Spotted: Alicia Silverstone’s On Set Sweetie

08/24/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Rodrigo & Luis Jr. Guerra/Ramey

Quiet on the set!

New mom Alicia Silverstone enjoys a short stroll with 3-month-old son, Bear Blu, during a break in filming Gods Behaving Badly on Monday in Brooklyn.

The baby boy is the first child for the actress, 34, and husband Christopher Jarecki.

That night, Silverstone reunited with Clueless costar Paul Rudd for the New York City premiere of his latest movie, My Idiot Brother.

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Steph on


What of it? on

So darling

Matildah on

Alicia look so happy.

such a beautiful picture.

Still dont understand her name choice but Bear is growing on me.

I love her.

Lis on

Still can’t believe she named that poor baby Bear. 😦
She does look beautiful in this picture, though.

Cee on

What a great pic. She is beautiful.

Cutie pie baby, too!! 🙂

amw on

get over her name choice people. i promise you he wont be scarred, and even if he grows up not liking, there is nothing you can do about it so stop letting it affect your life.

this picture is lovely. she routinely is looking wonderful and totally happy.

Just my 2 cents on

I’m not anti the name bear its very cute though would have been better if he had a more “normal” middle name. He is so cute.

Sloanesmomma on

she looks so heavy still…thought she would be thinner by now. she still looks great just figured she would have her body back quicker!

Angela on

I’m a bit surprised that she isn’t using cloth diapers on her baby. She seems like someone who would use some of the awesome modern cloth diapers out there.

AnnieG on

Wow. Bear is only 3 months old, give the girl a chance! Personally I think she looks fantastic, and it’s people like you and those comments that have celebs feeling the pressure to diet and excercise like mad the second baby is born. Chill out – she looks happy & Healthy, isn’t that what actually matters?

TC on

Anyone know what brand her diapers are? They are cute, I’ve never seen any with a design on the back/butt

ForeverMoore on

@TC, I was going to post the same thing! They look like they fit well too!

Anonymous on

LOL @ “Looking heavy still”!!!


Cheryl on

TC – they look just regular ol’ Huggies diapers with the heart print on the rump. I’m surprised to see her using disposables, given how outspoken she is about being eco-conscious.

Crystal on

I wondered if she would go cloth or organic/biodegradable/non-toxic route. I prefer the organic route because of our busy schedule, this being my third I couldn’t justify buying all new cloth-it is super expensive. I also thought she would have lost more weight or be thinner, she is vegan and I assume nursing after all…..although she is beyond beautiful and looks very happy all the time. I follow her on her blog and do love her, I am not being a hater, trust.

Sloanesmomma on

those diapers brand are called nature baby im pretty sure they are made in the uk it is the brand used them when my 10 month was a newborn but they leaked so i switched to huggies organic cotton and let me say LOVE!

Margaux on

awwww….what a natural, unpretentious picture of the two 🙂

Amanda on

I’m really shocked she is not using cloth! Those are way too trim to be cloth newborn diapers, and he is SO tiny still (has he been 3mo old for 6 months? lol) Hopefully whatever disposable that is, is eco friendly. I’m disappointed! I really thought she would be a fellow cloth mom, and not because it was the ‘in’ thing in Hollywood like so many other celeb moms do.

Lucy on

Oh god people, get over yourselves about the cloth diapers. Maybe she doesn’t have time or WANT to deal with cloth and “sloanesmomma” said they were an eco-friendly brand so who cares??

She’s not a SAHM with hours on end to deal with laundry and the extra clothing changes that go along with cloth diapering and maybe she doesn’t want to hire a nanny to do every little thing. I would choose spending time with my baby over the environment too. Everyone has been a hypocrite at least once or twice in their lives before, celebs just have to do it in the spotlight.

Angela on

Not for nothing, Lucy, but there are quite a variety of cloth diapers out there. It doesn’t take hours to wash them and there are no extra clothing changes either. Check out my favorites, Fuzzibunz and Grovia. Grovia has an option to use an organic cotton snap-in “soaker” or a bio-degradable, compostable, chemical free “disposable” option for their reusable covers.

AshleyM on

WHO CARES if she uses diaposable or cloth??????? I’m sure with her hectic schedual of filming and beign a new Mommy she would have to hire a “diaper washer” and I’m nearly positive that she would get alot of bad reviews over that one as well. Seems like now a days celebs can’t even breathe without being crapped on. Give her a break people. I’m positive YOUR not perfect either, like me and everyone I know!!!

Pandabear on

He is SO sweet looking! I love this picture!