Suri Cruise’s Hat Switch

08/18/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Flynet; Bauer-Griffin

Forget heels!

Suri Cruise‘s new accessory du jour is sophisticated hats.

On Aug. 16 in N.Y.C., the mini stylesetter started the day in a pink bowler hat, faux fur jacket, blue tiered dress, purple clutch and gold pumps.

Later on, the 5-year-old changed into DKNY KidsTropic Zone dress paired with matching Venettini Melody loafers, a black boho-style fedora — and a doll!

For most kids, these outfits would be a tad over the top. But we think Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘s little girl looks adorable.

TELL US: What do you think of Suri’s ever-evolving style?

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Tracy B. on

The outfit on the right side is adorable! And I like that the doll was included in the picture! Very cute!

Donna on

I think Hollywood moms try to over dress their babies/toddlers to look fashionable and instead of them looking cute they look like they bought their cloths at garage sales. Keep it simple moms stop trying to make a statement….they are kids and they would look alot cuter if they wore normal cloths and shoes. Just sayin!!!!

Anne on

I don’t want to seem judgemental, but I have a 4.5 year old, and when I look at Suri, who is beautiful…I get nervous because she seems soooooo “into” how she looks. I wish we would all teach our little girls that they have SO MUCH more to offer the world than their looks, their clothes, and being “pretty”.

Simone on

I am not impressed all girls around her age likes dress up..I dont see what the hoopla is about with this little girl!!!

yikes on

Suri’s mother is not doing the child any favors by emphasizing style and looks. I think it’s embarassing that Suri looks like she is trying to be captivating and trying to emulate a “sexy woman” look. Let this little girl be a little girl before she grows up way too fast. Take a lesson from Jennifer Garner and the other normal moms.

Simone on

I dont see what the hoopla is about, every little girl I know loves to dress up…not impressed at all, I am not into kids being so into their looks

JMO on

In NYC it’s been in the upper 80’s and now this child finally decides to put on a coat!! Suri Cruise, although your very adorable, your also quite odd 😉

Missy on

I don’t think the outfits are too mature. If anything, an adult would look silly in an outfit like this. If Suri was dressing like this all the time, it might be over-the-top, but that’s not the case. While she usually wears dresses, she usually doesn’t have as many accesories. Just scroll down on this site to see a pic of her in a more “normal” outfit.


JMO exactly! I was thinking the same thing-lol

Maritan on

I agree with the above posters and am reminded when my own daughter wants to wear tank tops in winter and chooses cords to put on in the summer!

Jean on

She looks like a little old lady. But Katie said she likes to pick out her own clothes, so what of it. Some little girls like to dress up every day, others want to dress like a boy, like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. To each his own, let kids be who they want, they are only young once.

showbizmom on

@anne I don’t think you sound judgmental. I think all moms and dads worry about the same thing. I have two girls myself and I worry every day that I or the people around my girls are putting too much importance on clothes and looks. I want them to take pride in themselves and always presentable and all that, but I don’t want them to become little ‘fashionistas’ or worst narcissistic. It’s a hard balance at least for us.

But to Suri, she is a beautiful little girl.

Janie on

The pic on the left is completely ridiculous! I mean, heels, a hat, and carrying a clutch purse? I realize she may pick these out but obviously Katie is buying them for her.

I think it’s sad that she focuses so much on her outfits–she’s a little girl, let her be one.

criticaleye on

I know I’m conservative, but I also don’t like this look on a preschool child. It looks weird how she tries to imitate a woman, which she is not just yet.

And no, this is not dress up for me-this is her everyday lifestyle. Dressing up at home or for a costume party once in a while and wanting to look like a wannabe diva are apples and oranges.

cara on

She looks adorable, she comes across as having a really great character.

Ella on

I think some people are getting riled up for nothing. My niece when she was that age would wear nothing but dresses or skirts, never pants. Some little girls just like to be dressed up. It doesn’t mean they only think about looks or fashion.

I’ve always thought Suri was one of the cutest celeb kids out there. 🙂

And JMO – I was thinking the same exact thing!! lol

Lila on

Our daughter is close to her age and loves dresses, hats, shoes, etc. She also likes to play with my “retired” purses. I don’t see anything wrong with children dressing up.

J on

Is there anything Suri and her parents can do that people won’t nitpick?

Did one person complain that Suri poses in sultry womanly positions for photos? Give us a break, people really try too hard to find something wrong with every Suri photo.

criticaleye on

Again-dressing up is different than having x pair of Marc Jacobs high heel shoes for a toddler.

No, I don’t think it’s wrong to love girly clothing, purses or hats. The problem is if a little girl ONLY feels good when she can pretend to be older-it’s a sign that either she or the parent pursues a role for her which she isn’t just YET. And the effects are said.

missy on

criticaleye, She doesn’t have Marc Jacobs heels. Her “heels” are ballroom shoes from dance stores. You shouldn’t believe everything that you read in the tabs. The tabs like to go on about Suri’s billion dollar wardrobe, but a lot of her clothes are actually quite affordable. For instance, her coat in these photos is from H&M. There are actually some websites that track down what celebrity children are wearing. Google Suri Cruise fashion blog if you’re interested. And yeah it’s weird that there is a blog devoted to her style, but at least they print the truth.

And how do you know that Suri only feels good when she’s dressed up? She might not wear shorts or pants very often, but I’ve seen plenty of photos of her in casual dresses, t-shirts, and skirts.

Candyce on

Seriously I live 15 minutes outside the city …. Where the heck is this child going with a coat on ?? It’s been warm & rainy all week

Playing dress up in the house & playing dress out to actually go out in public are two different things….. This child looks ridiculous ….. How is she suppose to run & play in shoes all the time ??

Lucy on

@ Jean I thought the same thing that she looked like an old lady too and that she also looked like a fool in that coat in the Summer…

kimmie on

I wonder if this article suggests that any other child but Suri would look ridiculous in clothes like this, why do they call her a trendsetter?

kendrajoi on

I think we are seeing the beginnings of an adult fashionista. I don’t see anything wrong with what Suri wears. It is obvious to me that she picks out her own clothes. I can’t wait to see how her sense of fashion evolves as she grows up. Quite interesting to watch, IMHO.

cn tower on

TELL US: What do you think of Suri’s ever-evolving style?

Using a 5 year old to spark a debate is inexcusable – especially when the debate inevitably extends beyond the “style” and “outfit”. It’s one thing to invite people to critique a celeb on their clothing choices, but quite another when it’s an innocent child.

ForeverMoore on

Ugh I hate that word “fashionista”…it’s a pathetically sad label for a female, whether its a little girl or an adult woman.

A. on

I don’t have a problem with how Suri dresses. I think she looks cute. If you go one page back on the blog you’d see she has a tiered skirt, tshirt, and flip flops on – pretty casual. So what if she’s dressed up in these photos? As someone already said: Shilo dresses a bit more tomboyish and Suri loves the girly outfits. Don’t see an issue here at all.

criticaleye on

I adore the outfits from GAP and H&M, when Suri is wearing those, she does look like a girl.

However, Katie Holmes stated herself, that the first high heels were oprdered from Marc J. by her personally. Then she also admitted, that Suri doesn’t choose these outfits herself-she chooses from the wardrobe which Katie put together. 🙂

Bottom line is: it’s a normal girly behavior to like accessories, dresses, make up but as long as they are little girls,it should stay in moderation. That’s only my opinion, I don’t think the clothing style itself is an abuse, just the psychology and image behind that is what I don’t like.

Shannon on

This child is gonna be trouble when she hits 13.

Amanda on

This little girl creeps me out big time. She’s always posing. Not in a ‘take a picture of me, mom!” kind of way. It’s creepy like she’s a doll.

ELO on

It would be nice if Katie would do something with Suri’s hair. She has such a sweet little face but it is always hidden by what looks like an unbrushed mop of hair.

Amy on

Well, what do I think?? She looks like she is playing dress up like any other little girl I know. I teach pre-k and this is what my little girls look like when they go to dramatic play. Sorry, she looks like a frumpy, dumpy little girl and I do not care how much her parents pay for those clothes, just let her be and let her be a little girl and stop trying to make her out to be the future star of fashion. Let her be a child!

mary on

When was this picture really taken? The person walking behind Suri is wearing long sleeves themselves!

And about her hair my 7yr olds hair drives me CRAZY! It always looks unkempt! I threaten to cut it short but in the end that wont matter its the texture of her hair. Perhaps Suri has the same problem.

cécile on

“The mini style setter”

Whose style does she exactly set? From what I read from the comments section,it’s very unlikely mothers will flock to stores to buy these outfits for their daughters and I doubt adult women will transform int o followers of a 5 year old style,if such a thing exists.

The very notion of fashionista or trendsetter for a child this age is so weird.

I agree with one poster,suggesting that she’s a style setter in a sentence and telling us that it would be over the top for most kids in the next one is contradictory.

Capri on

While I agree with children picking out their own clothes to a certain extent….I want my babies to be just that, babies…for as long as they can be. She’s still a little girl walking around like a teenager….not my style….*shrugs*

Ellie on

Why does this child’s hair always look so stringy?

Anonymous on

Suri doesn’t seem like a “typical” 5 year old. I guess it’s because she knows she is always on display. Also, Katie has said that Suri gets to choice what to wear, but I’m assuming that all her clothes are dresses and fancy shoes? Does she have play clothes? I think Katie wants her daughter to look like a mannequin.

Janna on

anne thinks……. she seems soooooo “into” how she looks.
Simone….. is not impressed.
yikes thinks… Suri is embarrassing.
Simone….. is not impressed (again!).
JMO thinks…. Suri is quite odd.
Jean thinks… Suri looks like an old lady.
Janie thinks…. her outfit is ridiculous.
critical eye thinks… Suri’s trying to imitate a woman.
critical eye also thinks.. Suri ONLY feels good when she can pretend to be older.
Candyce thinks… this child looks ridiculous.
Lucy thinks… she looks like an old lady *and* a fool.
Shannon thinks… this child is gonna be trouble when she hits 13.
Amanda… is creeped out by Suri.
ELO thinks… Suri hair looks like an unbrushed mop.
Amy thinks… she looks like a frumpy, dumpy girl.
Capri thinks… she’s a little girl walking around like a teenager (whatever THAT means).
Ellie thinks… her hair is stringy.

All of you incredibly disgusting, evil people should go look at yourselves in a mirror and slap yourself in the face. Seriously, do it now. Maybe then you’ll wake up and realize the things you’re saying about a FIVE YEAR OLD CHILD?!?!?!

What the hell is wrong with you people? I pity your children, if heaven forbid you have any. Is this what you teach them? To ridicule and bash small children? You should be ashamed. Shame on you.

Sarah on

Right on, Janna. Right on.

cn tower on

Right on Janna. As the mother of a five year old myself, I thank you.

Sarah on

@Janna. Thanks for the recap. I’m pretty sure Suri doesn’t read the people magazine forums. But boy aren’t you the little hypocrite!?

“All of you incredibly disgusting, evil people should go look at yourselves in a mirror and slap yourself in the face”. Yeah, you sound like a kind, thoughtful person…NOT.

cc on

I dont understand last week I read what some people posted about the Jolie=Pitt kids and I was disgusted now this child looks like an old lady trying to look sexy at her age. I have a problem with kids not being kids anymore because that is what leads to their problems with drugs and alcohol.

Janna on

Sarah, if you think calling out (allegedly) grown women on their bullying, berating, trash-talking posts about a small child makes me a hypocrite, then so be it. I won’t lose any sleep.

But while we’re at it, let’s add cc to the list:
cc thinks… Suri looks like an old lady trying to look sexy.

A. on

@Janna – love the list. Dare I say one of the best posts I’ve read on here? Some people are absolutely horrible.

Jillian on

I cringe when I see a post with a picture of Surinam because I know that he will be bashed and NO child deserves that. I wish every parent would stop and think how they would feel if there child came home and had the things said to them being said to her. It makes me tear up. I can’t believe people. I really can’t. Makes me sick and can’t believe you are parents.

Someone said, Suri will be messed up by 13. Yes, she will. Because of all the nasty comments by people.

People magazine dissapoints….AGAIN!

MiB on

She looks like a little girl who enjoys her faboulous dress up box! If that’s not what kids are supposed to do, then when are you supposed to do it?

itznia on

A little whore in the making – how adorable.