Family Photo: The Burke-Charvet’s Wet Wedding

08/25/2011 at 09:00 AM ET

All in the family! Newlyweds David Charvet and Brooke Burke gather the kids — Neriah, 11, Shaya, 3, Sierra, 9, and Rain, 4½ — for a group shot in the water after their wedding on Aug. 12 in St. Bart’s.

Describing the nuptials as a “secret mission,” the Dancing With the Stars co-host, 39, adds, “We told no one – no friends, not even our mothers. … We broke the news to our children just days before our departure.”

Albert Michael/Startraks

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Albert Michael/Startraks

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Barbie on

You probably made your mothers feel like “chopped liver” but – I guess – that’s okay for you guys. Why should she be present at such an important occassion?!

Bancie1031 on

I guess if that is what they wanted than more power to them but I personally would be very angry if my daughter or son went and got married and didn’t tell me especially after they’ve had children and they didn’t go to the JP BUT they actually had a little ceremony … The difference being is (IMO) going to the JP means you just want to make it legitimate and could be a last minute decision whereas having a ceremony means you put some thought, time and effort behind it and I wasn’t important enough to you to be there to witness it and share in your happiness ….. but like I said this is me personally ….

pammy on

Are island weddings legal and recognized in the states? or are they mainly for ceremonial purposes?

Y on

Ugh I can’t stand this woman…she is such a fame*hore..always showing off her body

lia on

you wanted to keep your wedding private yet you sold the pictures to people?

Jen DC on

Good looking family!

But I gotta say, after reading days of this “We worked to keep it a secret,” I’m finally glad to be able to say “whatever.” You are both good looking people, but neither of you are huge brand names. In the ’90s, yes, definitely bigger names. But today? Ehhh…

As far as keeping it really close to the vest re: parents and family, it’s not like it’s her first. And if they wanted a destination wedding, it’s unlikely many would have shown up anyway because it’s not her first.

I am not that close to my family and my mom would be a wedding nightmare for me, and when you throw in the half-siblings, cousins and other awkward quasi-familial relationships, it just gets mess. So I – from that POV – can understand the urge.

mrscabrera on

When my husband and I got married we married without his mother being there. The witness was my sister and no was else was invited. We wanted something intimate and for the most part his family didn’t agree with us being together anyway. My mother in law made my life miserable always nitpicking at me so I wouldn’t be surprised if other people have been through this. Maybe they just wanted something with them and their children.

I agree with what someone else said that possibly the destination was too expensive for others to come. I don’t see the big deal since they have big children. I can see if they were like 20 and had no kids and it was their first marriage.

Sophia on

I’ve always wondered- Do Neriah and Shaya rhyme? I know Shaya is pronounced SHY-uh, but is Neriah Nuh-RYE-uh like I imagine or something else? Congrats to Brooke and David btw.

Ella on

Shaya is pronounced SHAY-A and Neriah is Nuh-Ry-Uh

Elita on

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the marriage isn’t legal and binding in the US. Remember, Brookie is still getting HUGE alimony payments from her ex. Why would she jeopardize that by marrying David. When was the last time either of them worked?

I was shocked when I originally heard they were married in a secret ceremony, but now that I read that they jetted off to St. Bart’s, I’m going to guess this is just for publicity and to say they are “married” even if they aren’t legally.

Maggie on

Elita, Brooke works all the time. She hosts Dancing with the Stars, has a book out, and runs that mom website. I don’t know much about David but Brooke certainly is in the public eye.

coco on

I agree with most other posters. Why have this “top secret” wedding but then blab about it to the one magazine that cares? They are not even almost relevant people.

shalay on

Elita, how do you know Brooke is still getting “HUGE” alimony payments from her ex? That is all speculation from people who hate her. The woman works all the time, she has her own money.

Indira on

Pretty sure st. barts wedding is strictly ceremonious lol. They have to get a license in their state.

Erica on

Shalay, Brooke’s ex-husband is an extremely wealthy plastic surgeon. There’s no way she’d be able to afford her lifestyle on a host’s salary alone, hence the “forever” fiance so as not to jeopardize the alimony…I’d be shocked and mildly impressed to find out this marriage was legally binding.

Sara on

What the hell is the point after all those years and kids?!

Jillian on

People do this everyday in St Barts and only tropical destinations that ARE legal. This couple just can’t win! They get bashed for being engaged too long. Now bashed for doing things THEIR way. What’s next? There are tons of celebs who do hush weddings but release the photos. They don’t want paps present.

Congrats to the newly married couple and blended family! It’s sad when peopl can’t just say congrats and need to find negatives because they don’t like them.

Oh and the alimony comments……I so needed those for a good laugh. I love when people make up stuff. Brooke has had multiple jobs in the past and currently and gets child support.

No one even knows that sh has been getting alimony…..but keep making stuff up.

Indira, what is the purpose of the lol in your comment. Just not understanding why you were laughing.

FAB on

Secret ceremony so NONE OF YOU NOSEY AZZ FOLKS would be commenting about it EVERYDAY until the day of…. BLAB now because SHE IS HAPPY!!!!! and wants to share… and to Y… sounds like you are JEALOUS that your body has MIS-fourtunes and BROOKE’s bod is FABULOUS after having children… SMDH!!!… You people on here CMTFU!!!!! Congrats to the family… and FYI Im sure its LEGAL or she wouldnt put it out here… and as for alimony from her ex…. ummmmmm dont ya think he knows now that she is married….and it OBVIOUSLY dosent matter to her since she wanted to be married>>>>> DUH!!!!

Jenner on

Can’t stand that fart-sniffer, David Charvet. These pics make me want to vacation in St. Bart’s, tho.

Annie W. on

Guessing it wasn’t that hard to keep secret being that these folks are C-list celebs. No offense.

anonymus on

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