute and had inherited the worst of him and maybe her mom too. but wow, this photo is great. she looks like she could be a model. so pretty now. overall- a lovely family. i don’t think adam is bad looking and the mom is very pretty.

sara on

Why do so many comments about this family always have to be about the child’s looks, and whether she is cute or and how she “she has grown into her looks”? Nice backhanded compliment. (“I used to think she was ugly but now I don’t!” Congratulations, why don’t pat yourself on the back a little bit more for being so magnanimous.)

Do any of you realize how classless it is to talk about a child’s looks like this? This little girl has never done anything to deserve any of this attention except be born to someone famous, and she does not deserve all the cruelty that I see every time there’s a picture of her posted.

JMO on

Why do people read so much into someone’s comments.

He’s basically saying he didn’t grow up with a lot so he didn’t get spoiled but now he’s got money and he can pretty much spoil his kids all he wants. I think any parent even one’s that are not rich find it hard not to spoil their child!!

And there are other shots of them and Sadie is walking. perhaps the paparazzi spoooked her a bit so Adam picked her up. She’s 5 for goodness sakes not 12! I still coddle my 6 yr old nephews and carry them around sometimes! If they let you why now doesn’t do them any harm!! I do find it ironic though when parents are carrying the child while pushing their stroller lol!

Amanda on

beautiful girls, lovely family…and yes I am just a tad jealous of Sadie’s beautiful hair and the fact that Adam Sandler is her dad!! 🙂

kimmie on

M!, what do you mean about Lissette changing her names here?

RKF on

The usual ridiculous comments. She’s a 5 year old child, not an adult – why shouldn’t a loving parent hold their child if they want to? Hell, at 34, there’s nothing better than a big hug from my Mom. See, some people like actual human contact with their children. I highly doubt Sadie will grow up with psychological problems because her dad held her at 5. Pick your battles people.

As for the complaints about his money quote – he seems like one of the most down-to-earth, unpretentious people in Hollywood, and gives quite a bit of money to various charities. What a terrible guy.

fuzibuni on

I agree with Sara. All the comments that “sadie has grown into her looks” sound pretty shallow. Sad to think that most of you are grown women.

Ella on

You people who are here bashing a 5 year old little girl on her looks should be ashamed of themselves. It won’t be long until she will be able to surf the web and can you imagine her (or any other child who has been bashed on here) reading these disgusting comments? Having decent self esteem is hard enough without the nasty insults thrown in. Children have NO CONTROL over how they look. Didn’t your parents teach you that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?

Foggymommy on

Every time I hear Adam Sandler talk about his girls, I love him a little bit more. I didn’t know anything about him until I met my husband who introduced me to The Wedding Singer. He’s Made some ridiculous movies, but as he’s become more of a family man, you can see how much he values family and children and I love that about him. He’s a funny guy who obviously has a tremendous heart and makes no bones about the fact that he worries about how to raise girls who aren’t spoiled little monsters. How can you not love that? Especially when so much of Hollywood exists in it’s own little self-perpetuating vacuum of excess and entitlement. A dad who loves his girls and gives genuine thought to how his decisions and life will affect his daughters? Shockingly refreshing.

Catherine on

Gorgeous family!

AmandaK on

Cute family pic. You can tell how much he loves his daughters.

Jenner on

Sadie looks like a mini Liv Tyler! Her hair is gorgeous, as is her baby sis’s!

Beck on

I spend my days working as a Child Advocate so you would think I would be used to this, but I must ask…What on earth is wrong with some of you people??

I wish the moderators would finally put an end to the useless comments on here…this is a bit classier a site than most, I THOUGHT. I never comment because I try to stay away from the comment page for this reason…I see enough bad parents daily and then see their comments on places like these.. .

Typical bullies say typical things over and over on here and in life and they pass that disgust on to their spawn..

Children are cute….even when they aren’t cute to some of you..they’re precious because they have what we don’t…innocence, purity and hope of a bright future. These are just babies you’re picking on! Does that make you feel better about yourself and your own offspring? People like you are a dime a dozen…I swear.

And one thing I KNOW to be true…when you’re blasting other people’s children, you usually teach your own children to be just as insecure as you…or maybe your own children are already as trollish as you are…or perhaps you are just jealous and without any form of heart or upbringing. Bullies are never pretty, they hide behind their ugliness and want others to feel as miserable as they ARE.

Please…moderators…stop the bullying on this site..even if it’s not directly affecting these children, by allowing such rancid remarks to be posted, you are in fact, allowing bullying.

And just for fun…please consider (pretend, whatever..) that the parents MAY read the comments you’re posting about their children. I would be jailed if anyone ever said such rubbish in PRINT about my children…I would hunt you down and I would be jailed. Everyone can be tracked online and it’s not hard to find out all about the person making such rude comments. The trolls should never forget that. The parent CAN find you, if they care to waste their time on you.

Please…all negative jerks…go to all the other hateful sites to spew your hateful things but remember…you’re still being a pathetic bully hiding behind a computer.

And please, People Magazine, stop allowing this garbage-commenting on your site.

Freedom of Speech should be used for goodness, not hate and jealousy…especially towards innocent children.

Erica on

Google pics of Amy Winehouse as a child and you will basically see Sadie Sandler, the resemblance is stunning.

ClaireSamsmom on

Well said, Beck. I agree 100%! I do not think any child…whether they can hear you or not, should be ridiculed about their “looks.” I think this is a lovely picture of a family spending time together…and you can see how much Adam adores his girls.

Janna on

Beck… Bless you, but you will never reach the troll-type people who post on this board or the other. The kind of person who bashes the physical appearance of a child is not going to take your advice.

What’s especially frightening to me is the shear numbers of people who think there’s nothing wrong with it. I wonder what they would do if someone walked up to their child and said “You’re ugly”. Would that stop them? I doubt it, because I can’t help but think that they’re teaching THEIR children that it’s ok to be like this.

And yes, I realize that no one is walking up to these children (yet) and saying these things, but rude and mean is still rude and mean, no matter where you do it.

It’s sad sad sad.

Jillian on

Beck, I love what you said and totally agree. The very sad thing about this site is that they will do nothing about it and the more traffic posts bring the more they will post on that specific family. Suri Cruise is a child constantly bashed on here and they posted over and over and over about her. Glad to see she is getting a break. I know that someone reads the posts here because back when Miranda Kerr had her baby I had posted on a thread saying that they had their child and it was NEVER posted. Interesting….huh? Also, there was a comment about Violet once that was posted and removed. Additionaly, a thread about Fantasia that turned very nasty about abortion with people calling others sluts and murderers was finally deleted. So their are people watching this site. So, it makes me sick that they do nothing about posts when people are bashing children. If I was a celebrity, I would do no interviews, sell no pictures, etc to this magazine. They have lost what they used to be and have become more of the gossipy, Star magazine. I think they are worse than US Weekly now.

M! on

kimmie – Read Lissette’s comments. One minute she’s saying “Sadie’s starting to grow into her looks” Then she’s just straight up rude “That poor poor child, looks like Adam. The sister is stunning though”

I’m willing to bet she tried to post as a different name but you can’t do that here.

Tee on

“Freedom of Speech should be used for goodness, not hate and jealousy…especially towards innocent children.”

Thank you so much for saying this, Beck! For the life I’ve me, I can’t understand how people can be so incredibly nasty. And when they try and excuse away their nastiness by claiming freedom of speech? Well, my head almost explodes. So thank you for saying this! How right you are!

Jude on

If they have a third child, they should call it Silly! No seriously, I think it’s cute: Sadie, Sunny, Silly! (o:

I don’t like Adam’s movies one bit, but his seems to be a lovely family! Cute picture!

Beck on

🙂 Thanks everyone for the support. Nice to know others feel the way I do.

I wish the negative people could spend a day in my shoes and SEE, first hand, what crummy parenting does to a child and to the children those children prey on and bully.

Maybe if they saw all the tears and emotional scars I face daily, they would pause before saying such ruthless comments about children.

And maybe they should spend more time actually being better people and parents and less time trolling.

Jane on

Sorry but those kids aren’t very good looking and good thing there have money.

Jillian on

There are two lisettes

loren on

Adam is educated, and was brought up by his mom and dad; his daughters will be beautiful inside where it counts and outside (where it fades), because he cares about them. That kind of parental love and attention is an advantage that trumps even having a lot of money. Sadie’s hair is beautiful. Its sad people pay so much mind to young children who are growing and changing daily and will be for years

soph on

Beck, it’s really interesting how you’re doing the same thing you find so objectionable: name-calling.