Kendra Wilkinson: I’m Back to Being Me After Battling PPD

08/28/2011 at 05:00 PM ET

Nearly two years after welcoming son Hank, first-time mom Kendra Wilkinson has officially bounced back.

“[After I had a baby,] I felt like I had to be a different person. I had to be conservative and wear turtlenecks and be someone that I wasn’t,” she told PEOPLE Saturday pool at Las Vegas’s Wet Republic.

“Now that I have my body back and I feel good again, I have the perfect amount of balance. It’s all about finding the balance.”

However, learning to juggle her family of three — including husband Hank Baskett — and still maintain her own sense of self was anything but easy for the Being Kendra: Cribs, Cocktails, and Getting My Sexy Back author, who has been open about her battle with postpartum depression.

“It got pretty bad, [but] not to the point where I would harm my family. I was a great mom and did what I needed to, but I was definitely very depressed,” she says. “[Motherhood is] a big change in life and it happened overnight.”

For Wilkinson, 26, she believes the problem began when all of her attention turned toward her son, leaving little time for herself. And when she felt the public pressure to regain her body after baby, the reality star admits the heat became too much to handle.

“At the time I was doing whatever I could for the baby, but I lost myself and it was really frustrating,” she shares. “Being in the spotlight is a lot of pressure about losing the weight, [especially] coming from the Playboy world.”

Noting that “a lot of women suffer from PPD,” Wilkinson hopes that sharing her story offers a support system for others facing the same struggles. “It needs to be talked about,” she explains.

Now happily settled into her new lifestyle, Wilkinson admits she has learned to “still have a lot of fun” — albeit to the beat of a different drum. “It’s a whole different life, but a better life,” she says.

“Your baby is no. 1 100 percent of the time, but I do still take me time — you need to do that every now and then. I’m back to being that Kendra that everyone knew at the Playboy Mansion, but a lot more mature and grown up. I’m more aware of life.”

— Mark Gray and Anya Leon

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chingching on

Is ppd the new black or something? come on! these celebrities need to stop using a serious disorder as a way to get press!

stef on

So instead of taking care of herself and dealing with her PPD, she had a TV show instead??? Good Lord.

jen on

Did you watch her reality show? During the season it documented her during her depression… She is not using it at all she really did battle with it and has been very open about it… She was in a mental hospital for depression as a teen even… She is very strong im glad she is speaking out.

Susannah on

Yeah, maybe she wore a see-through turtleneck for her conservative style. Yes, she said it herself that when you become a mom, of course you turn all your attention to baby and have no time for yourself. Most new moms aren’t filming so-called reality shows while attempting to get their pencil thin Hollywood body back. Grow up Kendra!

Meliaya on

Alot of women suffer from PPD even celebrities… I believe that these celebrities are putting a spotlight on the fact this disease is real and alot of women (celebrities included) suffer from it.

Krissa on

PPD does not come from the pressure of being in the spotlight and not losing your babyweight fast enough.

It’s a chemical imbalance and a very serious disorder for many women. It doesn’t go away once you get your “body back”.

I wonder how many women will read this shaking their heads thinking “If only it were that easy…”

I don’t doubt that she had a difficult adjustment period/transition into motherhood I just wish that people wouldn’t throw PPD into the mix if that’s not what it truly is.

cygnet2 on

@chingching: You are so nasty. PPD is a REAL and horrible thing. Do not make light of it. Women have harmed and even killed their babies because of PPD. Some women never get to experience the bonding with their babies that new mothers usually have.

I hope you never have to suffer through postpartum depression or any other kind of depression. It can be horribly debilitating at the very least.

mer on

Good for her! Opening up and talking about PPD can be hard especially when there are jerks like Tom Cruise out there. PPD happens more often than people think. There used to be such a stigma attached to PPD and women were ashamed of it and didn’t get the help that they needed. The more women who open up and talk about it the less other women will have to suffer in silence. At least she is using her “star power” for a good cause!

Donna on

Another reality “star” claiming to have a very serious illness in order to score ratings for her show’s new season…hopefully this will be the last season of “Kendra”

Rebekah on

This points out a major flaw in parenting in this day and age. Why does the child have to be the most important thing and the only focus? Why is there that pressure? I know part of it is biological instinct, but things did not used to be like this and we have gone overboard in pampering and doting on children to their detriment.

Smith on

Does she EVER talk about anything but getting her body back? This woman needs to get a life and some confidence and purpose in her life.

layla on

Did Kendra have PPD or the baby blues. PPD is a very serious condition and her statements here do not reflect it at all. Sounds more like she was a little drpressed about having baby weight and not being the center of attention. People with PPD tend to have to seek medical help. Unless she was diagnosed by a physician, it’s not PPD. Her statements have more to do with her appearance and what people thought about her, than anything to do with the baby.

Twinsmom on

@chingching. I have one question, what do you mean is PPD the new black. What exactly does that suppose to mean?

Kelly on

I can’t believe she said “PPD NEEDS to be talked about”. It IS talked about, practically every mother these days claims to have it, it’s not new. She and anyone else doesn’t need it to get press, the attention whoring is digusting.

courtney on

@ Krissa, I totally agree with you.

I believe that Brooke Shields had true PPD……she had more substantial claims to support such a diagnosis….. but claiming you have PPD just because you felt the Hollywood pressure to get your body back minutes after having a baby – BS. Not to mention, I don’t recall ever seeing her in anything as conservative as a turtleneck in the entire time since having baby Hank.

As Krissa said, I don’t don’t doubt that she faced pressures – pressures even more substantial than the average person does, but labeling it PPD is BS. She’s a whining self absorbed twit – the same as all the rest of these “reality” TV twits who have no clue what hard work or the real world really is all about.

Delecia on

Remember this..Women who have children for the first time suffer with PPD I did as well, being a celebrity has nothing to do with it..Its just life and something that a female experiences after giving birth..and maybe men go through it as well because all of attention is taken off of them as well..but you over come PPD in time..You dont know what a person goes through, after giving birth, if your not there to see it with your own eyes, nor do you know how a person feels…Some women have PPD worse than others and some don’t..or Post Partum Syndrome whatever u want to call it! Its temporary for some and long term for others..

Anonymous on

So I guess setting a good example for her son by not being a slut lost it’s charm. Wow, reverting back to your old ways. Boring ole house wife and mother, I ‘d take that label any day over being an under dressed whore.

No One on

I really want to see Tom Cruise tell her that “it is all in (her) head” like he did to Brooke Shields.

Really Kendra? on

What is it with this woman? If she truly suffered from PPD, she would have maybe taken a break and worked on getting better, but no, she had to stay in the spotlight. So sick of hearing about her talk about getting her body back, my gosh she’s so annoying I cannot stand her. But since her body is really the only thing she’s got going for herself, I guess the obsession is understandable. Hopefully her 15 minutes are almost up!

Susanna on

You know what?? I can’t stand this whore of a woman. Who does she think she is? When that son of hers gets older, all the kids will be telling him what his mommy did before she had him. Total whore!!

courtney on

@Delecia, yeah women who have children for the FIFTH time suffer from PPD too. I don’t think anyone here is disputing that PPD is real. And just because you had it doesn’t make it this thing that we should all lie down and accept that everyone who claims to have had it, has it as well.

My point, and the point that others are trying to make as well, is that it IS a very real and serious disease and for someone like KW to claim to have had it just because she felt the Hollywood pressure to get her body back is making light of what it really is. True PPD doesn’t just go away because you finally managed to get your body back. The perception and message is all wrong here. Hey all you poor mothers who have PPD, just get your body back ASAP in four weeks like Heidi Klume and all these other celebrities who have personal trainers and cooks and your PPD will be cured too!

You know, maybe she really DID have PPD, but she needs something more logical and articulate to support her claim other than just the boo-hoo sob story of “Hollywood Pressure”. If she is going to make her money as a “Celebrity” and make PPD claims, she has the social responsibility to make a better case for hersself. End of story.

Lisa on

A lot of women struggle with body issues after having a baby, adjusting to the amount of time and attention a little one requires, as well as having doubts about if they’ll ever be “sexy” again, but I don’t call that PPD. PPD is serious, debilitating depression, not just some self-doubt going on. I’m glad she found a balance and got back on track, but calling it PPD? It seems a little far-fetched.

Anonymous on

WOW I can’t believe all the negative comments on here! PPD is nothing to laugh about! I suffered from it from both my children and it is not fun! I admire her for coming out and telling people about it to make other people aware of it and she has over come the horrible feelings you have!!!

Rachel on

I think there’s PPD and there’s PPB… Post partum blues. I can’t imagine anyone not feeling like an emotional wreck at some point after having a baby, I mean your entire life changes! Even women who adopt and do not go through the hormonal changes of pregnancy can suffer from a period of post adoption blues/depression, because life is just totally different. But it’s not exactly the same as a severe depression that comes form a chemical imbalance within the brain like what causes true PPD. The number of women who truly suffer from PPD is something like 8-10% whereas the number that suffer from baby blues is roughly 80%… so it makes sense that when some women say they had PPD, they in fact only had the baby blues.

I think it’s really hard to compare one to the other. I mean, a mother who hasn’t slept in weeks might feel “depressed.” Or a woman who looks in the mirror and realizes her body is never going to be exactly what it used to be might feel “depressed”. But I don’t think you can read stories about what women like Heather Armstrong (aka; Dooce) or Brooke Shields went through and even begin to compare their experiences with baby blues.

All that said, I don’t know if Kendra had PPD or not, I just feel like if she was able to go on living the way she did, filming a reality show and doing all that she did… then she did pretty well.

Aspen on

Imagine all those women with out a voice, who are suffering from PPD. Maybe celebrities can help those of us that are suffering to feel not so alone, like I did with all three of my sons. We moms need to help one another, no matter our status. Peace ; )

jennifer on

Instead of criticizing Kendra and questioning whether or not her PPD was “real or not” we should be applauding her for speaking out about PPD. As woman, we continue to put each other down instead of supporting each other.

She is a young women who was a Playboy playmate,lived under a microscope, and under the pressure of having a perfect body. If she can speak out and bring a face and facts to PPD, I applaud her. Get a grip people and support other women who have this other wise you are just as bad as Tom Cruise.

kaitlyn on

I totally agree, Rebekah.

Trutle on

Turquoise certainly is her color.

Sandy Cheeks on

She should STOP using botox on her face…its making extra veins and muscles in her forehead work overtime… it makes her look much older than 26. Please stop… God made you lovely just as you are! 🙂

SaraM on

I had my first son one week after Kendra had hers. I also suffered from PPD for several months after his birth. I think it’s great she’s speaking out about it.

divine dee on

Celebrities have such a vast opportunity to get and receive help…the regular joe=schmo person does not. Kendra can afford top of the line care…nannys, cooks, housekeepers and a personal trainer. I would look great to if i had a personal trainer coming to my house everyday and we walk downstairs to my home gym…meanwhile the housekeeper is cleaning and the nanny is with the baby and my chef is cooking a great low cal meal……!!!! All these celebs say “i do it all myself” which is a bunch of crap!! They have the money to do it…get plastic surgery etc…they are all spoiled rotten!! Film a real mom taking care of her child and you will see a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!

Tammy on

wow, women really like to see other women bleed. Catty and cruel. I hope all you judging her and judging by only what the media shows you, never have to deal with any kind of illness, physical or emotional and if you do, I hope people are kinder and show you some respect.

Mike on

People who are so in love with themselves and their image before anything else should never have children. That statement about turtlenecks and having to only focus on the baby is ridiculous.

Lexi on

I’m really glad she’s speaking up about this!

People who are very outgoing and bubbly can become very depressed and still do what they need to do and be the person they feel everyone expects tham to be. While it wasn’t after a baby, I suffered a 3 year long serious depression and most people never knew it.

I’m glad she took care of herself and is feeling better.

NM on

Oh Gawd, not that, anything but herself again!

N on

We have more important things to worry about than some dumb blond talking about her issues with post partum depression. She’s got the money to get treatment where many women are unable to afford the top of the line treatment. She’s just a bimbo

Rosie on

C’mon, folks. No one is laughing at or belittling post-partum depression. They are questioning whether Kendra had it or is just looking for more publicity and another chance to talk about her body.

Cindy on

..she is coming out about being depressed and in her previous profession body image was/is everything, that is a lot to deal with when you are in her situation. How terrible that women cannot and do not support other women in their struggles but instead insult/name call and belittle her for it, shame on you all! Sorry to hear Kendra but glad you are back on track, depression is a long road, I know I am clinically depressed and totally understand where she is coming women make me sick!

Jordan on

‘I couldn’t wear my usual slutty clothes’ does not constitute to PPD.

Meg on

It’s pretty sad that those of you who suffered from PPD would doubt or negate another woman’s experience.

I had an extremely tough time with PPD after my first was born. I was definitely in the baby blues territory when my daughter was sick and hospitalized. That, lack of sleep, and the blues combined resulted in a more full-fledged PPD that I was lucky enough to get quickly medicated for. I think that we all face a variety of circumstances that can send us into the next level, past the typical blues. For me, it was my daughter’s illness. For her, perhaps it was outside pressures. We have no idea how we will react to things and to judge someone for that is awful…

Lexi on

N, what a hateful thing to say! Pushing through and getting treatment for depression takes so much more than showing up for a doc appointment and forking over some cash.

R Latini on

She had a really shitty attitude during Dancing with the Stars–very defeatist attitude, came off very bitchy–sorry Kendra.

Brittany on

Well said Tammy, I completely agree!

librababe on

Now, I love me some Kendra but …

“For Wilkinson, 26, she believes the problem began when all of her attention turned toward her son, leaving little time for herself.”

Isn’t that part of being a new mom?? it’s natural to feel out of sorts when your life changes so drastically, and not to mention, forever. you can’t always remain the same person 100% of the time. it’s called life and we’re called humans; we’re not on a television show and we’re not characters.

But I’m happy she at least feels better… wish the same for all moms.

Rae on

PPD is something you get when you have a baby no matter who you are. Can anyone on any story be nice? Is everyone an ass hole?


maybe now she can show some kind of class….as she speaks like an uneducated tramp LOUD and dististurbing most of the time….miss manners may be a roust to her but she should hear herself…I would be ashamed for my children to hear me speak the way she does…trampy is cool mommy

PJ on

When we choose to have a baby, we all lose ourselves in the baby because they need us 24/7. That’s a sacrifice we all make for a while for a beautiful gift. She is not suffering from PPD, she is suffering from I didn’t know it was this much time and energy. Your body goes through a lot of changes but it is worth it. Focus more on your family and less on your body. You are famous because of your fake boobs. I’d rather be famous for being a good mother.

cb on

Another reality bimbo, who has done NOTHING but flaunt her body!!!And WHY is she important?

Catca on

I think it’s great that Kendra talks about the pressure to get her body back after baby and that it wasn’t easy and hard work. She should be applauded for her honesty in the public eye. That’s not easy to do. I also have to admit that when I read her comments, the first thought that cropped into my mind is “that’s not PPD”. Not that she wasn’t depressed, but she did not describe what PPD truly is. To say that is not attacking her personally or being a hater, it’s pointing out that there is a difference between normal adjustments that are difficult to make with life after baby, especially in the public spotlight like Kendra, and actual PPD. People are commenting to make the distinction and prevent misinformation. It’s possible Kendra was more elaborate in her comments and really did suffer from PPD and the fault is the journalist’s for editing her comments in a manner that misinforms about what PPD is. Whether the fault is Kendra’s or the journalists, a respectful discussion about what PPD actually is as distinguished from post partum blues is important to have.

Shea on

I had PPD after my 3rd child…and 13 months later when I got pregnant again the depression got worse to the point I couldn’t even bond to the pregnancy…at 24½ weeks my unborn daughter’s heart stopped and 2 days later I delieverd a stillborn baby that had strangled on her cord in utero. I blamed myself for her death, in my mind she died because I didn’t want her. I know now this isn’t true but that’s what the depression did to me.

6 months after I lost the baby, I was even more depressed….normally I am a size 3, but I was in a size 10 (i’m barely 5 feet tall), so not only was I depressed over losing the baby, but I also felt fat, disgusting and like a failure…I stopped wearing makeup, the only thing I did to my hair was through it up in a pony tail, I pulled away from all my friends and activities…I wanted to die. I was put into a hospital for a week and they diagnoised me as having PPD compounded by grief over losing my daughter, as well as low self-seteem.

It took a year to get back to normal and feel good about myself again. Going to the gym and working out and losing all the baby weight from both pregnancies help a lot! So I totally understand where Kendra is coming from on getting her body back.

If we don’t feel good about ourselves the how can we have a positive outlook? When I get up in the morning, do my hair and makeup and wear a cute outfit, my day goes much better then when I don’t…because I feel better about myself. maybe I am shallow and vain, but I know it’s how I am.

Cathy on

I question whether Kendra really even knows what PPD is! It might be the way the article is edited, but to me it sounds as if she’s saying “because I had extra baby weight and I was under so much pressure to lose it, I developed PPD, but now that I have my body back in shape, it’s gone!

I also clicked on the link to her new book coming out and I was absolutely DISGUSTED by the description of the book (on Amazon). Kendra (who suffered so much from PPD) is going to “divulge her secrets on how to do it all and make it look easy, sexy, and fun—even when it’s not. Also, “Her fight to lose weight at any cost, chronicled on the covers of countless magazines, has become yet another triumph for Kendra as she continues to succeed in the face of adversity.” SERIOUSLY????

Wow, forget about all of those stories about people who lost everything during those awful natural disasters and managed to cope, or how Jaycee Dugard was somehow able to survive and raise two daughters during those years she was in captivity. Just read about how poor Kendra had to endure losing baby weight so she could make huge sums of money appearing on her own reality show and “Dancing with the Stars” all while being married to a loving, supportive husband and an adorable, healthy little boy! Oh, the horrors!

Donna on

As someone who suffered from severe PPD with the birth of my first child, I can tell you it is not a joke. It is very real, and very frightening. When you walk around thinking you are going to die, and not live to see your child’s first birthday, is a scary thing to deal with. PPD does not go away, just because you get your body back. It is really a sad thing for women like me who have had to deal with PPD, and have no one believe them, because no one takes it seriously. It is not the new “black” or the “in disease” to have. It is a very scary and life changing thing. It affects not only you, but everyone around you. You deal with it more than just a few months. It took me 2 and half years to work my way through it. For me it seems like she had issues adjusting to the commitments of motherhood, and did not know what to do. She went on doing the things she was familiar with, because she cared more about her fame and fortune than herself and family.

jenna on

i’m not saying she didn’t have it. i’m not saying its not a real thing. however…. that being said, people have been having babies for years, and it seems like all of the sudden everyone says that they have it. It is being used as a crutch.

Cinder Lou on

If Kendra’s baby is #1 100% of the time, she;s not going to have her husband around for long. Plus this from the article: “… she told PEOPLE Saturday pool at Las Vegas’s Wet Replublic.” What?????

mb on

I think her speaking about this makes Kendra more of a person and have more depth than she portrays. Perhaps that is how she has changed for the better. You go girl!

marlee on

PPD is very real. However, in multiple interviews Kendra has given, I just don’t see it. What I do see is someone who makes a living off of having a hot body and was unable to deal with that going away during pregnancy and postpartum.

J on

I agree Jennifer. It’s amazing how many women here have the nerve to diagnose her based on her life history. It’s sad, some women scold Tom Cruise on being harsh and saying that women need more support with PPD yet these same women are bashing Kendra saying she’s too dumb to know what PPD even is. Yeah, real supportive…

Tif on


I’m glad she’s speaking out. And it’s sad I’m not shocked at all over these rude comments. None of these blogs/celeb postings ever have positive responses anymore. =\

All I have to say, is keep your head up Kendra!! You have a beautiful family, and you are a great mother! ❤

Anne on

Once a whore……

Marky on

Susannah, I think unless you were a virgin when you married, you don’t have much to say about someone else. She was a Playmate; I wouldn’t want to be one myself, and I sure wouldn’t want my daughter to be one, but the truth is if you had, or are having, sex outside of marriage, you just don’t have a rock to throw. Your kids will be just as embarrassed as little Hank when they picture you rockin’ it out with someone besides their dad. People are too judgmental, and I am speaking as a very conservative Christian. She has a show, and if you don’t want to watch it, don’t, but calling her a whore is just going overboard.

Some of you posters need a reality check of your own. Kendra may not, even now, understand all the reasons why she felt the way she did after childbirth. She may honestly think it had to do with all the judgment she faces all the time about everything from whether her marriage is real, to how she looks, or whether she bleaches her baby’s hair. When I had PPD, I had no idea why I had it; i honestly thought it was because I had a boy, instead of a girl. After treatment and recovery, I realized it had nothing to do with that. I was terrified I would have it next pregnancy, and I truly had plenty of reasons to have it just looking at my whole situation at the time, but I had no problems at all. Few people are able to look at everything realistically until later–and she may never want to share all the reasons with the public.

dsfg on

Marky, a whore is someone who has sex for money, and technically, that’s what Kendra was doing. There’s nothing wrong with calling her what she is. It’s not neccesarily a bad thing. There is a big difference between having sex outside of marriage and being paid to have sex with someone.

Jen on

I used to be a fan of Kendra until I realised that she will do anything for a buck – there’s nothing she won’t sell, and I think it’s actually a new low for her to stoop to insulting people with actual PPD in order to get ratings for the new season of her show.

Jewel on

Sometimes I wonder who has the mental problem. These so called celebrities or the people who actually watch their ridiculous shows.

mary on

I have to somewhat agree with one of the posters! My kids are a priortiy BUT my husband does come first. after all our kids are going to leave us one day and my husband is, hopefully a lifetime partner.

dede on

I doubt she had PPD, saw her show, she just seemed depressed about her image, her body being out of shape. She is an airhead anyway

Barb on

I am soooo sick of Kendra and her selfishness. Most women are only too happy to “lose themselves” after they have a baby. Pity poor Kendra and her made-up’ fake PPD. This is just another pathetic attempt to get more attention. It really is very sad.

Renee M. on

Coming from someone who suffered greatly from PPD not once, but twice, what she is talking about is the blues, NOT PPD. With my PPD I would not even be able to get out of bed, suicidal thoughts, wanting to drive my car with myself and my son iit into a tree so he wouldn’t have to live with a horrible mother. Thankfully I got help. What she is talking about is not the same thing.

Anonymous on

Seriously, PPD cuz you think your not hot…she thinks the only way to be hot is posing naked. Silly!

Liz on

So she’s back to being a PB prostitute. Some don’t deserve to be mothers. I’m sure once her son finds out that she’s make sex tapes and been a PB ho he’ll be so proud!

Liz on

And a respectible woman and mother does not wear a top like she is. Her cans are hanging out for all the world to see but that’s what tramps do.

concerned on

I have a family member who has suffered PPD after each child she had and everytime it got worse. Now after this last child she has gone into a downward spiral and has lost her children. It is a very real disease and a very real problem. Thank you Kendra for being very open with your struggle.

Sherrn on

Why is their so much hate. Kendra is just saying how she felt after having her baby. Also I agree with one of the other bloggers. Why is it these days everything has to be about the children? Husbands and wife’s need to take togetherness time so their marriages will work. An intact marriage loving and caring about one another is the best gift you can ever give
your children children do not have to be the center of attention 24/7!!!!

Kristi on

Oh God! Another celebrity talking about how everything got better when they got their body back. I am so sick of reading articles about this. Is there nothing else that can make people happy other than being thin?

Kresta on

I thought she was 36. on

Oh shut up ho. She’s so spoiled and entitled it’s pathetic. She’s always whining about something. Honestly I can’t believe these Hugh Hefner jumpoffs get men to marry them. It’s not like they are a prize.

Susan Carter on

I think all women who give birth to a new little one (especially the first one) get home and encounter “Oh, my God!, I have to take care of this blessing the rest of my life or for atleast 16 to 18 years ahead of me, or 24/7 for atleast the next 5 to 10 years. One of two things happen, either mature excited new Mom’s put their own self absorbed life they had before a bit on the back burner and buckle up and take care of the baby and love that baby and say to themselves “I will get back to time for me when I get the chance and or when I have help from family and hubby and they are proud and a happy person….OR the 2nd thing happens…. they have been use to being selfish and doing whatever they want, have a ego and after they have this baby for the first time, they get home and encounter “Oh, my God!…I love this baby, but I have to take care of the baby the majority of the time???…..I don’t know how to handle this, OH my God it will take away from ME time, Oh I am really getting sad now….and then eventually the new Mom gets depressed because it truly is a change of life and the ME is taken out of the equation for the majority of the time….it not that what being a Mom is all about for the most part? Raising a well-grounded, well mannered great kid takes alot of hard work and sacrifice. I am so tired of ladies and even celebrities who make these statements. Although I do believe PPD is real, Kendra needs to look at the everyday Moms out there who have to wait @ a year to get their bodies back, don’t have the service of babysitters, nannies or family to support them and they are happy and stable with their predicaments…….lets be real and not use the PPD so easily in this society please…….

Terri on

I understand husband and wives taking time to be partners, but putting anyone before your children, seems unusual to me.

Anyway, I’m glad that Kendra has been able to battle back from PPD. I’m not a fan at all, but would never wish depression on anyone. It is suffocating and scary, and I know what it is to feel that any second you may go over the edge. It is a feeling of vulnerability and fragility that you can never understand if you haven’t experienced it.

jf on

Your not even talking about PPD, Sounds to me like a bunch of fat ,ugly ,jealous women wanting to bash Kendra cause she is pretty.

Toya L. on

Cluck! Cluck! Same old shit, different day and post! Yawn!

Karen on

After having my baby just over 7 months ago, I have been down about my body and not feeling as good about myself, but I by no means would call that ppd. Motherhood changes everything your body, your relationship etc. I think the feelings that Kendra describes are completely normal, change is hard, you are struggling to find a balance. Real PPD is a debilitating disease, it interferes with your ability to care for your child, I had a friend that had ppd and she ended up in the hospital on suicide watch. I think Kendra is confusing ppd with the baby blues.

Phil MacCracken on

Does PPD stand for Post Playboy Dollars? Get a real job Kendra. One that you don’t pose naked or lie on your back with legs spread eagle. Grow up because Hank’s pro football career is about over and you might have to help with the bills(for a change).

I would not care but one more mouth to support on welfare bothers me! Bad enough the Obamas will be on public payroll for at least 30 more years.

Whatever on

She contradicted herself in the article. She talks about how she felt pressure to get back into shape, etc but then she goes on to say that she finally feels herself again because she has “gotten her body back”. Seriously? So dramatic.. DUN DUN DUN Kendra’s “BATTLE” with PPD. Give me a break. Im so tired of these whinny celebs and all of their cliche “battles” and “issues”. Lets see some of these spoiled women have to be a single mom, or wife of a working class husband, living paycheck to paycheck barely making ends meet. For Gods sake- your rich & famous. Stop complaining about stuff you shouldnt be complaining about. Go do something productive and give back to the community. Maybe then you can feel “COMPLETE”.

Nadia on

Kendra looks so beautiful! Kudos to you for wanting to stay in shape. It will help your marriage, career, and more! Giving you more energy and happiness to make you the best mom. Other females need to take tips from you. Stop using motherhood as an excuse to be overweight and out of shape!!!! There is no excuse for it! Kendra is one lady I actually respect in reality world that isn’t fake.

knowwhaturtalkinabout on

All the negative comments are unnecessary! PPD is also called the baby blues. There are several degrees of it. There is also postpartum psychosis which is a hell of a lot worse (where you actually feel that harming yourself or your baby is the best thing to do). Just because she didn’t want to hurt herself or her child DOES NOT MEAN SHE DIDN’T HAVE PPD! All you “haters” need to get a life! She is sharing what SHE went through and EVERYONE has a different experience and their own stories to tell. She IS bringing more awareness to this condition and she should be appreciated for it. She has a lot of younger fans and she can touch the younger people who may go through something like this! If you don’t like her FINE then don’t read articles about her or what she says. How DARE anyone ever put her down for sharing her struggles! Shame on you!

Kelly on

It DOES need to be talked about, and women shouldn’t be ashamed to come to the forefront about it. PPD is a horrible, bleak and dark existance to be in that needs to be helped, not belittled. I hope women know how how real this illness is and that they get help. I understand some people think it’s petty when a celebrity comes out about suffering from PPD, but I think if it encourages even just one mother to get help, then it was worth it.

Jenny on

Big, big difference between feeling “down” about your body and your new role, and PPD. She says she knew she wouldn’t harm her baby. That right there tells you she did not have PPD, just some adjustment issues that ALL NEW MOMS have. Perhpas her adjustment issues stem from the fact that she’s a bit flighty and uneducated. Perhaps if she were better prepared for the birth, instead of worrying about reality TV, she would have been ok. I really hate it when celebs have to dig something up for attention. I hope PPD doesn’t become the new “rehab”. That would be a slap in the face for women who suffer from a real case of PPD. Kendra….read a book or two…dimwit.

eternalcanadian on

Somehow I don’t find Kendra a convincing spokesperson for PPD. Brooke Shields was way better, especially when she smack talked Tom Cruise down.

TR on

Well said Meliaya!

S. on

The hatred and judgement coming from many of you is seriously disgusting, especially in response to someone opening up about their own struggles. I feel sad for you.

butters on

While having a baby is a major life-changing event and suffering the “blues” or depression afterwards is no picnic, I have to comment…ever since she has had her baby, every single thing has been about getting her body back. For the first year women should cut themselves some slack and who cares if within a week you haven’t dropped all your baby weight. I mean, seriously?? I try to support women..we have to work together..but I’m afraid Kendra is totally all about herself, vain and self absorbed.

Flipper on

i agree it seems every celebrity claims they have PPD, true PPD is very serious, most end up in a hospital on medication and some even harm their children, everyone feels some blues or exhaustion with all the hormonal changes that is what really goes on for the majority of women-i used to be a huge fan of Kendra but since she has had her baby she is so vain and into herself, now every picture her chest is hanging out or other parts what a shame that is more important than looking classy and beautiful for your son and your family, grow up Kendra !!!

Cricket on

Maybe the reason she suffered with the blues for so long (not sure it was PPD) is because she thought she was supposed to wear turtlenecks and make the baby #1 all of the time. (By the way, I never saw her wear a turtleneck.) I think the main thing that made her depressed was the fact that she couldn’t lose the weight and be the playboy bunny anymore. Now that she has lost weight, the blues are for the most part gone. Sounds like more of a self esteem or image thing than PPD.

patti on

ppd is not something that goes away once you get your body back. it is a very serious mental address that quite frankly, miss wilkison has no business talking about. women with ppd can barely get out of bed much less run a tv show. Is there nothing people wont say or do to stay on tv?

allison on

So sad that “getting your body back” is seen as a cure..

Kellie on

I cannot believe some of the comments that have been posted on here. Kendra is sharing her own PERSONAL battle. Not to be judged or critized by anyone, she’s doing it to bring awarness to something that affects women of all ages, races, and yes even income brackets. Just because someone has fame does not mean they cannot suffer from a diease. May her way have working through the depression was working out, it gave her focus and control over herself. Who are any of us to judge what makes someone else happy. If you don’t like her, then stop watching or reading about her. Women are nasty and spiteful toward other women. And it’s just sad.

If anyone watches her show you’d see that she struggled with confindence issues after the baby was born, she didn’t hire a bunch of nannies to take care of him, etc. Being a first time mom is an adjustment for anyone regardless of their livestyle before.

I’d say there are some jealousy issues with some of these posts. Kudos to you Kendra, knowing you have the plateform to bring awarness to PPD , and for being open and honest about it.

suzy on


well said. my thoughts exactly.

Someone on

She may look like she has her body back but she doesn’t. She still has a big c-section scar impossible to disappear I’m sure that triggered her PPD. But even without it she still not pretty. Fake boobs and no a$$. Her jump to fame was to sleep with old Hefner. It’s disgusting how media made this woman famous for nothing. Kendra, Holy and the Kardashians are celebreties created by the E channel and then shoved into us by the rest of the media. Disgusting.

kendrajoi on

Man, the ignoramuses are really out for her. They have no way to express themselves intelligently, so they call names. Sad.

Maggie on

talk about a bunch of haters! If you dont like her, dont read the article! LOVE YOU KENDRA! Do your thing girl!

Bestmommy on

It is really hard to spend time on your child when you’d rather be making sex tapes, Playboy pics or just generally being a fake ass silicone boobs whore. Completely understood lmao

Jenn on

I’m so sick of media-hungry celebrities using PPD as a way to get attention. Oh please Kendra, are ratings low? Should we be sorry you chose to live your life in front of cameras because you can’t do anything else. I think not.

M on

I was a fan of the Kendra show, but after reading this post, I’m not sure how I feel about her. I suffered from PPD after my first child and feel like she is making light of the disease. I also agree that I think too many people/celebrities say they have it when they are probably just going through normal emotional issues that everyone has after a baby. There is anxiety and sleep deprivation and other issues, but it has nothing to do with your weight and getting your body back. You may not be happy about your body and feel extra pressure to get back to your prepregnancy shape and that is understandable but it is def not PPD, and I don’t think the two should be confused.

J on

Ok did she get diagnosed with this or did she self diagnose? There is a big difference between the baby blues and PPD!! She felt like most mothers after a child is born – overwhelmed and big life change.

bob on

And who the “me” she got back to? She got implants, took her clothes off and then what? I don’t get it…..what spotlight is she in?

kareno on

PPD is different than depression that you’ve gained weight.

She was mostly depressed because of her new body. She loved baby Hank to death, and motherhood seemed to come naturally to her.

Celebrities do throw the serious term around very lightly.

Miss Ann on

I wonder how many of you out there actually have children and experienced PPD or Baby Blues?
Those who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones.

Brandi on

I get so tired of all of the “celebrities have no room to complain, they have it easy. I could be beautiful if I had a gym, trainer, chef, nanny, etc. There is no way she was really depressed.”

1) you have NO IDEA other than this tiny vague article what she experienced, so unless you can tell us where you received your PhD, stop diagnosing (or claiming her diagnosis is wrong). YOU DON’T KNOW. Being bitter about your own life doesn’t qualify you to analyze everyone you think is better off than you and

2) you sit and comment on stories of celebrities then claim you “don’t have free time” like celebs do because they have nannies, trainers, chefs, housekeepers. There are two types of people this world, the ones that sit around making excuses for what they “can’t do” and the ones that just do it. Looks to me like there are many excuse makers here.

and Last but not least, how someone dresses doesn’t make them a whore. It may look trashy, they may LOOK LIKE A WHORE, but it doesn’t verify what they do behind closed doors. If you ladies could only hear how bitter and jealous you sound to the normal person who isn’t so resentful about their own life.

ForeverMoore on

WOAH she is only 26?! Add about 15 years…sorry but she just looks old. And I don’t just mean that looks wise – her whole demeanor seems outdated and superficial. We get it – you want to be sexy all the time no matter what – now cover up your fake boobs and just be a mom to your kid. So many people are sick of hearing about Hugh Hefner’s ex girlfriend (’cause that’s all she really is!). Not being a hater but this girl never seems to have anything meaningful or relatable to say.

Mom23 on

PPD is very real, but it is a hormone imbalance that can trigger mild to VERY severe depression. It’s not about feeling blue, or being sad about weight gain or being stressed or longing for your pre-baby body. To suggest these things takes the focus OFF true PPD. If you read her interview, notice how many times she mentions “self” in terms of feeling like she had to be a different person, being in the spotlight and feeling balance just because she got her body back. THAT is NOT PPD. PPD can be crippling and you can look like a million bucks and be suffering immeasurably inside. You feel reluctant to share the depth of your despair because you don’t understand it and people (although well-meaning) make it worse by reminding you how fortunate you are to have children, how well you look after giving birth, how some people would love to have a baby…they think it’s just a wrong way of looking at things and that you can just snap out of it. Like any form of true depression, it’s not lifted by a new look, some public attention or feeling balanced by getting to do more things for yourself. It is a chemical imbalance not dependent on circumstances. I want to like Kendra and think she’s a good mother, but she makes it so hard by being so self-absorbed and looking for her self-worth in her body and what others think of it. She has also grown dependent on the public attention to give her a sense of well-being. People like that go on a downward spiral when their looks start to fade or they aren’t young anymore because they’ve built their whole life around outward appearances. It’s really very sad. She does NOT need to a self-appointed spokesperson for PPD because what she described is situational blues which changed when her circumstances changed. PPD does not care what you look like.

cindy marks on

I think that Kendra is a wonderful and loving Mother and wife. Granted when she was younger and still living at the Playboy mansion she was not very appealing , she was sloppy and had a very foul mouth etc. After meeting and marrying Hank she changed to a very likable young woman.

Can’t anyone give her credit for being a changed person.

I don’t think she is jealous of baby Hank getting the attention now , she clearly adores him. Can’t you who blow off her claims of having PPD consider the possibility that she really did suffer from a fairly common condition?

Give the girl a break , she is just trying to make a living by using her good looks and bubbly personality , she is no different from anyone else in this life . Hank her Husband is a good and decent man, I think that he sees the goodness in Kendra that many of you are not even trying to see , rather you just call her a whore and trash her , shame on all of you.
You go Kendra , keep growing and maturing and behaving as a wife and Mother should.

CK on

Does any person out here in the4 real world give a fat flying poop about Kendra? Big fake tits, Playboy bunny has been and dumber than a rock. WHO CARES! I can just hear myself now telling a female friend suffering from PPD that she should read Kendra’s book – NOT.

Jesse on

Anyone who would put their husband or any man before their kids doesn’t deserve to be a mom. When your kids do leave then you can be 100% with your husband. I comment Kendra for having the guts to speak out. When you have mental illness or depression you obviously don’t know that’s what’s wrong with you that is why it can be so hard to beat. All of you “perfect” people judging her need to take a long hard look at yourselves.

Nina on

What, just because Kendra is a celebrity, she can’t suffer from post patrum depression? What a mature attitude to have, really. Just ask Brooke Shields and Marie Osmond about PPD. Marie, especially, can tell some real horror stories about how it affected her. Kendra is a human being, a woman, who just happens to be famous. Just because she’s well known doesn’t mean she’s immune from suffering everyday ailments ike the rest of us. Grow up, you smart-a$$ed haters!

Melis on

I would say the majority of you people have NO clue on what your talking about! PPD has varying degrees. Some people have milder forms than others. It is more complicated than most people are aware of, and uneducated people like yourselves run your mouths on things you know nothing about. Then there is postpartum psychosis, which is where you actually can feel it’s better to hurt yourself or your baby. NO one has the RIGHT to say what SHE went through. How dare ANYONE judge another person for what they went through after they had a baby! Baby blues IS POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION! Just because she choose to continue to shoot her show and didn’t spend her whole time in bed crying while refusing to hold her baby, doesn’t mean she didn’t have PPD. She HAS to earn a living for her family and at this moment her fans want the show that is why it continues! If she couldn’t afford to raise her child, you would also bad mouth her as well.

And another thing, if the haters hate so much here is something you can do: DO NOT READ ARTICLES SHE IS IN!

Melisa on

I had PPD….and Kendra most certainly did NOT. She had selfish bratism, that also affects a large number of new moms…when suddenly the cuteness of being pregnant is met with the reality of taking care of a newborn that gets more attention than YOU do. She was depressed about being fat and not being centerfold hot anymore. What a joke. Just when people in Hollywood don’t get enough attention, they fall back on this excuse.

Dee on

Are there different levels of PPD? Seriously just wondering.

Sam on

Another bunch of pathetic women bagging on one woman to make themselves feel better. Is that what People is now? A place for the envious and deprived to rag on the successful? Some of you going so far as to call her a whore? Get LIVES!! You don’t need to be a witch to other women to make yourselves feel better! YOU. .. NONE OF YOU. .. know if she had PPD or not! Only Kendra and her Dr.’s know anything about her diagnoses. Yes, she’s concerned about her body. If I made my living on how I looked, I’d be worried about that too. I can’t believe there are this many women that have ZERO self-confidence and need to attack others to feel better. Congrats for being the epitome of catty brats.

Alyson on

Just from reading this article, I also do not think Kendra suffered from PPD. But as others pointed out, the editors could have made this sound different from the truth. But every article I have read on Kendra is about her weight and self appearance. Of course she wants to be back in shape and thinner (don’t we all!), but it doesn’t need to be all she talks about. If she did indeed suffer from PPD, I am glad she got through it and wish any other mothers luck dealing and coping with it.

And for those saying she has Baby Blues, I think Baby Blues occurs within the first 6 to 8 weeks of giving birth, not for a year or two after. Maybe she was just down about her appearance and change of life style, but I don’t think it was actual “baby blues”

Shannon on

Seems like she was merely depressed about her body. That’s not PPD.

mb on

I respect her for sharing her issues, they make her more likeable to me. However, with that said, I think she identifies too much a sexual style to her presentation. She really got into dancing when she could be sexual but did not feel comfortable in other dances that did not accentuate that. Even the commentators made comments about that. When you look at the cover she is making a sexual pose by a pool. Isn’t there a midway between “wearing turtlenecks” and being comfortable with your sexuality in the privacy of your home. I get the feeling she doesn’t feel she has much worth outside of a sexual portrayal and hence the depression when she felt she could not do that

lyn esler on

Please Kendra, don’t insult our intelligence. You having PPD is like Selena Gomez being Malnourished! You shouldn’t throw real words around when your living in a bubble!

Jillian on

I really can’t believe these comments. It’s no wonder so many women don’t talk about PPD. I know if I have it I may not say a word bc clearly people are so rude an judgmental. I advise everyone else to do the same. The words of you all are so harsh an hurtful. Kendra discussed her struggle a long time go. Celebrities should learn to keep their PPD to themselves an stop trying to help people. Because people are just so undeserving.

Kali on

If you have ever had PPD, then you know that it’s not just about losing the weight. It is a chemical imbalance. And she said that she didn’t have thoughts of hurting herself or her family? Most of the women with PPD do have intrusive thoughts of hurting themselves or their babies. I suffer from PPD. My little one is now 4 months old. I always thought that women just got a little depressed and that was it. That’s not the case at all! I’m glad that the issue is being talked about but if she’s just concerned about her figure and believes that that’s PPD, she’s got another thing coming? Sounds like she was depressed. With PPD and PP Anxiety, you need meds, counseling, and everything. It is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through. And I’m still going through it…

funnymom on

No matter what you think of Kendra or her claim that she suffered from PPD, speaking out about mental illness helps to take away the stigma of it that keeps many people from seeking the help they need.

Studentoflife on

If you can keep your head up,yes and do a tv show.It would be somthing, plus the help of a doctor to get back on your feet.Depression isn’t funny,but to keep working would help.I say gooooo Kendra!!!!What because she’s on tv she,s different from us?Iv’e been watching from the time she started and shes doing amazing.I’d like to see some of you haters try it.She did all the right things to get her through it.TV,her show is just a job,how she makes a living.If you hate her, you must notlike your job!!!!*\(;-])

Studentoflife on

Love Kendra,will cotinue to watch!

Bubblegum on

Why are people doubting Kendra having PPD? I don’t know how anyone can possibly know what she has gone through. You are only making assumptions based on personal experience. I’m sure that everyone has a different experience and different symptoms. That doesnt mean that they didnt have PPD. Mental illness is not something that most people would make up.

joyce allgood on

So what if she has a show about her and her family ,she is making money, and she is not a whore . The ones that says she is you are jealous .I wish I had her body I would do the same thing she does , you go girl get your money. Love ya kendra