Spotted: Padma Lakshmi and Her Colorful Cutie

08/22/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto

Love the dress!

Padma Lakshmi totes her tot, daughter Krishna Thea, after dining at Pastis in New York City on Friday.

Raising the 18-month-old in the Big Apple is the plan for now, the Top Chef judge, 40, tells PEOPLE.

“She’s definitely a city baby,” Lakshmi says.

“[Krishna] always likes going out and seeing new things. We walk around a lot and thatโ€™s a way for her to explore.”

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Kate on

Khrishna is a cutie-pie and she is a splitting image of her father ๐Ÿ™‚

Christi on

Wow! Krishna is one beautiful baby.

melissa on

Krishna is so cute! She looks great in purple!

Shannon on

She looks nothing like Padma. Maybe it’s payback for treating the father like crap – she has to look at his spitting image every day.

Capri on

Sooooo cute, she looks JUST like her dad!

Brooklyn on

What an adorable little girl! I love her shoes too!

Holiday on

She is a GORGEOUS baby!!

Niche on

She’s such a pretty little girl. And those colors look great on mom and baby. Padma looks really happy, good for her.

Y on

Gorgeous, gorgeous baby!

Indira on

Love her little dress! So vibrant!

fuzibuni on

She may have fair skin, but Krishna looks a lot like Padma. Expecially in her eyes and facial features. There are more photos from this day on other blogs, and you can really see the resemblance. I think this baby got the best from both parents… she’s gorgeous!

Sarah K. on

That’s a traditional South Indian dress for kids and Krishna looks adorable in it. Beautiful girl!

Brooke on

She is absolutely precious!!!

Emmaโ€™s Mommy on

Who is Krishna’s dad ?

Toya L. on

She is a very pretty little girl.

K on

She is precious!

Jen DC on

Such a pretty little girl! (I saw more of her face of other sites.) And that color is amazing on both of them…

Cecelia on

She’s absolutely beautiful. Shannon, what an odd thing to say.

CookieMilk&Makeup on

If you look at pictures of her face next to Padma, she looks like a mini me of her mother but with her father’s coloring. Without a doubt this child is beautiful just like her mother!

AVM on

I am not familiar with either parent, but that is one stunning child!

gimma a break on

Emmaโ€™s Mommy – Adam Dell

ForeverMoore on

She is a gorgeous baby! LOVE her little dress and Padma’s skirt is so pretty too

jessicad on

I love those colors on them, so pretty!

AllisonJ on

I haven’t seen Krishna in a while – she is a gorgeous little girl!

Sanjay on

Obviously, she only wanted the rich white guy for the money and as a sperm donor. There is a lot of color bias within the South Asian community, just watch a Bollywood film to see that the stars look mostly Persian and Afghani. In the caste system which is rampant in India society the fair skinned population are also at the top, the Brahman class.

ari on

That is one GORGEOUS!!!!!! little girl!!!!

fuzibuni on

sanjay, That’s sad that the cast system is geared toward skin color. In, my opinion, dark skin is beautiful. But it seems that Padma is quite proud of her indian heritage and I doubt she specifically picked a man for his “whiteness.”

on another note, I re-read my comment above, and should clarify… I didn’t mean to suggest that it was better for the baby to have light skin. She would be gorgeous no matter what tone of skin she inherited.

sara on

Sanjay, from what I’ve read Padma thought she was infertile because of endometriosis, and presumably did not use protection because she never thought she’d get pregnant.

Assuming that’s true, she did not plan to get pregnant and therefore could not have been looking for a rich white man to father her child as you are suggesting. Seems like a normal relationship that just didn’t last, and nothing more.

Ali on

She DEFINITELY has her father’s eyes. She is stunning.

Sarah K. on

Sanjay, you don’t know Padma or why she was with Adam Dell. She lives in America now so it’s not really a surprise that she was with an American man. You really think it’s “obvious” she used a white man so that her baby would have light skin? That’s insane.

Besides, I think Padma belongs to the Brahmin caste and clearly she doesn’t have very light skin. In fact, many Brahmins don’t have fair skin depending on where they live. Conversely, non-Brahmins can be very light-skinned depending on where in India they live. Brahmins were not considered the top of the caste because of their skin color, but because they were the priest class. Yes, India does have a huge problem with preferring fair-skinned people, but it’s not because of the caste system (admittedly, also a big problem) because caste and akin color do not necessarily match.

paroo on

that’s a pavada…its a traditional south indian dress worn by little girls, teenagers, young women. its basically a sari which is cut and stitched into a top and long skirt. i love wearing them! ๐Ÿ™‚

lakshmi is gorgeous! its nice to see padma teach her daughter a bit about indian cultures. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sanjay on

Padma is south Indian Hindu once married to a Muslim so she is not serious about things now that she has been westernize and her daughter is Eurasian.

Sarah K. on

Sanjay, it’s obvious that you have your own prejudices and hang ups when it comes to mixed-race/religion relationships. There is nothing wrong with Hindus marrying Muslims or with mixed-race children.

What isn’t she serious about? Her daughter is clearly dressed like a South Indian little girl and has a Hindu name. Does Padma just not live up to your standards of what an Indian woman should be?

Ashley on

Awwwwww, pretty little girl ๐Ÿ™‚

ina on

I’m not Indian, but i think sanjay is saying if she was so proud of her nationality and her culture, she wouldn’t have been in a relationship with a white man….I can understand what sanjay is saying, she’s seems very pround of her heritage.

AmandaK on

Beautiful little girl ๐Ÿ™‚ Her Mom seems happy and attentive too.

Jane on

Sanjay I agree with 100%. I may be Haitian but majority of cultures around the world are the same when it comes to caste systems. The lighter you are the more respect and power you will get and if your are dark you have to work really hard to get the same treatment and respect. In Haiti we have many mixed race people the lighter you are the more you will likely be able to be president ect. Those color caste sytem were brought into those countries from the Europeans it was never like that. The caste stystems were always around since time but it had nothing to do with the color of skin but wealth but when the Europeans colonized the world it is where it is now.

F on

Haha, Shannon, your comment made me chuckle. I have to say, that whole caste system is horrible and really outdated. And the girl is really cute by the way!

Allie on

Sanyjay and Jane, I 100% agree. Colourism exists essentially every nation that has been colonized by Europeans.

And to the original topic, the girl is GORGEOUS!!!! I love the outfit. The purples are so rich. Beautiful.

r h on

Sanjay You are an nihilistic philistine