Spotted: Kellie Martin and Maggie’s Night Out

08/19/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

Mommy and me! Kellie Martin and daughter Maggie Heather, 4½, step out for the Target-sponsored launch party of Soleil Moon Frye‘s new book, Happy Chaos, on Thursday in Beverly Hills. Maggie is the actress’s only child with husband Keith Christian.

Meeno Peluce/Getty

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Heather on

Kellie reminds me so much of Sarah Michelle Gellar!

HeatherR on

Kellie is not aging well….

jennrae on

They’re both beautiful, but I’m not a fan of little girls showing so much skin. For example, I don’t like the idea of bikinis for little girls, either. I mean, really, what kid worries about tan lines or looking sexy, which is really the only reasons for wearing a bikini. I wouldn’t mind it as much if it were tied a little higher.

Robin on

Nit-pick…Nit-pick…Nit-pick…can’t anybody say anything nice anymore?

gina on

I have seen so many preposterous comments on this site, but this one saying that a little girl in her cute dress is showing too much skin tops them all!

Jen DC on

Ha! Maggie’s palm is purple – she must have been finger painting or something! Darling little girl.

meghan on

Tie straps shift and loosen all the time, jennrae. The neckline was likely much higher when she put the dress on. I’m more worried about an adult using the word ‘sexy’ regarding a four year old to make a point. Really, you are blowing this out of proportion. Compared to the things some celebs put their kids in…

HeatherR, Kellie is in her late 30s, she looks great. How well are you aging?

Mirka on

@Heather – TOTALLY true about her resembling Sarah Michelle Gellar! I’ve always thought she looked like someone, but couldn’t place it. Talk about major duh! lol

Shannon on

They look beautiful!

Janna on

Shut up, jennrae. Seriously. You’re the only person on the planet thinking such stupid thoughts, and you ruin this beautiful picture for everyone by spouting nonsense.

Indira on

Actually I noticed the lowness of the girls dress too but, it’s pretty clear that it just fell down.

momto3 on

How is Kellie not aging well?? She is gorgeous!!! All I can say to that is…Jealous much???

As for the dress, It is very cute!! There is nothing wrong with it at all!!! People really do pick so much about everything!!

kirsty on

My daughter wears bikinis (more like tankinis) and it has nothing to do with sexiness it has to do with its easier for her to go to the bathroom and she is really tall some most one pieces are too tight and wont fit or way too baggy if you get the right height (she is very thin).

Tee on

Maggie is such an adorable little girl! She is looking more and more like her Mom as she gets older!

Jenrae, for what it’s worth, I agree with you. I’m not a fan of bikinis on anyone, especially on children. They aren’t modest at all and I don’t understand why people wear them. But I’m aware that my opinions on modesty issues are extreme in most people’s eyes. That’s okay! I don’t judge people for choosing to dress in what I consider to be an immodest fashion. I hope people show me the same respect and don’t judge me for choosing to dress the way I do.

Ya’ll, it is fine to disagree with someone else’s comment. The world would be a very boring place if everyone thought the same way. But is it really necessary to tell someone else to “shut up?” To save my life, I can not understand why people are so rude to someone that made a polite and innocent comment!

Sarah Beth on

They named their kid Maggie Heather, really? Well, there’s no accounting for taste.

Meagan on

Her full first name is Margaret and Heather is for Kellie’s sister who passed away. So rude.

Sharon on

This is Southern California. It’s summer. Little and big girls dress like Maggie and Kellie, only a pervert would see anything other than a darling little girl out with her mom.

Erin on

My girls (ages 4 years and 17 months) wear bikinis all the time. Why? It’s easier for the 4 year old to go to the bathroom, and it’s easier to change the diaper on the 17 month old.

rodolfo on

kellie martin what can i say? wow beautiful!

rodolfo on

I have allways loved and admired kellie martin i think she’s a great actress and soo beautiful and maggie is ubercute.

sara on

Sarah Beth, those are perfectly normal names. What is your problem with them? I suppose you prefer wacky, made-up names?

ClaireSamsmom on

I am a big Kellie Martin fan…I used to love the show she was on, “Life Goes On,” back in the day. She seems like a great Mom and her little girl is so cute!