Samantha Harris: Jeans Were My Baby Weight Motivation

08/18/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Michael Kovac/WireImage

Following the birth of her second daughter Hillary Madison in January, a quick bounce back after baby was a no-brainer for Samantha Harris.

“I’ve always been very health conscious and diligent about wanting to fit into a tight, good pair of jeans again. That was motivation for me,” the Entertainment Tonight host, 37, told PEOPLE during Wednesday’s Kardashian Kollection launch party.

“I’m running after the kids [and] hitting the gym, whether it’s boot camp, cardio class or Bikram yoga.”

However, despite her determination to balance it all — including daughter Josselyn Sydney, 3½ — Harris admits the constant juggling act is anything but easy.

“It gets busy. I’m full time at Entertainment Tonight, designing denim, and being able to spend as much quality time with my husband [Michael Hess] and kids as possible,” she shares.

“Sometimes they are at the studio with me and sometimes I’m racing home as fast as I can from a shoot to make sure I’m there to wake up with them and put them to bed.”

Revealing that her girls “are definitely going to be different” when it comes to their budding personalities, Harris adds that the sisters have already developed a special bond.

“The baby’s incredibly happy and so is Josselyn and that’s all that we can ask for,” she says.”What I love the most is watching [Hillary] giggle so hard when she hears or sees her big sister. That is just the most fun thing ever.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Michelle Ward

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Lauralea on

Don’t worry about fitting into your jeans.You need to work very hard on improving your personality on ET. Can not stand to watch you talk, your mouth looks like a fish fighting for water. And the way pronounce your words is terrible, can not understand half what you say for you trying, i guess,to talk with an accent. No, you are not a celebrity, so stop pretending you know every star in Hollywood. You need to go home and relieve the nanny and bond with your children.

Anonymous on

lauralea, AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

@Lauralea- that’s pretty funny. 🙂

Debbie on

All life is about is fitting into a tight, good pair of jeans? Sounds like she works way too much if she has to rush home in time to put her kids to bed. Apparently she’s way to into herself and should maybe take more time away from work so she can read her kids a book before bed.

Jesse on

Wow someone has anger issues. Here’s a thought Lauralea… If you don’t like her, don’t watch her. No one is forcing you to. I thought school was back in session, looks like there are still some children here.

Erin on Bitter much?

emm on

@ lauralee… that was funny!

Dean on

Wow Lauralea you have tissues without the T!

Maggie on


hateful much!

Samantha I think you are beautiful and have a beautiful family! Keep it up!

Sarah on

Lauralea, do you have to be that rude? wait, maybe you are from NY.

Shirley on

If this is the same girl that co-hosted Dancing with the Stars then I don’t want to hear about her weight at all. This woman has weight issues. She has got to be one of the skinniest women on TV and it is unrealistic. Please don’t write articles about her and her weight.

Toni on

Why in the world do they allow comments on these sites.

Milosh on

Lauralea, that was the best post I have ever seen on here. Couldn’t agree more!

Tina on

Lauralea, I thought I was the only one that felt the way you do. She annoys me to no end, when she is on, I turn the tv to another channel. I hate when she subsitutes for Nancy O’Dell. ET find someone else or don’t put her own at all!

Georgia Girl on


Cindy on

WOW Lauralea…..I believe in freedom of expression. But if you don’t like someone, why waste the time to read about them and make a negative comment.

soph on

Way to stereotype, Sarah.

Jesse on

I can’t believe there is more than one person who thinks like that Lauralea… It’s scary that people have that much anger and hate towards someone they don’t even know.

Charlotte on

Ridiculous amount of hate here. Why does it bother some people so much because someone is concerned about losing weight? If you dislike her that much, don’t read about her and stop watching her show. You’re just adding to their popularity since even negative press is publicity.

Tammy on

I wish people would say “If you don’t like the person, why read the article.” If you come across a bad car accident, you’re going to pray no one was killed but you’re still going to stick around and watch the action. It’s human nature so get over yourself. I can’t stand Samantha Harris either. But I just choose not to watch her.

Sammie on

Haha, always has to be a bitter person (Lauralea) who bitches and complains about stuff they watch on TV, and still they continue to watch and bitch and complain…perfect example of somebody who needs to GET A LIFE!!

Kelly on

This is stupid! There are way more important things in life.

ghettoroostah on

everyone has a right to their own opinion, but to judge someone that i doubt you know absolutely anything about is not right. who are we to judge? how would you like it if someone said those things about you in a public forum such as this? yowzers.

Ana on

I have to admit I am not a Samantha Harris fan. She was fine in her limited role on DWTS, but on ET, it’s just not a good fit.

As to her “bouncing back” story, she was scary skinny before getting pregnant the first time and repeated it the second time. I’m glad she is in to health and living a healthy lifestyle, but I find her self expectations to be too extreme and too high and do not find her to be a good role model for a “bouncing back” type of article to be posted on CBB.

boston on

I second what Lauraleah said and will add there is nothing appealing about this woman’s personality. I used to think she was kidding when she was “interviewing” on DWTS, but then I realized she’s just vacuous.

Jester on

I’m sorry, but I just don’t like this woman’s attitude and am actually glad that she is no longer on DWTS. She may be a nice person in ‘REAL’ life, but this is not conveyed very well in her ‘MEDIA’ life. On the other hand, I wish her much happiness with her family and glad she can fit in tight jeans. Hey, whatever???

shecoo on

People that judge others this harshly only truly hate themselves and who they are.

Samantha is a people person. I like her on Entertainment Tonight. If people don’t like watching you then they can turn the channel – it’s as easy as that.

KPR on

@ Lauralee …. that was pretty funny 🙂

In all seriousness …. I understand that she wants to fit back into her jeans … but how about just slowing down a bit and making sure that isn’t the end all be all goal here. Good self esteem, confidence and being healthy are important … but she IS raising two young girls here … a little balance and moderation might be a nice thing to teach them! Hot jeans and looking good are important … but it isn’t the end of the world if it takes more than a few weeks.

soph on

“People that judge others this harshly only truly hate themselves and who they are.”

Really, shecoo? And here I was thinking it was entirely possible for one to simple dislike a television personality. Good lord…

Lauralea on

To Jesse: I do not hate Samatha Harris, that is not the point I was making. You read something into it that is not there. The majority did conprehend the message. And I do watch ET anyway, it’s a good show except for her.

Kelly on

I always think she looks too skinny so maybe some post-baby weight would prevent a future Maria Shriver Skelator look! 😉

Karen1229 on

There are a lot of general comments about her being “scary skinny,” but I’ll just zero in on one thing: has anyone ever noticed her ARMS?! My gosh!!! Bones, with skin on top! I guess I’ve never noticed her skills (or lack of) when I watch ET, because I’m so intrigued by her arms! She looks emaciated!

Anonymous on

What a ridiculous thing to strive for, fitting into your jeans. When I had my twins, fitting into sexy, tight clothes was the last thing on my mind for the first year or so. I was more concerned with being a good parent and looking after my family. I think Samantha Harris has an eating disorder.

I have only seen DWTS 2 or 3 times and it was just too hard to take with her on it. I was almost embarrassed for her because you could tell people thought she was a twit. I don’t get why she is even on TV. She has an awful voice and she is not particularly attractive, and omg she needs a nose job.

Kat on

I thought people in Hollywood were supposed to be attractive? What happened here?

cj on

Hillary Hess? poor child. or nickname of Hill Hess? wish she had given her a beautiful long flowing 1st name like jacqueline hess.

the 1st child too, Joss Hess?? just saying. and yes, I enjoy brooke burke so much better on DWTS.

darefin on

Samantha Harris has one of the most annoying faces in Hollywood. Right up there with Sarah Jessica. I mean seriously, look at that dingbat. What’s she smoking?

Tina on

If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all! That’s great advice my Mom gave me.

lara on

I haters like lauralea have low self-esteem and need to criticize other people to feel better about themselves.

cn tower on

Karen 1229, I noticed that too and it’s not a flattering look, is it? This woman needs to get her priorities in check that’s for sure.

Anonymous on

Hilary is a beautiful name and my name. Whoever said otherwise does not have class.

CAB on

Good Lord, I have never seen such hateful people. This is absolutely stunning. What did Samantha Harris do to any of you? I watch Dancing with the Stars and I had no problem with Samantha Harris on DWTS. I don’t get the hate. I cannot comment on Entertainment Tonight simply because I have not watched in years so I have no idea what she is like on that show…I have never viewed her as scary skinny. She always looked healthy, happy and enjoyed what she did very much.

What is wrong with her wanting to fit into jeans? A good friend of mine, was determined to get healthy, fit and get back into her old clothes after she had her first child and she works full time and is a mother and recently has another child…so jeans were her motivation…how does that make her a bad mother and lauralea how do you know she has a nanny? Does it specifically say that? Why assume that? I think she is beautiful and love her kids names!!!

cn tower on

Take it easy, CAB – nobody is being “hateful”, not everyone is a fan and as this is a discussion forum, they are permitted to express their opinions. When I think of hate, I think of racism, homophobia, etc. Unless I missed something, there is none of that here. Taking someone to task for having screwed up priorities, or simply saying that she gets on their nerves is pretty tame.

Skye on

The way she looks doesn’t bother me and shouldn’t bother anyone else. To each their own and it’s really none of our business.

What bugs me is her absolute lack of interviewing skills and contrived personality. So I have stopped watching ET (as so many of you helpful people have suggested to others). If I don’t like something, I don’t watch it.

Now if we could only get more people NOT to watch those absolutely useless Kardashians.

Jillian on

I was thrilled when she left DWTS, so I could start watching. Hope she leaves her current show, o I can watch. Can’t stand her. Her and Melissa Rycoft are equally annoying. Glad I am not he only one to see this.

Not liking the name Hilary means someone doesn’t have class? Huh??

Anonymous on

Samantha looks to have a eating disorder. She is so skinny and her head appears too big. She should not wear short skirts as her knees are way too bony and her arms seem skeletal. If she has a disorder I feel sorry for her.