Rachel Zoe: I’ve Become a Baby Pusher!

08/16/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
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Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe says she’s “living proof” that women can juggle a successful career and a family simultaneously.

The new mom will have her 5-month-old son Skyler Morrison in tow for upcoming fashion weeks in Europe and New York, she tells ET Canada, adding, “I’ve only spent one night away from him since he’s been born.”

Zoe — who famously waffled over the decision to have a child — now calls herself a “baby pusher” and shares this advice for women contemplating having kids: “If you’re thinking ‘Should I? Shouldn’t I?,’ you should!”

The designer, 39, has good things to say about motherhood, sleepless nights and all.

“It’s the greatest thing in the entire world,” she tells ET. “Every day I ask my husband [Rodger Berman], ‘Is it possible to over kiss your child?’ I literally think I kiss him 200 times in a day. It’s not normal!”

“It does change your life,” she continued. “It does turn it inside out and upside down, but in the best way possible. The difference is you don’t care because you’re altering your life for the best reason in the world … He’s everything.”

The star of Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project says she keeps Skyler dressed to the nines — but she’s already preparing herself for his eventual rejection of her fashion advice.

“I put him in really beautiful clothes, but they’re all soft and comfy. I think he’s going to rebel and just be like, ‘I’m wearing a soccer uniform,'” she says with a laugh. “‘I’m wearing Adidas and Nike, Mom. That’s it.'”

Truth be told however, that’s just fine with Zoe.

“I’m going to have to deal with it, because kids need to express themselves,” she notes. “I don’t want to control him that way. Style is the best way to say who you are without having to open your mouth.”

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Shannon on

Love it! I’ve never watched her show, or really know who she is other than CBB. I think her comments are so true. Having a child does turn your life upside down completely, but in the best way. I’m glad that she is so happy and seems to have a positive outlook on raising kids, especially in Hollywood.

dsfg on

“Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe says she’s “living proof” that women can juggle a successful career and a family simultaneously.”

Well, yeah, I’m pretty sure I already knew women were capable of that, considering men have been doing it for centuries . . .

TJ on

I’m very happy for her and I’m glad she can juggle it all now. It’s pretty easy to pack up and bring a baby along but I wonder what she will do once he starts school? I hope he will be allowed to go to school and have that experience instead of being tutored.

You can’t overkiss a baby. My son is living proof!

Appreciate on

So she’s airy fairy, indulgent, spoiled and lives in La La Land, at least it’s a positive story! All the best to her.

Toni on

…Fascinating how she always looks pissed off…?

Well, I’m glad she’s fine, and wish her all the best.

Kat on

You can’t over kiss! My daughter gets kissed face, hand, feet, ears, head – whatever is nearby. Cuddle them up and kiss away, that is one of the best mommy perks!

chelsea on

She always seemed so against having a baby. I thought for sure her and her husband would get divorced. I’m glad she changed her mind and the both of them are really happy. I wonder if now she will have more.

mg on

yes…it is easy when you have money. idiot.

Lee on

I’m so glad she seems so incredibly happy. She was always very wishy-washy over the whole idea of motherhood, and it’s amazing that she took to it so well. Congratulations Rachel – and I imagine the family will be so strong because she and Roger have been together for over ten years. Glad they really thought through their decision!

Julie on

Glad she is happy HOWEVER since becomming a parent I am actually anti-baby pushing. I realized how fully committed one has to be to parent, so I may advise but never push — unprepared parents who are not fully committed shouldn’t have kids. ADULTS who are fully committed and ready shouldn’t be convinced by anyone but themselves.

spiritmomof4 on

um, hello! If you have money to hire someone to clean, cook, nanny, and whatever else the out of touch with the real world celebrities don’t do, of course you can juggle career and parenthood!!

akri on

I hope she had it because she wanted to…not bc Roger was pressuring her..that said..he’s a cutie and I’m happy for them both…does anyone know when the new season of her show starts?? Can’t wait.

Sharon on

I really do like Rachel Zoe. But I couldn’t help but snicker about the comment “living proof”. First, I will bet that she has a nanny or such, AND her husband is available 24/7. Not to mention that money is never a problem. Not exactly like most of the working mothers I know! Will trade places anyday, to show her what it is really like…

Mary Ann on

Nobody’s business!! And very hurtful for those of us who are unable to have children.

molly.one on

So glad they are diving into parenthood with such warmth and joy! Seems like it has grounded her and given her a reason to realize things beyond her fashion-obsessed world she lived in! Good for them.

And of course you can’t over-kiss; my son is almost three and I have a 100-kiss quota each day to hit but I am waiting (and dreading) the day he rejects them all! Get it while you can! :+)

Christine on

My grandmother would kiss me over and over again until I started crying as a baby. I think that’s considered over kissing!

CJ on

To: dsfg

Truth is NO THEY HAVE NOT BEEN DOING IT FOR CENTURIES because it has been the WOMEN who have been doing all the work at home, NOT THE MEN!!! Are you SERIOUS????? Having it all means you participate FULLY in EVERY aspect of your life, work, home ALL OF IT and Men have NOT been FULLY participating at home in the past. Maybe they are beginning to now but they still have LOTS to go!!!

You must be male because NO WOMAN would EVER say such an insane thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dahlia on

I guess women have been juggling a career, and being a wife and mother for a long time. I am living proof of this and have been for 15 years.

True but False on

It’s very easy to have it all – when you’re rich!! I wish these celebs would be honest and admit they have round the clock help with everything in their life, very much unlike most of us. I’m happy for her that she’s enjoying being a mom, but try it with just you and your husband doing everything, THEN talk about being living proof.

DeeAnna on

I think it’s sad that anyone and I mean ANYONE would push a woman into having child(ren). If you are not sure you want kids, then wait till you are sure. Andrea Yates was pushed by Rusty Yates into having 5 beautiful children. And sadly, she snapped and now 5 angels are in heaven. Or the mom in Tampa that murdered her her 2 teenagers for “Being mouthy”.

Parenthood is a 24-7 job that may last 18 if they move out. Or WAY WAY longer with the way the job market is. For the women that are pushing other women into motherhood BACK-OFF!!! Unless you intend on picking up the slack for the children you are pushing to be made. Then I suggest keeping your mouths shut.

Anonymous on

she should get over herself

KathyH on

Where’s mention of the nanny? I mean, she has to have one. Why pretend she is doing it all?

Brandy on

I love Rachel and I’m so happy for her and Roger. I can’t wait for the new season of her show to start! I hope more people watch it so they can see how awesome she is!

Jennifer on

This board is a forum for know-it-all haters. Get over yourselves and your hang ups with the money and luxuries celebrities have. Don’t like it? Don’t come to a place called Celebrity Baby Blog.

Lydia on

Agree with CJ. A women’s role in family is FAR different than a man’s no matter what you think otherwise when it comes to parenting. And to argue otherwise is just funny! Mommies do it all.

Georgia on

Exactly Jennifer! These are malicious comments for no reason…think she’s reading this??? Get real!

Kes on

@julie I don’t have any kids myself, but I would not appreciate someone trying to “push” a baby on me. I know it takes a lot of responsibility and I don’t know if I ever want to have any. But I certainly would not make the decision based on what someone else said to me. Everyone is different. So thanks for being reasonable as someone who already has kids not to push it on someone else.

lulu on

Rachel rocks!!! Love her….sooooooo maaaajjjooooorrrrrrr…..

Toya L. on

Organization is the key for making MY household run smoothly. It is definitely possible to juggle a family and career without having a chef, maid, nanny etc… People have been doing it for years.

She seems so happy and it is a wonderful thing to see any mother really enjoying motherhood. IMO, you can never over kiss your child. =)

Jes on

It is great to hear her so excited about motherhood. I love the comment about to many kisses I thought the same thing. I used to wonder if I told my daughter I love her too many times a day. I have a silly rule that every time I see my daughter if I have nothing else to say to her I say “I love you”. Now the best part of my day is when my almost 3 yr old little angel tells me out of the blue “mommy I love you” or I hear her tell her daddy that she loves him. It’s funny how someone so small can move you in such HUGE ways.

Anonymous on

you guys trip me out you make it seem like she runs to everyone and tells them to have a baby she said “If you’re thinking ‘Should I? Shouldn’t I?,’ you should!” just like everyone else’s advice you don’t have to take it….also who cares if her “having it all” means she has help…maid, nanny, cook and a baby and a husband and a career or whatever that is your vision of having it all. I want all that but I know it isn’t going to happen at age 26 I know for a fact I will never have my own kids but I could never judge someone else based on their idea of having it all…get a life

Rea on

Ya, living proof. Give me a break! You know who else is? EVERY WORKING MOther ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET! MY MOM IS A BRAIN SURGEON!

Sarah M. on

People love to make presumptions, huh? The fact is no one knows every detail of their lives. What they are living is their reality. Both Rachel and Rodger have worked hard to have success in business, they are reaping the rewards of that success by giving jobs to people to be a nanny, cook, clean or whatever help they have. As long as they love their child and provide a loving home for him, then I imagine he wil grow up to be happy.

Vanessa on

Yes it is easy to be a hands on working mom WHEN YOU HAVE A BABY!!! Just wait until he’s a toddler and she won’t be able to put 110% into both at the same time! She has only months left to be able to enjoy both and then she’ll have to put more effort into one over the other

Sarah M. on

I am a full-time student, a full time-mom to a very active almost 15 month old with a husband who works very long hours. It is possible if you organize and love your child.

Brandi on

To those saying “of course she can because she’s rich”. I’m far from rich, never had a nanny or a housekeeper. I am raising two, I’m single and work full time for the Department of Defense while still being a VERY hands on mother. Both of my children are school age, and I also manage to attend every school function, parent/teacher conference and PTO meeting. In fact, my house is the house all of the neighborhood kids gather at. Despite what many of the negative nancys think, it can be done. With a nasty attitude and a million excuses why you can’t do things, you’ll never be able to.

With all of that being said, I would never discredit mothers who do not have a career, because not one day has gone by where I haven’t wished to be a stay at home mom, but you gotta make the best of your circumstances.

riceme0112358 on

I am glad that she is so happy with motherhood, and I’m happy that Rodger’s dream of being a father has finally been fulfilled. I think that’s awesome.

The only issue that I have is that no one should EVER be “pushed” into having a baby. Not everyone is capable or prepared to take on that immense task; and incapable, unprepared parents very often have devastating effects on their children.

It’s a shame that this comment was picked-up and put into the news.

I wish their family the best.

steve on

Happy for both parents. Im sure Roger is finally relieved where he no longer is frustrated over Rachel’s busy schedule and his 2nd fiddle status. Im sure finally the household is a happy place.

ava on

The reason she always looks p*ssed off is because she never learned how to smile. But she does scowl a LOT less since she had Skyler.