Minted Debuts Mommy Calling Cards

08/17/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Minted

If “I’ll have my mom call your mom” is the first phrase your little social butterfly learned, there’s a good chance she has a busier calendar than you.

So why not make setting up playdates easier with Minted‘s new collection of Mommy Calling Cards.

Whether you go for the classic Fave Teddy ($30 for 25) or the cheeky Call My People ($30 for 25, left), you’re sure to be a hit at the playground.

To help you stock up for back-to-school, the company’s offering 25 free cards — plus $7.95 shipping — until Sept. 23.

Just submit your order at

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Olivia on

OMG, no. I am not my daughter’s “assistant”.

SH on


Cassie on

Wow – this is absurd.

Shiya on

that’s more than a little ridiculous

meme on

If I my child recieved one of these, I would think their parents are very odd.

Erika on

This is RIDICULOUS! I guess it is just too much effort to just exchange numbers in your phone or on a piece of paper? That is how my mother set up playdates for me when I was a child. How did I ever survive my childhood?

TC on

Actually I think it’s kinda cute and is a tad easier than trying to find a scrap piece of paper and pen or fish out my phone from the bottom of my purse

dholmas on

That is ridiculous. If anyone wanted (and who in their right mind would) them why pay for them when you can make them yourself for a fraction of the money they want.

Meghan Jane on

These are adorable! I just checked the site and they are totally customizable too, so you can use them as business cards and/or mommy cards. Love it!

J on


Kes on

I think the idea is kind of cute, but the price is insane.

Shannon on

I can see Gwyneth Paltrow using these.

Shannon on

But seriously…how pretentious!

Anna on

Ridiculous, how about at the end of the school day just sending your kid home with a friend or taking a friend home with you?

JustMe on

I don’t know… I think that if the card fell into the wrong hands with all that info (ph number, name of the child, pic of the child)… you could be asking for trouble. Unfortunate that we have to always be on the alert in this dangerous world 😦

That said, my first thought was ‘in what universe’?… LOL

showbizmom on

I’m on the fence about this so is the whole office. Some say cute and reasonable, other say ridiculous and not so cute.

I too would find it a bit strange if a mom or dad gave me a card like this to schedule a play date, it’s like well we’re right here, why don’t we whip out our phones and schedule something now?

Hell I don’t even have business cards, I can’t see myself ever buying these, but I know some moms and dads’ that would.

ZaraB on

What a waste of the earth’s resources! And a good point that JustMe made about what could happen if these cards fell into the wrong hands… Just pick up the phone, for goodness sake!

Erika on

Good point, JustMe. Even if it doesn’t have your address, they can still look you up. Nowadays it is so easy to find someones address on the internet and they could probably find you on facebook. All it takes is to drop one of these in public and have the wrong person find it.

Rosy on

I think this is a cute idea, I agree with the poster who said it sounds easier than fishing for a piece of paper and pen – that was my first thought, too. I’m not sure why so many people hate it but eh each to their own.

Lucy on

TOTALLY agree with ZaraB and so many others, plain absurd on so many levels. Wasteful, pretentious, VERY Gwyneth, shall I go on? Gross. In the age of iPhones where (where you can put the whole family’s contact information in the phone and the play date in the phone’s calendar with two reminders) why would you fork out the money for this mess?

kimmie on

I first thought its a calling card you use on the pay phone or something but now I think its like a business card? WTF? Im not loading my child’s pockets with these to give to whoever at the park. And if I would want him to, you can get 250 of them on Vista prints for free, plus $5.95 shipping or so, if he’s really that busy

cn tower on

Add me to the list of skeptics – this is bizarre and completely absurd. I can think of many other ways to spend the $$$.

7x7xMommy on

I fall somewhere down the middle on these…I think it’s a cute/fun idea if you 1. have the $$ and 2. make sure they don’t have too much info on them (which might beg the question – why get them in the first place if your kids could potentially be passing out information that could come back to bite you?).

I know many Moms in San Francisco (where I live) who would buy these so for them, it could make sense. Plus, as others have pointed out, you could use them as business cards or maybe to pass out to family members (have Mom or Dad be in charge)…cute idea, but maybe a little impractical.

robin on

I agree with the previous comments. Ridiculous. Even if I were given these for FREE I would not use them. These come off as dopey and pretentious.

Lis on

This is honestly one of the stupidest things I have ever seen in my entire life.

Kait on

It’s odd but makes sense for some – my cousin’s daughter rides the bus and met a little girl on the bus who she wanted to play with after school. How are the Mom’s supposed to exchange info?? My cousin had to give her daughter a note to give to the other little girl to give to her Mom. In that case, one of these cards would have been perfect.

If your picking your kid up and talking to other moms – it’s over the top. But if you’re in a situation like my cousin it makes sense.

Heidi on

“how about at the end of the school day just sending your kid home with a friend or taking a friend home with you?” That’s a better idea than sending a card?! I don’t know where you live, but kids need booster seats until they’re 8 in my state. I can’t just take a kid home with me! We have lots of friends who don’t live next door or down the block. Plus you put the information you want to give. E-mail doesn’t have to include your name. And I don’t answer the phone to just anyone.

Sticker shock? I can understand that. An alternative would be an address label on a piece of paper, like you get from St. Jude’s.