BumpWatch: Jennifer Garner and Violet Shop to It

08/28/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

She’s showing!

Days after announcing that baby no. 3 is on the way, Jennifer Garner and elder daughter Violet Anne, 5½, made a trip to Brentwood Country Mart on Wednesday.

The actress and husband Ben Affleck, both 39, say they are “thrilled” about the pregnancy.

The new addition will join Violet and sister Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, 2½.

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Nikki Monique on

I thought Violet was 4 1/2?

klutzy_girl on

Jen’s cute! I wonder how far along she is. Four or five months?

I hope they have a boy this time around, but I think it’ll be another girl. Can’t wait for the name either way!

And Nikki – Violet is 5 and 1/2.

Tami Adams on

I often wonder why some celebrities look like they are wearing fall clothes and others very summery. Look at the difference between Violet and Jen. I would be so hot if dressed like Jen and I live in MN! Very psyched for them about the third baby–love seeing photos.

Steph on

Love this family! I feel like she popped so early! Because she just announced her pregnancy

Ashley on

Sorry, but Violet is one of the homeliest celebrity kids out there, she always has been. Just my opinion.

Nutmeg on

I noticed a little bump on jen at least a month ago, so I’m not surprised she looks so far along now. I don’t think Violet is homely, and I won’t mention the names of kids I do, but there are definitely some. My kids, of course, are the most gorgeous children to ever have walked the earth.

Y on

Homely? Violet is adorable!

L on

violet is as cute as a button 🙂

alicejane on

I will never understand why people think it’s necessary to post “homely” comments about kids (or anyone, for that matter). Sure, everyone has a right to their opinion, freedom of speech, blah blah blah, but having class never goes out of style.

I’m so happy for Ben and Jennifer and their girls, and Jennifer looks beautiful! I’m excited to see if they’ll have a family full of girls or have a little boy this time around.

ClaireSamsmom on

Jen looks great! Wonder when she is due? I love this family and I have always thought her children were just adorable. I also agree that it is in very bad taste and class to make nasty comments about the way a child ‘looks.’

deanna on

Its great to see “NORMAL” celebrities !!!!! I love this family they act like just regular people !!!! and Violet is absolutely beautiful !!!!!

Jillian on

I find it SO weird when people wish and pray and hope for someone to have a boy or a girl. Especially when you have know idea what the parents themselves want! AND, when you don’t know them. Such weirdness.

Sarah K. on

Alicejane, I agree! I get that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I don’t get WHY people feel the need to express their negative opinion on a child’s looks. What satisfaction could someone possibly get from calling a child homely or ugly? It’s in very poor taste.

Keli on

One of my pet peeves is when people make negative comments on how someone looks. You cant help the features you were born with and not everyone has the money to or even wants to get it fixed. I had kids make fun of my wide nose a bunch of times growing up and for what? Did it make them feel good in life? I see nothing wrong with it at all. Its one thing if its a child who may really not understand fully the hurt they are causing but its disgusting that you so called adults can do it and not care how it makes the person feel. But like someone said said “we’re all entitled to our own opinions”

Melissa on

Whomever feels the need to log on here to insult anyone much less a child. Something has to be very wrong with them mentally. Personally of all the celebrity kids out there I think Violet is one of the prettiest, shes absolutely adorable. I think *Ashley* is the homely one

sara on

Just because you have an opinion on something, Ashley, doesn’t mean you need to share it with the world. Making a negative comment about a child’s looks (or really, anyone’s looks, now matter how old they are) is mean and cruel. Is that really the kind of person you want to be?

And why preface your horrible comment with a “Sorry”? You’re not sorry at all. If you truly were sorry, you would have kept it to yourself.

Susannah on

Hoping Jen took notes from how beautiful Jessica Alba looked during her pregnancy and ditches most of manly clothes this time around.

Veronica on

I find it funny that the internet was created to allow for easier exchange of ideas and opinions, yet the vast majority of the comments are people telling other people to “be quiet”, “why did you feel the need to say that?” or “shut up”.

Obviously the people that own this site found nothing wrong with Ashley’s comment so why do other posters feel the need to moderater others’ comments?

I think that Violet is cute, but my opinion of her attractiveness has nothing to do with her facial features or coloring because based solely on those things I wouldn’t think she’s cute. To me what makes her adorable is that she seems to be a happy, easy-going child, with a great personality.

Sarah K. on

Veronica, People doesn’t really moderate comments. Besides, Ashley knew when she posted that she was opening herself up to responses. If you don’t want anyone to respond, you probably just shouldn’t comment. Just like Ashley is entitled to her “opinion,” everyone else is entitled to theirs.

Barbara Statun on

I am happy for Jennifer and Ben. I have always loved and appreciated their family and that although they are actors and celebrities, they both seem like a couple who could be your next door neighbor “both down to earth and caring about their marriage, family and children”. When I read she was pregnant again, I shouted “good for them”. I do hope this time it is a boy. Ben and friend, Matt Damon have all these girls, there needs to be a boy in this mix to shake things up with all those girls between those two best friends. I am going to retire in 2013 after 36 years as a social worker. I would like to be a nanny, after raising two sons myself. Maybe I will send my resume to Ben & Jen!!!!! Great couple.

lola on

i think their girls are just beautiful. you can tell when they get older they will be stunning. jen is pretty and they are a cool, laid back couple. that said, i think jen looks gorgeous all dressed up but her “dressed down” looks are horrible. a blazer with jeans for an outting…something just doesn’t look right. hopefully her maternity style, like susannah said gets to be more sassy and less man-ish. leave the blazers for business meetings.

Susannah on

Completely agree with Susannah & Lola. With the overabundance of photos coming with this pregnancy, hope it isn’t the same boring jen garner style that she is so used to; think out of ben’s closet sometime jen, not just for the hollywood nights out with ben.

soph on

I love how people here will say something and then contradict themselves in the next breath. See, the thing is, Melissa, Ashley has visual evidence to support her comment, doesn’t matter if you think it was wrong/untrue. You, though? Yeah, you have no idea what Ashley looks like, so a “it’s you who is probably ugly!” comment doesn’t help your case, and oh yeah, must mean something is “mentally” wrong with you as well.

ForeverMoore on

I’m not sure how far along she is (maybe 4 months?) but I do know that once you have your first baby that you will show much sooner than you did before. I’m 6 months pregnant with my second and I was really surprised how big I got and how quickly…I’d say I’m about a month bigger than I was with my son.

ecl on

Why should she dress up rather than wearing what she feels like wearing? Not all of us care about fashion. My favorite thing about Jen is that she doesn’t feel the need to be perfectly styled for every occasion. Personally, I think stars like Jessica Alba need to get a life. All she ever does is shop.

Sarah S. on

I love Violet’s style (including all her cute specs!) and she also seems to love books! 🙂

Marky on

I love how someone like Ashley claims “freedom of speech”, or “just my opinion”, then they immediately say some rude obnoxious thing about someone (not their own child, goodness knows) or something guaranteed to hurt or offend pretty much anyone with any class.

Let me remind you that “freedom of speech” was designed by the founding fathers to protect our right to freely disagree with the government without being arrested; it was not designed to give us the right to insult a 5 year old child and say they are “homely” and not get called on being rude!! And anyone who protects a person who does that is a bully, too, period. You’re not just giving an opinion, or “sharing information”, you are bullying on the internet, and no one thought, or thinks, that’s okay. At least no one with any class.

ari on

I feel it will be a boy this time.

Bancie1031 on

Just my opinion but I think Violet and Seraphina are beautiful 🙂 I love how they always look like normal children instead of runway models in training ….

I love this family and couldn’t be happier for them … I enjoy seeing them on here and can not wait to find out what Jen and Ben are having this time and the name they choose …..

Nicole on

Wow, I cannot believe how nasty some people are.

She is just a child and calling her ugly or homely makes you a bully.

Seriously, it disgusts me that people voice opinions like those about children. No wonder there is so much bullying in schools when people have parents like this at home to learn from.

Veronica on

How is making comments about someone who will never read these comments considered bullying? By the time she’s old enough to go on such sites as this these comment will have most likely disappear. If anything, all the people ganging up on the commentors that express an opinion that doesn’t go along with the accepted script everyone else is writing are acting like bullies.

Jgirl on

Their kids are darling. And I am very excited for the new addition!

Holiday on

I think Violet is gorgeous!

Terri on

Wow, I couldn’t really see a belly on her last week and there it is now. Jen looks great.

Jillian on

Barbara, there doesn’t need to do be a boy. That is just silly and makes no sense!

Susanah, I am shocked, that you agree with yourself……..eye roll!