Paul Stanley: Girls Are God’s Revenge!

08/19/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
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For KISS lead singer and guitarist Paul Stanley, the arrival of his second daughter Emily Grace seemed a fitting moment.

“I always say I’ve learned that girls are God’s revenge,” he jokes to PEOPLE. “It’s payback for my past.”

Born on Aug. 9, Emily joins big siblings Sarah Brianna, 2½, and Colin Michael, 4½ – Stanley’s two children with wife Erin, an attorney – and 17-year-old Evan Shane, the rocker’s son from a previous relationship.

“Honestly, it’s just the greatest gift,” he says of adding another little girl to the family.

“There’s a relationship and a bond between dads and daughters that only a dad can understand. It’s very unique. To have my last two children be girls is pretty spectacular.”

Emily’s birth has also served to bring the family closer together than ever before.

“My house is really what most people would wish for and dream of,” Stanley, 59, says. “I have the greatest kids, an amazing wife. My 4-year-old was holding Emily like a 40-year-old would. Before we went to the hospital, he dressed up in his best clothes on his own and went there and had her in his lap. It’s really something very profound because you get to see that children really are a reflection of their parents. If you spend the time and the effort, you get something great for it.”

When it comes to the couple’s classic naming style, Stanley jokes, “I guess we’re not cool enough for names like Peach or Astro Girl.”

“We were a little more traditional and stick with names our children hopefully won’t regret when they grow up,” he explains. “Your kids aren’t objects for amusement, so why would you give them a name that would subject them to possible ridicule at school? Kids can be pretty tough on each other, and who wants to put a child named Spaghetti through school?”

Having just wrapped the North American leg of KISS‘s most recent tour, Stanley is looking forward to spending time at home, though he emphasizes that family has always taken precedence over career commitments.

“There’s really no struggle,” he says. “Last year, everybody toured Europe with me. There’s nothing like coming off stage to 100,000 people and having your little ones in pajamas say good night to you. It can be done.”

But for the time being, he is happily basking in the glow of being a new dad.

“I couldn’t write a better story if I tried,” Stanley says. “This has all turned out better than I could have anticipated. My life is blessed but I’ve worked hard for those blessings.”

-– Kiran Hefa

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pammy on

What a breath of fresh air! He makes so many valid points – from what not to name your kids – to what is really important in life.

Sandra on

Well its about time…Someone with two nickles worth of sense not to name their kids something hideous.

Shannon on

Ditto Pammy!

NM on

Even though he was joking, God doesn’t get revenge, and I really hope that Emily doesn’t end up looking like her dad. Eeek!

mks on

I agree with everyone on here about how it is nice to actually hear that a celebrity actually recognizes that you need to think about what you name your kids because in the future it might not work out well for the child when they are in school; and I don’t think any of their kids will regret their names when they grow up.

Although I am not a father and never will be; as a daughter I totally get where he is coming from about the relationship between father and daughter. It’s unique and is a bond that I share with no one else but my dad.

Daniella on

I definitely agree with him about the names. I love unique names & will definitely give my children names that are not very common, but I will also strongly consider that they will have to carry that name for the rest of their life. There are thousands of names out there that are totally unique, very cultural & uncommon, but are not embarrassing for the child later in life when they’re in school, college, military, or applying for a job.

My own name wasn’t even in the top 250 when I was born, but it wasn’t extremely eccentric like some I’ve seen on this site & it wasn’t a name that I felt a strong need to change in order to be taken seriously when I applied for my doctoral program, like a friend of mine felt the need to do. And from what I’ve seen, the interviewers at the higher academic levels do raise eyebrows at very bizarre names that aren’t cultural or ethnic in nature. Sad, but true.

meg on

funnily enough, Emily & Sarah are my top two choices if I have a daughter. But now I’m considering Spaghetti! Maybe even fancy it up — Spaghetti Bolognaise 😉 HAHA!

I always thought that, too, about the “God’s revenge” part. Seems like all the guys I know that have played around ended up with daughters! (For those eager to jump on my comment, I said “Seems like” and not “It’s God’s honest truth”.) Now they have to console their daughters when the boyfriends play around on them. 😉

**please note the emoticon, which means it’s all said in jest. One does not equal the other. It saddens me that I need to explain this, but the way some people are on here…

mary on

Meg, your funny! I love a good laugh! I never want my children to not go a day without a good laugh or chuckle! Even in jest. And if someone wants to believe that God gave them a girl for revenge because of their past well maybe “their “God does.

Its a funny story! Lighten up!

zz on

I’ve had the name emily grace picked out for as long as I can remember. Its such a beautiful name.

Nancy on

Shhhhh…. Don’t say those name too loud, you will give celebrities more stupid name ideas.

Spaghetti, Peach, Astro Girl… Hilarious!!!

Shannon on

LOL! I’ve heard that before. 🙂

ELO on

What a lovely article. He seems like a true family man.

I love his theory on names as well. I’m not sure that in the future I would feel comfortable having a lawyer named ‘Astro Girl Smith’ representing me in court.

kelbelle on

LOVE Paul..always have…my husband and I have been KISS fans forever..seen them live they are amazing. I never would have guessed Paul was such a softie and a family man. I love the idea of him touring Europe with his family in tow…and kissing them goodnight before a show. It’s all about balance I guess. And..daddies and daughters do have something special…I didn’t with mine because he chose not to be around. I wish I had. Congrats again to the Stanley family!

honest on

If you spend the time and the effort, you get something great for it. ‘Nuff said for parenting.

Heidi on

NM, Paul was actually quite attractive before he chose to have plastic surgery.

joan on

truly old fashioned names, from the 17th century, were prudence, patience, humility, love, dorcas, honor, mercy, temperance. If someone named their kids with those names now, people make fun of them.

I like emily, caleb and sarah for names (and evan), but I will tell you there will probably be 5 or more kids with the same names in their class. Nothing like being called emily S. for 9+ years in school.

Donna on

He likes traditional names because he’s an OLD MAN!

Elle on

I think school aged kids would prefer being one of five Emilys than being the one Apple or Peach.

whistler on

It’s nice that he isn’t saddling his children with terrible names. That only hurts a child in the long run. However, I do think he has had some awful plastic surgery and should definitely lay off of any more in the future.

ASA on

I guess you run the risk of having a kid with the same name in your kid’s class at school if you use more traditional names, but not always. My sons are named Nikolas and Jakob, both really popular names, and so far there have been no dupes in their classes and they’re 10 and 7. We picked names that we really liked and that had meaning for us (both are family names) and the rest didn’t matter.

Nikki on

Gene Simmons could take some tips from Paul! I’ve always loved Paul Stanley, from the time I was a kid he was my favourite member in the band. He is proof that despite being a huge rockstar you can have a somewhat normal family life and gain fulfillment from it. I have so much respect for him.

Cinder Lou on

Donna, you may consider Paul and old man, and although manes come in and out of style, some names last forever, Emily and Sarah among them. My children are Amanda, Kristen and Daniel and yes, Amanda’s best friend through elementary school was another Amanda. Oh, the horror! There are worse things kids have to endure in school than having a friend with the same name.

Anonymous on

Who would have guessed that the celebrity with the most common sense when it comes to naming your child would be Paul Stanley?!?!?

Ljmaticz7 on

Good for you Dude.

sara on

i never cared that a lot of my classmates had the same name as me. an unusual name does not define you or make you unique. how you carry yourself and your personality is what makes you special.

Jill on

Astro Girl Stanley has a ring to it!! But Spaghetti Stanley sounds way better!! lol

Good choice picking “normal” names for your children and congrats on the birth of your newest additon!!

Mary Beth on

Great article! This one made me smile. Never been a Kiss fan and would have assumed he was a much different kind of guy… remind me not to judge a book by its cover!

Enjoy your family Paul, and stay the course… sounds like you’re doing everything right!

nancy on

Paul…you rock. So very happy for you and your wife! Love your comments of the names….

all the best to you!

Mary on

I enjoyed this article a lot! My dad has always said something similiar… that I was “God’s revenge.” I know for a fact that he wouldn’t change having a daughter but I know he also has a mini heart-attack everytime I leave the house because he knows there are guys who acted like he probably did in his young days! I’m sure it’s the same thing for Paul.

I especially liked what he said about the weird name thing – “Your kids aren’t objects for amusement, so why would you give them a name that would subject them to possible ridicule at school? Kids can be pretty tough on each other, and who wants to put a child named Spaghetti through school?” That is said so perfectly.

Congratulations to this family, very happy for them!

Anonymous on

I agree 100%. Why would anyone name their kid Pilot Inspektor or Moxie CrimeFighter? Alot of parents (especially celebrities) don’t seem to think about how their decisions will affect their children and that includes what you name them. They still have to go to school and will undoubtedly be ridiculed when you pick something outrageous like Audio Science.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being original but there is a major difference between being original and just plain cruel. I’m not saying everyone has to name their child Jessica or Ashley but at least pick something the kid can live with, not something they are going to legally change the second they are old enough.

Jean on

I’ve been a KISS fan since ’74, and a fan of Paul Stanley in particular. I’m glad that he and his wife have common sense about what to name a child. I can only imagine what some of the kids with strange names have to put up with. I have to wonder if they are going to be taken seriously even when they’re adults. Also, it’s nice to read about a star having family values, and being there for their kids. Paul mentions the words “God” and “blessings”. I would hope that their is a place in his family for faith in God, and not in fame or the “almighty dollar”.

Tina on

OMG! I have never been a KISS fan (Sorry Kiss Fans) but, Paul Stanley rocks!! “Kids can be pretty tough on each other, and who wants to put a child named Spaghetti through school”. I never understood why the celebrities of today are so into humiliating their kids through their names. Just because the parent loves the spotlight doesn’t mean that their kids want to be in it with them.

mel on

I agree with Paul. I like tradional names too. Don’t care if others have the same name. Who wants to be 80 and called Apple, Peaches or Inspektor? He seems like he has got it together for a rocker.

Nicole on

This man gets what life is really about and his words brought a few tears to my eyes. To respond with insults regarding his looks or his age, is ridiculous and shows that there are some sad, bitter hearts out there. I feel for those who missed the true meaning of his words.

dj on

Like everyone else, the traditional names are refreshing and nice. Their children will find their own uniqueness and sucess in whatever they do because they won’t be saddled down with a crazy name that they would have to constantly justify and explain. Nice to read about their solid family foundation. You rock Paul& Erin..”Get up everybody’s gonna move their feet!”



jeffry on

just wow !!!

Jill McBride on

I am not familiar with this man but I FREAKING love him!! It’s SO nice when a man adores his wife and children and like traditional names, etc.

AND he loves having daughters and wants to be a good husband and father.

His wife and children are VERY lucky. I freaking love this guy.

Kathee on

I love Paul Stanley!! I am so happy for him and his family, on the birth of Emily. God bless them all!!

KISS Rocks!!!!!

Tee on

“We were a little more traditional and stick with names our children hopefully won’t regret when they grow up,” he explains. “Your kids aren’t objects for amusement, so why would you give them a name that would subject them to possible ridicule at school? Kids can be pretty tough on each other, and who wants to put a child named Spaghetti through school?”

Wow! What a refreshing attitude! I understand that not everyone likes traditional names just because they are so common. But there’s a difference between unusual name and plain ole weird names. Take the name Honor. When Jessica Alba had her daughter, it was the first time I had ever heard of someone being named Honor and while it’s unusual, it grew on me quickly. But Apple, Blue Bear, Pilot, Moxie… those names, in my opinion, are downright cruel.

Melissa on

What a great comment Paul its nice to see that common sense hasnt left. Seems like people dont realize that when that child grows up and wants to make their way seriously in the real world someone may pass their resume over or consider it a prank when the name bear blue..I mean really Alicia?? is listed at the top…I think that when he said “peaches” that may have been a jab at Gywneth naming her child “Apple. Astro girl reminds me of the guy who named his child “Pilot Inspecktor”.

Indira on


Apple is a real name. My mom went to school with a girl named apple and she’s 55 years old. I have a cousin who is British, her middle name is Apple. It’s fairly uncommon but is a real girl’s name”. Not wacky and outlandish because you haven’t heard of it.

soph on

“Who wants to be 80 and called Apple, Peaches or Inspektor?”

Apparently, you don’t, but that doesn’t mean everyone feels the same way.

And really, the name Apple is cruel? What about the names Appoline or Apollonia? Are they cruel too? Apple Martin also has two perfectly normal middle names.

Donna on

Love what he said about giving his kids traditional names. A lot of “cool” celebrities are going to have kids that grow up hating them for the naming them stupid names.

Zoe on

Who would have thought Paul Stanley would be the voice of reason when it came to baby naming…haha. Love him!

Maria on

Heidi, Paul has played around with botox a bit, but he admits it was a mistake. He’s never had any plastic surgery expect to repair his right ear. He has just aged, plain and simple. And yes, he has always been a softie and a family man.

ELC on

Congratulations to your entire family. Its nice to hear musicans like yourself treasure their family lives. Its also nice to know that the names you pick for your children will follow them the rest of their lives. I agree…when you give children far out names-they have to live with them not you. It sounds like Paul and Erin have a wonderful
life with their kids…Live, Love and Enjoy!!!

Sharon on

Paul is still hot and always will be,thats my opinion. 😉 Congrats on the new baby,dont blink to much they grow fast.

MRJ on

I am named Mary and grew up in a predominantly catholic neighborhood. You couldn’t spit without hitting a Mary. However I much prefer that compared to what some people are naming their kids these days. I also don’t like giving weird spellings to common names. This does not make your kid unique. It makes them have to spell their name EVERY TIME they have to give it to someone to write down.

rac76 on

I’m not a Kiss fan, but I do agree with them on their reasoning on naming their children traditional names. Plus they are not kids for that long, so having an adult with the name Apple or Pilot Inspecktor is just stupid. So I want to say ‘Thank You’ very much for giving your children beautiful names. Wish you the best of luck, and have fun with them! 🙂

TOgirl on

I love meeting people with interesting names. Some traditional names are nice, but seriously get tired of hearing some of those that are far too overused, like Emily. Yawn!

jen on

i think his head is about three stories tall in this picture compared to hers, but i remember thinking he was the hottest one in kiss back in 1974 also. i purposely named my third daughter with two very simple common 4 letter names, and they are biblical too. sometimes she wish she had a more distinctive name, but just being plain like they are makes her have a difference too.

Eloise on

So expected. An older man, with lots of plastic surgery and a younger partner, who is in a different relationship than the one where he first had children in, and is now bringing in new children into this world and yet there not an ounce of criticism leveled against him. If a woman did any of those things, she’d be crucified by the self-righteous people who post here. There wasn’t any criticism for David Copperfield either, so I guess I should’ve know this would happen too.

Annie on

I think I love Paul Stanley. And his family.

Tee on

Indira, your point is certainly fair! I’m going to have to stand beside what I said on this one, though. I never said that Apple Martin is the only person in the world with the name Apple. I simply said that it was weird and somewhat cruel.

Royan on

His kids will be ridiculed plenty. Look at their dad! Good lord!

JB griffin on

hey Paul,
Congrads to you and your wife on the new one and yes girls are Gods revenge….Luv Ya Brother!

Susan Lewis on

According to my husband: The “God’s Revenge” part is true; guys who were always chasing girls get beautiful daughters, and live in fear of guys like them getting over on their daughters.

I am so happy for Paul,this is one beautiful happy family.

As for those who would criticize, look how happy Evan is (He’s the big boy) In most cases, the kid from the previous relationship loses out on having a Dad. Not the case here; Evan is also following in Dad’s musical footsteps.

He’s done everything right, and with beautiful, normal names.

Jess on

Great article, love that his kids have normal names. That he seems to truely value his family. Love that his wife is an attorney and not a trophy wife!

At least if all the stars kids w/crazy names go to school together, does that mean they’re be the ones picking on the kids w/normal traditional names. Boy I hope not.

Rhonda on

I always wanted to marry Paul Stanley as I grew up (huge KISS fan)and this just reaffirms my idea of what a man he is!!! You have to give it to Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons ——both seem to be wonderful dads loved by their kids. Gene’s two are now grown and haven’t been to rehab yet and they are NICE people — he and Shanon did something right for sure. I wish much love and success to Paul and Erin in raising their little ones. I agree about the names too.

Faith on

Loved his take on names…he was funny about it and right!

Jodi on

Eloise….Such a nasty comment…1) He hasn’t had cosmetic surgery 2)So what if he’s on his second marriage and having children. At least he’s married, which is more than you can say for 90% of celebrities. 3) As far as the age difference, you fall in love with who you fall in love with and what business is it of yours? 4) As far as David Copperfield…..don’t like him, barely heard about a baby in his future. Hey….is he married? Give the guy a break. He seems like a family man, not an absentee rocker father. They have a good core family. Why be so nasty?

Nicole on

Paul Stanely was always my favorite. You never hear any crazy things about him. And Ilove how his family travels with him. Thats what I am talking about. You can never question his infidelity and he always seeing kids so he is not missing out on anything. Several people should be taking family tips from Paul. I bet there marriage is a strong is can be. HE TRULY LOVES HIS FAMILY YOU CAN TELL AND I LOVE THAT. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD FOR PAUL. Probably back in the day Gene should have done the same thing with shannon nick and sophie and he would not have slept around with so many women. Its just not worth it at all.. FAMILY FIRST AND FOREMOST.. GO PAUL!!

Elizabeth on

I wish more celebs would subscribe to this naming philosophy. I just had a baby 6 weeks ago (Kristian Luke, both family names) and heard a lot of really shocking baby names from others expecting. It’s like everyone thinks you need to give your baby a “unique” and different name for them to be an individual. Raise your kids to be unique and individual and give them names they can live with!

Abby on

It will NEVER matter what you name your child – kids are cruel and will make fun of them no matter what. Take my name. Currently Top 10 for girls (wasn’t when I was younger, that’s for sure) but rhymes with Flabby, Scabby, Stabby, Blabby, Grabby, Crabby, Gabby…

Kids ALWAYS find a way.

cindy on

If someone thinks Paul Stanly is “an old man”…then bring on the old men!!! I’ve met him, & been front row at several concerts. Believe me, he is in better shape than most 30yo guys I know. You know the term “hard rock?” They where talking about Paul’s muscles. Hooray for Emily Grace, she’s a lucky little girl. Will she don a ‘rose tattoo’ on her rt arm also? Buy that little lady a “Les Paul” guitar! Congrats Paul & Erin.