Melanie Brown Gives a Sneak Peek of Baby Nursery

08/22/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Kyle Rover/Startraks

As she awaits the birth of her third child, Melanie Brown can finally sit back and relax after placing the finishing touches on her gender-neutral nursery.

Brown, who enlisted the help of Little Crown Interiors, will bring baby home to a Parisian chic-inspired room full of golden hues and hints of lilac featuring Bratt Decor‘s Chelsea Iron Lifetime Crib ($1,340) lined with satin bows, a coordinating Chelsea Armoire Antique ($2,290) and a comfy over-sized chair.

“My whole thing was that I wanted a room that was calming and a room that I could just come in here and get away … and just relax and take a moment,” the Spice Girl, 36, tells Access Hollywood.

So what is the coziest place in the beautiful set-up? The secluded nursing nook, adorned with wrap-around golden-colored drapes.

“I wanted to make sure that I had an area that I could feed the baby that was completely private that I could close off during nighttime feeds,” Brown reveals. “It’s like being back in the womb. It’s like a little den.”

More importantly, Brown made sure to include a bit of her personality with an animal-print rug — and pay homage to her hometown!

“This is actually Big Ben, so I’ve got my flavor of London right here,” she laughs while pointing to a wall print. “There’s little things that are just quirky.”

To see her nursery, check out the video from Access Hollywood below.

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Shannon on

Where are the pics?

Jordannah on

Ummmmm…..looks like it’s another beautiful little girl. CONGRATS !! Magnificent room, I love it!!

Sapphire on

You have to watch the video clip to see the nursery 🙂 It’s actually a beautiful nursery.

Noelle on

She doesn’t know if it’s a boy or girl and is calling that nursery neutral? That nursery screams girl. I would like to see her have a boy but that’s not a boy room at all. Beautiful nursery but not for a boy.

Rebecca on

Gender neutral nursery???? I’m sorry, but that nursery is very girly. Chandeliers and purple flowers painted on the walls is not gender neutral to me.

mary on

Very nice room! Looks very 1920’s – 1930’s glam! I love it!

Josy on

Beautiful nursery…but..that’s not gender neutral, that screams girl. I LOVE the Big Ben canvas, I want it now.

christa on

Looks like she is having another little girl.

christa on

Its very feminine, bur gorgeous.

Jennifer on

What a beautiful nursery! Really beautiful!

Becky on

If she’s having a boy (not likely), then he will think he’s a girl by the time that he starts walking..LOL..It is a beautiful room, just like everyone else has already said, not gender neutral..

Maggie on

I love that nursing nook! What a great idea. I really struggled with being able to fall back asleep after BFing once we moved my son into his own room and I had to get up, go in and turn on a dim light – this would have been a good solution.

And she probably just assumes it’ll be another girl, they already have 3 between them!

Chelsea on

Are some of you serious? Yes, it’s not hugely masculine but I wouldn’t say beige walls with purple accents mean “if it’s a boy he’ll think he’s a girl”. My goodness.

Marlowe on

what a gorgeous nursery! fantastic ideas..

good luck mel! love to you and the baby.

but one thing… london isn’t her home town. she’s from leeds! can’t you tell by her accent?

amw on

this is her third kid. why do we care what the nursery looks like? celebs who break the privacy of their children just to stay in the news is so pathetic.

Devon on

I don’t think it matters right off the bat what the room looks like. The baby isn’t going to notice what colours are on the wall or what the chandeliers look like. It’s more for the parents at first. If it’s a boy, then I’m sure they’ll change things as he gets older to make it more of a boy room and if it’s a girl, they’ll probably leave it.

TJ on

Girly room!

Tee on

Such a lovely nursery! It’s not quite my style… too much gold and frills! But the flowers on the wall are quite pretty. I have to agree with everyone else, though. It does seem like it’s on the girly side. Makes me wonder if they really do know that they are having a girl and have just chosen to tell the public otherwise.

Shannon on


Cecelia on

Even if she considers it gender neutral, a possible future son isn’t going to suffer damage from using it. All he needs is a place to sleep and it seems like she’s accomplished that.

Dee on

Note to Mel . . . there are children starving in Somalia . . .absolutely obscene.

AllisonJ on

pretty nursery! it is a bit “girl,” though.

Nhzinga on

@Dee-Have you sold all your worldly possessions and donated the money to Somalia? No? She can afford to splurge on her baby–be happy for her. She’s an expectant mom, doing all the things that every other financially stable expectant mom is doing–nesting. The room is beautiful.

Oh and FYI–she is involved in numerous charities:

Melinda on

To me it seems gender neutral.

criticaleye on

Maybe I’ll be the first one to say this, but the nursery is just meh for me. I mean, you can see that the furniture is not from Walmart but that’s about it. Boring cream with some lilac flowers, no personality and no accents.

I felt the same looking at J.Lo’s nursery some years ago. Everything white, expensive table lamps but it looked more like a rich grandma’s suite than a nursery.

Money doesn’t buy taste.

Rosy on

“He’ll think he’s a girl” Ummm…my son’s bedroom is baby pink, as we are renting so can not paint over it. And he’s perfectly fine.

Indira on

No windows? I like the little enclave thing tho.

Anonymous on

“Are some of you serious? Yes, it’s not hugely masculine but I wouldn’t say beige walls with purple accents mean “if it’s a boy he’ll think he’s a girl”. My goodness.”

No Need to cry and get all huffy here. I swear some people come on here, purposely disagreeing with people over silly things for the fun of it.

Anonymous on

its a girl

Terri on

Who’s crying and getting huffy? People are allowed to disagree.