BumpWatch: Roselyn Sánchez Bares Her Belly

08/23/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

Check out that bump! Pregnant Roselyn Sánchez debuts her baby belly while walking her four pups with husband Eric Winter on Thursday in Los Angeles. The actress, 38, announced that she’s expecting earlier this month, saying, “We feel so blessed and excited. Thank you for all your well wishes and prayers. They mean the world to us.”

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ForeverMoore on

She looks great! I do find it a little odd to be wearing just a sports bra while pregnant…not that a bump isn’t beautiful ’cause it is (i’ve got a 6 month-er right now :D) but it’s just something I wouldn expect in a bathing suit not on the street exercising.

Krissy on

ForeverMoore…I completely agree with you! Well said and you are not being nasty!

Maggie on

I go for my runs in a similar outfit in the summer. It’s hot! Who wants to wear more than you need to when you’re sweating, especially if you have the body for it? She looks amazing.

Cassie on

Aww how cute! They look so happy too 🙂

MiB on

The thing is, if she had been out running I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid with regards to her outfit, but for walking the dogs? In a residential neighbourhood? That is a bit weird (don’t misunderstand me, I have walked my fair share of blocks in outfits like that, going to the nearest recreation area, but I would wear more clothes taking the dog out).

Kat on

ForeverMoore – as someone who was very preg last summer, sometimes it just felt cooler to bare the belly. In the end it is what makes you comfortable right?

Brandi on

She looks better in that outfit while pregnant than I would while not pregnant. I say more power to her for not being obsessed with hiding her bump, trying to look more slim, etc. Embrace those mom curves. 🙂

ForeverMoore on

@Kat, oh most definitely

Shannon on

They are both hot!!

Tee on

Forevermoore, I agree with you. And congratulations on your upcoming baby! That’s exciting!

Cee on

I think she looks adorable.

Lissette on

Check out that baby bump?? Where? Because if I didn’t know any better I would’t know.

Maggie on

^^ Really?? She’s quite clearly popped already. I’d say she’s at least 4-5 months.

J on

I’m with Maggie, not sure why this outfit is questioned. Then again, EVERY photo is questioned here.

ForeverMoore on

@Tee, thanks so much! We are really excited….my boys will only be 18 months apart! :O

Manal from Jordan! on

If I had her body , i would definitely be wearing something like this!

Nella on

She looks good! I live in Arizona so it’s freakin hot here! California is pretty hot as well, so to see her wearing this now doesn’t really surprise me! I see a lot of women wearing sports bra when they go for a run or walk, she looks incredible so good for her!

Nannette on

Que bella y que linda su pancita .. Dios bendiga orgullo Boricua ….

Manita on

Cute !!

pepe on


Dinorahx on

She looks beautiful!

Forest on

Roselyn always looks beautiful…and she is such a fantastic person. She is adored in her native Puerto Rico.

Delmar on

Snap out of it…

That any pregnant woman walks in sport clothes be it a top or a bottom as long as it does not incline towards vulgarity is absolutely hip!

Show ’em baby bumps off!!

Marta Ortiz Guzman on

Espero que todo te salga muy bien con la llegada de tu nuevo hijo que DIOS te a bendecido en todos los momentos bellos de la vida que DIOS te a dado por siempre junto a tu querido esposo y demas fam., de P.R,DIOS los bendiga por siempre,de el pueblo de RIO GRANDE(EL YUNQUE)Puerto Rico……………..

Holiday on

She looks great!

Jillian on

I don’t see the issue with what she is wearing. It’s hot out. There are people everyday out and about on runs in my neighborhood wearing the same thing. Just bc she is pregnant, she shouldn’t have to cover up.

She looks amazing!

Toya L. on

She really does look great.

geetyong on

Gosh, where can I get a husband like that?

dsfg on

I wouldn’t wear that regardless of whether or not I was pregnant.

kendal on

Whatis the big deal with a sports bra, I consider it a workout outfit,not an actual bra people. Many years ago when the American Soccer team won and the player took her shirt off, it’s a sports bra. Just cause it says bra in the name, does not mean it is a bra.

She looks fantastic. Women are so quick to be nit-pickers, get a life!!!

Capri on

She looks awesome!!!

anon on

I love this couple! I loved Roselyn on Without a Trace. That baby is going to be gorgeous!

ForeverMoore on

LOL @kendal, I don’t think anyone is “nitpicking”! The first thing I said was she looks great! The sports bra wasn’t a big deal, it was just a little surprising to see it with a pregnant belly, but I never said it was bad or didn’t look good. Everyone can have their opinion. I do have a life, thank you 😀

Keli on

I think she looks great. Its hot this summer and I see people in these kind of outfits almost on a daily basis. Its a big deal shes pregnant. Also how do you know shes just walking the dogs. They could have been jogging and took some breaks. I know when I was pregnant I didnt have all the energy I had before and had to take exercising slow sometimes.

Anyways congrats to the beautiful couple. He is so handsome

Ray on

Roselyn and Eric make a remarkable couple! I love how they compliment eachother, and now more with the baby coming! So lovely!