Spotted: Kourtney Kardashian and Her Smiley Son

08/17/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

Park playdate! Kourtney Kardashian gives son Mason Dash, 20 months, a hand on the slide in Beverly Hills on Sunday. The reality star, 32, and boyfriend Scott Disick then headed to Taverna Tony for dinner. Although little sister Kim Kardashian is tying the knot this weekend, Kourtney insists she has no plans to walk down the aisle herself!

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Brooke on

Wow!!! Is it just me or does his hair seem a lot lighter? He’s so cute and he’s so much bigger than last time I saw a picture.

Pamela on

He’s such a doll!!!

Micheley on

Now THIS is my favorite celeb baby!! I just adore Mason AND Kourtney. She seems like a really great mom. Mason is always smiley and adorable, I love his “fashion” and he always looks gorgeous!

ClaireSamsmom on

He is sooo cute! Getting so big, too!

Sherri on

Mason is a handsome lil boy!!

Guinny on

Lol, for a split second I thought it was Anya from Allesandra :$. Mason is such a cutie *melt*!

Jodi on

I think this family is the textbook definition of “famewh*ores”. They will do almost anything to make money. The weight loss product they were endorsing was not even FDA approved. I wonder if they feel good knowing they all, expect Bruce Jenner, became “famous” because of Kim’s sex tape? Or they at least got their start with her sextape.

Also I think the little boy is one of the most unattractive children I have ever seen.

tate on

Starting to see some of Scott in his face.

suzie on

Wow Jodi kinda of harsh there against a BABY … Mason is an absolute doll 🙂

Jess on

Wow, that’s so funny I was just thinking how much lighter his hair looked and now I see I wasn’t alone in that observation. Either way he’s adorable. 🙂

dsfg on

Jodi, who cares? At least they seem to be nice people. Who on earth would mention that they think a child is unattractive???

Cecelia on

Such a sweet photograph.

Wow, Jodi! You’re just a real peach, huh? Just because you don’t like the family doesn’t mean it gives you free reign to criticize an innocent child. That’s definitely not an attractive quality.

Ashley on

RIGHT ON Jodi! Couldn’t agree more with every single word!!!!!!!!

Nunya on

Jodi = classic definition of a hater. Not liking the Kardashian’s is one thing, but to attack a CHILD is completely uncalled for. What happened to this site? Some of the comments on here are so mean (and bitchy).

Karen on

Jodi, you need glasses. This child is adorable. Who cares how they got famous??? Sounds like you love to hate them.

Sarah on

I think Jodi is the textbook definition of “attention wh*ore.” I wonder if she feels good knowing she is getting attention for meaning a bitter, hateful b!tch?

Also I’m willing to bet she’s one of the ugliest people I’ve ever seen. Attractive people (inside and out) don’t go around judging toddlers’ looks.

Shannon on

LOL she’s pregnant again.

mary on

wow, even if you hate the Kardashians, how can you say that baby is not cute. He is adorable. His hair is probably lighter in the sun, my kids hair is totally blonde from the beach, normally it is much darker.

SadieA on

Jodi, you do realize that OTC weight-loss products are almost never FDA approved, right? Neither are vitamins or supplements. If it’s not a prescription or OTC medication, the FDA probably hasn’t approved it.

Catca on

I think Mason is adorable as well – but I do have to ask a question. Does this child have ANY play clothes? His outfit is gorgeous, but not really the best thing to wear to the park. He’s not a doll, he’s a little boy!

Maeve on

lol Sarah I was thinking the same thing!

i think hes adorable and i dont understand who can sit there and say such harsh things about people you dont know!

unless you know the Kardashians personally, or any celebrity at that matter, you have no room to judge

i hate that people say such mean things about celebrities just because theyre famous!

NickyAngel on

This little boy is simply beautiful…always smiling 🙂

PS Jodi go take a hike with your nasty comments

Maddie on

Mason is such a wee sweetie. I can’t get over how much he looks like Rob (but starting to see some of Scott)! I’m a major addict of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, i must admit. I love Kourtney, she seems really relaxed as mom. Out of the adult sisters, Khole is my favorite, I love her attitude and sense of humor! I assume the wedding will be taped for the show? Can’t wait to see that 🙂

Indi on

I Dont know much about the Kadashians here in Australia, Dont Watch their show. But That little boy is the most CUTEST think i have ever seen, always smiling and messing around he just melts my heart!!

Fab on

Jodi and Ashley are “POST”_whores…. SEEKING ATTENTION by bashing people they DONT KNOW and OBVIOUSLY you both need glasses as well if you think this baby is unattractive…. LLS… SMHASP!!!!

Capri on

Jodi….clearly you’re an ultimate hater. Did you forget their father was an attorney for OJ Simpson or their stepfather was an Olympic athlete…while Kims…tape…may have boosted them, I’d say they have done pretty well for themselves. Clothing lines, perfumes, their own stores/businesses/workout DVDs/jelwery/reality shows. Say what you want but I cant hate them for making the most of their opportunities = smart business women.

Anyways, Mason is soooooo cute…his hair is getting really light. Kourt seems like a great mom, just hope Mason is sleeping by himself now…he’s almost 2.

Ness on

Jodi get your head out your a#se!

Kelli on

Mason is a little doll! I really like Kourtney as well. She seems like the most normal one out of that clan. But, I can’t stand Scott. He’s such a douche, and I get the impression that he treats her like shit.

Gretta on

Careful Jodi, that which is like unto itself is drawn. You better hope your karma doesn’t make any child you conceive come out deformed. Now how about them apples?

lorena smith on

my favourites are kourtney scott and baby mason is just adorable i also agree with capri mason should be sleeping by himself all the time. that was only okay once in a while only if he is sick.this is a great little family god bless

Chloe on

I’m sorry, I like the Kardashians and all, but Mason isn’t exactly a “cute” baby.

He might grow into his looks…

Jillian on

First, what is LOL about you thinking he is pregnant. Second, not true. But, if you want to spread it go ahead……you look silly!