Christina Applegate Confuses Life On and Off Screen

08/23/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
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Life has never imitated art to the extent it has now for first-time mom Christina Applegate, who is currently filming Up All Night, a new sitcom focused on the realities of parenthood.

“Sometimes you stop and go, ‘Oh my God, this is so from the pilot. Are we doing the pilot right now?'” the actress — and mom to 7-month-old daughter Sadie Gracetells New York.

“The pilot is happening right inside my house.”

During the show, Applegate, 39, finds herself cursing in front of her child — only to notice that little ears are listening all around. The experience, she jokes, is one she knows all too well.

“I think we did that until all of a sudden your baby goes, ‘F—!’ And then you’re like, ‘Awww, s—!'”

And according to costar Will Arnett, he and wife Amy Poehler have come to the same realization with their 2½-year-old son Archie.

“It’s bizarrely seamless now, from home to work,” the actor, 41, explains. “[Kids] hear everything. It’s like living in East Berlin in the ’70s. So you have to be really, really careful.”

However, while Applegate admits “leaving the babies [at home] is hard,” Arnett isn’t quite experiencing the same parenting pressure to juggle it all.

“You have to go to work because you have a life, and you’re a grown, thinking, evolved person, and you’re trying to maximize your … talent on this planet, and also you have to provide for your family,” he reasons.

“Now, it should be noted that this is a fairly new phenomenon because in prior generations — and through no fault of his own — my dad got up and left the house early to go to work every day … I don’t think he’d be at work and be like, ‘Goddammit, I’m really screwing my kids over.'”

— Anya Leon

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Maggie on

Love these two and miss Samantha Who and Arrested Development so much. Can’t wait to catch the new show, I hope they give it a chance to get an audience.

miameows on

GOB is looking a little haggard in this pic. Can’t wait for the new show!

Jess on

looking forward to their new show, she’s a great actress. Loved Samantha Who?

megan on

I’ve liked other shows both of them were on. But Up All Night looks as dull as dish water

Carrie on

@Jess.. Me too!! I was SO sad when that show went off air!!

Lau on

I adore Christina, but she looks like she’s made of wax in that pic…

Maddie on

i love Will Arnett!! Arrested Development is one of the best shows ever….him and Amy must be such fun parents

Anon on

Yeah, not a great photo of either of them 🙂 And Will is so right, parental guilt is such a Gen X phenomenon. My hubby and I are so jealous of how easy parents had it in the 70s 🙂 Send your kids off out of the house all day, forget about carseats or even seatbelts, no one worried about leaching plastics or Baby Einsteins or potential allergies or cloth vs disposables or controlled crying, and formula feeding was the only way to fly … they had it sweet!

Kat on

Anon, in the 70’s dad didn’t worry about the kids while he was at work because half the time mom was at home with them. Disposable diapers were popular, as was breast feeding. Parents didn’t have it easier, just different.

Anon on

True, Kat, I guess power-suited working mums didn’t come into force until the 80s. I wonder if that’s when we got all guilty?

I don’t know anyone who was breastfed in the 70s – they all thought formula was better! Not that formula-feeding is easier anyway 🙂