William Petersen Welcomes Twins

08/23/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Kevin Winter/Getty

It’s a boy and a girl for William Petersen.

The CSI actor, 58, and wife Gina Cirone welcomed twins via surrogate on July 5 in Los Angeles, PEOPLE confirms.

The pair were born prematurely, Petersen’s rep says, but are steadily improving.

“The babies are doing great and are improving every day and we can’t wait for them to come home,” the couple, who married in July 2003, tell PEOPLE.

Petersen is already dad to daughter Maite, 36, who has two young sons of her own.

After leaving CSI in 2009, Petersen was followed on the series by Laurence Fishburne, who has since been replaced by Ted Danson for the new season premiering in September.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Elizabeth Leonard

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kelbelle on

always loved him!! I actually quit watching CSI when he left…Congrats!!

pammy on

Praying the babies keep improving and can join Mom and Dad at home soon.

Krewcat on

I have to say I stopped watching the show when he left also!

Congrats to the whole family!

Nhzinga on

Congrats to them! I hope the babies are getting stronger and healthier every day. I too stopped watching CSI after he left the show–Grissom was one of the most original characters on TV–he’ll go down in history with Al Bundy, Dr. Huxtable, Bensen and Stabler, etc

AshleyM on

I don’t mean this in a bad way at all (seriously!) but MAN…I couldn’t be a parent at that age. I give him alot of credit 🙂 Hopefully both babies will recover quick and be able to go home to Mommy and Daddy asap!! All the best to the family and CONGRATS!!!

KM on

Count another person who stopped watching when Billy Petersen left. He seems like a wonderful, down-to-earth person in real life, too. How many big-name actors fall for a normal, everyday science teacher who won’t give their career any sort of leverage? Congratulations to the new family!

mamamimi on

Congrats to the parents–had heard his wife had problems with pregnancies so happy he’s got the money to pay a surrogate to have her babies! I mean that in the best way…now come back to CSI, please! Those babies need toys!

Paige on

I love William Peterson!

Congratulations to him and Gina on the birth of the twins! Glad they’re getting stronger.

Amber on

I’m kind of in a similiar situation. I’m 34 and expecting my first with my 47 yo husband. My dad is 58 and his wife is 37 and they are expecting as well.

Tracey on

Bill, congradulations on you new bundle of joys…..I wish you and your wife all the best….You are so deeply missed on CSI….has not been the same since you left….wish you would come back to prime-time….I would watch you in anything that you make….big fan…

Tracey on

Congradulations Bill..

Marilyn on

Didn’t they have a baby around five years ago? I thought I heard something about that unless it was a rumor.

Cassie on

Congrats! Hope the babies get home soon.

Add me to the list of people that stopped watching CSi when he left also – wasn’t the same without him.

Me Too on

I thought it was just me! I stopped watching when he left too. He was the show. It doesn’t matter how many different people they try, it won’t ever be the same. Congrats on the little ones!

Daniela on

Wish he would go back to CSI…hasn’t been the same since he left.

Anyway congrats!

Amanda on


Gotta say, I’m not sure I could start over with babies at nearly 60 years old, but his wife appears much younger so she’ll probably do the running in the toddler stage while he gets to cuddle and love the babies (isn’t that how it always is!?) My toddler keeps me running all day, won’t sit with me for anything but the second his daddy is home he’s quiet as a mouse and doesn’t move for an hour on the couch in dad’s arms!

Can’t wait to hear their names. 🙂

meghan on

Gross. You’re a grandfather. Be a grandfather.

Nancy on

Congradulations on the announcement of your twins, hopefully they will be able to come home soon. Children are the most precious gift a couple can give each other.

Lori on

I loved the dominatrix story line.

Anonymous on


Linda on

Congratulations on your new babies. I too stopped watching CSI when Peterson left. Laurence Fishburne is good but he is not Peterson and now comes Ted Danson? I love Ted Danson, but nothing is going to help that show but William Peterson returning.

Aussie on

I had twins at age 49. I wish you both nothing but love and happiness enjoying them! I had a boy and a girl and they are the joys of my life. They keep me active, young and vibrant. I run around after them, play games, take them to the park and toddler gym, and everything a young mom would do. My health has improved, I love the baby weight in a flash, and my world revolves around them. Their happiness is my top priority! There are many that would not agree but they are not in my shoes. Children are a blessing and I’m so happy for you! I too stopped watching CSI when he left……….. Good luck!

Jane on

I too stopped watching CSI when William left. Please come back. Best wishes for you and your new family.

Jean Walker on

I have tried watching CSI since Bill left but have no interest in it now. Congratulations on the birth of your twins 🙂 I have a twin sister and my wonderful husband has a twin sister. They will always be close. Sure wish you would return to CSI. Praying the twins are strong and healthy.

mimi on

Has anyone heard these babies are seriously ill? Reason Petersen has disappeared and did not show for Marg’s exit episodes? George Eads says “complications” and Marg Helgenberger says “he is overwhelmed”–so any news?

JoAnne M on

I think it’s wonderful that Billy and Gina have added to their family ! I haven’t heard any recent updates on the health of the twins, nor have I heard anything about their names. I hope they are strong and are now home with Mom and Dad !!!

I think it’s wonderful that Billy and Gina have added twins to their family. I haven’t heard any updates on the twins’ health. I hope they’re well and home with Mom and Dad. Any news on what their names are ? Congratulations !!!!

JoAnne M on

Congrats to Billy and Gina on the new additions to their family. I haven’t heard any updates in the health of the twins. I hope they’re healthy and home with Mom and Dad. Any news on their names ??? Congrats
on your new babies !!

Dotti Humphreys on

I still watch reruns every chance I get. Miss the show still. I love Grissom!!!

Pedo Movies on