Meet Selma Blair’s Son Arthur Saint!

08/19/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Meet Arthur Saint Bleick! “My boys,” Selma Blair Tweeted Friday, posting this sweet snapshot of her 3-week-old son napping with Jason Bleick. The couple welcomed their 7 lbs., 12 oz. baby boy on July 25 in Los Angeles.

Courtesy Selma Blair

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Brooke on

Big 3 week old!! He looks adorable.

Sarah S. on

Awww, what a sweet pic! But unless it was super hot that day, a light blanket should have been put on little Arthur’s top half!

ELO on

What a sweet photo.

Jill on

Sleeping with baby on a couch with fluffy pillows…. BIG no-no.

Maggie on

Of course it takes less than an hour for people to start taking about what Selma and Jason are doing wrong. Jeez, no one’s ever going to share personal things again when they get that kind of response.

Arthur is adorable and I agree, big for three weeks! Not surprising considering he came late though.

Megan on

I never quite get why we are all so quick to jump on any little thing you might think is wrong or judge everyone else…all this is is an adorable picture of father and son taken by the proud mom…it’s not an add for “how not to sleep with your child” or “how to make sure your baby is cold” it’s simply a picture of father and son…and it’s an adorable one at that…they almost have the same expression on their adorable faces:) Selma’s boys are gorgeous

Jennifer on

LOL! He doesn’t have a blanket on him! OMG the baby is sleeping near a pillow!

You know-it-all mothers are ridiculous. It’s amazing that any child survives outside of a protective bubble the way you people carry on. Get a grip! He’s sleeping peacefully with his daddy not juggling knives! Don’t call protective services just yet!

ashlie on

it’s not an add for β€œhow not to sleep with your child” or β€œhow to make sure your baby is cold”–lol megan thats so funny!

i think it is a very cute pic and i have done that w/ my kids before and they are now 5, 3, and 1..nothin happened to them!!

nice pic!

Jen DC on

@ Big baby comments: I thought he looked big for a 3 week old too! Long, little guy. I love his tiny hands and little pearl toes!

The test for a baby being cold is generally whether you are cold. He’s sleeping on his dad’s chest, with his dad’s arm around his back in long pants… I doubt he’s cold. As far as the pillow is concerned, it’s pretty obvious that Selma is RIGHT THERE. Yes, things can happen in 30 seconds, but really? I think they are all gonna be fine.

Cassie on

Awww what an adorable father/son pic! They do look alike in this one.

hahaha Jennifer – nicely said! πŸ˜‰

Tracy on

So cute.

It is LA in August – very much doubt icicles are forming on the windows or anything like that. I am sure Selma knows how to keep her baby warm.

Kels on

You “perfect” moms always amaze me! You have no idea what the temp is inside their home & I find it hard to believe your baby has NEVER been topless at home lol and the baby is laying on his father with Selma close not laying in a crib alone surrounded by pillows.

That being said, adorable photo of a father & his newborn son!

Maryanne on

Aww. He is cuddling up to daddy, I am sure he is warm enough. Very sweet.

Brooklyn on

He does look big for a 3 week old! He’s adorable though!

Toya L. on

He does seem big. This is such a sweet photo.

Tee on

Seriously, people are complaining that the baby is sleeping on the sofa without being covered up by a blanket? He’s in his Daddy’s arms! Dad isn’t going to let him freeze or smother, ya’ll! And obviously the Mom is right there in the room with them, so I’m sure she is watching over things.

If we had repeated reasons to wonder about this woman’s ability to keep her son safe and her level of common sense, then I would understand these comments. But this is the first picture we’ve seen! No reason to jump on her!

ForeverMoore on

I LOVE when babies sleep on your chest like that…one of the best newborn moments ever!

Leslee on

Agree with previous posters, please stop with the criticizing, it’s like having a fleet of overbearing mother-in-laws on here.

I’m just pleased they shared such a sweet moment.

Shannon on

OMG. Seriously? Do either of you two who commented about not having a blanket or pillows being near him even have children?! Anyone who’s had a baby has fallen asleep like this. And guess what: its August in LA!!! Its hot, duh!

J on

Oh good Lord Sarah S. the baby looks fine. Dad’s body heat is probably keeping him comfy.

I agree Jennifer, this “Here’s what they did wrong in the photo” crap is bull. We all know these know it all moms make what faux pas too in their own home.

fuzibuni on

Aw, it’s so sweet that Thelma shared this photo with the public. Her baby is beautiful! Hopefully the two negative comments above don’t deter her from sharing more pictures in the future.

By the way, does anyone know if she had the homebirth she was hoping for?

guest on

Cute pic! As far as him being cold, I’m sure he’s fine, but there are other factors to consider.. maybe he’s running a lil fever and is warm? Maybe he had a blanket covering him and Selma, who is clearly watching, uncovered him cuz he was getting too warm? A picture doesn’t always tell a whole story. I agree with other posters, a newborn cuddled on your chest is amazing! πŸ˜‰

Jill on

I didn’t say I’m a perfect Mom, I said sleeping with a baby on a couch is dangerous. Because it is. Get over the attitude. Sheesh.

dsfg on

I like his name. It’s normal, but he won’t have seven other kids in his class with the same name either.

fuzibuni on

haha. sorry… I meant SElma. not Thelma. brain fart. lol.

JMO on

My first thought was boy that’s a big 3 week old!! He looks like he’s about 3-4 months old!! So cute though.

And most parents end up falling asleep on the couch and/or bed with their little one’s nestled on their chest! NBD!! Selma obviously was right there watching him! Some people have nothing better to do then take someone’s personal pic and turn it into something of a controversy!

Sarah S. on

Yep…I knew there’d be a barrage of comments after my first posting. I’m not a perfect parent by any means. Just wanted to make a simple observation; I wasn’t judging or criticizing. I recalled what the nurses told me when my 2 babies were born. Whatever…

shalay on

I have an honest question. I know babies aren’t supposed to sleep with pillows in their cribs. But how is it a hazard to have a pillow nearby if a baby is sleeping on a parent’s chest? I don’t have kids and I always imagined that when I do, I would let my newborn sleep on my chest. So is it really a “no-no” or is the above poster just being paranoid?

Jana on

Ahhh I just love Selma and her family. Their little boy is so handsome and that is a precious photo!

Kelsie on

I think this picture is adorable! I’m sure if one of your family members showed you a picture of them and their baby sleeping on the couch you’d think it’s adorable. And as for the pillow, it looks like it’s part of the couch, chill out people.

Rory on

It’s not a pillow its a freaking couch cushion. Also I am sure that the body heat that his father is giving off is more than what a blanket could provide.

Dani on

What’s that on his leg? Birthmark?

Karen on

CUTE!!! Daddy must be exhausted! I don’t see anything on baby’s foot, I was wondering what that white thing by his belly button is…it’s like tape covering it up!

Catca on

The first thing I thought was, the baby is 3 weeks old already? It seems like her pregnancy went on forever and now this adorable lil guy is growing up lightening fast!

Hea on

I wonder what “perfect” parents actually DO with their kids?

Catca on

I was very paranoid about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome when my son was born, and I read about instances where parents fell asleep with their infants sleeping on their chests (usually during nighttime feedings) and there have been instances of suffocation/SIDS related to that situation so the poster who made that comment wasn’t just making that up.
Having said that, as others have pointed out, Selma is right there keeping a close eye on things, a significant majority of parents have done exactly what is shown in the pic, and the actual rate of something happening is very low. So, yes, it’s a risk and something could happen, but it’s a low risk.

My sister fell asleep with my nieces on her chest frequently and she’s a doctor. I never did it because, as I said, extremely paranoid (my son slept on my chest but I made sure I did whatever I had to do to stay awake).

coco on

@ Karen. I too, at first glance, thought maybe tape holding down his navel after the umbilical cord feel off but then I looked closer and realized it maybe be the tie from the waist band of his pants. I didn’t even notice though were pants he had on at first.

avamarcel on

such an adorable boy! πŸ˜€

fuzibuni on

Selma should consider keeping her baby in an isolation chamber so nothing bad will happen to him πŸ˜‰

khb on

Oh god the baby is terribly close to being strangled by those threatening loose tendrils hanging off of the afghan blanket near his feet.

Paula on

I love that the boys have the same expression, both their heads
are tilted upward.

Can’t believe the baby is 3 weeks old, like the other posters have
commented, it seemed like she was pregnant forever!!!!

Sweet photo.

MotheroftheYearHater on

So over all you moms and your judgmental crap all over the web. Like no one EVER did this in your house.

It’s a cute photo and she is proud of her kid. Forbid she ever posts a photo of Arthur with a bottle (you’ll attempt to have a breastfeeding/formula online battle) or dare I say it…A PACIFIER.

Get over yourselves. Live and let live. Enjoy the sweet moments and worry more about how completely insane the world is that we are raising our children in. Learn to be grateful.

Look at yourself instead of others. I am sure you have plenty of things we could point a finger at…like the fact that you can’t even appreciate a photo for what it is; a father and child. If he wasn’t there, you’d start an online battle about absent fathers.

You’re missing the point entirely.

Jessie on

Blah blah blah! What a cute picture. πŸ™‚ It’s August, and dad is providing a LOT of body heat. No reason for a blanket. Also, yes, pillows and sleeping on the couch can be an issue (if parent is also asleep and therefore unaware) BUT obviously Selma is awake and paying attention to them, so SHE would notice if he rolled anywhere. Chill out.

Bella on

That is just the cutest little boy. What a sweet picture.

Renee on

Gorgeous photo! I agree with other… he does look huge for 3 weeks!! I love seeing dads snuggling up to their babies, nothing wrong with that πŸ™‚

rmb on

Wow, you superior-thinking moms are ridiculous. There is NOTHING wrong with anything in this picture. It’s sweet.

Fab on

LOL!!!!! @khb!!!!! ahahahahahahah!!!! LOVE THIS PIC!

Alanna on

He is precious πŸ™‚

Bella on

I can’t believe he was only 7 lb 12 oz when he was born. He looks so big now!

Angel on

Awww! He is a beautiful baby!