Ivanka Trump Enjoying the ‘Everyday Moments’ of Motherhood

08/17/2011 at 09:00 AM ET

New mom Ivanka Trump is basking in bittersweet baby bliss since welcoming daughter Arabella Rose, her first child with husband Jared Kushner.

“The most fun part of being a mother so far is watching Arabella grow and experience different things every day; It is also the hardest part though!” the fashion designer, 29, tells Today.

“I feel like she will be out of the house and off to college before Jared and I know it.”

Fortunately for Trump, she is savoring each second spent with the 4-week-old — even if it means making sacrifices.

“It is easy to want to talk on the phone or read the paper while feeding a baby, but taking a break and enjoying those everyday moments is extremely rewarding,” she shares.

As for baby girl’s name, Trump and Kushner had no problem deciding on a moniker that was creative yet still held special meaning for the couple.

“I have always loved the name Arabella, and Jared’s grandmothers had names beginning with an A and an R,” the Celebrity Apprentice judge explains. “We wanted to pay a subtle homage to those two strong and wonderful women while also adopting a name that was very unique. Plus, we thought that the initials — ARK — were cool!”

— Anya Leon

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cn tower on

Funny how she is referred to as a Fashion Designer in the article. Although I do recall reading something about her lending her name to a line of shoes or handbags, I think of her more as an executive level business woman with academic credentials (MBA?). Maybe the point of the interview was to plug the products she’s involved with.

Maggie on

Well, clearly. If you click the link to the Today show, the piece is mostly about her jewelry line. But that is not of interest to this site so we just get the baby pieces.

Lissette on

Yeah, I am sure she ‘puts down her phone’ and does not talk to it while holding the baby. She does absolutely no work. That’s why she went back to her office 8 days after giving birth.


Quit lying Ivanka. Its ok. I am sure other people will bond with your baby. You just stay at work.

ForeverMoore on

I was the exact opposite lol – I seemed to forget that phones or news existed, all I wanted to do was watch my baby nurse and sleep during those first few months. I was in such awe that he was mine and those were those little feet that kicked my belly all the time. Pure magic.

Holiday on

Not to put her down but I was very surprised a new mom with an 8 day old baby would head back to the office without her newborn so early. When my kids were brand new I could barely stand to put them down.

Justme;) on

I love the name Arabella Rose!! I now want to name my daughter that! It’s SOOO cute! And stop being haters people. She wants to make money, so she goes to work, she said earlier, when she went to work, she wanted to go home and see Arabella.

Appreciate on

Don’t bash her just because her choices are different to yours. She seems to be enjoying motherhood, so leave it that.

Babyy on

I love her name

julia on

She sounds like a very happy, down to earth mom…

Rose-2 on

Anon: You sound extremely bitter. You also sound like a total hypocrite for bashing a women for working shortly after her baby was born when dads routinely go back to work a day or two after their children are born and no one bats an eye.

Dahlia on

Love the name!!

Amaya on

I think most people would say they prefer hearing about Ivanka Trump over Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton any day of the week. Despite her father’s craziness, she seems stable and is not a MEDIA WHORE. It’s good to see a young wealthy socialite not acting like a SPOILED BRAT DIVA. CONGRATULATIONS–Ivanka and Jared.

brandee on

I left work on a Wednesday after being a week over due…had my daughter the next Wednesday and had to go back to work the next Wednesday. It was not what I wanted but had to do. Nope, not rich like her but we all do what we have to or think is best.

With my 3rd child, my husband left me right after 3 major deaths in our family…I was just a couple months pregnant and alone. I worked til the day before my son was born and went back to work a week later then too.

Now my adult children admire and respect me for raising them to know the meaning of hard work and not just an entitlement life. Love my kids and made the most of the time I could spend with them!

Angelina on

It is a beautiful name and I wish the first-time mom luck. How fun.

Amy on

Her husband must be Jewish. Using the first initials of the names of family members who have passed is a Jewish tradition.

Congratulations to the new parents!

Jenniferrr on

The article refers to her as a fashion designer, and despite her forays into that field, that is not her primary occupation. I wonder is People figured that made her more relateable than the business executive that she is.

fuzibuni on

To me, Arabella Rose is the name equivalent of being stuck in an elevator with someone wearing too much perfume.

Snowbunny on

You GO Ivanka! I went back to work a week after each of my 3 babies. The world wasnt going to stop because I had kids. Its all about spending QUALITY time with the kids and teaching them not to be 100% dependant on you. My kids are adults now with families of their own. We always had and continue to have the closest of relationships.

Sophie on

To me the name “Arabella Rose’ is another typical unknown name! I don’t really care about her or her name how did came up with. Never was her fan or her father’s either…they are all “spoiled rich kids” who do not respect any one only them self!?!It does sound like pushing elevator buttons up and down”….lol!how stupid and pathetic typical only for TRUMP CLAN~!

Marky on

fuzibuni, why do you feel the need to be so rude about someone else’s baby’s name? It just seems so uncalled for, sort of like walking by someone and saying, “Your kid is just stupid!” What the heck?

Melissa on

Pretty name 🙂 My daughter’s name is Ava Rose Kelly so her initials are also ARK.I actually didnt think about that when i named her because Rose was my maiden name and i thought it just sounded so pretty with the name Ava.

ani on

while perhaps rude, fuzibunis comment is pretty funny. ivanka trump’s politics thou are out of touch, maybe if the rick like her actually paid more taxes (and corporations) the rest of us could afford to get paid enough to be able to take enough time off work. just sayin’.

Karen on

People should be able To name and enjoy their birth within their beliefs and morale. I think
Invanka will be a remarkable daughter, wife and most of all a remarkable mother.
Come to the peaceful mountains on Tennessee.

Anonymous on

Amy … I am Jewish. Do you have a problem with that? Idiot.

soph on

lol, Marky…and why do you feel the need to get so upset about fuzibuni’s comment about someone else’s baby’s name?

Beth on

I love her name and I like the fact the Ivanka and her husband think about the same things we do. “The initials sounded cool.” I like that. As far as her going back to work early. A lot of people do it because they have too and we don’t complain, why should we complain because she wanted to go back. I’m sure she’s a great mom, just as Donald and Ivanah are great parents and by the way had jobs. Leave her alone and let her enjoy being a mom! Really people, can’t we just be happy for someone for a change instead of always criticizing them? We’re all just trying to do our best for our families.

JessicaB on

of the trump clan; she is far and away the cream of the crop. i don’t know how she turned out the way she did, but in interviews she is very cool and kind. i’ve seen her asked questions that were just insulting and she maintains her composure. her dad is overbearing and arrogant. her mother is in her second childhood and so self-indulgent it’s sickening. her oldest brother has daddy issues and his wannabe wife keeps having kids to secure future child support payments. i won’t even start in on trumps second or 3rd wives, or those kids (because they are still kids). anyway, i hope ivanka is able to remain as she is. good for her for being a hands-on mom.

meghan on

soph, why do you feel the need to involve yourself in discussions that do not concern you?

janis on

arabella kushner. beautiful name! wishing them well.

Tia-in-NY on

Rose-2 how exactly is Anon a hypocrite?last time I checked no man has ever given birth.So they are free to go off to work the minute their child is born(if they so choose)seems to me you are the bitter one.Get over yourself….

JulieA on

She looks like the girl who played Phoebe on “Friends”! 😀

But seriously…..Arabella is a beautiful name. 🙂

lawinz on


soph on

I could ask you the same question, meghan.

ClaireSamsmom on

I love her baby’s name and I wish her luck…. I have always liked Ivanka from watching her on The Apprentice. She seems very classy and poised. I can’t wait to see a picture of this beautiful baby!

Kate on

She is a jewelry designer. She is rich and beautiful. This is the first article on her that I have read that makes her seem human. For once I feel like she is just like the rest of us, money aside.


My Granddaughter was born on 1-11-11 and she was named Arabella Sophia. The first time I ever heard the name was while my daughter was pregnant. I really love the name.

Rose-2 on

@Tia-In-NY: Your comment makes no sense. What does giving birth have to do with going back to work? Nicole Kidman was raked over the coals for going to an awards show right after her child was born by a surrogate. A mother doesn’t have to give birth in order to be judged for taking time away from her baby. And my original point was that it’s hypocritical to hold mothers and fathers to different standards. And I can see why you missed my point since you seem to think it’s okay to hold mothers to higher standards as well. Sometimes I feel like it’s 1950 here in the comments sections.

molly.one on

I don’t think Amy meant anything by it or has a problem with people of Jewish heritage- I just think she was stating a thought about why they perhaps used family lineage for the names. Touchy, touchy….

That aside, I think Arabella is beautiful- very unique without being ridiculous!

Maggie's Mom on

What’s wrong with what Amy said about her husband being Jewish? Sounded like an observation to me, unless I’m missing something. And I’m Jewish too. Chill out lady.

suzy on

Do not like the name Arabella, especially the ARA. Love the name Rose.

Amy on

I read some where she went back into the office for just a few hours
I think its great with her money she does works..she could be just living off of family money and doing nothing.

Amy on

I read some where she just went back into the office for a few hours. Its great that she does work instead of living off of the family money and doing nothing. I have never been a fan of Donald Trump but good for him for raising his kids to earn there own money. I read an article a while back said that they were not handed anything at all growing up he gave them small allowance for chores they did. Must of paid off since they all work as adults.

Amy on

Um, Anonymous, I’m Jewish too. Where did you see me saying that was a bad thing? I’m crediting our religious tradition.

czech girl on

I´m from Czech republic and Arabela is the name of princess in a fairytale movie made in 1979. Since mother of Ivanka is Czech I believe she may have had something to do with this 🙂 so it´s not so NEW but I agree it´s unique because here in Czech rep. it would be totally strange to name a baby Arabela….

Cassie on

Meghan, you should have been warned – don’t feed the troll!!!

A, Heilbrunn on

When Ivanka gave birth a couple of weeks ago. Everyone was saying the “good, bad and the ugly” about their choice of a name for their baby girl.

I knew their religious background, soooooooooo I said their choice would be some beloved elder and dead.

I was right.

They honored his grandparents.

Tradition, tradition, tradition.

Alexis on

Where in the article does it say she has already returned to work? You read the paper and talk on the phone at your home as well.

fuzibuni on

sorry, marky. I had no idea my comment would be so upsetting. To me personally, the name is very flowery and “disney princess-esque.” I know lots of people who are into that. Just not me.

ClaireSamsmom on

Cassie…your comment to Meghan cracked me up! 🙂

soph on

Tsk, tsk. cassie and ClaireSamsmom acting like a couple of children.

Let’s see…cassie’s not smart so she resorts to troll comments. ClaireSamsmom solely identifies as a mommy, so can’t expect much from her…

Oh, and were the comments from you two adding to the “discussion”? Hmm…nope.

Cassie on

Glad it did ClaireSamsmom! 🙂 Isn’t it true though?!? hahaha

Cassie on

soph, you really are a joke. And one that I actually enjoy laughing at – so please keep up the shenanigans!

Very typical also – claiming someone isn’t “smart” or isn’t contributing to a discussion, etc. That’s just overflowing with intelligence and contribution from you though, right?

oh soph, you really need to get some happiness in your life – you seem so haggered and bitter. Exercise would work wonders, or just getting outdoors in general … that would perhaps introduce a man into your life who could take care of your needs. Anything to get some endorphins pumping would be beneficial! But until then you just enjoy the view from your computer desk, while you sit in your sweaty ass indented chair as you plow your 5 chinned face with more junk food…

soph on

Oh, Cassie. If anyone sounds bitter, it’s you, dear, with that desperate little rant of yours that you thought would have an effect. If it makes you feel better to make a comment about me to someone else, you go right ahead. It’s classic cowardly high school behavior, and let’s face it, you’re still mentally stuck there, right?

Cassie on

Oh no, not bitter at all – never have been, never will be. I see what kind of behaviour does to a person first hand, you’re a shining example of that. You can try and pretend but deep down you know you are just as sad and pathetic as you come across to everyone that reads your posts. And I am sure it did strike a nerve – since you didn’t deny it, must have some validity.

And I can assure you that my mentality is far more stable than that of you little ‘ol soph. Chin up though – as I see it – you can really only improve when you’re at rock bottom like yourself, so you do have that going for you! Good luck! 😀

dsfg on

“Sometimes I feel like it’s 1950 here in the comments sections.”

Rose-2, I agree! Sexism still thrives, including on this site, and women are just as bad as men.

ClaireSamsmom on

Soph, do you have children? Just wondering…

ClaireSamsmom on

Cassie…it did! 🙂 And it is soo true! I just wonder why she feels the need to go off on almost every post on here. And I have yet to read a positive one from her. It is all to feed into the negativity and get people all worked up. And she now feels the need to make fun of my “name” on here for having “mom” in the title. Good grief. I just wonder if in ‘real life’ she is as unkind as she is on here…and if she does have children, I do hope she isn’t like this with them.

soph on

Lol, you’re even dumber than I thought. Because I didn’t deny something, there must be truth to it? You keep telling yourself that, hon, and “assure” me all you want. It’s fun watching hypocrites lash out.

Indira on

If I know kids after she turns about 15 or so her nickname will be Kush ;). I really dislike when people use the names. Middle names to me are the time to be creative. Get wild, imaginative! Who cares? Middle names like Rose, Grace and Lynn are so dull. They’re like black pants, they go with everything.

soph on

Aww, and there goes ClaireSamsmom, too scared to direct any of that to my face.

Listen, sweetie…one, I don’t have to divulge anything about my personal life on here. I know, I know, you’re upset because that doesn’t give you anything you can throw in my face. Oh well.

Two, I certainly do post “positive” things here when I want to. If it’s the less than glowing comments I make that you choose to focus on, that’s not my problem.

ClaireSamsmom on

Soph, I’m sorry. You’re right. Here is the same post to Cassie, now directed to you. I just wonder why you feel the need to go off on almost every post on here. And I have yet to read a positive one from you. It is all to feed into the negativity and get people all worked up. And you now feel the need to make fun of my “name” on here for having “mom” in the title.

Good grief. I just wonder if in ‘real life’ you are as unkind as you are on here…and if you do have children, I do hope you aren’t like this with them.

Cassie on

Wow – soph, I have to agree with the rest. You really are a negative cold person. Everything you type is just so snippy and condescending … like somehow you think you are above everyone else, I don’t know why this is. What kind of sick perverse feeling do you actually gain by attacking others?! ohhh that’s right you won’t divulge that.

It’s okay, the impression you have made with everyone I am sure has been concluded. I have seen your name pop up a lot – and you know just as well as anyone else that there aren’t any positive ones … that would be something to recall, not these childish tyrades.

I sincerely hope you have not procreated – and if so god bless your children. May they be nothing like you!

Cassie on

You won’t divulge any of your personal life to anyone becaues there is nothing to tell.

Let me paint a picture for all of you – she is an overweight, unattractive woman,has no job, and she has no one that truly cares about her, sure she has family and maybe a few friends but she is a bully and treats them poorly as well. they only stick around becasue they feel sorry for her, either tat or are afraid of her. She has such a sad a depressing life that she goes out of her way to pick on others for the most minute things because it’s the only joy she gets out of life since hers is so vastly empty and unfulfilling.

soph on

Yikes…just read those last two comments. And I’m supposedly the meanie here? Wow.

soph on

Keep it up, ladies…you’re only showing that you’re a bunch of hypocritical, holier than thou harpies who love to say “shame on you,” then turn around and attack with even more venom. It’s quite fascinating to observe…so fire away!

Cassie on

You reap what you sow …. can’t really play the victim card when the fire is aimed back at you, soph. Please don’t be confused – you are the one that is holier than thou and harps on everyone for anything and everything. You really can’t be please with yourself as a human being, can you!? You start all of this drama and bs and then place the blame on everyone else. You must be a child.

soph on

Lol, where have I played the victim card? “Must” be a child? Okay then. Oh, and I am quite “please with myself,” dear, sorry to disappoint. Really, invent all the scenarios you want about me if it gives you something to do. Doesn’t make them true!

Cassie on

Are you serious?! You are a moron. You are completely playing the victim card – you must not know what that means … it’s ok, one day you will. You might be right about the child part – no one under the age of 63 says “dear” like you do.

And a thousand apologies on the typo, thank god the grammar police were here to correct me … what ever would I do without that assistance, sweetheart!?

soph on

Hahaha, and the self-imploding begins!

Cassie on

HAHAHA You SERIOUSLY think you have the capability to effect me – get over yourself, honey! Give that nutty head of yours a shake!q!

hahahahahahaah you crack me up – you are nothing but a small insignificant blip in this world … get used to it 🙂

soph on

Oh, I see.

So tell me then…why do you keep replying to someone so “insignificant”? Hmm?

You’re such a fool.

Cassie on

Because I like getting under your skin, of course! 😀

Fool, eh? Add in the “dear”, “harpies” …. you ARE a dusty old fart! And you’re fat…the double threat. Ouch.

Anyway I am out of this bs – enjoy being a thorn in everyone else’s sides, soph. See ya around, pet.

soph on

Lol, just listen to yourself.

On the other hand, don’t…you might realize how spectacularly idiotic you sound.

“Out of it”? Translation: I can’t match wits, I’m scared, I’ll run away! Good riddance 🙂

soph on

Because believe me…when you have to call someone “fat” or an “old fart” to make your point…there’s not much going on intellectually, right?

Tia-in-NY on

Soph,you need to get some serious help to deal with your childhood issues.Seems to me you have some severe daddy issues.And I’m going to call you a B**ch because that’s exactly what you are.I see right through you and your crap darling.Don’t come on this sight and take your fustrations out on people…..I actually feel sorry for you.I applaud all the commenters for giving you a dose of your own medicine…you silly girl.

soph on

Childhood issues? Daddy issues? You really think you’re hurting my lil’ feelings, eh? Surprise, surprise, yet another poster goes on the attack without having the brains to back it up. Hey sweetie, I’ll come on this “sight” and call out the hypocrites whenever I want, and sadly, you can’t do anything about it. Learn to deal.

dsfg on

It sounds like a bunch of children are posting on this topic . . .

gina on

hey soph, anonymous, cassie, clairesamsmom, get a chat room..

soph on

No thanks. They’ve all run off like cowards, but that’s usually the case…hey, maybe they’re consulting their crystal balls again about someone else, calling them a bitch and telling them they hope they haven’t procreated, blind to the fact that they themselves are raging, bitter hypocrites. Lovely!

Toya L. on

They’ve all run off like cowards, but that’s usually the case.
Or they chose to be the bigger person and let it go. It took me one time (2 comments) with you and I didn’t run off like a coward, I just said, “yeah you’re right, have a nice day.” I didn’t say that because I believed you were really right, I simply chose not to stoop to your level.

soph on

Hmm, what is this level you speak of? Is it the one you’re on, since, you know, you’re posting here as well?

“I didn’t say that because I believed you were really right”

Do you think this is news to me? Your attempt to placate me just so you could say later that you were being “the bigger person” was obviously disingenuous and I saw right through it. But keep patting yourself on the back there, Toya.

Toya L. on

Thanks boo boo, I will. How are you doing today?

soph on

I know you will…oh, and look, there you go again! Nice!

Toya L. on

So does that mean your doing good today?

soph on

Lol…you were just congratulating yourself on your “handling” of me, now you’re deliberately engaging? Not biting, Toya, sorry hon!

Toya L. on

Hunh? I never said I “handled” you. You still didn’t answer my innocent question. Hope that you are having a good day hon.

soph on

You do realize that I can put quotes around something I say, not just what others say?

And did you read? I said I wasn’t biting. Why don’t you come to your own baseless conclusions about me, you’ve done it so much in the past. No need to change things up now!

Toya L. on

Oh Soph, you should try and relax you seem so defensive. I’d rather not come to any conclusions about you and I don’t ever remember doing so before but if I did, I apologize. Are you enjoying your summer?

soph on

Selective memory, eh?
Really, hon…run along. I’m not interested.

Toya L. on

Well enjoy your summer and continue to smile, laugh and relax sweetie.

soph on

Lol, I do all three, no worries, Toya.

ClaireSamsmom on

“Lol, I do all three, no worries.” Just trying out the quote thing.

soph on

Uh, why?