Benicio del Toro, Kimberly Stewart Welcome Daughter Delilah

08/22/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto

Kimberly Stewart received a very special birthday present Sunday – her daughter.

The actress and model celebrated turning 32 by giving birth to a baby girl named Delilah in Los Angeles, PEOPLE confirms. The father is Academy Award-winning actor Benicio del Toro, 44.

Calling the arrival of his first grandchild one of the happiest days of his life, proud grandfather Rod Stewart tells PEOPLE, “My joy is indescribable.”

On Saturday, the singer had hosted a large group at Dan Tana’s to celebrate his daughter’s birthday, a source tells PEOPLE.

The following day, the clan — including dad Rod, mom Alana, stepmother Penny, brother Sean and half-siblings Ashley, Ruby, Renée, Liam and Alastair — visited with the family’s newest member.

“We had everyone at the hospital to help Kimberly,” Stewart tells USA Today. “I won’t say we always agree, but we get along.”

The pregnancy was announced in April.

“Kimberly is pregnant. Benicio is the father and is very supportive,” del Toro’s rep confirmed to PEOPLE at the time. “Although they are not a couple, they are looking forward to the arrival of the baby.”

— Sarah Michaud

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Sunny on

I bet that lil girl was born with a lot of hair!

Nhzinga on

First! Congrats to them! I can’t wait to see pictures!

Lissette on

I sure hope the baby took after Kimberly in looks or we might have one hairy baby…

Brooke on

I have read that her name is either Sophia or Delilah…..No confirmation

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Nice b’day present! Doesn’t Satyana D share her b’day with her mum Alyson?

Had Kimberly had given birth to a baby girl on another site, and was wondering when it would be posted/confirmed on CBB. Wow, that little girl will have a lot of aunties and uncles of varying ages to fuss over her…! Is Ashley a half or step sibling on her mum Alana’s side of family? Was trying to work out who it was…!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

oops, meant ‘Had READ’ in previous post, lol…

Maggie on

Doesn’t look like Benicio or Kim is confirming so they probably just had to wait to hear it from Rod. You never want to guess on things like this just in case God forbid something went wrong. Ashley is Alana’s son, the rest of the listed kids are Rod’s.

Alison on

Sam & Freya’s mum – Ashley is her half-brother on mum’s side. Son of Alana & George Hamilton.

Lissette on

I hope the baby has Stewart genes dominating. We don’t need a werewolf baby. Hha

Shannon on

Was Benicio at the hospital??

Tina on

I really like that her whole family was there to support her. That is pretty cool.

Toya L. on

Congratulations to them.

Jillian on

We get it……you think he is unattractive. She didn’t.

Amelie on

Rod Stewart announced that the baby’s name is Delilah.

Marie on

Ashley is Ashley Hamilton that used to be married to Shannen Doherty. He is Alanna & George Hamilton’s son. He is older then Kimberly.

Congrats to all!!

I am sure Rod will be quite the doting Grandfather.

Cassie on

Can’t wait to hear the details! Congrats to the new parents – and agreed, Rod will be an awesome grandfather!

Lissette on

Actually it sounds like Kimberly did mind. They were not a couple nor are now which equals one night stand. She was also probably drinking. Because….look at him. Lol. She had to have been.

But congrats to her. She got a beautiful baby girl out of it.

Ellen Smith on

If Kimberly didn’t want to have Benicio’s child she could have (a) not had sex with him in the first place or (b) had an abortion once she found out she was pregnant with his child. She didn’t pick either of these two options, which leads me to believe she was (and is) comfortable with the situation as it stands.

Best of luck to Kimberly, Benicio and the new baby.

Simone on

I am sure Lissette’s husband/partner is hot stuff for her to keep commenting about Benecio’s looks..

Congrats on the new baby!

sara on

I don’t know who these people are who think he’s ugly. I have always thought he was very sexy. Granted, not with all that facial hair, but it’s not like that is a permanent thing. He cleans up very well. I’d gladly have his baby.

Sarah S. on

Best birthday present ever!

Bella Mama on

Benicio is hot and super talented. Congrats to the both of them…

Ruthella on

Delilah del Toro sounds nice 🙂 I hope she takes her Daddy’s name!

soph on

Hey, Lissette…so you think Benicio is a dog but Kimberly got a “beautiful baby girl”? What if the baby looks like him?

Jillian on

So you know how many times they had sex and how much she drank each time? How do ya know he didn’t say see ya later to her? Nice theory……but it makes no sense.

I don’t get why ppl use LOL. Can someone please tell me? Other than the teens in my life, I know no one who uses it.

Alivia on

Congrats to them! I bet their baby is beautiful

ash on

Benicio is one of the sexiest and most talented actors around. I’m next, I called it!

M! on

It is going to be interesting to see how this child looks through the years. Even if the baby takes after Kim…it doesn’t help much.

Adrienne on

I genuinely love that they both came out and said “Yes, we did this, we are not together but it’s all good.” I like the acknowledgment. Unlike some celebs it really feels like they were proud parents to be that didn’t give a rats behind about what anyone else says or thinks. Much respect. And Delilah is a cute name but I was wondering if it’s Delilah Stewart or Delilah del Toro?

Anonymous on

He hasn’t aged well but he was very handsome in his younger years so the child I’m sure will look just fine.

soph on

Delilah Stewart or Delilah del Toro both sound nice…great name choice!

mia on

The baby will be gorgeous. Half Puerto Rican and half Caucasian. A lot of Miss Universe’s are Puerto Rican. I also think Benicio is hot, and used to have a crush on him 10 years ago!

ClaireSamsmom on

I love that name! I bet she is a beautiful little baby girl! Can’t wait to see some pictures of her!

Matildah on

OMG! i love the name Delilah. so feminine.

Congrats to Kimberly and Benicio on baby Delilah.

Rod will be an amazing grandfather.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Think it’s a cute name on a little girl and at least it’s not out there/wacky!

Fairly sure that one of Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin’s daughters has the same name? Has a pretty ring on it, feminine, but can’t help but hear the song Delilah in my head! Not sure I can picture a 30 or 40+ year old with the name but there you go…!

Rimaah-Fadal on

yey for them and We will see if she looks more spanish or more like kimmy

Clara on

Delilah is a beautiful name. It may not have the best definition (a seductive and wily temptress) but it sounds lovely.

Terri on

People use LOL because they want to?

I like the name Delilah, it’s pretty.

Holiday on

I love the name!

Jillian on

People do “things bc they want to” is a generic and child answer. I am trying to understand why some adults on here overuse LOL half the time it doesn’t make sense. I don’t know anyone other than teenagers, personally who uses it. Trying to understand. If you don’t use it or don’t have the answer, please ignore me.

Donna on

Listen up some of you uninformed people.

Last time I looked there were three races: Caucasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid. That would put a Puerto Rican in the Caucasian catagory.

The child is 100% Caucasian.

Mel on

I don’t think he’s ugly at all.
Under that hair he has very nice features.

KRS on

You really don’t know? It’s probably because it can be difficult to express emotion and tone in a comment/email/text format, so people sometimes use LOL, JK, LMFAO, and other expressions to convey a little tone. Also, half of us may be using our iPhones and don’t have a lot of space to elaborate more fully. I think it’s just the era we live in now, we communicate more and more with devices, and we’re becoming a little lazy about it. That’s just my take, hope it sheds some light!

Adri on

Donna, it seems you are one of the misinformed here. Most Puerto Rican people are a mix of Caucasoid and Negroid. Puerto Rican is not a race. That baby is not 100% Caucasian since it’s obvious by her father’s looks that he is mixed with something else.

AllisonJ on

Delilah is such a pretty name! Can’t wait to see baby pics.

b.a.b on

Sounds like she trapped him.

Andrea on

I think I just threw up a little….love the name and that’s about it

Jane on

Geez. they weren’t even a couple, they hooked up at a party one night and F’ed each other and were too stupid and trashy to use protection, and unfortunately a baby was born of it, and this is to be celebrated? And to name the poor child Delilah on top of it? Pathetic.

FAB on


Im a 40 year old…. and I use it CAUSE I WANT TOO!!!!…. LOL…LOL….

Congrats to the parents!!! Baby’s are always a GIFT FROM GOD!!!!…. **waving** BYE BYE ANONYMOUS……

Ali on

Totally agree with Jane on this one. The name reminds me of that one episode from Friends where Ross wants to name the baby “Delilah” and Rachel replies “Oh great! Suddenly she sounds like a biblical wh*re”.

Davida on

I thought they were having a boy ,but a baby girl is awesomely perfect.

Delilah is one super-cute name, and i bet she’s goregeous. Half Puerto Rican and half Caucasian? cuter. thenks, Kimberly and Benicio, and congrats!

Jillian on

Krs, no. That’s why I asked. I personally think at times it looks immature and makes the comment not serious. I don’t understand why adults use it……I really do not. I think a lot of times people don’t use it appropriately, meaning they just throw it t the end of their sentence and it makes mo sense. I just don’t get it on here. Thanks for explaining. For example……look at Fabs comment. She proved my point.

Jane, how was the party? What did you wear?

Donna on

Still think people around here need a biology lesson.

Just because the guy has brown hair and eyes doesn’t make him biracial. If you think about it, all humans came from Africa at the starting point. Color of hair and eyes doesn’t make your ethnicity. My guess is that this little girl should mark Caucasian on any forms she ever fills out.

Holly on

Wow, people are judgemental on here.

Things happen, sometimes women fall pregnant – unless you know the circumstances and were there you don’t know if protection was used, alcohol was consumed, who dumped who….could go on and on.

Regardless I think Delilah is absolutly gorgeous!

Everyone should pay more attention to the way they live thier own lives and stop judging everyone else – who knew we were all so perfect?!

NoAdditives on

Well, I don’t think Benicio is great looking and neither is Kimberly. Let’s hope their genes mixed in some magical way that makes her gorgeous, otherwise she could be as attractive as a Spielberg or Willis child. Which is to say, not very.

And as far as race goes, if her daddy is Puerto Rican and her mommy is white she can choose whether she wants to identify with being white or with being Hispanic when it comes to census forms and such.