Neal McDonough Welcomes Daughter Clover Elizabeth

08/16/2011 at 06:00 PM ET
Kevin Winter/Getty

And baby makes six!

Neal McDonough and his wife Ruvé welcomed their fourth child, daughter Clover Elizabeth, on Monday, Aug. 15 in Los Angeles, the actor tells PEOPLE.

“Ruvé gave birth to a beauty! 8½ lbs. and 21 inches with thick dark hair like her gorgeous Mommy,” the Captain America: The First Avenger star, 45, says. “Ruvé is recovering well — we are so blessed.”

Clover joins elder siblings London Jane, 19 months, Catherine Maggie, 4, and Morgan Patrick, 5½, who “went crazy” for their newest sister. “London hugged and kissed her saying, ‘Baby … mine!'” McDonough tells PEOPLE.

Son Morgan suggested the baby’s name, which was inspired by the four-leaf clover.

“It has four leaves and this is our fourth child. Clover signifies good luck — I’m Irish and Ruvé’s favorite color is green,” the actor explains.

Clover was born at Good Samaritan Hospital, where McDonough serves as celebrity chairperson. “It’s a wonderful, amazing hospital,” he says. “All of our children have been born there.”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Mallory on

I’m kinda meh on the name, love London Jane a lot more, just not a big fan of Clover, but hey, it’s their kid. Congrats to the family on a healthy baby!

Ashley on

Clover is such an adorable name! Plus, she’s the 4th child so she is their little four leaf clover!

Congrats to the whole family!

Michelle on

Awe…YAY!!! Love him and I LOVE the name. Congrats on the 4th girl. 🙂

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Like the family significance of the name but personally not a fan of the name Clover. Another celeb bub name to me, but they like it so that’s all that matters – is just a little out there, however she’s their baby. Prefer London also, but congrats to the family on their new arrival.

Sarah on

Interesting….I decided long ago if I ever got a new dog I would name it Clover.

hjkl098 on


Brooke on

Absolutely adorable name. LOVE the name Clover.

Molly on

@Michelle – The oldest child, Morgan Patrick, is a boy. This is their third daughter 🙂

Mina on

Such beautiful names lately…Haven, Sky, Clover. I like nature names. They have a sense of beauty and innocence. Very lady-like and classic. I am quite sick of seeing like 9 Isabella’s in my sons class. Unique names are the BEST. And I especially like Clover cuz I am Irish. And Haven is beautiful.

Congrats to them!

shalay on

Clover is a cute name!

Michelle on

Hahaha! Very true Molly Thank you. Sometimes I forget that Morgan is a boys name too. 🙂

soph on

Poor London, getting the tackiest name of the bunch.

Kathryn on

congrats buck!! i mean neal…

my family is the same with a boy and three girls! that’s the way to go 🙂 on

That is such an adorable name simple with a bit of quirk, especially if they are Irish! Congrats!

Stacey on

I wish hollywood would start giving their kids normal names…some of these kids are going to have to endure taunting from other kids once they are in school! Congrats on the baby though!

Sophia on

Congratulations to Neal, Ruve, Morgan, Catherine and London and welcome baby Clover Elizabeth! The name Clover is in my top 3 at the moment so I absolutely adore it! I’m surprised they didn’t use another -n sounding name, but baby Clover at the end of her -an/-ine/-on siblings sounds very sweet 🙂

Lisa on

OMG! I am so surprised. I just delivered a baby girl on Saturday and named her Clover Annaliese. After three boys, Cillian, Cash and Clendenin, it was the logical Irish choice. We love the name amd its Irish heritage. Congrats to them!!

Jen DC on

The name made me smile. Congrats!

fuzibuni on

aw congrats! They seem like a very sweet family. And I like that they went to Good Sam, that’s my neighborhood hospital 🙂

Candyce on

Absolutely love the name !!!! I have a feeling we will be using it in the future …..

Melinda on

I’m missing baby boys being born, so many girls lately.

Romy on

kind of cute. I like this much better than Haven, Honor, or Apple

Sarah K. on

I love the name, it’s so cute. And, I love that it has meaning for them.

Stacey, how is Clover not a normal name? I thought it was relatively common and it’s definitely not made up or spelled differently. Morgan and Catherine are also extremely common. The only name that is more rare is London, and even that’s somewhat common.

Erica on

Clover is a beautiful name. Unique without being over-the-top/try hard. All of their kids have great names IMO

Becky on

Congrats on the new baby..I like the name, as it’s a little different, but not crazy..I really like the story behind her name..

Capri on

I actually love the name, it’s so cute! I prefer it rather then the typical Emma, Eva, those usual boring names.

Micheley on

I LOVE the names Clover and London! Two of my favorite celeb baby names!

Lis on

I actually really like the name Clover!! Congrats on the baby girl!

Janine on

Clover’s a sweet name, especially with all the meaning behind it.

Shannon on

Elizabeth Clover sounds better. Oh well, congrats! They seem like a happy family.

Mina on

Clover Patricia or Clover Ireland would be nice too. They should have gave London the name Ireland instead. I like the name Ireland spelled Irelynn too but it doesnt really have the same irish effect. I just LOVE irish names. Lisa those are cute names. I love Cash and Clover. My fav irish names are Connor and Sean for boys..and Clover and Ireland for girls. Can u imagine having a family with those names? That would be AWSOME.

Andrea on

Lisa, just wanted to say I love your kids’ names. I have two boys, Connor and Declan, so I am somewhat biased on Irish names (I was born in Ireland so I wanted them to have a name that reflected their heritage). Love the name Clover as well, so pretty for a girl!

soph on

“I like the name Ireland spelled Irelynn too but it doesnt really have the same irish effect.”

No…perhaps not.

dsfg on

Sarah K., you seriously think Clover is common like Morgan and Catherine? Really?

I like the name because it’s unique without being too weird. I know about 100 Catherines but I don’t know any Clovers . . .

Jane on

Clover is horrible as a name. It sounds harsh and not feminine at all. Sounds good for a dog maybe.

Sara on

I have a 18 month old daughter named Clover I think they stole it from me, LOL

Jana on

Congratulations to their family. Clover is a nice unique name and I am sure she ius beautiful!

anon on

my grandmothers names are Clover and Elizabeth, so i maybe partial, but the name is absolutely gorgeous.

Sarah K. on

“Sarah K., you seriously think Clover is common like Morgan and Catherine? Really?”

dsfg, if you read my post I said I thought Clover was “relatively common” and that Catherine and Morgan are “extremely common.” As I’m sure you know, relatively and extremely do not mean the same thing. So, the answer to your question is no, I do not think Clover is as common as Catherine and Morgan, which is why I never said it was.

Jenny on

I like the name 🙂 What I like even more is that they have been married for 8 years (which in hollywood is forever!) and this is his only marriage 🙂 They dont seem to be your typical “this isnt working so lets move on” hollywood couple. Congrats to them!!

Allegra on

For the record, Clover has actually been used as a name since the 1800’s. Just because it’s not common doesn’t mean it’s not a real name…

Indira on

I like clover! It’s pretty and fairly uncommon but not out there.

Boo-Boo on

Clover is actually a very old-fashioned name. I should know, my grandmother (who was born in 1901) was named Clover.

Anonymous on

He looks like an pretty much older Matt Damon!!

Rilal on

Seems like their naming style get weirder with every birth. Here’s hoping they stop at four — Clover is an awful name.

Zoe on

I actually think Clover is really cute. And I like the balance of the traditional middle name. Good name IMO….And Love him! He’s an excellent actor.

Lori on

The mother’s name is Ruve. Those kids didn’t stand a chance of getting a “normal” name.

Dmitriy on

Great child for a great actor!