Sarah Jessica Parker: James Wilkie Is Itching to Act

08/22/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
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It seems as if 8½-year-old James Wilkie is ready to follow in his actor parents’ footsteps — but Sarah Jessica Parker isn’t giving the green light just yet.

“I don’t want him to do it until after he goes to college,” the I Don’t Know How She Does It star, 46, tells PARADE.

“But part of me thinks maybe it’s better if he knows the truth now about how hard it is to be a working actor. I don’t know if he grasps what it took to get us here.”

According to Parker, one of the many sacrifices she and husband Matthew Broderick have had to give up is time spent with their family.

“We’ve had two occasions recently where both Matthew and I were working and it was so hard on the kids,” she shares.

“On the other hand, there are big chunks of time when we’re home a lot more than conventionally working parents. So you hope to make up for it.”

Fortunately, despite their hectic schedules, Parker and Broderick — who only have hired help during the day — are able to constantly reconnect with their brood come nighttime.

“We love closing the door and having the only people in the house be our three children and us,” the actress says. “It’s such a good feeling to know that we’re competent and capable and that it’s private.”

In addition to James Wilkie, Parker admits the couple’s 2-year-old fraternal twins Tabitha and Loretta certainly keep them on their toes!

“They’re talking, they’re running, they need me. Loretta is deeply inquisitive, ‘Do you see that, do you hear that, Mama?’ She constantly checks that we’re connecting with her,” she reveals, adding her other daughter is all spunk. “Tabitha does not give; she receives.”

— Anya Leon

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Tee on

I think it’s wonderful that this family chooses not to have help at night! I can understand them needing help during the day, given that both Matthew and Sarah Jessica work. No different, really, from any other working couple. It’s nice to know that come night time, they actually take care of their children themselves.

Miranda on

I thought it was Tabitha and Maion? Nit Loretta? Who the heck is Loretta?!

Jayne on

It’s odd that they can be so “real” as parents trying to raise their kids not to feel elite, but they really call him James Wilkie? That’s so formal and pretentious.

Riordan on

But kids of actors are usually so talented! Imagine the loss we’d feel if Will and Jada were so stingy with their children. We’d have never known the genius that is “Whip My Hair.”

kirsha on

Loretta is Marion. Her name is Marion Loretta Elwell and her sister is Tabitha Hodge.

K on

I always wonder that, Jayne. But then, I also come from a family of people who always repeat middle names… Mary Pat, Mel Marie. To each their own I guess!

I’ve always been a fan of SJP. She’s well-spoken and devoted to her family.

Karen on

Riordan – LOL

Cynthia on

Nice to be rich & famous…

Carolyn on

I’m a fan of SJP but I can’t stand it when they compare themselves to real working families. They are not. Big deal no help @ night…they also get to take their children to work with them on movie sets…how many of you working mothers and fathers get to do that? It’s a joke!!

Kat on

Wow…so just because they are actors, they aren’t “real” parents because they hire a nanny during the day? How many of you work and cart the kids off to a sitter, or grandma or day care all day long? News Flash: Your kids only see you at night too. How is a nanny any different? You have to work to support your kids, so do actors.

It’s not fair to just ASSUME every single one of them is able to take their kids to work with them every single day either. I doubt directors and camera people don’t want little children interrupting scenes all day long.

Give her a break…she admits they have help during the day, and she knows their life isn’t average. If you don’t like the comments actors make in interviews don’t read them or comment.

helene on

Yep, she went and compared herself to real working families. Celebrities can do that all they want, but the difference is this: Regular working families work just to have food on the table and pray they have enough money if someone becomes sick. There is no luxury of being able to say, “I love NOT having help at night.”

helene on

And I’m not just pointing fingers at Ms. SJP, but at the celebs who don’t seem to know just how lucky they are. I do realize she is probably the least guilty of being that type of celebrity.

Kate on

Damn, the women here are jealous bitches

Julie on


Matthew’s dad was the actor James Broderick… I believe they call him James Wilkie to differentiate his name from his grandfather’s. Lots of southern families do this… That’s how you get children with names like Mae Mobley and Charles Wallace.

Toya L. on

You have kids who always loved to run and later become trackstars or who always loved ballet, golf, singing, acting, baseball etc… and became famous because of their professions and just so happen to get paid more than most people who loved and as a kid always wanted to be a vet, doctor, teacher, policeman, firefighter etc… it’s not their fault the profession they love pays a hell of a lot more and they are able to have trainers, nannies, chefs etc…

u know its true on


dsfg on

“Regular working families work just to have food on the table and pray they have enough money if someone becomes sick.”

Actually, Helene, regular working families are not neccesarily living paycheck to paycheck and constantly worried about having enough food on the table . . . Just because you aren’t rich or famous doesn’t mean you are destitute or financially uncomfortable.

anais on

I love her! She worked so hard to get where she is and she deserves every single moment of family and career life. I wish them the best.

akri on

I love her and Matthew..I’ve been her fan since 1984 when I saw Girls just want to have fun..she seems to be a real person and down to earth..humble too..and from what I’ve read and people that know her, she is..I’m glad for her success..

I admire all the actors that had the courage to go after what they wanted and not be scared (like me) or give up their dream..I was afraid and it’s a regret I’ll always the saying goes: “Fortune favors the brave.”

No she’s not a conventional working parent…so what?? She’s still a human being and a very good mother it seems..those kids are lucky..I wish them all the best and hope she keeps making movies..can’t wait to see her new one..:)

Sarah K. on

Newsflash: most of the celebrities featured here are rich AND they are also “real” people. SJP wasn’t complaining and she’s acknowledged how lucky they are. Being rich doesn’t make her any less of a real person and doesn’t mean she and Matthew aren’t real working parents.

Like someone already said, not everyone is living paycheck to paycheck. Others work to maintain their lifestyle or because they enjoy what they do. Those are also valid reasons and don’t make them any less real.

Stop expecting celebrities to lead the same lives as you or stop reading interviews about their lives if it bothers you so much.

helene on

@- dsfg

Then count yourself LUCKY. The actress just made 30 million for a sub-par film. THAT IS NOT REALITY.

helene on

yeah right regular working families dont have to wory about food on the table or sickness. get cancer and have to sell 1 of ur summer homes to pay for treatment boohoo. i have plenty of cashflow and can still clearly see that celebrity is ridiculous in this country and you defend them like they are paying for your kids college

susie on

Hes 8 years old..of course he doesnt grasp how hard it is to be an actor. I think parents pushing kids too soon is just wrong on every level. Just because it worked for mom and dad doesnt mean itll work for the child. Let him be a kid. I love your acting Sarah, but let kids be kids….stick with waiting til college is over. Acting can end abruptly with no means to make it further. Its like music…you can be on top then flop once and never get back up no matter how hard you try

dsfg on

“Then count yourself LUCKY. The actress just made 30 million for a sub-par film. THAT IS NOT REALITY.”

Helene, I never said that was normal. I just said that not all working class people are living as poor people. I don’t make a ton of money, but I’ve always been able to care for myself and my children without any problems because I’ve had, as you said, good luck, and I manage my money very well. While it may not be “normal” to make 30 million a year, it isn’t neccesarily normal for the regular working class people to be living paycheck to paycheck either.

Misty on

I don’t really get what is so offensive about the article. She specifically states that one of the things she and Matthew have to give up is time with their kids – something that regular working parents don’t necessarily have to give up, and not being a parent myself, I’ve heard that time with the kids is more precious than money anyway. I love her in Sex and the City, can pass on pretty much any movie she does, but I certainly don’t think she’s any less of a parent for being able to have help – many parents utilize day care.