Look for Less: Vivienne Jolie-Pitt’s Eclectic Mix

08/16/2011 at 10:00 AM ET

There’s another girlie-girl in the Jolie-Pitt family!

During a fun-filled day with her family at the London Aquarium on July 23, Vivienne Marcheline showed off her mini style in a quirky mix of patterns and colors.

The 3-year-old wore Burberry‘s Pleat-Trim Charcoal Dress ($235) with a bright embroidered jacket, black leggings and CrocsCarlie Sandals ($35).

Love Vivienne’s cute, kid-friendly polish?

You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up similar items — all under $30!

Courtesy Zara


We couldn’t find one as colorful as Vivienne’s, but your little fashionista will look so chic in Zara‘s Metallic Thread Jacket ($30).

From the scrunched-up sleeves to the leather-like piping, the Chanel-esque topper will instantly add polish to any outfit.

Courtesy Amazon


Add Carter‘s Plaid Dress ($12) to your daughter’s closet. Not only is the print so on-trend, but the ribbon tie-belt adds a sweet touch.

Courtesy Target


Pair Circo‘s Crop Leggings ($3) with a dress or a cute tee. Either way, the stretchy fabric really gives your girl the freedom move.

Courtesy Old Navy


Ready to go retro? Old Navy‘s Jelly Mary Janes ($5) are an adorable twist on the classic style. We just love the pretty flower applique, stylish cut-outs and shimmery glitter finish.

— Anya Leon

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flmomof2 on

her and Shyloh look SO much alike at that age.

LaKesha on

The shoes from Old Navy put horrible bruises on little feet.

Shannon on

Looks like she dressed herself. 🙂

anon on

I’m pretty sure Angelina picked up that jacket in Thailand or Laos. The embroidered design is just like those of the Hmong culture traditional clothing. Super cute!

Sarah Beth on

She’s rather strange looking, this one. Shiloh and Knox (Knox especially) are really cute but Vivienne looks kind of disproportionate, IMO. Her head is way too big for that tiny face.

ForeverMoore on

@Sarah Beth, take a look at some pics of Angelina in toddlerhood…they are twins! But she obviously grew into her features just fine so I think Viv will too 😀

@Anon, I totally agree…Thailand was my first thought when I saw that jacket…love all the vibrant colors in their textiles!

erin on

I always love when kids start to dress themselves. Makes me wish I could get away with wearing all of my favorites even if they don’t remotely go together.

Margaret on

$235 dollars???? That’s how much I spent for my child’s whole fall wardrobe.

Becca on

The saying “two beautiful people can have an ugly child” really comes into play here…

Des on

At Becca: So thats how you were born like that. Real Ugly on the inside

Terri on

I think the Carter’s dress is even cuter. I may have to buy it for my niece!

kimmie on

LOL Becca you must have two very beautiful parents

Alyssa on

I’m sorry, I don’t like her “style” if that’s what you want to call it. It looks like they bought a bunch of random mismatched clothing from the Goodwill and put them on her. She’s on her way to looking like an Olsen Twin, all she needs is a Starbuck’s cup.

Elena on

Alyssa – I agree completely! Each thing she is wearing is cute on its own, but they don’t go together at all. And why wear leggings under that dress? Whoever said above that Viv dressed herself is probably right. The only person in that family with any innate sense of style is Zahara!

nettrice on

Well I LOVE her style and I think she’s adorable. Some of the commenters here, not so much.

Bellais on

So adorable… cutie pie!!!

Renee on

She probably dressed herself. We all know how stubborn kids can be with what they want to wear. Either way she’s a cutie 🙂

mrscabrera on

She is probably wearing leggings under her dress to be the equivalent of shorts. It’s probably so when she’s playing her underpants don’t show if her dress comes up.

Also she may grow into her looks, there are plenty people who weren’t so cute when they were children who grew up to be attractive adults as well as vice versa, but hopefully people will like her for what’s on the inside and not what her face looks like.

Toya L. on

Lol @Margaret, we spent $250 per child on an entire end of summer/fall wardrobe too. I think she’s a cutie and reminds me of both parents.

mina is anidiot on

viv is adorable

Korrie on

Whether you believe so or not, I am sure her parents and those that love her think she is just stunning. Inner beauty is far more important and those that make comments about this childs looks are lacking in the beauty needed to have a proper soul.

Elena on

Opinions on this outfit aside, Viv’s Crocs are on sale on Zulily right now for $20 (instead of $35). I just ordered a pair in purple for my daughter!

Mia on

She looks more like Brad-and Knox is more like Angelina–Shiloh is a combo of both.

The only thing Angelina at that age has in common with her kids in the blonde hair + the lips …but the face-shape + nose is more Brad (except Knox).

Marky on

Elena, obviously you have no knowledge of the weather in England. My son’s family just came back and it was in the 6-‘s there; in all the pics, they had on long sleeves and jackets! It may be 105 here, but not there. Lighten up on comments about the childrens’ appearance. They are cute kids and who knows how beautiful they will be when they grow up? You people act like your kids are all just stunningly beautiful. Sad, to make fun of children….

Maya on

Lakesha – the Crocs’ adult version of the sandal gave me terrible chafing as well – I love their completely open sandals – the partially closed ones, though pretty, are very uncomfortable.

Daniela on

How can you say such mean things it’s just a little girl. She’s so cute, I do not understand the people can criticize a child using so hurtful words …

Daisy on

I find it so bizarre that people don’t see Vivienne as cute. Her & Shiloh are my favourite celeb kids; I think they’re both adorable.

Sarah K. on

Marky, I was thinking the same thing. The posters commenting on a child’s appearance act like their children are just so perfect looking. Vivienne didn’t ask to be in the spotlight and I would hate to think that one day she’ll see that all of these people thought she was ugly. Hopefully her parents will help her realize what real ugly is.

annachestnut on

She’s cute. She looks like Shiloh.

Sarah on

Thank you for finding an affordable dress, because there’s NO way I would fork over $235 for a little girl’s dress (no matter how cute!)

Sasha on

What a cutie! She looks like her big sister Shiloh 😉

zappo on

the “lookalike” jacket doesn’t share any features with the one the little girl is wearing! The one the girl is wearing looks to have hand embroidery. It doesn’t match but I quite like the look alot. I am not a matchy match person anyways, i go with what I love and what makes ME happy..CUTE CUTE CUTE she is!

leigh on

I’m not a fan of Angelina or Brad really, but these two donate tons of money to aid charities and people around the world and here at home. If they decide to spend $235 on a dress for their daughter, that’s their business(I’m sure you don’t want someone telling you not to buy cheap clothes for your kid!) Anyone who makes rude remarks about a toddler’s looks is a low-life, insecure THUG! These comments are atrocious. She’s a cutie and looks adorable in her mis-matched clothing.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

She’s cuter than some other celeb bubs shown on this site IMO. Looks a lot like her big sis.

emily on

IT JUST HIT ME! She looks EXACTLY like Ruby Sweetheart (Toby McGuire’s kid) Literally…they’re twins.

Vivi on

Vivienne looks just like Brad.. Knox and Shiloh look exactly like Angelina as child

crazycali on

the jacket/top coat she’s wearing is a hmong costume. not found at any fashion/retail store. it’s hand-made and sold by word of mouth. if you’re lucky, you can find them at asian/hmong supermarket, etc.

looks beautiful on her. Brad and Angelina have a very diverse taste..

eve on

Hey! That’s a jacket from my traditional ethnic clothing.

jamie on

I believe she’s wearing a traditional Hmong shirt which is usually hand stitched.

sandeexlee on

Yes, her jacket is a Hmong traditional shirt. I’m Hmong and I have some similar ones like her. You can find them during the Hmong New Year’s celebration.

yaj94 on

Oh my gosh, that’s a Hmong jacket! That’s so cute! Thanks for showing off the Hmong clothing, Angelina Jolie!

KXion on

I think the little girl look just perfect the way she is and by the way no brainers the little girls embroided shirt is no junk. It is a hand sewn Hmong clothing, not some random kid dress-up clothing. AND yes the Hmong jacket are expensive, the whole jacket takes up to about 5 months too sew it by hand unless you’re very good at it the least will be 3 months. So please people stop hatting.

Bleu_Bar on

Disgusting, I can’t believe this article suggested to substitute a jacket for the ethnic top. It’s not a piece of clothing, it’s a statement.