Ivanka Trump Flaunts Fab Post-Baby Body

08/19/2011 at 10:00 AM ET

Looking good!

One month after welcoming daughter Arabella Rose, fashion designer Ivanka Trump showed off her amazing post-baby figure while visiting the Today Show on Aug. 18.

The new mom glowed in a blue jersey swing dress, cream bag and pink open-toe heels.

So what is Trump enjoying most about being a new mom?

“The most fun part of being a mother so far is watching Arabella grow and experience different things every day; It is also the hardest part though!” she shared on the show.

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Olivia on

OFFS People! Walking down the street is not “flaunting”.


Love, love, love the dress and the pink-bowed shoes Ivanka has always exuded confidence but motherhood have given her that extra glow. Work it hotttt mama! Ivanka could put Heidi Klum and other supermodels to shame!

cn tower on

I don’t think she’s “flaunting” anything. What a headline – no wonder these articles are written anonymously and there’s never any indication who the “author” is

Fab on

She looks FAB!!!!

Kelli on

Wow. I’m just going to keep telling myself “she’s wearing spanx, she’s wearing spanx….”

Ellen Smith on

So what if she is wearing spanx. She looks great!

ForeverMoore on

I want those shoes! CBB, find ’em for me! 😀

Kelli on

Of course I think she looks amazing! I’m not hating at all. I love her.

Ashley on

Wow, looking good Ivanka! Pretty color dress.

jes on

she looks great!!! i know she can afford the personal trainers & chefs, but let’s face it, she still has to put in the WORK to get there! motherhood agrees w/ her! hottie!

SadieA on

Ellen Smith, I think Kelli was joking that she was reassuring herself that Ivanka was wearing spanx so she wouldn’t feel bad about herself, at least that’s how I took it.

Cassie on

She looks amazing! I want those shoes too!!

Toya L. on

@Kelli- Lol, she looks great.

kestl on

Looks well rested…definitely has ‘help’ at home.

Anne on

if I were as rich as her I’d make damn sure I had HELP too. back off her.
also, very impressed that the rib cage shape goes back to that small so quickly…

(stocked up on all my spanx/bandits/gadgets/etc and can’t wait to have a tiny waist again.

ClaireSamsmom on

She looks wonderful! Love her!

Leslee on

Lol, Kelli, I know, we just have to tell ourselves something. She really has an hourglass figure look to her, quite lovely.

Lis on

Holy cow!

My jaw just dropped…she looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. – to those talking about belly bandits, etc…has anyone used one? Do they work?

Becky on

I agree, I think she looks great..@Kelli, haha..It really would be nice to think that she has on spanx, a girdle(sp) and all sorts of other “majic” stuff to make her look that good..She sounds like she is really having a great time being a Mom..Wish her all the best..LOVE her shoes..

Indira on

She looks great!

Patrice on

She seems to be a beautiful person inside and out.

Lissette on

And what ‘everyday things’ is she doing Mrs. Kushner? I doubt you have seen her more than two hours a day. I doubt she even knows who you are.

gigimama on


What’s up with the CBB love of the word “flaunt.” She’s walking down a street. She isn’t twirling around a stripper pole.

Laura on

Just because she has a flat tummy and looks amazing doesn’t mean she is wearing spanx. There are many women who jump right back to their post baby body. I’m sure she worked on getting back to looking fabulous but why do you just assume she “has help” being thin?

Meela on


I just looked up her height ( 5′ 11″) never realized that she was that tall.

She does look amazing for a woman who just had a baby!!!

Bren on

Why do people assume that since she is back to looking great a month after having a baby it is due to having chefs and nannies and what not?

I had my son 1 day before her and lost all the pregnancy weight the first week, I am not back into all my clothes and didn’t have any chefs or nannies to help.

I have good genes and am breastfeeding. I think hers is definitely good genes because she looked amazing before having her baby and she may have help with spanx to flatten the tummy but either way she looks amazing.

A on

It’s really weird how people don’t get comments that aren’t 100% serious, jeez, you’re gonna kick the bucket someday, so lighten up! The Spanx thing was a joke.

dsfg on

Anon, I doubt you even know what you are talking about because I doubt you even know Ivanka personally. Am I right?

sat on


Miss Ann on

i agree Kelli… lol. But, why does Spanx even come in the ‘single digit’ dress size anyways… lol. I do love this outfit, though. She is really ‘put together’ all of the time. It is only a few celebrities that are polished more often than not.

dsfg on

Miss Ann, even people who wear a size 0 don’t necessarily have a flat stomach . . . I know people who wear 10s and 12s that have a flatter, wash-board stomach than I do, and I wear a 4!

Jen on

Dang – I’d give my left arm to look half that good!