Melissa Rycroft: Why We Made the Move to California

08/18/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

After much deliberation, “have baby, will travel” no longer applies to Melissa Rycroft, who recently relocated to California along with husband Tye Strickland and the couple’s daughter Ava Grace.

“We have taken the leap after years and years of saying we never would,” the former Dancing With the Stars contestant, 28, told PEOPLE during the Kardashian Kollection launch party Wednesday in Hollywood, Calif.

“Adding a baby to the equation makes my job much harder. It involves travel and it was impossible to travel without her, but at the same time it was impossible to travel with her,” Rycroft explains.

Although completely smitten with her 6-month-old baby girl, raising a child is “definitely hard,” says Rycroft.

“There are times when I want to sit outside on my patio and scream going, ‘Oh my gosh!'” she admits. “But all it takes is one little smile from her and I go, ‘Well, there you go. It was totally worth that little temper tantrum.'”

Officially “entering the really fun stage,” the proud mama is thrilled Ava has reached her latest milestone: moving around!

“She’s discovering she’s mobile. Just things that are clicking in her mind,” Rycroft shares. “Every day she sees something new that makes sense to her and, as a mom, you kind of pat yourself on the back and go, ‘I must be doing something right.'”

And when Rycroft is in need of a much-needed break from baby, no one is happier to step up to the plate than Strickland.

“I totally got lucky in the husband department. I’ve heard the rumors … when the baby comes it [ends up] being 90 percent the woman’s responsibility,” she explains, saying it’s not so for her. “Tye’s there in the middle of the night to get up with Ava and is there when I just need a five-minute break. There is definitely that bond.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Michelle Ward

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chelsea on

I didn’t even know she had a job

me on

Wow, her teeth are really… white O.O

And who is she? A soap opera actrice or something?

Shannon on

What’s her job?

Maggie on

She is known for winning and then being dumped on the Bachelor, but now she does TV work. She hosted Bachelor Pad last year and does still does pieces for Good Morning America. Obviously if she wants to continue with this she’ll have better luck in LA than Dallas.

Patrice on

I don’t see her on tv very often. Does she have another more steady job? What does her husband do?

Mallory on

Ya know, I used to be a big fan of hers. I loved her on DWTS, and I much preferred her over Jason and Molly, but now I think I find her even more sickening than those two. When The Bachelor ended she said in interviews she just wanted a normal life, not to be famous, but now it’s like she just won’t go away! At least the only times you see Jason and Molly on TV are when The Bachelor crew pulls them out. Bleck.

KC on

Her husband is/was an insurance agent. I believe she traveled a lot between LA and NYC for work, and there’s just not a lot of celebrity or publicity here in DFW. I can see why it would make more sense for her to be out there if she is working in TV.

Anonymous on

She knew all that would happen once you have a child. She was already commuting before her baby, however, they buy a house in Texas, her husband opened up a business, and now they move. Boy oh boy, she has her hubby wrapped around her finger for sure, how can someone just pick up and leave your home and business…sheesh Must be something that makes a lot of money for her…but still, leaving it all in Texas.

Michelle on

Before the Bachelor she was featured on the first season of “Making the Team”. She was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

Anonymous on

She needs to goback to Texas and get out of TV land. She belongs in Texas, her 15 minutes are long over…

Cynthia on

Loved Melissa on DWTS! I’m looking forward to finding out the projects she’s currently been working on.

Yeager on

She sold out just like I knew she would. The bachelor made her d-list famous.

Yeager on

Melissa said she would never leave Dallas and look at her now. Sold out. I am so disappointed in her. I agree her 15 minutes is ovah!

Raven on

um, doesn’t sound like she’s to fond of motherhood.

there are just some people who shouldn’t procreate.

suzy diamond on

WHAT’S her job? Publicity? THAT’S WHY she moved to CA! Famous for nothing. She was on The Bachelorette. STILL trying to keep her 15min. of fame.

Annie on

Sad..everyone who goes on a show looking for love turns into fame grubbing grossness… Good luck

lisa on

she thinks a 6 month old crying is a temper tantrum? Wait till she hits 2 years old and then again at 15. THOSE are temper tantrums!

mindy on

She is a correspondent for Good Morning America. That’s her job, she’s pretty much a “journalist” covering specialty topics. I don’t remember if she still does “EXTRA” too.

Either way, if she and hubby just got married a couple of years ago, I’m not sure how they said for “years and years” they couldn’t make this move or why this is really newsworthy to begin with.

I have no feelings about her one way or the other and have never watched any of the Bachelor shows.

shanon on

Her 15 minutes are up she is a nobody!!!!

Lisa on

Sold out? What?? That is ridiculous. Everyone always goes for the best job they can get to support their family. Good for her. She has a great personality and she is beautiful. Take the job that you love and that pays the bills. Her husband can have a business anywhere and be successful. She is a beautiful girl and she deserves the best. No one is a sell out if they relocate.

Anonymous on

how is she a celebrity? I didn’t know being on the bachelor made you a celebrity.

Nicole-Lynn on

I agree, I do not think she is a sell out at all! She’s a very beautiful girl with a lot of t.v. personality/talent. If she’s making more money in LA then relocating was the best decision for their family. And for the comment saying she’s not a good mom? What is that about? Just because she complained about temper tantrums does not mean she’s a bad mom. I think people comment on here just to get responses and start arguements. Get a life! lol

Eva on

Here I thought we were RID of her. OH MY GOSH!!!!! Please tell me we don’t have to see her. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly on

very well said, Lisa. If you have the chance to do next to nothing, have fun and make money, why not?

Joyce on

Needs to be closer to the glitz & glamour she craves, I reckon.

Never was a fan & never will be. (I’m glad Jason wised up as he got the real deal in Molly.)

smithie on

Melissa is so cute, always liked her, she is very lovable. wishing her nothing but the best

ab on

She said on the Bachelor that she wanted to be a teacher. She should not be on TV anymore. She is so annoying to watch and listen to.

whaat? on

she needs her some hay


She finds it hard raising a child? Give me a break because she has NO IDEA about difficulties raising children with only one 6-month old baby. She has no clue.

NM on

I used to live in CA., and have family and friends that still live there. I feel sorry for anyone who lives there.

Tempe on

Why is it when someone is trying to have a career in life, and a family too that people just dump on them. She has a mega-watt smile and is articulate with her TV gigs on reporting. Best wishes for success to Melissa and her family!

harley on

@ me…”actrice”…seriously?!

Kim on

Melissa has the same job as the Kardashian’s….she makes her money from US. When we watch or buy their products…THEY get PAID!! Reality stars are making loads of money because of US…the more we tune in the Richer THEY get.

Kristin on

I was okay with her on the Bachelor and felt bad for when she was dumped (although I like Jason with Molly better). I think she is annoying as a “special” ‘correspondent. Her teeth are ginormous and her twangy baby voice is not good for TV. I’m surprised her husband would quit an stable insurance job that he has had for some time to gamble on her “celebrity media” appeal. Good grief girl, enjoy your time with your baby.

Donna on

Good. All the flotsam should live in california so that when the big one hits, they’re all in one place. She has a meaningless “job” and one whole kid. She must be so overwhelmed.

Allie on

Laura, one child can be difficult to raise, even if it is a baby. Being a mother is hard, but I do believe Melissa is doing her best. I am also so glad to hear that her husband helps out! Allowing a Mom to have five minutes to herself does not make her a bad mommy. Mother’s need breaks too!

mandy on

Who is this “celebrity” and why do we care where she lives????

PJ on

Have loved Melissa since the first night she got out of the car on bachelor. All I can say is “Big Mistake, Big Mistake” Jason. She moved on to a great go on Dancing with the Stars and then fell in love with the man of her dreams and now this beautiful baby girl. I love seeing her on TV. Her smile is so beautiful. You go Melissa. Look forward to seeing you on TV. Best of Luck!

heather on

LOVE her!!!!

Anonymous on

We have taken the leap after years and years of saying we never would,

Really? It has been not even 2 yrs since she was on the bachelor and she has only been married for 21 months. She makes no sense. I think she speaks to just get her name back out in the spotlight.

Can she please just go away. Send her to STFU island!!!

Paula on

How sad it is when there is so much negative comments. Melissa is a beautiful lady who was offered a job that she had every right to take. And as far as the stress of being a mom, I can relate. I have 3 children and everyday is a lot of work. I stress too, it doesn’t make me a bad mom. She is doing better than most Hollywood couples, at least she married before starting a family. I wish nothing but the best and much success. She deserves it.

Jess on

oh my god people calm down. she is allowed to think a 6 month old baby is having a temper tantrum. do you know her baby? no i think not so stop judging her. and if she wants to move to california, what is it to all of you? get off your high horses and get a life. Her husband is an insurance agent and can move you know? and she works for good morning america. if she wants to move to be closer to her job and still be around her daughter, instead of commuting and not being able to take her daughter with her, what is it to you? to me, that makes her a great mother.

@Laura I don’t know about you but when my son was born, I had a hard adjusting to a newborn. Every baby is different. And there’s nothing wrong with first time mothers wanting a break. Like you’re so perfect, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So shut up already

Congrats to both of them and good luck with living in california.

Eva on

I’ve seen her special correspondent reports and it was a JOKE, so unprofessional! PLEASE stop torturing us by putting her in the news!!!!! gag!

Jennifer on

hhmmmm…she has two options. 1-stay in dallas and work a 9 to 5 job making a five figure salary or 2-go to LA and do her part-time hosting/reporting gigs that involve only a miniscule amount of her time and get 6 figure (plus I’m sure the LA stuff is a LOT more fun than a 9 to 5 office job). Think about it…which one would you take? And if you say number 1, you’re lying to yourself!!!

Abby on

Don’t comment if you don’t care!

Melissa Rycroft has become an entertainment reporter for Entertainment Tonight and other gossip shows. Chill out.

Jesse on

I like all these people who “don’t care” but took the time out to not only read the story but to comment. And what in the world is wrong with a supportive husband who will go with you and let you live out your dream? If he’s in insurance he can pretty much work anywhere. And maybe she did want to be a teacher and now she doesn’t… I used to want to be a ballerina but hey, things chang and now I’m an accountant…

Some people on this site need to grow up.

cyndi on

Don’t judge someone you do not know personally. Wanting a 5 minute break from your child does not make someone a bad parent. Wanting to move to better your life or the chance to have more for your family is not bad parenting. None of us know what changes will happen in our lives and what one thing will lead our lives down paths we didn’t imagine.

I’m pretty sure she isn’t judging any of you for how you live your lives.

Brit on


Valerie J on

“There are times when I want to sit outside on my patio and scream going, ‘Oh my gosh!’” she admits. “But all it takes is one little smile from her and I go, ‘Well, there you go. It was totally worth that little temper tantrum.’”……lol I LOVE her!!! She seems so relatable and REAL….the kind of person you’ll love to hang out with! Hopefully her being in CA doesn’t taint her personality, or shift her focus….



Jason on

My hunch is she only moved to CA because she mistakenly thinks people actually care to see her and she’ll land her own reality show. Seems to me to be a last ditch effort to escape the real world of responsibility and actually working to support herself. She’s not an entertainer so watch…she’ll be in Playboy within the next two years.

Anonymous on

why is she on people is she a relevant celebrity..please *yawns*

Andrew on

I’ve always liked her. She went through something humiliating on television and then moved on from it. She went to do better things.

kala on

What kind o temper tantrum can a 6 month old trow???????????????

C.L. on

She is soooo annoying. Just about as annoying as Kate Gosselin. Wish People would stop giving them the limelight. Ugh.

kat on

That temper tantrum she was speaking of was her having a small one, not the baby. You can tell she loves her little one.

Emma on

exactly……..I don’t even know she had a job?? a job hosting the bachelor pad>???? don’t even know what is doing before go on the show???

basically I don’t like her at all…..

Sandy on

Hey Mallory…. She has to work. They pursued her and wanted her to be a correspondent and to do other things that involved her being on T.V. So what would you rather do make $10.00 an hour or take advantage of your opportunities? You sound incredibly jealous. To say you can’t stand her? What did she do? NOTHING. She married her ex boyfriend and had a child. She is trying to make a living and do what she enjoys doing.

Good luck with that attitude of your Mallory. We will see how successful you are in life.

Daenae on

First of all to all those “haters” out there that like to bash on her about the temper tantrum comment….READ the article!! She said SHE had one as in being stressed from her hectic life, and seeing a smile from her baby makes it all go away.

Second, since you obviously know nothing about her, she and Tye have dated since high school. They broke up and she went on the bachelor during that time. She said they had always remained friends, even after they broke up. It was her going on the bachelor and then dancing with the stars that got them back together. So her “years and years” comment is accurate. Tye is a very successful insurance agent and can continue his business in L.A.

I think she is gorgeous and talented and I wish her the very best in her career. Like a lot of us that think we want a career in one thing, just to find out we are meant for something else, so has she. Don’t hate her for being successful and beautiful.

Rox on

I think she has a great personality and thought she would make it big after The Bachelor and Dancing With the Stars. Thought she would have been a good co-host on DWTS after their replacement season or Entertainment Tonight after Mary Hart left.

Have not seen her lately – wish her luck with the new baby and marriage.

Tiffany on

Well Melissa is doing what’s best for her family which would be making a living. Sometimes people don’t enjoy their jobs but know it pays the bills. I don’t think that is selling out.

Secondly, if you are a parent of a baby you know that there are hard times. The lack of sleep and teething! We know our children are worth it.

These judgemental people are jealous apparently. She would be a hard person to find something wrong with.

Melody on

“years and years” …she’s been married less than two years and unknown before then!

Melody on

“WE” and “years and years” …she’s only been married about 2 years and before that unknown!

Ruby on

What a bunch of ugly, hateful people who are bashing Melissa and her family, especially those who have no clue of she is or what she does. If you don’t like her, stop reading articles about her or watching her on TV. No one is forcing you to look or listen to her.

She’s a beautiful, sweet lady that many of us enjoy and share happiness for her and her family. And, since she and Ty grew up together, I’m sure the conversations about moving to CA came up sometime during those “years & years”. Now why don’t you obviously jealous losers quit reading about her and go back to reading about Lohan, Sheen or others who aren’t quite as respectable.

samantha on

Perhaps she should take some parenting lessons!! sound like if she’s having problems with a six month old…What in the world is she going to do when the “terrible twos” come around??!!

gutsygirl on

They uprooted their baby and took her away from her extended family

to be a part of the shallow existence known as California. Hope it works for them.

Ashley on

I have a 2 yr old little girl that is named Ava Grace as well. So glad that you have made a decision that will allow you to spend time with your little one. There is nothing like being a mommy!

Kate on

I disagree with comments saying she has no chance in the business. Melissa is one of the few reality show people with some potential. In a world, where Elizabeth Hasselbeck co-hosts a daily show, I am pretty sure Melissa Rycroft has a real shot.

Danielle on

What’s with all the CA haters? We’re not all that bad, nor do we all live in Hollywood. Not a Melissa fan but also not a hater. Geesh!


OMG… She rocks. ❤ her.

Amy on

What exactly does she do for a living? I don’t even know who she is, I only clicked on this so I could see who it was. And I still don’t know who she is.

Toya L. on

There are times when I want to sit outside on my patio and scream going, ‘Oh my gosh!’” she admits. “But all it takes is one little smile from her and I go, ‘Well, there you go. It was totally worth that little temper tantrum.’”
I took it as she was talking about her being the one throwing a temper tantrum. ~ I support anyone that gets of their butts and tries to better themselves, in this case it’s her career. Good luck to her, I hope she continues to be successful at what she is doing.

Sheryl on

Justin c: before you start complaining about someone just because they are trying to make a living for their family you may need to go back to school and learn to spell again…lol

Good for her doing what she loves to do…she has a awesome smile and I applaud her…I am a single mom of a 2 1/2 year old and it is not easy raising children no matter how many you have…she is doing the best she can! I am very happy that she has a husband who is willing to help her out since it is not only a mom’s job to raise children unless you are single…since you become a mom, father, bread maker, and everything else you need to do to support your family!

Everyone should get over it and get a life of their own rather than complaining about someone else who wants to be in the spotlight…

Bluegrl23 on

Please another reality person thinking they are a celebrity Star now? Isn’t her 15 min’s of Fame up yet? So tired of these Wanta-BE-Stars. Go back to Texas!

Susan on

If she wants to hide and scream when her child is only 6 months, just wait until the child is 2 or 3. She is in for a rough ride!

JCN on

Where do I start ? When I watched Melissa on the Bachelor I was taken by the pain and embarrassment she must have felt while being dumped by Jason on national television. Just a few months later I met her. She was filming Good Morning America aboard a cruise ship. My first opinion of her was … there is someone who hates her job. She would smile to the camera and once the camera was off she would be making faces and seemed annoyed by her new found fans.

Yes, her teeth are beyond white. I could see them decks away on the water show segment while standing at my balcony … just awful. They look like dentures. Her fake tan makes her teeth look even whiter … and she is much too thin. Im size 2 so for me to say that is like wow … she looks like she’s 12 and has the most annoying voice. She was pleasant to me but I am sure that was only based on her interest – I work for the cruise line’s marketing department – she did not sound a bit sincere. My husband agreed and said she looked miserable while going from wall climbing to water show.

As a friend of mine who was on board pointed out : she looks like she is desperate for fame and money. We got a good grasp of that when we overheard one of her interviews about her engagement – she was so annoyed by the questions the journalist was asking her about her wedding, etc. She was selling her personal life and yet so annoyed by the questions at the same time. My daughter had facebook friended her and unfriended her when she could not believe how again annoyed she got by some of her fans remarks. She is desperate to be famous … advertising a Louis Vuitton bag her husband gifted her… I dont think it can get any more noveau riche than that … then there was the car and the new house! My own daughter was the first to say … I dont think I should follow her! I just regret one thing about meeting Melissa … I should have given her a new set of suitcase … dont know how she is doing with her Louis Vuitton because the suitcases she had onboard the ship just did not match.

PS: Melissa … grow up. You confused me for the VP of marketing and acted as fake as your smile. You are not a role model, you are not a journalist … hope you can at least be a good mother! Let’s hope your husband is not taking advantage of you and your new found fame … funny how he went from a simple insurance agent to a business owner.

Good luck!

Caligurl on

Pretty sad to see a bunch of jealous and envious people in here. Who cares whst she does? Shes paying taxes on all these Mexicans in CA too and shes not on welfare like the octuplet mom. Give her a break, she’s pretty and seems so down to earth and um football is famous especially Dallas CowGirls. I sure if u all could be on tv and make money you would so SHUT IT!! And Grow up. Life happens while we’re making including kids and moving.

Caligurl on

And besides you marry for love not for who the person is!