Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Expecting Third Child

08/22/2011 at 09:50 PM ET
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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are getting ready for another baby!

The couple, who are parents to two daughters — Violet Anne, 5½, and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, 2½ — are “thrilled” to be expecting their third child, they confirm to the Associated Press.

Garner and Affleck, both 39, have each spoken of being hands-on parents.

After Seraphina’s arrival, Garner said juggling acting and motherhood gave her a “split personality.”

“[I] feel like half my brain is somewhere else all the time, but when the camera’s rolling, I pull it together and focus for two minutes,” she said at the time, “and then I kind of turn back to a ditz again.”

— Tim Nudd

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klutzy_girl on


Congratulations to them!

Jordan on

Well, duh!

This has to be the most unsurprising pregnancy announcement ever!

Heather Lynn on

I literally just squealed with excitement! I absolutely ADORE this family and can’t wait to see the new addition! I can’t believe I am this happy for people that I don’t even know!!

SadieA on

Congrats to them! I bet a lot of people feel vindicated for all the criticism they’ve been getting for saying she looks pregnant!

Sapphire on

Woo-hoo! That’s wonderful for the Affleck-Garner clan!

Steph on

Congrats! I’m so happy for them! 🙂 Beautiful family!

Jana on

Yay!! I was not expecting this but it’s absolutley wonderful news!!!

Lauren on

awwwww YAY! congrats to them!!!! how exciting 🙂 hope it’s a little boy!

Brooklyn on

Of course, after I just said I didn’t think she looked pregnant in that other post! Haha. Anywho, Congrats to them!!!

Mallory on

My friend and I have been analyzing photos for weeks now, and anticipating this (I’m looking at you, klutzy_girl!! :p), so I’m more than a little thrilled to see this announcement. Plus I just love this family! Congratulations!! 🙂

Crystal on

Congrats! I think they will have their 3rd and final girl! Yay! I can’t wait to hear what they name her! 🙂

K on

So exciting!! Congrats to them!

Bancie1031 on

WOOT WOOT! I was right … I just knew it 🙂 Congratulations to Ben, Jen, Violet and Sera! I can’t wait to find out what they are having this time and to hear the name they choose …. This is one of my favorite celebrity couples and I couldn’t be happier for them!

rebekah on

and here come the i-told-you-so’s…

Mandy on


About time haha!

She’s only been pregnant for 2 1/2 years according to most people. JK JK 😛

Congratulations to the entire family and I wonder if they’ll get a boy or another beautiful girl. 🙂

SadieA on

Brooklyn, to be fair she really didn’t look pregnant in the photo they posted earlier, but in another one from that set she looked very pregnant

Erika on

Wow! I am so excited for them- they seem like such a sweet family. I kind of hope this new baby is a girl, because their daughters are so beautiful! Plus, a houseful of girls sounds like so much fun 🙂

Megan on

OMG I am so excited…how sad is it that I am as excited as if it were someone in my family LMFAO I ADORE this family and they make such beautiful children…I cannot wait to meet baby #3!! WAHOOO This is the most exciting news in quite some time…congrats to Jen, Ben, Violet and Sera!

Jennifer on

It was so obvious since, Her quiet unassuming way and lack of over the top dressing 24/7 didn’t hide it but kept us guessing Congrats ti them—they are my favorite couple.

Toya L. on

Yippee so many of you ladies were right. Congratulations to them!!!

Toya L. on

Oh and I remember one poster stating that she was wearing a maternity shirt last month. Looks like you were right!!

Lily on

Who cares!!!!!!

Why are they always front page news? If it ain’t one thing it’s a another. yeesh!

Gaby on

i hope she has a boy

michelle in mo on

So excited for them! I like the trend of celebs not announcing it until they almost have to. Then WE don’t have to wait so long for baby!

kendrajoi on

One word: YAY!!!!!!

ForeverMoore on

I wonder why her rep so vehemently denied the pregnancy rumors, that was only a month ago. I think it’s a bit silly to really be pregnant and then swear up and down that you aren’t. I get the fact of wanting your privacy but it’s going to be VERY obvious at some point. Congrats to them though…wonder when she is due and if they will have another girl 😀

Sarah S. on

Last pic I saw her (gray sweatshirt, long pants, tennis shoes) recently, she looked past her 1st trimester. Congrats to the family–yay! 🙂

Capri on

Lily, you obviously cared enough to comment. While I may not like them, your comment is immature. YEESH!

Congrats to them!

sara on

Oh lord, so all you people who are congratulating yourselves on being right about this, will you ever admit you were wrong the 8000 times you were sure she was pregnant in the previous two and a half years?

And I still really do not understand why people care so much – why do you all have this bizarre personal investment in her being pregnant?

I like her and Ben – I’m a fan of much of their work and they seem like nice people. But unlike so many here, I have no illusion that she is anything but a complete stranger and not my BFF. I like seeing pictures of her kids just like I like seeing pictures of other celebs’ kids. But I don’t know her, and what she does with her life is none of my business, just like it is none of yours.

Sus on

Yay so excited! 🙂

fuzibuni on

sweetness 🙂

Shannon on


sky on

i wonder when reese will make her pregnancy public too?

Melissa on

I guess if people say it enough, it will eventually come true! I feel like people speculate about whether or not she’s pregnant more than any other celeb. Probably because her kids are both totally adorable and she seems like the most down to earth celeb mom out there. Congrats to them!

Amanda on

Yaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! I really hope they have a little boy this time!

Maria on

I am glad she confirmed it! It was getting pretty obvious. I can see why she kept it quiet for as long as she did as she is tired of being in the public eye all the time. But that blue dress she wore last week- that kind of confirmed it! USually if the first two are one gender the third is also so I expec another girl. I didn’t think they were a very happy couple but who knows! they will probably be overwhelmed as three is a lot of children!!

Shirelle on

Wow so many surprise pregnancies half these celebs who have gotten pregnant I wouldn’t have thought would have a baby this year. But Congrats. I hope it is a BOY

Mariana on

I love, love, love the news!! I think another girl would be a great addition – imagine 3 gorgeous little girls! On the other hand, a boy would be an interesting addition and he’d sure be handsome too! They seem to be such a happy family, always smiling… That’s what matters, whether they have a boy or a girl. Congrats Garner-Afflecks!

LEC on

this baby will have to have 5 names

1. (first name)
2. fairy/angel name (seraphina)
3. flower name (violet, rose)
4. old fashioned/english name (anne, elizabeth)
5. last name

i like the pattern i hop they follow it, or maybe it’s just my anal brain picking out patterns that aren’t actually there

Maddie on

I am *so* excited for them!!! Yay!!

Allegra on

Congrats to the family!! Only reason I think it’ll be a girl is because Matt Damon had a 3rd girl 😉 Haha, I have a feeling this one’s a boy for them.

sara on

“USually if the first two are one gender the third is also so I expec another girl.”

Um, no, that is not how it works. The probability of having a boy or a girl in any particular pregnancy is exactly the same (50%) regardless of what gender the previous siblings are.

Lauren on

Exciting!!! I’m so happy they are having another!

Luci on

Congratulations–love this family…:)

cara on

Congratulations to them.

She has certainly been camouflaging it very well, although it has been pretty obvious for a few months now.

Jillian on

Congrats to the family on the upcoming baby and so people can stop accuing her of being prgnant. What a long two to three years! After people speculating for two years, this guess was right. Clap…..clap….clap….. I am just happy that people can stop speculating. I think it’s so rude and can’t imagine what she and others go through.

Gretchen on

I’m a little too excited to hear what they name the new baby! Now I just get to be patient and wait a few more months!

Mia on

About time–Matt Damon just his 3rd daughter (4 total) recently 🙂 –It’s a huge group of girls between them!–maybe this will be a boy–Congrats to them!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Not surprised at all but exciting news! I posted a few times recently she looked preg (& I wasn’t the only one of course). Several photos in last month of her lately showed her looking slightly fuller around the belly, this pic here included!, plus her in more layers considering it’s summer in youar part of world seemed suspect, baggier tops, less skinny in jeans etc – still, wouldn’t mind her slim figure at all myself…

As much it would be lovely to see another little girl part of me thinks it would be great to see them with a son, just to mix it up a bit – boys are great fun (certainly less emotional, moody, in my household anyway, lol). Given she’s same age as me, imagine she didn’t want to leave it too long if wanting no. 3.

Emily on

Aw this is so exciting. For some reason I didn’t really predict it. Totally cool though. Can’t wait to see what they have though. 3 girls would be kinda cute 🙂

Anonymous on

I picked it weeks ago.

I was expecting them to have another baby. I’ve been waiting for this announcement.

Congratulations to ben, Jen, violet & seraphina.

Hope they have a little boy 🙂

lifeasahouse on

People have been saying she was pregnant for a year now. I guess at some point they were going to be right.

ClaireSamsmom on

Well, we knew it, didn’t we??? LOL! So very exciting…seems like such a lovely family! Congrats to them!

Janine on

YAY! I had my screen half covered and all I saw was “Ben Affleck, Jen” and I was really hoping that it was because they were having another baby.

Becky on

Congrats to them..They appear to be a really great family, so hope all goes well for them..

Amanda on

Congrats to them!! I find it funny that there are people saying “I knew it” because people have ‘known it’ for the past few YEARS it seems. Almost every post on this website with her in it has had a “Is that a baby bump?” comment. And maybe they didn’t announce it last month because she was still in the first trimester?

Technically Sara the more children of one gender you have the more likely you are to have a child of the same gender, that said I had two girls first and my third was a boy and now we’re having a fourth, also a boy. The chances don’t increase a lot but they do increase.

kELLY on

Oh! Guess that’s the end of hope of Benifer getting back together. End of J-Lo and Ben forever. Boohoo (^~^)

Sanjay on

Congratulations, I am so happy for them they make beautiful babies and I hope this time it will be a boy. When Ben and Jennifer got married they said they wanted four children so they are well on their way.

Alyssa on

@Forever Moore: She has every right to deny it if she feels like it. Some people wait until they’re past the first trimester, which is when miscarriages occur the most. She has no obligation to anybody to confirm it until she wants.

KM on

I love how I posted several weeks ago that she looked pregnant and I got RIPPED APART for being rude, “how would you feel if someone said YOU looked pregnant in a photo??” etc., etc.

Suddenly she makes an official announcement and everyone knew? Yeah, right. Pathetic hypocritical housewives with no lives.

Serena on

many congratulations to the Affleck family! wonderful news!

Amy on

So excited- they have such pretty girls I want them to have another one! But how cute would a boy be? Ah!

ForeverMoore on

@Alyssa, I never said she didn’t have the right or any obligation, I was simply stating my opinion that it was kind of silly to deny it up and down when she is in fact pregnant. She’s in the public eye, yes, but she knows what that entails and she’s gotta deal with it. I think it’s rather obvious that she is well beyond the first trimester.

angie on

Awww! Congrats to the Garner/Afflecks! I’m a little surprised but certainly happy for them! I wonder if they’ll have a boy although their girls are sooo adorable!

ann on

I myself will wait until the 15 week mark to tell people when I get pregnant. First its none of anyone’s business but my husband’s and I’s. Second my sister had a misscarriage at 15 weeks…devastating of course! It was more heartbreaking for her to have to tell EVERYONE what happend…I would want to avoid that at all costs.

J on

Jordan this is probably not so shocking to you because a lot of people here claim Jennifer is pregnant even when she really is not because she has a little tummy anyway and holding bags and her kids a certain way shows it off a little.

Now she really is pregnant and the same people will cry out, “I knew it!” lol!

A. on

Yayyyyyy!!! Congrats to them! 🙂 I hope they have a boy this time! And I agree that they seem like such a sweet, nice family; all the best to them!!!

Ashley on

Knew it!!! Congrats to Ben and Jennifer!! I love them!

Shannon on

There was a star tracks pic posted maybe last week? She was carrying Seraphina and I thought she look pregnant, but its never safe to speculate 😉

poppykai on

Congratulations to this family! It is rather funny reading the comments as it seems some people feel they just won a sweepstakes by guessing right!

As far as the poster stating that they didn’t seem like a very happy couple and that she hopes #3 won’t overwhelm them; not every couple shows PDA and from some of the pix I have seen they seem very connected. I don’t know them personally but to me they seem like a loving devoted family who happens to have intense work obligations.

Like some posters have said, I hope it is a boy as well. I think it would be great to see Ben in particular with a little boy.

Anyway, congrats and best wishes to a smooth pregnancy/delivery!

eternalcanadian on

Girl number three on the way! Too bad for Ben, but hey he can be like his buddy Matt Damon where even the family pets are all female! 😛

Shelby on

That’s great! Maybe this time they’ll have a boy.

Kristin on

I am super excited about this announcement. But just a little disappointed as well. I really want to hear the name and see pics of the new baby when he/she is born but unfortunately we probably won’t see pics for about a year. These two dont generally release photos of their kids and keep them kind of covered until they are older. I always get so impatient waiting to see the pics.

soph on

Hope you find some way to survive, Kristin.

Erin on

I felt that they were having another one. Happy for them, really like this family!!

Cassie on

Congratulations to the Affleck-Garner family!

Always such a cheerful disposition, eh soph?

Brandi on

I find it funny the longest comment posted is by a person claiming “not to care”. Some people just like to complain for the sake of complaining.

Happy for them, they seem like wonderful parents.

Amanda on

@Forever Moore, it may be possible that they had first trimester complications, especially with Jennifer being what the medical community refers to as “advanced maternal age.”

Plus, having had several pregnancy losses myself, some people don’t want to tell anybody that they’re pregnant until they’re past twelve or thirteen weeks. Also, the content of Jennifer Affleck’s womb at any given moment, celebrity or not, is really none of our business, even if she makes an announcement about it. I love coming here as much as the next person, but seriously, would you want to do what amounts to sharing your medical files with the entire world just so they wouldn’t think that you’re a liar? A pregnancy announcement is a very personal thing, and we’re lucky that these people shared it with us at all. They don’t owe us a darn thing.

If her publicist denied that she was pregnant, it’s not that Jennifer was lying about I said, there are plenty of reasons to delay releasing an announcement. That early on in the pregnancy, anything could happen…and then we have a situation like Kelsey Grammer’s girlfriend, Celine Dion (the pregnancy before the twins), or Lily Allen. So kudos to them for keeping it quiet as long as they did.

Tam on

They are one of the most down-to-earth celebrity couples I’ve seen. Congrats to them!

Skye Diaz | motherhood, etc. on

here’s hoping for a boy!

Tee on

I didn’t see that coming but I’m excited! I love this family!

Eduarda on

I can’t wait to hear the name they pick out, boy or girl this baby will be gorgeous!!

Mina on

Sara…actually there can be a reason for particular genders. An acidic vagina will kill off boy sperm because they are very weak and girl sperm can survive thru acidity. It is true. Google it if you dont believe me.

Lissette on

Anyone have any links to recent photos of her where you can see her baby bump? Some people above posted and said they saw some.

Devon on

It was getting a bit obvious that she was pregnant but she doesn’t have to say anything until she wants to. Her body, her baby, her right to announce it if ever. They make cute kids. Unfortunately, she seems way more into him then he is in to her but I suppose it’s working for them.

Rose-Anne on

Hopefully they will get a boy this time! Either way, I like them and am excited for them! I am expecting #3 too, and my others are about the same ages as theirs 🙂

J.J. on

Congrats to them and the family!!! :D. Their kids are so adorable and no doubt this new baby will be as well! Honestly a little boy would be nice since Ben and Jen already have two girls and the fact that Ben had stated before that he had always wanted a son, but yet another girl would just as lovely 🙂

soph on

Always a self-righteous twit, eh cassie?

Shelley on

yay! I was hoping there might be an announcement soon (and not because I’ve seen any recent pictures; just because they seem like such a happy and well-adjusted family.) Congrats to them!

Piper on

I PRAY FOR A BOY, I want to see what he will loook like!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

Cassie on

Whoa, whoa, whoa – what’s with the name calling!? I was just asking if you were always so cheerful as you seem to be…guess that response answers my question!

But 1920 did call – they want their expression back 🙂

soph on

Passive-aggressive too, I see 🙂

Kelly on

Who cares? She will probably have another girl. I am a fan of hers but not Ben’s (he talks too much and too openly about his political beliefs and I change the channel when he has an interview on tv).

Indira on

Some of the people who knew it last month may not be the ones from two years ago. I wonder if jlo is having a head/desk moment.

KRS on

Uh oh, somebody clip-clopped over the bridge and woke the troll!

me on

omg this is my fav celebrity family

im soo excited to see their new baby and i wish them the best!

i guess its the obvious choice to hope for a boy, but for some reason i can only picture jeniffer with girls, shes so good with them!

anyways, in either case they seem like great parents so i wish them the best

soph on

Ooh, KRS, clever!

Toya L. on

Hey Soph, I see you’re your smiling, laughing, relaxed self per usual, did you enjoy your weekend?

Jillian on

Indira, some of them are the same people from many months ago and a year or so. The names give it away. Some of them say it every single picture. And of course…..some are clearly new.

soph on

Oh Toya, give it up.

Toya L. on

Was that a great, okay or lousy?

torgster on

I womder who is going to carry the baby, since Ben and Jen have to carry the two girls all the time?

Cassie on

Very clever indeed, KRS! So glad you could see that as well soph and gave credit where it’s due – after all, if we can’t laugh at ourselves, right!?

I think you’re starting to come around – way to go!

soph on

Ha! Whatever you say, cass. Hey, here’s a tip…try ignoring me if you have such a problem with me, ‘k? Thanks sweetie.

Jackie on

I love it! I was almost certain they would stop at two, but this is so fantastic and congrats to them! 🙂 Wishing them a happy baby and a happy pregnancy!!

Cassie on

Oh hun, at what point did I say I had a problem with you?

I have just as much to write anything on here as you do, darling … So, you can go ahead and ignore me if you’d like – but we know that’s not your style, right, cupcake!? 🙂

soph on

You have just as much…what? Did you miss a word there? 😉 Take a breather, sweetie, maybe writing here is too much for you. Although I never said you couldn’t…so knock yourself out, hon.

Katie on

Awe, happy for them!! They seem like a great family. I don’t know why, but I thought they were done. Maybe this baby will complete the family? 🙂

TS on

I’m sure they are hoping for a boy, though they might not admit it.

Doreen on

Awesome news!! Hope they have a BOY this time around!!

KRS on

All messing around aside, congrats to the family! What will it be…3 beautiful daughters, or 2 sweet girls and a cute little man? Can’t go wrong either way!

Clara on

Congratulations to Ben and Jen! Hope they have a healthy baby.

The post was pretty positive until Gollum decided to joyed in. To quote your alter ego “Leave now, and never come back!”

Clara on

Opps, join in…

soph on

Um, what? Stop making yourself look ridiculous, Clara.

celebdoubt on

gamble and make babies that’s what life is all about!!!

Alivia on

Congrats to them! I hope they have another little girl

Sophia on

Wow, for once the rumors were actually right! What wonderful news! I wonder if the new one will be a boy or a girl…I’m guessing a boy 🙂 Congratulations to Ben, Jennifer, Violet and Sera!

Terri on

Well apparently they get along well enough to keep making babies, eh? 😉

Congratulations to them, they are a beautiful couple and family.

Clara on

Oops, it’s funny how you know who your alter ego is….

Holiday on

Congrats to them! Their daughters are gorgeous. It looks like Violet will have to start walking now instead of being carried all the time, either that or have a grandparent come along.

em on

Why come to a celebrity BABY site when all you do is join discussions to be bitchy and snarky? Have a boring life at home, soph? Why all the rudeness, seriously?

Anonymous on

Congrats!!! i hope it’s a baby boy..hehe
god always bless this family 😉

Layla on

I love Jen and Ben! I am so happy for them. They seem to be excellent parents.

Cassie on

Thanks for catching that typo, soph! I fully expect that to be reflected on my next report card. Your game is SO weak.

soph on

Whatever you say, cass!

And em, what a typical comment…tell me, what part of “have a boring life at home?” is NOT bitchy, snarky, and rude?

Laura on

Two reasons they probably waited until later to announce this preganancy: One, she is 39 yrs old and that is considered advanced maternal age, meaning more things can go wrong when you have a baby at that age so most people wait until they are in their second trimester. Two: they probably wanted to avoid as much paparazzi stalking them throughout the pregnancy.

I personally think she will be due in Dec or Jan just like her other little girls. She must be fertile around that time! ha! And the 3 kids will all be 3 yrs apart. i thought she was pregnant again because if you look her hips and thighs are getting bigger and they have in all her pregnancies. clear give away!

Davida on

Congrats to Ben & Jennifer! I can’t believe they’re expecting baby #3! I hope the baby will be soooo beautiful!

Stephanie on

Nah, it’s gonna be another little girl.

pamela on

I hope its a boy…lol

kayla on

What I think is that you two should maybe take it outside haha, just to make things more interesting! just saying.

Stefanie L on

Im sure the reason they’re trying for a third one is their desire to add a little boy to their family. Jennifer will be such a great mom to a boy. he will be the sweetest guy in the world